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Ranking By SEO offers customisable web design services that fit your brand perfectly at affordable rates.

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Choose and Customise Plans That Are Best Suited To Your Brand

Flexible Website Design

With our master web design services, you are guaranteed to get a web page that is adaptable and easy to use for visitors. Our expert website designers and engineers will also give your web page a flexible layout, format and design for the smoothest experience possible.

Full Control and Freehold

The website we give you will be fully under your control. You can make any custom modifications according to your brand’s needs. Our expert web design services are planned in such a way that you don’t need to master coding to be able to make further adaptations. You are the sole owner in charge of the website in the end.

SEO-Optimised Websites

SEO is the best and most powerful tool to grow your business online nowadays. That is why with us, your website will be optimised by our SEO experts using the best SEO practices in the industry. After SEO optimisation, you will see high conversion rates and organic traffic, resulting in tremendous business growth.

Web Design Services For All Industries

We provide result-oriented web design services for all kinds of industries, which are high-quality and affordable at the same time.

Our Clients

An Array of Custom Services We Offer:

Choose from the wide range of web design and development services we have and customise them according to your needs.

Open Source Web development is one of our most popular web design services since it is so cost-effective and easily available. Due to its popularity, open source is also a very easily manageable development process with vast community support. If you are looking at tight deadlines, our open-source web design services can also be swiftly developed in a short span and it does not require any license whatsoever. These features make Open Source Development an ideal choice for small to medium businesses.

HTML5 is the latest and superior format to HTML. It has quickly gained popularity as it uses the latest technology in the market. HTML5 web designs can give you the most modern and hi-tech webpages, which are easy to operate and navigate. Moreover, this web design is supported by most browsers as well. Additionally, the process for HTML5 web design services offers a vast theme and design library with easy access to designs for emails, fliers and newsletters as well. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large industry, HTML5 web design is the ideal development process that suits almost every business.

Angular JS is the open-source web application framework that is used as a structural support for many dynamic web apps like HTML5. This Angular JS web development model is majorly in practice for creating dynamic single-page websites. These websites are built from scratch with coding most of the time by our skilled Angular JS developers with your existing or under-process web projects. Apart from getting a one-of-a-kind website with our Angular JS web design services, you also get easy maintenance which is always a top requirement.

Want an online presence that boosts your business without much hassle or investment? One-Page WordPress website design is all the new rage. Yes! It is as easy as it sounds. One-page website designs can be swiftly created in a very short time. It can also be built through HTML, Angular JS Development or a hybrid. Besides being fast and cost-efficient, one-page websites are also very smooth and easy to operate. Additionally, this web design is very flexible and you get to choose if the website will be informational or pictorial according to your custom needs. This is your ideal option if you need small-scale ecommerce web design services.

With our Parallax web design services, it is now very easy to take your business online and make an impact. What more? It is light on your pockets as well! Quite similar to a one-page website, a Parallax website has added animations. Hence, this web design process is much suited for artists, designers and entrepreneurs in related fields. A Parallax website is ideal for your business if you want to make an informational website with animations and high-quality graphics. This web design can have a huge impact on your business due to its low maintenance and smooth user interface.

With the increasing mobile shopping, a properly optimized and mobile-friendly website plays a vital role in brand selection. With over 60 percent of searches on Google conducted via mobile phones, it is imperative to have a responsive website design. This includes optimizing your website’s loading speed, making it much more interactive, optimizing its layout shifts, and checking its responsiveness on various devices. By optimizing your web page experience for the users, your brand will be able to gain a competitive edge over its competitors. This will not only provide your website visitors with a positive user experience across all devices but also help your brand achieve online success.

Why We Are The Best

Why not do it all yourself? That is a big no-no! We’ll tell you why.

It is always necessary to hire professional web design services and developers for your business. There are many reasons why doing it yourself is not always a good idea. Let’s see a few:


We Know The Industry

While you have a greater idea about your business, a professional web designing company will have more understanding of the whole industry. We can help you out by creating better strategies for your website since we have much more experience and expertise in the field.


We Save You More Time

When the online reach of your brand is created or boosted by professional web design services, you get one load off of your mind. Professional web developers do the work so that you can rest easy and dedicate this time to your business.


We Know All The Latest Trends

The marketing game is ever changing. Your success in the market largely depends on whether you are up to date with all the latest styles. Since professionals like us who provide web design services are continuously working in the industry, we know all the trends and use all the latest technologies to make your business modern.


We Are Reliable

Taking care of the website even after it is up and running is as important as developing and designing the website. In this case, no one is more reliable than our professional web design services. We will continuously ensure that your website is running smoothly without any flaws. You can rest easy knowing that your online presence is taken care of by an expert web design agency.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Since our inception in 2008, we have never looked back and have grown as a reputation digital marketing company. We have earned a bunch of awards, reviews and recognition as mentioned on this page.

Customer Feedback

Our valued customers had a lot to say about us:

My business was struggling…

My business was struggling to grow and attract customers because we didn’t have a proper website. I got to know about many website design companies but Ranking By Seo had the best feedback by far. I was a little sceptical but they created a unique website for our brand that looks very cool and is easy to use s well.
I got to customise the website by myself as well. It has increased my sales a lot. Extremely satisfied with the service here


Ranking By SEO has helped promote…

Ranking By SEO has helped promote my brand’s online presence so much. All of their web design services have smooth and user-friendly ways.
I asked specifically for the websites to be really pictorial and colourful and got exactly that. So thankful to Ranking By SEO for their fast and custom service


I have a small start-up…

I have a small start-up that I am trying to grow. I thought a website design agency will cost a lot of money. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I partnered with Ranking By SEO and my business had more than 15% ROI within a few months. Amazing service from them and the plans were customised to fit my budget. They are the best web design company in India. Very quick service and affordable as well.


