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Ranking By SEO is the leading Shopify SEO services company in India helping online stores drive organic traffic through platform-specific optimization. Our experienced team specializes in optimizing Shopify product pages, improving site structure, and implementing cutting-edge strategies to boost search engine rankings. 

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Custom Shopify SEO Solutions Designed to Meet Your Business Needs

Shopify Store Optimization

Our services include activities that optimize your Shopify store for maximum performance. From product pages to site structure, we fine-tune every aspect for the best result. With strategic keyword placement and tailored content strategies, we ensure your store stands out, attracting a relevant audience.

Conversion Optimization

We use proven strategies to seamlessly turn clicks into conversions for your Shopify store. Our team incorporates user behavior analysis, A/B testing, and strategic adjustments into the strategy to enhance the user experience and conversions for your Shopify store. 

Result-Driven Process

Our team uses cutting-edge technologies and result-driven processes to streamline the success of your online store. We use keyword research and strategic backlink-building processes to ensure sustained growth for your Shopify-based online business. 

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What Features Should Be Included in Shopify SEO Services?

Ranking By SEO understands the value of SEO for Shopify stores. Search engine optimization for Shopify can help you boost your leads and conversions. But you need comprehensive services to make that happen. Here are the features that you should look for in Shopify SEO services:

Keyword Research is a crucial element in Shopify SEO services, as it forms the foundation for optimizing product pages. Thorough keyword research helps identify relevant and high-search-volume keywords that potential customers use in your industry. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush can be used to discover these keywords. Strategic integration of these keywords into product titles, descriptions, and meta tags boosts the impact of your SEO efforts. For best results, make sure to regularly update your keyword strategy to stay aligned with changing search trends and consumer behavior.

On-page SEO Optimization is essential for maximizing the visibility of your Shopify store. This involves optimizing individual pages by incorporating target keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and product descriptions. For best results, ensure that URLs are clean and descriptive, facilitating better search engine understanding. Shopify SEO experts focus on image optimization, alt text inclusion, and improving page loading speed to enhance the overall user experience. Through regular audits and updating the on-page elements, you can align your SEO strategy with search engine algorithms to maintain a competitive edge in the e-commerce landscape.

Technical SEO audits ensure that your e-commerce site functions optimally in the eyes of search engines. Shopify SEO services should include a thorough examination of Shopify eCommerce website structure, crawlability, and indexing. This helps address issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and crawl errors to enhance the site’s overall health. Technical SEO may give you insights into the optimization of the robots.txt file and XML sitemap for efficient search engine crawling. Shopify SEO pays attention to website speed and mobile responsiveness, as these factors significantly impact SEO rankings. Also, regular technical audits help identify and resolve issues promptly, maintaining a site that is both user-friendly and search engine-friendly.

Link Building aims to establish the credibility and authority of your e-commerce store in your target market. This strategy focuses on acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant sources within your industry. Leveraging content marketing initiatives, such as guest blogging and creating shareable content helps attract natural links. SEO services collaborate with influencers and industry partners to build a network of authoritative connections for your website. They ensure that the anchor text used in links is diverse and contextually relevant to improve search engine rankings. A well-executed link-building strategy enhances your Shopify store’s visibility and reputation, driving organic traffic and potential customers.

Content Creation is a fundamental aspect of Shopify SEO services, with the goal to engage and inform your target audience while optimizing for search engines. Shopify SEO services develop high-quality, relevant, and unique product descriptions that incorporate target keywords naturally. They regularly update your blog with informative articles, guides, and other valuable content related to your products or industry. Utilizing multimedia elements like images and videos to enhance user experience and encourage longer page visits. For best results, it is recommended that you Implement a content calendar to maintain consistency and relevance with your content marketing efforts.

Local SEO Optimization is essential for Shopify stores with physical locations or those targeting specific geographic markets. Shopify SEO helps you claim and optimize your Google Business profile, ensuring accurate business information, including address, phone number, and business hours across all platforms. They perform activities in the SEO campaign that encourage customer reviews. Local SEO also includes implementing location-specific keywords in product descriptions and meta tags of your Shopify store to target local search queries effectively. By tailoring your Shopify SEO strategy to local search patterns, you enhance the likelihood of driving potential customers.

E-commerce SEO and Shopify SEO go hand in hand. These services are dedicated to optimizing online stores for search engines. SEO agencies conduct activities such as implementing a robust site structure with clear navigation to enhance the user experience. This makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your product pages. E-commerce activities include optimizing product titles and descriptions with relevant keywords, ensuring they align with customer search intent. Utilizing schema markup to provide search engines with additional information about your products, enhances the visibility of rich snippets in search results. 

Monitoring and reporting are essential aspects of our Shopify SEO services, offering insights into the effectiveness of your optimization efforts. Our experts utilize tools like Google Analytics and Shopify’s analytics to track key metrics such as organic traffic, conversion rates, and keyword rankings. These services regularly review and analyze this data to identify trends and areas for improvement. Detailed reports offer a clear overview of your SEO performance, making it easier to communicate results to stakeholders. This helps in implementing a proactive approach to monitoring and addressing any issues promptly to maintain and improve search engine rankings over time.

