All About SEO Pricing: How Much Does SEO Cost?

All About SEO Pricing: How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO is crucial for business expansion as it is directly connected to online visibility. But SEO does not come for free. SEO pricing can be quite the pocket pincher if your approach is not frugal.

Do the SEO agencies charge you a bomb, and the services can be attained for a lesser price?

Here, we shall cover the A to Z of SEO costs.

Let’s see how SEO companies charge you and whether you can get a professional SEO agency at a lower price.

How Much Should SEO Services Cost?

How Much Should SEO Services Cost?

There is no sure shot or answer to this question. Well, it depends on a number of factors. The prime ones are the size of your business, geographical location, and the number of web pages you are trying to optimize.

However, you can estimate a solid SEO campaign to cost between 5% to 10% of your total business revenue.

So, if we go by this figure, if your marketing budget is $10,000 per month, you can expect to spend $500 to $ 1500 per month on SEO to have measurable results.

SEO optimization ensures that your website gets noticed by the search engines. It also renders the websites more readable by the web spiders, which translates to faster indexing and better ranks on the search engine results pages.

8 Factors Determining SEO Pricing

8 Factors Determining SEO Pricing

Various factors determine SEO pricing. SEO providers take into consideration your scale of business, the number of hours they have to put in, and the level of hard work your website requires to reach its business goals.

Let’s see what the pricing factors are;

1. Industry of Operation

For instance, as doing local SEO for restaurants is a rather simple task, it would cost less than opting for healthcare SEO.

What’s the reason for the disparity in the SEO pricing?

The reason is ‘market competition‘!

Certain industries, like food & beverage, retail, etc, have lesser competition than doctors or attorneys. An industry that has high competition would demand that you allot more budget to SEO.

If you are planning to hire an SEO professional, consider the type of industry you are in and plan your budget accordingly.

2. Scale of Business

SEO services costs for businesses operating on a larger scale tend to be more than that of small business services. This is because larger businesses would have more web pages, and hence, they require more time.

However, there can be an exception. In case you have been in the competition but with no luck, dragging all your web pages from obscurity to prominence can be quite the task, in which case an SEO agency can charge you more.

3. Geographic Location

Your target market and physical location play a crucial role in determining the SEO cost that an agency charges.

If you are targeting to capture the beachwear market in Hawaii, it would cost you more than it would cost to capture the swimwear market in Alaska.

This is so because beachwear is more in demand in Hawaii than in the frigid state of Alaska. And there are many businesses trying to capture the Alaskan market. Hence, making your website stand out would require a lot more effort.

Similarly, carpet cleaning SEO for Alaska would cost more than in Hawaii. The reason is the same. There is a higher demand for carpets and other warm clothes in Alaska than in the beachy state of Hawaii.

Search engine optimization pricing depends not only on the market you are targeting but also on the geographical location of your business. SEO for businesses in the urban region costs more than that of their rural counterparts.

4. SEO Goals

SEO goals are a factor of prime importance in determining the SEO charges. It is so because the goals you set for the website directly impact the amount of work an SEO professional would have to put in.

For instance, if you intend to increase organic traffic by 20%, it would need more SEO efforts. The charges would be higher than if you had set the parameters at a 5% boost in traffic volume.

The SEO cost will also be affected by the difficulty of the goals. If the goals are easy to achieve, the SEO cost will be lower and vice versa.

5. SEO Package You Choose

There are various SEO packages, such as basic, intermediate, or advanced. Choosing a basic package will cost less as the number of services that this type of package includes is less than what you would get in an advanced SEO package.

A basic package can solve your requirements if you are operating a small-scale business. Generally, the basic package includes SEO audit, keyword research, website content, and result tracking. More established businesses, however, may need a more comprehensive package that includes link-building and social media marketing. For an advanced package, an SEO agency would obviously charge more.

6. SEO Aggressiveness

SEO is a time-consuming process. It does not demand an aggressive approach or huge spend on it. However, you can fast track the results with an aggressive approach.

The decision of which approach to take depends on the current standing of your website. If you are starting off new, you will have to burn a lot of oil even to rank a keyword with moderate search volume. Hence, adopting an aggressive approach will give you a headstart in this matter.

However, the more aggressive the approach, the more the cost of the SEO services. We aren’t saying that an aggressive approach is an absolute compulsion for business newbies. You can certainly go about the trodden track, but a faster approach (albeit one that costs more) will save time.

7. Existing Optimization Level

The current optimization level of your website affects SEO costs. If you have an under-optimized site, the SEO optimization charges would be on the higher side.

If you have a well-optimized site with a decent backlink profile, the SEO company will charge you less.

