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Ranking By SEO is one of the most trusted SEO reseller service providers that offers exceptional SEO services for your clients and boosts your profit margins. They help in establishing a strong foundation online.

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Who Can Avail Our SEO Reseller Services

Web Development Agencies

We can maximize the profit of web development agencies by enhancing their digital offerings through our white-label SEO reseller services.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can leverage our SEO reseller services for improving their client’s business rankings on search engine result pages.

PR Firms

We help PR firms in building online reputation and gaining dominance, as reaching the top position on search engine results pages guarantees maximum visibility.

Business Consultants

Business consultants also turn out to us for optimizing their website’s traffic and visibility in SERPs. In this way, we help their business in securing higher search engine rankings.

Our Clients

What SEO Reseller Services to Expect From Us?

Take a look at our comprehensive SEO reseller services to scale up your business and increase your agency’s authority. Here are some services that our agency provides.

Local SEO is the ideal solution for those businesses that want to gain visibility in local searches. It basically focuses on optimizing a website’s visibility in its specific geographic area for attracting more customers. A typical local SEO reseller service for your agency involves optimization of GMB profiles, online reviews management, and creation and management of accurate local business listings and NAP across different platforms. These geo-specific SEO strategies help businesses in getting discovered by nearby customers. It also helps your website rank higher in local search results.

We have a team of experienced SEO professionals who have gained in-depth knowledge on how to target audiences on a national level. Through national SEO, we aim to optimize your website’s visibility across an entire country. Our national SEO reselling service involves comprehensive keyword research, technical SEO, on-page and off-page SEO optimization, etc. Ranking By SEO implements strategies that assist businesses rank higher for some relevant keywords. In this way, they could compete easily and effectively on a national level.

Ranking By SEO implements some out-of-the-box SEO strategies that help in driving traffic to your e-commerce store in no time. E-commerce clients trust us for optimizing their online stores in order to get more sales and increased search engine visibility. Our e-commerce SEO services include the implementation of structured data markup for rich snippets, optimization of product pages, etc. We often assist businesses to outperform by creating functional product categorization and navigation in their e-commerce website and improving their user experience. We even try to boost conversions for your e-commerce businesses by driving organic traffic to your website.

Content marketing is an inevitable part of our professional SEO reseller services. We aim to provide your business with valuable, engaging and relevant content that attracts your target audiences. We also ensure that all the targeted keywords are naturally incorporated within the content and include the right product information. Our services involve creating high-quality blog posts, infographics, articles and videos for your website and optimizing them for search engines. We focus on developing a content strategy that establishes your business as an authoritative one in the industry.

Our SEO reseller services also include social media marketing that is specifically designed to enhance a client’s online presence on social media platforms. We help our clients in improving their brand’s presence by curating and sharing relevant content on social media platforms. This helps clients in driving more traffic to their website and connect with their target audience. We also leverage several social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. to target demographics. Moreover, our team creates tailored strategies for social media platforms that perfectly align with the client’s industry, goals and audience.

Link building is another crucial part of our SEO reselling services, and our agency excels in doing so. We help our clients in increasing their website’s search engine ranking and authority through effective backlink creation. Our experts assist them in acquiring relevant, high-quality backlinks from reputable and authoritative sources. We develop effective backlinks using white hat techniques that contribute to a client website’s organic search visibility and domain authority. Being a time-taken and reliable process, it helps in building long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Optimizing keywords for your website is an essential component of an effective SEO strategy. We specialize in identifying the high-impact and most relevant keywords for our client’s website, irrespective of the industry or niche they deal in. Our team conducts comprehensive keyword research to analyse the search behaviour of your targeted audience. Not just that, by keeping in mind the on-page SEO elements, we also strategically implement those keywords into the headers, meta tags, and in overall content. By doing this, we help our client’s website rank well for relevant search queries.

Being an agency that provides the best SEO reseller services in India, we are experts in handling your client’s PPC campaigns, without taking any credit. We offer exceptional PPC reseller services that complement our client’s SEO efforts. Our team of PPC experts will design and manage your targeted PPC campaigns across different platforms like Bing Ads, Google Ads, etc. We create compelling ad copies with selected keywords and optimize landing pages to help our clients in achieving short-term goals. In this way, we enhance the overall digital marketing strategy of our clients.