Shopify App Integration is a valuable aspect of SEO services, enhancing the functionality and performance of your online store. Integrating SEO-focused apps helps automate tasks such as meta-tag optimization, image compression, and sitemap generation. The apps that offer schema markup capabilities help enrich your product data for search engines. You can further automate things by implementing a review management app to encourage and showcase customer reviews, which can positively impact search rankings. SEO specialists regularly update and evaluate the performance of integrated apps to ensure they align with the latest SEO best practices.

Social Media Integration for Shopify stores helps expand the reach of your online store and enhances its visibility across multiple channels. Connecting your Shopify store to relevant social media platforms helps increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your business website. Effective social media integration for Shopify stores requires you to share product updates, promotions, and engaging content on social media to encourage user interaction and sharing. Shopify SEO specialists help you leverage social sharing buttons on product pages to facilitate easy sharing by visitors. Leveraging social signals such as likes and shares is important as well, as they can indirectly impact search engine rankings. 

Continuous Optimization is a crucial aspect of Shopify SEO services, ensuring that your online store remains competitive and adapts to evolving search engine algorithms. It is about regularly reviewing and updating your keyword strategy based on shifts in search trends and customer behavior. SEO services conduct A/B testing for various elements like product descriptions, images and calls to action to identify and implement improvements that boost conversion rates. Monitoring site performance, and addressing issues related to page speed, and mobile responsiveness are all parts of the continuous optimization that goes on your website.

Customer Review Management is a valuable tool for influencing both the credibility of your store and its search engine performance. It is about encouraging customers to leave feedback for products, as positive reviews can enhance the visibility and trustworthiness of your Shopify store. A robust customer review management system ensures that you respond promptly and thoughtfully to both positive and negative reviews, showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction. It involves implementing a structured review management system within your site to make it easy for customers to leave feedback. 

Why Choose Our Professional Shopify SEO Services?

Ranking By SEO is the best Shopify SEO company in India offering premium services at market competitive pricing. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our services:



Our Shopify SEO services come with the advantage of industry experience. Our team brings years of expertise in optimizing Shopify stores, staying ahead of the latest trends, and understanding the unique challenges of e-commerce SEO. With Ranking By SEO, you can benefit from a tailored approach that draws from proven strategies developed through working with diverse businesses in the industry.




Ranking By SEO’s affordable Shopify SEO services help unlock the potential of your website, significantly boosting your revenue. Our strategies are designed to drive traffic and attract high-intent visitors who are more likely to convert. By optimizing for relevant keywords, enhancing user experience, and focusing on conversion rate optimization, we aim to turn your Shopify store into a revenue-generating powerhouse.



Recognizing the unique nature of each Shopify store, our services provide custom-tailored solutions designed to address your specific needs and goals. Whether it’s keyword optimization, technical SEO enhancements, or content strategies, our approach is personalized to ensure maximum impact for your individual Shopify store.



Customer support is at the core of our Shopify SEO services. With Ranking By SEO, you get to enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 support, ready to address your queries, concerns, or any unexpected challenges that may arise. Our dedicated support team ensures that you have the assistance you need, whenever you need it, contributing to a seamless and successful SEO partnership.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Since our inception in 2008, we have never looked back and have grown as a reputation digital marketing company. We have earned a bunch of awards, reviews and recognition as mentioned on this page.


Our Customers Feedback

We take pride in being the leading Shopify SEO services company in India with a huge base of happy clients. Check out the customer reviews for our services down below

I am extremely satisfied with Ranking…

I am extremely satisfied with Ranking By SEO’s Shopify SEO services. As a Shopify store owner, I was struggling to get my products noticed online.

But the Ranking By SEO team was so professional, friendly, and patient. It was really impressive how they made my Shopify store popular in such a short time! The RBS team is truly great.


My website did not have enough reach…

My website did not have enough reach when I opted for Ranking By SEO’s Shopify SEO services. They optimized my product descriptions, improved my website’s loading speed, and fixed any technical issues that were affecting my store’s performance.

As a result, my sales have gone up too! I was right to trust RBS’s services.


Thanks to Ranking By SEO’s Shopify SEO …

Thanks to Ranking By SEO’s Shopify SEO services, my store now ranks higher in search engine results, and I’m getting more organic traffic. I’m happy with the increase in sales and conversions.

Their Shopify SEO services were worth every penny, and I highly recommend them to any Shopify store owner looking to grow their business!


I am very impressed with the Shopify SEO services…

I am very impressed with the Shopify SEO services from Ranking By SEO. They took my Shopify store to a whole new level!

My store is now showing up on the first page of Google, and I’m getting more traffic than ever before. I highly recommend RBS’s Shopify SEO services for all store owners like me.

Odesa Diones


Our Process After You Choose Our Shopify SEO Services

Ranking By SEO has a robust yet flexible process for implementing Shopify SEO services that ensures that you get your desired results in record time. Here is how we go about implementing SEO services for your Shopify store:

We start the Shopify SEO services implementation process with project Understanding. This involves comprehensive discussions with your team to grasp the ins and outs of your business, target audience, and overarching goals. 