The charges for search engine optimization vary because, for an unoptimized site, an SEO agency will have to dedicate more work. Things are the opposite in the case of an optimized website; hence, the charges are lower.

8. Choice of SEO Pricing Model

The cost of SEO greatly depends on the SEO model you choose. Hourly billing is often the most affordable option. However, it is best for one time SEO projects.

There is also a downside to the hourly SEO billing model. While it might seem a lesser amount than an SEO charge on pen and paper, estimating the number of hours that your website would require can be challenging. A wrong estimation can lead to an unexpected SEO cost.

Choosing a fixed-price SEO model is best for larger brands. While it gives a clear idea about the SEO price you have to incur per month or on a quarterly basis, it also limits the flexibility.

Project-based pricing is often used for complex SEO projects and provides a customized quote based on the scope and objectives of the project.

What Makes Professional SEO Services is Worth Your Money?

What Makes Professional SEO Services is Worth Your Money?

SEO is absolutely mandatory to survive in the ever-expanding virtual sphere. It is the key to sustained online visibility. In fact, 53% of online sales come through organic traffic. Hence, it is imperative. 

Professional SEO marketing services might cost a few bucks, but it is well worth it. You will understand it better once you start getting the ROI.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that expert services have;

  1. Higher Ranking in Search Results

Professional SEO services help you rank better on the search engine results pages. It is because these agencies know the tactics that can help your website soar.

  1. Increased traffic

A higher ranking translates to better discoverability by the target audience. Your website will receive a better click-through rate, which means better sales and more profit for you.

  1. Improved Brand Awareness

When people come across your brand, they will get to know it better. Of course, the customer conversion rate depends on the pricing of the products and their relevance. However, you can rest assured that with the help of SEO, your brand can etch a mark on the visitor’s mind.

Types of SEO Services & Pricing

Types of SEO Services & Pricing

SEO agencies offer a wide array of services. The SEO pricing varies according to the package/services you ask for. Although “SEO” is a single word, it entails hundreds of individual elements that determine the ranking of a website.

There are various types of SEO services, and their costs are different. We are listing them down for you to have a primary grasp of the subject matter.

1. Local SEO Costs

If you are already reading this blog, you are probably aware of the fact that Local SEO is the practice that is intended to boost the ranking of a website in local searches.

Typically, local SEO strategies involve enlisting in the Google 3 pack, geo-targeting, NAP SEO, and listing on Google Business Profile.

Now, you can ask the SEO professionals for just one segment of local SEO, or you can take the entire package. The price would vary accordingly. Generally, local SEO pricing can be between $149 to $449/month for a small or medium business.

2. National SEO

National SEO takes the geographical coverage a notch above the local SEO. Needless to say, pricing for national SEO would be higher than that of Local SEO.

National SEO can be a great way to expand the reach of your website and attract more visitors from all corners of the country. The pricing can vary from $225 per month to $445 per month.

National SEO strategies include optimizing the website for popular keywords nationwide. It also includes building a robust backlink website portfolio from high-authority websites based in different states.

3. International SEO

International SEO means optimizing a website for users in multiple countries. This can involve tailoring the site content, structure, and code to account for language, culture, and search engine behavior differences, and much more.

It can also include setting up separate site versions for different regions. International SEO requires intensive work and costs the highest, as far as SEO based on geographical targeting is concerned.

International SEO is a complex process, But once you hit the bull’s eye, you’re golden! Optimizing international SEO in the right manner can skyrocket the footfall of organic traffic.

However, these come at a price. If you want to do international SEO optimization, you have to shell out anywhere between 2 to 6 Grands!

4. E-commerce SEO

ECommerce SEO is booming in the post-COVID world! And if you are in this industry, you might be looking at some hefty prices to pay to SEO companies.

Although the number of customers is increasing, so is the competition among brands to rank at the top of the SERPs. There are some affordable ecommerce SEO companies, but you have to look in the right place to find an agency that offers great services at an amazing price.

eCommerce SEO pricing can be anywhere between $499 to $4000 a month, depending on the scale of your business and the number of pages to be optimized.

SEO optimization for an eCommerce site requires setting up the entire online store in a manner that ranks well on the search engine to help people find out. It also requires ACE-level UX optimization to reduce funnel drop-offs.

Different Types of SEO Pricing Models

Different Types of SEO Pricing Models

When it comes to SEO packages, there are different SEO models out there. To get a bang for your buck, you have to ascertain which pricing structure suits your business requirements:

1. Hourly SEO Services Cost

Hourly pricing means that you pay the SEO agency for each hour it spends working on your SEO campaign.

This usually includes consultation hours, keyword research, content creation, link building, mobile optimization, and other tasks necessary to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

While this pricing model can benefit small businesses or those with a limited budget, it can also be risky.