If you want to expand your business’s online presence across global markets, then choose our international SEO reseller services. We offer enhanced SEO reselling services to our clients for helping businesses rank higher in the targeted country. Our international SEO reseller services include content localization, keyword research and managing other technical aspects. We also ensure that the international versions of your website are indexed correctly. By tapping into this service, clients can target audiences from various countries and languages. We help them in driving organic traffic from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Optimize your WordPress site with specialized SEO reselling services from Ranking By SEO. We fine-tune your WordPress website with result-driven strategies to maximize its search engine visibility. Our WordPress SEO reselling services include enhancing metadata, integrating schema markup and improving mobile responsiveness. Additionally, we leverage SEO-friendly plugins and optimize your website’s speed to help your clients with a seamless user experience. When it comes to driving more sales from your WordPress site, we have become an ideal option to choose from.

With our specialized B2B SEO reselling services, you can increase your business’s visibility to those who are actively looking for relevant business. We cater to all our clients with specialized B2B SEO services, as per their unique requirements. At Ranking By SEO, we focus on targeting key decision-makers within your business. This ensures that the offerings made by clients are positioned effectively for addressing their needs. Our B2B SEO reselling services include industry-specific keyword research and content creation that perfectly resonates with the B2B audiences. We also optimize our client websites in order to capture valuable leads from other businesses.

Analytics and reporting are integral components of any successful SEO strategy. Our SEO reseller services include detailed analytical and reporting to access the overall performance of your client’s SEO campaigns. This provides our clients with an insight into the performance of their campaigns. It also involves setting up Google Analytics and Search Console tools, tracking their organic traffic growth and monitoring keyword rankings. Regular and transparent reporting also helps clients understand the impact of our SEO efforts. It allows them to adapt their strategies based on data-driven insights.

How Do Our SEO Reseller Services Work?

Regardless of the industry or niche you deal with, our customizable SEO reseller services can help in meeting your client’s expectations. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how we work.


Place your Order

Visit our website to schedule a call with one of our executives to discuss your project requirements. Following this conversation, we will recommend appropriate SEO reseller services as per your business requirements.


Order Confirmation

Once we receive payment for the services, we will send you an order confirmation to your specified email address. We will also appoint a project manager who will be your exclusive point of contact during the entire project tenure.


Customized Plan

Before starting to work on your project, we will collect all details regarding your comprehensive client’s requirements. Then we will thoroughly analyse your project and come up with a customized SEO strategic plan depending on your client’s requirements.


Project Execution

Once the planning is done, we start executing the project using the most advanced technology and equipment. Throughout the execution process, we provide our clients with monthly and weekly reporting to ensure that you remain updated with the current status of the client’s campaign.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Since our inception in 2008, we have never looked back and have grown as a reputation digital marketing company. We have earned a bunch of awards, reviews and recognition as mentioned on this page.


What Our Clients Say

Check what our clients are saying about our promising SEO reseller services and how we have assisted them in achieving their client’s business goals.

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What Makes Our SEO Reseller Services Unique

We help in growing your agency in every way possible through our affordable SEO reselling services. Following are some more reasons to onboard us.

Ranking By SEO is one of the leading private label SEO reseller service providers in India that goes beyond the standard website audit by offering a fully white-labelled experience.

This means that when you present the audit to your clients, it carries your branding exclusively. We also present a prompt report analysis for your client’s website along with the SEO score.

When it comes to website audit, we consider every aspect of it starting from keyword optimization to page speed.

Unlike many other agencies, we don’t leave any trace of our involvement. We seamlessly work under your brand name, so you will be getting credits for our expertise. This helps you maintain a seamless and cohesive brand image while showcasing your expertise in SEO.

Our SEO reseller services at Ranking By SEO cover all aspects, starting from on-page SEO to content creation and off-page SEO. We understand the importance of winning clients over with compelling proposals.

This is the reason why we offer free SEO proposals after conducting thorough research on your client’s website. Most importantly, the fully customized and detailed SEO proposals are created under your brand name with your brand’s logo.