Most companies wanted several…

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Why Should You Choose Our Website Development Services?

When you choose us, your website is developed only by seasoned experts so you can rest easy. Let’s see why Ranking By SEO is the best choice for your business:

As a part of our dedication to providing the best web design services to our customers, our proficient team of engineers and visionaries have an inbuilt feature of dedicating their working hours, knowledge, experience and skills to making your webpage truly remarkable in every sense.

At any stage of operation, expect to receive quick and smart solutions for your problems. Feel quite free to contact your dedicated representative expecting to receive a swift response.

We don’t want to boast but we certainly take pride in our selection of such talented engineers to provide you with only the best web design services. Not only do they know their subjects inside out but are also blessed with a creative eye.

It is as important for us to make your business grow as it is for you. And so, our ideas and key technical details are always strategically deployed.

With Indian blood in our veins, work ranks above all other duties. It is not only the timely delivery of work that matters but the superior quality which accomplishes each project undertaken.

We understand your need for building things a certain way. As the leading web design company, it is our prime responsibility to back up your vision technically and employ apt customizations supported by the employed coding language.

Our Website Design Process Explained

We have several steps for properly developing your website:

Undoubtedly, planning is the most deciding factor behind developing a website successfully. The design and layout of the website are done by our experts by taking your requirements into account and then creating a site map based on that. This is the stage where you communicate your needs to our team and we make major decisions regarding the web development process.

The design stage succeeds the planning stage. This is the first practical stage of the whole process. During this time, our team starts working on the ideas that were decided during the planning stage. At the end of this stage, you get a visual representation of the basic layout of your website. Your approval is appreciated at the end of this stage.

Your website is almost finished developing now. But before it is launched to the public, it is necessary to keep checking and rechecking it. Finally, after polishing it a bit more and adding the necessary final touches, your website is completely ready at this point. It is now launched to public domains.

Experts create a pitch based on the planning stage. This pitch contains all the proposed details of the plan. A number of [possible designs and styles are created based on your preferences. The experts pitch all these plans to you and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each design. The web development team and your team ultimately decides a final pitch in the end. This pitch is how the final website layout will be designed. This is one of the most important stages of the whole process.

After planning and designing the basic layout, our team focuses on developing the mainframe of the website. This stage mostly involves all the coding and creating content to be published on the final website. Our experts constantly keep referring to the detailed plans and testing the codes during this time. The development stage requires constant oversight so that your website can run smoothly and hassle-free afterwards.

The work is almost finished. We like to go all the way to ensure that even after launch, your website is doing well. We will keep checking if the website has a smooth user interface as promised. We will take your business into consideration at this point and give all the necessary instructions so that your employees have no problem handling the website. Finally, we will be closing the project successfully, and you will see your desired results in no time at all.

Case Studies

Meet Our Team

Lalit Sharma

CEO & Managing Director

Sourabh Sharma

Director – Business Administration

Gaurav Sharma

CTO – Software Development

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Frequently asked questions

There are queries related to Ranking By SEO India and its services that might come to your mind. As stringent professionals, we are always happy to answer your questions and help clear your doubts in person.

We try to cater to all industries, may they be big or small. That is why our website development agency strives to keep the rates for our web design services affordable to all. We can even customise our services so that it fulfils your requirements. Get a consultation with our team to know more about your own custom-made plan that fits your business perfectly.

Yes, definitely! You can add or deduct any of our website development services from your existing plan at any time. You can talk to our experts more about this so that you can get a clear report about how the change will affect your business.

There are many plans that you can choose from. Your ideal plan will depend upon your short-term or long-term goals. We have monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans for website development. You can talk to our experts to know more about our plans.

As one of the leading web design agencies, we like to thoroughly audit the business and establish Key Performance Indicators. We provide you with an in-depth consultation regarding your current condition and the estimated success after you avail of our services. So you will be well aware of the estimated success rate when you get the final consultation from us.

Yes, no doubt it can be! As one of the leading website designing companies, we have proudly worked with many regional, national and international brands. We offer special custom services that work for all types of websites, including international websites as well.

Yes! We do not discriminate between industries, be they large or small. We have services that cater to all types of diverse industries. We have had the honour of working with many small businesses, and needless to say, we consider their success as our success. Follow our success stories to learn more about this.

Yes. Client comfort is one of our topmost concerns. We go a long way to ensure that our client feels safe disclosing invasive information to us about their business. We are always willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client to ensure their privacy.

Creating an online impact for a business can not be done in a day. It is a long journey. As the leading website development agency, we assure you that we will be along with you on the whole journey. Although your needs come first, and if you have short-term goals, we offer custom services for that as well.

We have 15+ years of experience as a website development agency and hundreds of happy clients. You can check our client feedback and case studies on our website. Our experts have unmatched skills in all types of web design. Our dedication to providing you with the best service is yet another reason you can count on us. Contact us for a consultation and see for yourself.

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