SEO agencies might not take up responsibilities if the campaign does not go according to the plan.

However, if you have small SEO projects that you think can be accomplished in a few hours, an hourly SEO model might be the solution. The cost can vary anywhere between $18 per hour and $55 per hour, depending on the type of SEO services you require.

2. Project-Based SEO Pricing

This pricing model is typically used for one-time or short-term projects, such as website audits, link-building campaigns, or content marketing initiatives. The charges of a project-based SEO service are higher than that of an hourly one.

On the positive side, many SEO services guarantee results on these types of pricing models, or at least they take enough responsibility to put you at ease.

In general, project-based pricing models are more flexible than retainers, allowing both parties to control costs better. Moreover, this pricing model provides a clear and concise way to measure the results of an SEO campaign.

For these reasons, the Project-Based Pricing model is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses and startups that want to hire an SEO agency.

The price of such an SEO model can vary greatly. On the lower side, you can expect a minimum spend of $225 or above.

3Fixed Price Contracts

A fixed price type SEO pricing model is an agreement between an SEO agency and a webmaster. It generally states all the deliverables in real terms in exchange for a predetermined price.

A fixed model can be drawn on the activities or results. This means that you go into a contract with the professional service provider based on the SEO activities they would perform, or you can pay them only after the results are achieved.

One advantage of this type of pricing model is that it provides certainty for both the client and the service provider.

However, there is also a disadvantage. The SEO service can cut corners to achieve the desired results within the agreed-upon budget.

So, it is essential to work only with a reputable and trustworthy SEO firm when utilizing this pricing model. The SEO charges can be between $500 to $300/month.

4. Monthly Retainer Fees

As SEO is not a one-time thing, a monthly retainer is often necessary. SEO Retainer and SEO maintenance are practically the same thing. For a retainer, you pay a monthly fee to the SEO service company to keep the SEO of your website up to date.

The retainer pricing model includes checking the health of all the backlinks, updating information on the website content, and ensuring overall website security.

A monthly retainer is worth your money (provided you get it from a responsible SEO agency). It lets you focus on the core aspect of your business.

The price of an SEO retainer depends on your business scale. For a small business, you can expect to be charged anywhere between $200 to $ 500, whereas the SEO pricing for larger businesses can vary between $550 to $1500.

What Should an Ideal SEO Package Include?

What Should an Ideal SEO Package Include?

SEO encompasses a gamut of things. Hence, a quality SEO package should consist of everything that affects the ranking of a website. We can broadly categorize SEO into three on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Let’s delve into what they are;

1. On-Page SEO

  • Cost for on-page SEO: $199 to $650/Month

On-site SEO strategy is limited to the optimization of the website itself. It concerns things that are visible on the website.

It includes website audit, keyword research, optimizing website content, title tags, heading tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, and internal & external linking.

The possibility of tweaking the on-page elements is endless. However, making on-page SEO mistakes might have serious implications for your website’s visibility. Every small adjustment made on the page can shoot up your web page ranking or drop it down.

If you are thinking about hiring an SEO expert, make sure that the package includes the things we have mentioned in the checklist.

Checklist for On-Site SEO Package

  • Keyword research
  • Web content writing
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Internal linking
  • Outbound links
  • Headings or H-tags

2. Technical SEO

  • Cost for technical SEO: $250 to $700/Month

If you wish to rank well, you can’t afford to neglect technical SEO audits. An audit gives you a fair glimpse of the underlying technical issues of your website that might have. These technical issues can hinder your web pages from ranking on search engines.

While on page SEO is focused on content, Technical SEO is more concerned with performance. It is about improving the technical aspects of a website. There are two main aims of technical optimization;

  • UI & UX enhancement
  • Faster indexing by web crawlers

Technical SEO optimization includes optimizing website speed and structure, submitting sitemap to Google, mobile optimization, etc.

Technical SEO updates make sure that your website is easy for search engine crawlers to read. It also focuses on UI and UX upgrades to increase on-page time and customer conversion.

Checklist for Technical SEO Package:

  • Website architecture
  • XML Sitemap
  • Mobile speed optimization
  • Canonical tags
  • Schema markup
  • Reclaiming broken links

3. Off-Page SEO

  • Cost for off page SEO: $200 to $600/Month

Off-page SEO or off-site SEO is a set of activities that are performed outside of the website. The main motive of this type of SEO activity is promotion and website authority building.

It aims to boost referral traffic to the website by promoting the website on other platforms.

Some off-site SEO activities are link building, social media marketing, enlisting business in local directories, etc.