These SEO proposals are not only comprehensive but also tailored to the specific needs and goals of your clients. Our team invests the time to thoroughly research and analyze your client’s industry and competition.

This will enable you to impress your clients right from the start without any upfront costs.

What makes our agency stand out is its commitment to providing dedicated support to its clients. When it comes to offering real-time support, we can be your ultimate choice.

Unlike many other SEO reseller agencies that might offer generic support or have long response times, we ensure that each client receives personalized and timely assistance.

Our team helps you in providing every support required for growing your business. This could involve assigning a dedicated account manager who becomes your main point of contact.

They will provide regular updates, address queries promptly, and even offer proactive suggestions to enhance the client’s SEO strategy.

This approach not only fosters better communication but also helps in building stronger, more trustworthy client relationships.

Another reason that sets Ranking By SEO apart from others is that we prioritize client confidentiality through a robust non-disclosure agreement.

Many SEO reseller agencies might overlook the importance of NDAs. This will lead to potential leaks of sensitive client information or SEO strategies.

However, we assure not to disclose any information to any third-party clients, while providing white label SEO services. Our commitment to enforcing NDAs demonstrates a higher level of professionalism and integrity.

With us, clients can trust that their proprietary data, business strategies, and other confidential information are kept well-protected. At the time of need, you can also request an update from us, creating a more secure environment for collaboration.

Through this, we also help you in getting better control over your client’s demands and business.

We understand what privacy matters to our clients. This is why our agency distinguishes itself by emphasizing client ownership and privacy.

There are some SEO reseller agencies that might retain rights to certain aspects of the campaigns they manage. However, our agency ensures that the clients retain ownership of their SEO assets, such as domain names, website content, and social media profiles.

This approach fosters transparency and helps clients feel more in control of their online presence. We also never try to claim your clients as ours and believe in maintaining what we promise.

Additionally, we respect client privacy by not sharing sensitive information without explicit consent. So, you can rely upon us for keeping your credentials and reports absolutely safe.
In this way, we set a higher standard for ethical business practices in the industry.

Ranking By SEO can be your most reliable white label SEO reseller partner as we take transparency to the next level with our detailed SEO reports.

These reports don’t just provide an overview of the work done. It also breaks down each aspect of the SEO strategy in a way that’s easy for your clients to understand.

Our expert SEO team provides our clients with both weekly and monthly SEO report cycles. While curating detailed reports for our clients, we go beyond standard metrics. Our reports include actionable insights, explaining the impact of each strategy on their online presence.

This level of detail sets us apart as a partner dedicated to educating and empowering your clients.

Benefits of White Label SEO Reseller Services

Hiring SEO reseller services can be an excellent way of expanding your agency’s offerings and serving your potential clients with high-quality services.

One of the major advantages of working with an SEO reseller agency is that you get access to premium SEO services without having any SEO experts in your agency. These agencies typically partner with skilled and experienced SEO experts or companies.

You just need to focus on client acquisition and leave the rest to professional SEO reseller services. These experts are well-versed in the latest trends, strategies and algorithm updates, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can easily get access to their knowledge and expertise by outsourcing your client’s SEO needs to these professionals. So, this will help in increasing your client base over time, as you will be able to deliver quality services.

With effective SEO campaigns, you can drive better results for your business and boost your trust in the market. As your client receives top-notch optimization efforts for their website, it will definitely help in establishing your business as a brand.

Hiring experienced staff and building a proper SEO team is not easy at all. Managing, training and monitoring an in-house team even requires more human management. Doing this involves a lot of underlying factors which adds significant costs to the agency payroll.

However, when you choose SEO reseller services, you don’t need to worry about making such arrangements. You just need to forward your client’s SEO task to a premium SEO reseller agency. They will do the task professionally on your behalf while it’s you who will earn the recognition.

This makes SEO reselling services an excellent option for those agencies who want to provide SEO services to their clients but don’t have enough resources for setting up an in-house team.

In this way, you can save a lot of money and resources and utilise it for other important things like marketing your other existing services.

Being a digital marketing agency, you remain involved in performing a lot of tasks and that too in a limited timeframe. So, if you haven’t gained expertise in SEO, it will be better to hand it over to an SEO reseller company. This will save a lot of time.

