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Do you want to write for Ranking By SEO? Have a topic in mind about Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Link Building, Social Media, Content Marketing etc? Don’t forget to look at content guidelines before sending your article for editorial review.

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Do you want to write for Ranking By SEO’s Blog

We may consider your article if you followed all content guidelines as mentioned below.

Important note:

We don’t accept sponsored articles, recommending any product/service.
We publish content that is useful to our readers and adds value to the SEO industry.
Please read the latest posts on our blog to get an idea of what kind of content we publish.

What kind of content we publish:

We publish content about digital marketing, covering a wide range of topics such as SEO, social media, SEM, PPC, content marketing, analytics, case studies etc.

We accept the following type of content:

  • How-to guides
  • Step-by-step guides to do something
  • Posts about tools and algorithm changes
  • Any useful content with a fresh perspective

Submission guidelines

Read the following guidelines carefully to boost the chance of your guest post getting accepted.

  1. You should send us an original post, meaning it must not be previously published anywhere else including your blog
  2. The post should not be about an affiliate program/product
  3. The post should be around or more than 1500 words
  4. The post must be in good English and properly formatted
  5. Use bullet points and subheadings to break the paragraphs, and use small sentences (Read Neil Patel’s blog to know what I mean)
  6. Please include at least one link to our previous post
  7. Please include images with proper credit
  8. You should properly link stats, quotes, facts, figures to their original sources (We will remove all promotional links, though you will get one link to your website in author bio)
  9. You should send us unique posts. We outrightly reject generic posts
  10. You must reply to comments on your published posts
  11. We might make necessary changes to optimize the content of your article
  12. We don’t pay our guest writers. However, they get a huge exposure by publishing their posts on our blog
  13. The author will be solely responsible for any copyright infringement
  14. By sending us your post, you agree that you have read these submission guidelines carefully and you agree with them word-by-word

How soon your article will be published

We will let you know within 3 days about whether your article is a good fit for us or not. If accepted, we will publish it within 10 days from the date of acceptance. We don’t communicate the exact publication date. We request our guest writers to keep checking our website.

Have a question? email us at editor.rankingbyseo@gmail.com

What we need from you

You need to email us your guest post and relevant images (separately attached) in a proper format. You must include links to your previously published guest posts.

To increase the chance of your guest post being accepted, you should pitch us guest post topic ideas first. We will pick the topic based on our target audience.

Follow these steps to submit your guest post

  1. Subscribe to our blog and follow our social media channels
  2. Email your post (MS Word format) along with relevant images (JPEG) at editor.rankingbyseo@gmail.com
  3. Our inbox is always full. Don’t forget to DM us on Twitter to let us know for the faster review of your post