Checklist for Off-Page SEO package

  • Link building
  • Social media marketing
  • Enlisting in local directories
  • Brand mentions
  • Guest posting
  • GMB profile
  • NAP Citations

4. Local SEO

  • Cost for Local SEO: $149 to $449/Month

Local SEO services form an integral part of modern-day website ranking. Local SEO optimization helps people who are near you discover your business.

For instance, if a person is searching for “Best Sports Gear” in Denver, Colorado, and if you have a shop of sports gear with a well-optimized website, Google will send the address/ contact number of your shop to the person searching for sports accessories.

The cost of local SEO can be anywhere between $149 to $449 per month. The exact cost depends on the scale of the business. However, before you opt for a local SEO package, do check whether it has the following services enlisted:

Checklist for Local SEO Package

  • Website audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Local keyword research
  • Local Link building
  • GBP optimization
  • Google map optimization
  • Google Places set up
  • Tracking and reporting

How to Find the Best Affordable SEO Company?

What Should an Ideal SEO Package Include?

Here are a few tips that can help you get the best deal when you’re searching for an SEO package:

  1. Get SEO Pricing Quotes from Five Companies

Don’t settle for the first company that pops up online when you search for “Best SEO pricing company.” Take price quotes from a few digital marketing agencies.

Another important tip is don’t settle for a company that is the most cost-effective. SEO is about quality and hard work. Compare the costs to the efforts the SEO specialists would put in before you conclude.

  1. Compare the SEO Plans

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is time to pit one agency against another to see which one weighs the best.

First, list down 10 best SEO agencies. Once you have your choices right in front of you, compare the plans. Don’t settle for a company just because it charges less. It is because quality comes at a price. Also, don’t make up your mind in favor of a company because not everything good comes at an exorbitant price.

Compare the pricing while taking into consideration the contents of the package.

Once you have a good knowledge about the contents of the SEO package, the SEO pricing, and the estimated duration of the time taken, acquiring all this information will help you make an informed choice.

  1. Look for Customizable SEO Packages

Any good SEO company generally offers a range of services. Often, these companies have customizable packages so that you can choose the services that your business requires for better visibility!

If you have a small business, then a package that is meant for a large corporation would be useless to you. Besides, it would require a lot more SEO spending than your business requires.

Hence, a good company always makes packages for different business sizes. If required, they even tailor a package to suit your requirements.

  1. Check Reviews and Testimonials

Read and research ahead of hiring an SEO professional. All companies will market themselves as “the best”! Take a while to read the testimonials of previous customers or companies who have availed the services of the agency you are planning to partner with.

There are various SEO companies who play sly and keep hidden charges as a part of their package. Hence, researching a bit about the company can help you a great deal in choosing the right company.

It does not mean reading a few reviews on the company site. Look for reviews on Google and other platforms to understand the company’s ethics and the quality of services.

Other than the malpractice of hidden charges, reading the reviews is also a superb way to understand the company’s customer service.

  1. Don’t Decide Solely Based on Pricing

SEO can be expensive. It is a time-consuming process and requires effort to produce quality content, build links, and improve website architecture.

As a result, many businesses assume that the best way to save money is to hire the cheapest SEO.

This approach can BACKFIRE!

You may save a few dollars in the short run, but unethical optimization by shady companies can attract sitewide penalties!

Hence, choosing a company with established records is the best way to deal with the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any definite cost for website SEO?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $225 to $5,000 per month for basic SEO services. However, there is no definite cost or fixed price for search engine optimization. The charges vary from one agency to another. It also depends on the type of services you want. Some companies charge a monthly rate for their services, while others charge hourly rates. You can also look for SEO pricing packages if it suits your business needs.

Does Google SEO cost money?

It depends on certain factors. It includes what kind of SEO services you are looking for. If you are managing the website SEO by yourself, then it is not likely to cost much money (if you do not subscribe to paid SEO tools). It also depends on the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting. But, in general, good quality Google SEO services will likely cost money, especially if you are hiring SEO experts to do the job.

Why should I hire professional SEO services, as it costs more?

Hiring professional services can help you gain an edge over others. Doing SEO by yourself might cost less in the initial phase, but the subscription of premium tools can land a punch in your pockets. Besides, learning the ropes of search engine optimization can take you quite a long time. Relying on professional SEO services can fast-track the progress.

Wrapping Up

SEO cost is often one of the decisive factors in determining which SEO agency you would opt for. A small-scale business looking to boost its visibility online has a lower budget than a large company.

However, we suggest that you compare various professional SEO agencies before making the decision. Also, do not settle for a company that is offering dirt-cheap services. Those are most likely to use black hat techniques to attain results.

Instead, take some time out for market research. It is best to settle for an experienced SEO agency that has a market reputation and offers affordable prices.

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