As SEO is a complex, ongoing process, it requires continuous adjustments, monitoring and updates. Instead of learning how to do so or hiring an experienced SEO professional, it will be wiser to outsource these tasks to a reliable SEO reseller company.

This will allow your business to save a significant amount of time that would otherwise have been spent on researching, analysing and implementing. By partnering with a reseller agency, you can easily divide your work and resources with them.

This will not only save your time but this time can be better allocated to focusing on the big picture. It can be focusing on your core business activities, strategic development of your business, or focusing on any other aspects of growth.

Another benefit of working with low-cost SEO reseller services is that you get easy access to professional SEO tools and software.

Creating a tailored SEO campaign involves using a wide range of tools and software for competitor analysis, website auditing, keyword research and more. Though there are several free tools available in the market, they come with their restrictions and hindrances.

This is why a reputed and professional SEO reseller agency always uses paid tools and software for more accurate data. Using paid tools can lead you to better results. But many of these tools can be expensive and require ongoing subscriptions.

SEO reseller services usually come equipped with these premium tools access, so it saves both time and money for your business. This will enhance the quality of the work done on your website without the need of investing in these tools separately.

If you are a digital marketing company that specializes in PPC services or other client acquisition services but does not have relevant expertise in delivering SEO services, then you can choose to invest in SEO reseller services.

When you partner with an SEO reseller agency, you don’t have to focus on your client’s SEO campaigns. In fact, you don’t necessarily need to waste your time worrying about how to learn SEO or get quality backlinks. They will take care of all your SEO-related work.

You can just focus on your core expertise which you are good at. While in the meantime, you can also provide your clients with exceptional SEO services that they want without getting involved in it.

Doing this will help you deliver exceptional results to your clients and ultimately you will get more clients.

SEO reseller services are capable of delivering clients with ‘on-demand’ services. They provide your business with the flexibility to access a range of services as per your expectations and requirements.

Whether it’s optimizing your website content or building backlinks or performing some technical SEO audits, you can choose the specific services that you need at any particular time.

Ranking By SEO also provides customized SEO reselling services as per your client’s requirements and deadlines. This scalability is extremely useful for those agencies that often fluctuate with their SEO needs.

Moreover, this is also a good choice for those who are looking for a reseller SEO agency for a long-term partnership. They can get a taste and quality of their SEO services before committing to their clients or creating a comprehensive SEO strategy for their business.

Building an in-house SEO team or establishing partnerships with individual SEO agencies can be quite time-consuming. Onboarding an SEO partner can be quite financially demanding as well.

By opting for an SEO reseller partner, businesses can bypass the process of finding and coming in contact with multiple parties. They will help improve your relationships with your existing clients. Your clients get more promising results and extraordinary outcomes that too within a minimum turnaround time.

An SEO reseller agency typically has established relationships with other agencies and professionals, which helps in streamlining the process. Thus, ensure to get high-quality services by partnering with them.

It also allows you to add SEO to your service portfolio and successfully pitch those clients looking for premium SEO services. This will help in gaining additional revenue for your business.

As your business grows, the SEO needs and requirements of your business may change. So, if you work with a freelancer, it will be harder for you to scale your business as some come with no industrial or practical hands-on experience.

However, if you invest in our customized SEO reseller packages, we will assist your clients by expanding our service offerings. Thus, an SEO reseller service will help your clients scale their business without your direct assistance.

It allows you to take on huge projects from major clients or businesses without worrying about how to complete them. Your SEO reseller service provider will adjust their services to accommodate your changing requirements.

So, whether you need to expand your business or adapt to any algorithm updates, a good SEO reseller service provider like us will take good care of it. They will adapt and provide the necessary support that your clients require.

When you partner with an SEO reseller agency, it maximizes the digital offerings provided by your company. We provide you with high-quality SEO services, which come as an additional benefit to your business.

We also help in improving the quantity and the quality of the services that you are offering your clients for optimizing their website’s ranking in SERPs. Thus, it boosts your market reputation.

Appearing at the top of the search results in Google indicates credibility and authority to potential customers. It also leads your business to an increased trust and recognition in the industry.

