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Why Pinterest is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Presence of In-demand Audience

Pinterest has over 175 million active users, which makes it an ideal platform for businesses to market their products or services.

Excellent Platform to Influence

According to the research, 87% of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. This means Pinterest can influence the purchase.

Drives More Traffic from the US

In the United States alone, there are about 75 million users on Pinterest. This makes the platform worthy to promote your business in the US.

Offers Long-Term Benefits

Investing in Pinterest marketing services has long-term benefits as pins last forever. According to research, pinners have more purchasing power than non-pinners.

Industries We Served So Far

 We are the best digital marketing agency in India that serves clients located in every corner of the world. We believe in custom-tailoring strategies to ensure our client’s success. Check out the wide array of industries that we work with. 

Our Clients

 Our Range of Pinterest Marketing Services

Ranking By SEO offers a range of Pinterest marketing services designed to utilize the potential of this platform and drive brand success. Explore the range of comprehensive services we provide.

A Pinterest marketing agency begins its journey with an in-depth analysis of a client’s business goals and target audience. Based on this assessment, our agency formulates a tailored Pinterest marketing strategy. This strategy outlines the roadmap for achieving the client’s objectives. This includes brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, and sales conversion. Our agency also develops a content calendar, pinning schedule, and tactics to optimize Pinterest boards and pins. This will help your business in gaining maximum engagement and visibility. We also ensure that nothing inappropriate goes on that negatively impacts the business reputation. 

A successful Pinterest marketing campaign involves the creation of an appealing and organized Pinterest profile. A Pinterest marketing agency ensures that a client’s profile is fully optimized. This includes creating and organizing boards relevant to the brand’s niche, using strategic keywords, and crafting an engaging profile description. The agency also designs custom board covers and ensures consistent branding across the profile. By doing this, we try to enhance the visual appeal and professionalism of the brand’s presence on Pinterest.

Compelling visuals are at the heart of Pinterest marketing. Our team of skilled graphic designers and content creators develop captivating pins that resonate with the brand’s message. We are also creative while offering Pinterest marketing services and therefore bring out-of-the-box ideas through creating creative pins and campaigns. These pins can range from product images to infographics, step-by-step guides, and inspirational quotes. In addition to creating original content, we also curate relevant content from other creators that best suits your business. This helps our clients in fostering a sense of community and expanding their brand’s reach.

Pinterest offers various types of Rich Pins, such as Product Pins, Recipe Pins, Article Pins, and more. These pins are published under specific boards and provide additional information. This not only enhances user experience but also drives higher click-through rates. Our Pinterest marketing services help clients in implementing rich pins effectively. We also ensure that the information displayed in the pins is accurate, up-to-date, and optimized for conversions. Even we help our clients achieve maximum results by creating a customized and perfect board for the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest functions as a visual search engine, by allowing its users to research the type of audience it attracts. This makes search engine optimization (SEO) quite crucial for visibility. As one of the best Pinterest marketing service providers, we conduct keyword research specific to the platform. We also optimize pins, boards, and your Pinterest profiles for improved search rankings. By doing so, businesses can achieve better results as they will be able to figure out what their audience exactly wants. This helps in enhancing the discoverability of the brand as users are actively seeking relevant information.

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest is also constantly evolving. This led to the emergence of new trends, features, and user behaviours. To take full advantage of this Pinterest platform, we keep our professionals knowledgeable about these updates and changes. Our professionals not only stay up-to-date with these changes but they also adjust the content strategy accordingly. We identify trending topics, seasonal themes, and popular keywords to create content that aligns with current user interests and search behaviours. These trending techniques and strategies help our clients in driving long-term results. 

Our Pinterest marketing agency offers advertising services tailored to the platform to amplify reach and engagement. We set up and manage Pinterest ad campaigns, leveraging promoted pins to showcase products, services, and content to a broader audience. We also target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours to maximize the impact of each campaign. Regular monitoring, optimization, and performance analysis are key components of our Pinterest advertising services. Through our advertising campaigns on Pinterest, the click-through rate and traffic of your website increases to a great extent. 

Building a community around a brand is essential for long-term success on Pinterest. Our Pinterest marketing services include publishing relevant pins on your Pinterest profile. The audience who finds your category of pins interesting will engage with your pins. We actively try to engage with those users by responding to comments and repinning relevant content. This interaction humanizes the brand and fosters a sense of connection. It also encourages users to view it as more than just a commercial entity. The more users will see your pins, the better the community engagement will be. 