However, a positive online reputation can also influence customer perceptions and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Why Partner With Ranking By SEO for SEO Reseller Services

By partnering with us, you can take advantage of our expertise in growing your customer base. Here are some other compelling reasons to choose us over others.

Being a premier SEO reseller agency in India, we follow a bespoke approach for every client. We first understand the client’s targeted location, audience and business so that we can specifically serve them in their best interests. Before finalizing the SEO strategy, we analyse the client’s target market and demographics.

Ranking By SEO has been a part of this industry for more than 12 years. We have a team of over 100 qualified and enthusiastic professionals. We have worked with over 5,000 clients across different industries. Our experts can offer tailored SEO reseller services to all kinds of clients, whether they are small businesses or large enterprises.

As one of the best SEO reseller services in India, we create effective customized strategies for our clients. This helps them in getting maximum ROI for their business. We use strategies like paid search, organic search and other marketing methods to ensure that it gets its targeted traffic and maximum visibility.

We provide affordable SEO reseller services so you can get a good profit from your investment. Clients can choose one of our reseller plans or request a custom budget based on their requirements. You can discuss your needs with our experts and let them help you plan a budget.

Ranking By SEO’s reseller service includes detailed white label reports. We track all active campaigns carefully and make sure you know what’s happening. You can request reports on a weekly, monthly, or customized schedule. Our clear and comprehensive reporting will strengthen your relationship with the client and help in creating a positive impression.

Our professional SEO reseller services use the industry-best, paid tools to track the client’s campaign progress. Whether it’s campaign optimization or competitor data analysis, we use paid tools in order to achieve the best results for our clients. With our paid tools, you can get the maximum benefit from our services.

Ranking By SEO is one of the best SEO reseller companies in India. Over the years we have helped our client’s business in gaining edge over competitors. Our professionals remain continuously updated with recent algorithm updates, leaving no room for failure in SERP rankings. Our founder has published articles on top industry sites like Business2Community, HuffPost, Social Media Today, and more.

We always value agencies who sign up with us and are committed to providing them with the latest SEO services. We also offer flexible SEO reseller packages to them at discounted ranges ensuring that they get a good return on investment.

We hide nothing from our clients and keep the lines of communication open at all times. This is why we always ensure that you always remain updated with where your campaign is heading. Your dedicated project manager will send detailed reports every week or month based on your preferences.

We understand that for a successful SEO reseller partnership, end-to-end support is crucial. Therefore, we provide customized support to our clients throughout the process alongside plan recommendations ensuring that our clients get the best possible results. We also provide them with the initial keyword and goal analysis to help them onboarding clients.

We like to keep the lines of communication open with all of our clients. You can call, Skype, message, or email your dedicated project manager at any time for any project updates or concerns. You can also call our customer care number if you want to know more about SEO reseller services.

At Ranking By SEO, we provide our clients with dedicated and operational support services. Our experts will be all-time available for you for a quick query resolution regarding your campaign. You can get in touch with them via Skype, Whatsapp, email or simply a call. They will provide you with the most effective solutions in real time.

Case Studies

Take a look at the following case studies to see the success we have generated for our clients:

Meet Our Team

Our experienced and knowledgeable digital agency team works dedicatedly to give your business a distinct edge over your competitors.

Lalit Sharma

CEO & Managing Director

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Amit Chauhan

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Meet Our Team

Frequently asked questions

Want to get additional information regarding our SEO reselling services? Talk to us and clarify all your doubts before partnering with us.

An SEO reseller program involves providing white-label SEO services to your clients on your behalf or brand name. For example, if you are an agency that wants to offer more comprehensive services without hiring any in-house staff, then opt for an SEO reseller program. You can trust our SEO reselling services for protecting your client’s interests.

White-label SEO refers to an arrangement between a company and a white-label SEO service provider. This can be a reputed SEO company. Here the company usually hands over their work to the SEO service provider. This makes the company eligible for a discount, which in turn, becomes profitable for them.

In order to pick the right SEO reseller for your business, you can refer to other references and testimonials from agencies that have worked previously with them. You can also check their expertise and experience in the industry regarding the same. Furthermore, you can also ask them for a trial period to check whether they will be able to meet your client’s requirements or not.