Analyzing data is one of the crucial aspects of any data-driven marketing strategy. We understand this better and therefore monitor the performance of each pin, board and campaign using analytics tools. This data provides insight into the effectiveness of the strategy and helps in making informed decisions for future improvements. We also prepare detailed performance reports that ascertain the current position of where your business stands. The report also highlights key metrics such as impressions, clicks, engagement rates, and conversions. We optimise our Pinterest campaign based on this report to get better results. 

Reasons to Hire a Pinterest Marketing Agency

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is a bit different and a bit challenging to manage. However, when you work with an agency, you get the most out of your every Pinterest marketing campaign. 


Stay on the Top of the Trends

Your agency will help you take full advantage of Pinterest trends so that your business stays at the top in the minds of your targeted audience.


Provide Better Social Media ROI

Agencies will be able to customise your Pinterest ad campaigns to ensure that they stand out from the competition. This offers your business a better return on investment.


Offers Expert Guidance

A Pinterest marketing agency provides you with valuable recommendations on what sort of pins and boards should be used for your Pinterest business profile. 


Saves Your Time

A dedicated agency focuses on curating your Pinterest marketing campaigns as per your business requirements. So, you get enough time to focus on other marketing aspects.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Since our inception in 2008, we have never looked back and have grown as a reputation digital marketing company. We have earned a bunch of awards, reviews and recognition as mentioned on this page.

Our Customers Feedback

Check out the satisfaction and success achieved by our happy clients with our excellent services. We dedicatedly help their business thrive in this digital landscape

I can’t say enough good things…

I can’t say enough good things about Ranking By SEO’s SEO services! After they optimized our website, we saw a significant increase in organic traffic. Our website now ranks higher on search engines.

Currently, our sales have increased a lot. RBS has helped us attract a lot of new potential customers.


Thanks to Ranking By SEO’s expert…

Thanks to Ranking By SEO’s expert SEO services, our online business is now much more visible to wider audiences. Their SEO optimization is too good, as our rankings increased in only a short amount of time.

Their keyword research and on-page optimization efforts helped us reach the right audience, resulting in a notable increase in leads.


Ranking By SEO’s SEO services …

Ranking By SEO’s SEO services were a game-changer for our small business. They built high-quality backlinks, improved our website’s user experience, and increased our online reach.

They regularly kept optimizing the SEO, which led to higher search rankings and ultimately more sales.


My company’s website used to rank…

My company’s website used to rank on the 6th page. I was not getting many online visitors. I opted for SEO services from Ranking By SEO. They helped us stand out from our competitors.

Their SEO strategies and well-optimized website established our brand as an industry expert, attracting more visitors and potential clients. All thanks to RBS for their amazing service!


Why Partner With Our Pinterest Marketing Agency?

Partnering with Ranking By SEO can prove to be a strategic investment for a Pinterest platform that yields remarkable results. 

We understand that Pinterest is not just another social media platform; it’s actually a visual search engine. So, our team of social media experts makes it easier for users to discover your ideas or products on Pinterest by discovering the tags that align with them.

At Ranking By SEO, we conduct in-depth research on this platform to know how it’s different from other platforms. We also perform a thorough research to know about our competitors and analyse their advertising strategies.

We discover the tags that help our competitors increase their sales and ensure to include them in your Pinterest account. This provides an exceptional opportunity to businesses for connecting with an audience prepared for engagement and purchase decisions.

Our agency recognizes the distinct aspects of Pinterest and designs strategies that align with user behaviour. This also ensures that your brand’s content resonates authentically and drives meaningful interactions.

When it comes to marketing strategies, especially on Pinterest, one size doesn’t fit all. That is why our agency takes a personalized approach while developing Pinterest campaigns.

We analyse by delving deeper into your brand’s essence, target audience, and industry landscape and then curate a unique strategy. 

Our team of social media experts craft strategies that leverage Pinterest’s unique features, such as Pins, boards, and the guided search experience. 

Whether you’re a fashion retailer, a home decor brand, or any other niche, our team understands your industry’s uniqueness. Thus, they curate and present content that captivates your audience’s imagination and drives them to take action.

Through our tailored strategies, we deliver your message to your targeted audience in the most concise way possible.

Pinterest is built on the foundation of search and discovery. This makes search engine optimization (SEO) a critical element of successful Pinterest marketing. 

As a reputed Pinterest advertising agency, our experts are well-versed in Pinterest SEO techniques. We ensure that your content surfaces when users are actively searching for related ideas or products.

Through keyword research and the strategic use of hashtags, we position your brand where it matters the most. We also optimize the pins on your website and allow users to return to your website to check out and save new pins.