Yes, this is how it actually works. If a company wants to acquire more clients, they can easily extend their SEO offerings to another agency that is working with more experienced and full-time experts. This will help them in delivering quality results for their clients and gain more reputation and business in the long run.

Yes, Ranking By SEO is an ethical digital marketing company that provides completely white-label SEO reseller services. Everything from keyword research to content creation is done under your brand/business name.

We only employ ethical SEO strategies for helping your clients in securing better ranking on Google searches. Moreover, we always adhere to the guidelines provided by the Google Webmaster. We also keep an eye on any recent Google upgrades to avoid any penalties for the same. Also, sometimes in order to meet the client’s demands, we alter their SEO campaigns.

Indeed, we have! With a team of more than 100 proficient and experienced SEO experts, we are capable of handling even the most challenging projects easily without compromising quality. To know more about our capabilities, reach out to us and get more detailed information about us.

Being one of India’s top companies for SEO reseller programs, we understand what reputation matters to a business. This is why we never rely on any black hat techniques and ensure to use only ethical practices for all your SEO campaigns. We also follow the Webmaster’s guidelines for your SEO campaigns so that your business gains a good online reputation.

No, there is no term of service involved in actual. We probably offer a free term for all our clients where they can pause or activate the campaign as per their needs and requirements. However, as SEO is a time-taking process it is suggested to continue for about 9-12 months for seeing effective results. This is because it takes time to achieve a higher ranking on search engines

Apart from some general industries like IT, marketing, manufacturing and retail, our SEO experts have also worked with several other challenging and lesser-known industries. No matter how difficult their requirements would have been, we have successfully delivered them with impeccable results. We always commit to delivering what we promise.

The pricing of our SEO reseller services varies from one to another project. Its cost depends upon the scope and complexity of the project. After a brief consultation, we will offer you a customized quotation so that you get the most accurate information regarding the pricing. We also offer SEO reseller packages and you are allowed to choose any option that perfectly suits your budget.

Yes! As we value our client’s privacy, we are always concerned about their welfare. This is why every member of our team is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement on request. We ensure to keep all of your client information safe and will never share your data with any third-party vendors.

No, we believe in maintaining complete transparency, and thus will not contact your clients until you specifically request to do so. All our communications will be made through you and will be kept confidential. We will not even share your client’s data and information with any third-party entities to avoid misuse. We are also ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement on this matter as a token of proof.

Being one of the best SEO reseller services in India, we help various businesses with streamlined SEO services in multiple verticals. However, you can pay us for our SEO reseller services through our website via debit or credit card, PayPal and Internet banking. You can also choose our subscription-based services.

Certainly, yes! Though all our white label SEO reseller services and packages are affordable, we often offer discounts on certain customized SEO services. It completely depends upon your client’s needs and requirements and their business size. To know more about discounts, talk to our experts.

We usually send reports to our clients every week or month depending on our client’s preferences. However, you can request reports from us more or less frequently as per your choice. All you need to do is discuss your requirements with us and we will change your reporting schedule accordingly based on your preferences.

Ranking By SEO is a premier customer-oriented digital marketing company. We put all our efforts into satisfying our clients and never break your trust. Even if you decide to part ways with us, you can do so by retaining all the data that we have collected and the accounts we have created on your behalf.

Depending upon our discussion, we will agree upon sending you reports on a timely basis so that you can track the progress. Our reporting mechanism is quite transparent and simple. It provides you with a 360-degree view of how the targeted keywords are performing and how they shape our overall SEO efforts.

Well, SEO is a time consuming and ongoing process, but there are some factors upon which the time taken depends. These are content quality, on-page factors, competition on keywords, etc. To see a considerable improvement in ranking and traffic, it usually takes an estimated time of 3 months for a low-competitive keyword and one year or more for a highly competitive keyword.

Yes, definitely you can. Even we recommend having a talk with the project manager before pitching. You can briefly explain to them regarding your clients, leads and agency, and accordingly, they will provide you with recommendations. If there are any concerns regarding the needs of your clients or any special requirements, you can surely let us know. Our project manager will discuss with you how to figure it out.

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