Through our research, we have found that users who have previously saved pins from a particular website tend to convert into customers. Thus, we amplify your brand’s visibility and drive organic traffic to your pins.

We also ensure to optimize your pins in a way that viewers are impressed with your website.

When choosing a Pinterest marketing agency, keep in mind that results speak volumes. Ranking By SEO takes pride in its track record of driving tangible outcomes for businesses across diverse industries. 

Being experienced running Pinterest advertising campaigns for years, we know we can be an ideal choice for your business, irrespective of what industries or niche you deal in.

Whether it’s increasing website traffic, growing follower counts, or boosting conversions, our success stories underscore our ability to deliver on our promises. Our agency provides end-to-end marketing services for the Pinterest platform.

We believe in creating campaigns that drive success. Even before you choose us, you can always explore our case studies and client testimonials to witness the impact we’ve made on brands like yours.

We understand how effective Pinterest marketing is for your business and thus charge our customers reasonably.

What makes our Pinterest marketing company so popular and successful is that we never overcharge our customers. We always discuss with our clients beforehand and provide them with an approximate campaign budget that fits their budget.

Apart from this, what makes us a best-to-go company is that we offer transparent pricing to our clients. You are more than welcome to consult with our representatives to get an idea of an estimated budget for your Pinterest marketing campaign.

With transparent pricing, you also get to know exactly what services you are going to get for the price you are paying. This allows you to reconsider your choices when choosing any company.

At Ranking By SEO, we don’t just work for you; we work with you. We value collaboration and transparent communication. Thus, we always consider ourselves an extension of your team. 

We actively participate in discussing your requirements and posting several relevant pins regularly to gain attention from the viewers. This will also help your business earn the trust of their active customers.

Our agency never forcefully implements any strategy without knowing your decisions. We communicate with you before taking any actions and your insights, aspirations, and feedback are invaluable in shaping our strategies. 

In fact, there will be an open line of communication between us so you can contact us for any queries, concerns or comments. This will make it easier to customize your Pinterest campaign

Why Should Businesses Choose Pinterest for Marketing?

Pinterest is all about visuals. Users are drawn to the platform to discover and share images, infographics, and videos. This makes it an ideal platform for businesses that have visually appealing products or services. By sharing high-quality images and compelling visuals, businesses can capture the attention of users. Thus, it helps them in creating a strong brand identity.

Pinterest is often used by users seeking inspiration for various aspects of their lives. This includes fashion, home decor, travel, recipes, and more. Businesses can tap into this trend by creating content that provides inspiration and solutions related to their industry. By sharing content that resonates with users’ aspirations, businesses can build a loyal following and establish themselves as experts in their niche.

Pinterest functions as a search engine for visual content. When users search for specific keywords or phrases, Pinterest displays relevant pins in the search results. Businesses can improve their visibility on the platform by optimizing pin descriptions, titles, and boards with relevant keywords. Even it helps businesses rank on external search engines like Google.

Unlike other social media platforms where posts have a short lifespan, pins on Pinterest have a much longer shelf life. A well-optimized pin can continue to drive traffic and engagement for months or even years after it’s posted. This longevity allows businesses to see a more sustained return on their marketing efforts.

Pinterest users are actively seeking information and ideas from this platform. This makes them more receptive to branded content that aligns with their interests. Businesses can engage with their audience by providing helpful tips, tutorials, and informative content. The platform also supports direct engagement through comments, likes, and pins. This facilitates meaningful interactions with potential customers.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for driving referral traffic to websites. Each pin includes a link that can direct users to the business’s website, blog, or online store. If your business has a strong online presence, Pinterest can help make users interested in your website. This increases their chances of conversion.

Pinterest offers features that are particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses. “Shop the Look” pins allow users to click on specific products within an image and purchase them directly from the retailer. This seamless integration between visual inspiration and shopping can enhance the user experience and drive sales.

Pinterest provides businesses with valuable insights into the performance of their pins and boards. By tracking metrics like impressions, clicks, saves, and engagement rates, businesses can refine their marketing strategies. Thus, they should create content that resonates with their target audience.

Successful marketing extends beyond a single platform and that is why marketing on Pinterest is a good option. The platform aims for holistic brand integration. The platform also reinforces your brand identity and message, leading to enhanced recognition and trust.

Pinterest comes with the ability to take storytelling to a new dimension. It allows you to take the help of compelling visual narratives that tell your brand’s story, values, and offerings in a way that resonates with users. This consistent storytelling approach fosters a deeper emotional connection with your audience. This leads to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.

Case Study

Check out our case studies of previous clients to know how committed we are towards our guaranteed SEO commitment.

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