By gaining a thorough understanding of your unique value proposition and competitive landscape, we lay the foundation for a tailored SEO strategy that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity and market positioning. This step ensures that our efforts align with your business objectives. They help you set your business up to outperform competitors in the dynamic e-commerce environment.

Ranking By SEO’s keyword research process involves extensive analysis to identify high-impact keywords relevant to your products and industry. Through cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we pinpoint the most effective keywords to optimize your Shopify store. 

We excel in elevating your product visibility through strategic keyword integration across titles, descriptions, and meta tags. Our advanced keyword research ensures your Shopify SEO stays current, capturing your target audience’s attention and driving organic traffic. By optimizing each aspect, from product titles to meta tags, we position your online store as a standout destination, attracting potential customers and fostering success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

After Keyword Research, our focus shifted to the Technical SEO aspect. Technical SEO is the backbone of our Shopify SEO services, involving a detailed audit and optimization of your website’s technical infrastructure. We address issues such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, and crawlability to create a solid foundation for search engine visibility. 

By optimizing the website structure, enhancing meta tags, and ensuring clean URLs, we pave the way for improved indexing and ranking in search results. This technical optimization improves the overall user experience. It also positions your Shopify store as a well-optimized and trustworthy destination for both users and search engines alike.

At Ranking By SEO, our on-page SEO experts specialize in fine-tuning individual pages on your Shopify store for maximum search engine visibility. We strategically optimize product pages by integrating target keywords into titles, meta descriptions, and headers. 

The goal is to create compelling, keyword-rich content that resonates with both search engines and your target audience. Our focus on image optimization, clear URL structures, and internal linking further enhances the on-page elements. By consistently refining and aligning on-page elements with SEO best practices, we ensure that each page of your Shopify store is not only well-optimized but positioned to rank prominently in search engine results.

Our content marketing services are about the creation and promotion of valuable, relevant, and shareable content. Through blog posts, product guides, and multimedia elements, we aim to establish your Shopify store as an authoritative source within your industry. The content is strategically crafted to incorporate target keywords and address the pain points and interests of your target audience. 

By consistently producing high-quality content, we engage your audience and signal to search engines that your store is a valuable resource for your target market. This integrated approach to content marketing contributes to improved organic visibility, user engagement, and the overall success of your Shopify SEO strategy.

Ranking By SEO’s link-building efforts focus on acquiring high-quality, authoritative backlinks to enhance the credibility and visibility of your Shopify store. We strategically build relationships with influencers, industry partners, and reputable websites to secure relevant and contextually significant links. 

Through guest blogging, content collaborations, and other white-hat link-building techniques, we amplify the authority of your site in the eyes of search engines. This dedicated effort elevates your store’s online reputation and strengthens its position in search engine rankings. By incorporating a robust link-building strategy, we ensure that your Shopify SEO efforts are well-supported and positioned for sustained success.

Local SEO for Shopify stores involves optimizing your Shopify store for local search, especially relevant for businesses with physical locations or those targeting specific geographic markets. We claim and optimize your Google My Business profile, ensuring accurate business information and encouraging customer reviews. 

Through location-specific keyword optimization, NAP consistency, and local citations, we enhance the visibility of your store in local search results. This localized approach helps attract nearby customers and also strengthens your store’s online presence within specific regions. By seamlessly incorporating Local SEO into our strategy, we ensure that your Shopify store is globally visible and also resonates strongly with your local audience.

Our conversion rate optimization efforts are dedicated to enhancing the user experience and maximizing the likelihood of turning visitors into customers on your Shopify store. We analyze user behavior, conduct A/B testing, and refine key elements such as calls-to-action and checkout processes. 

Through strategic adjustments, we aim to create a seamless and persuasive user journey, ensuring that every visit to your store is optimized for conversions. This holistic approach improves your sales and conversions. The best part is, that this approach helps in aligning user experience with search engine expectations.

Monitoring and reporting are ongoing steps that are essential for keeping a close eye on the performance of your Shopify SEO strategy. We utilize advanced analytics tools to track key performance indicators, including organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. 

Regular reviews of this data provide valuable insights, enabling us to make data-driven decisions and promptly address any emerging issues. Through detailed and transparent reporting, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of our SEO efforts on your Shopify store’s success. This continuous monitoring ensures that your SEO strategy remains adaptive and aligned with your business goals in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

Dominate Search Engine Rankings with Our Professional Shopify SEO Services

Ranking By SEO takes pride in being India’s leading Shopify SEO agency with extensive experience in conducting search engine optimization for small to large-scale Shopify stores. Here are the benefits that you get with choosing our Shopify SEO services:


Our Shopify SEO services focus on optimizing your store to attract highly relevant organic traffic. By targeting the right keywords and optimizing your site structure, we ensure that visitors coming to your store are genuinely interested in your products.

Choose our Shopify SEO services for a high return on investment. Our strategic optimization directs targeted traffic to your store, increasing conversion potential and maximizing overall SEO returns. We don’t just enhance visibility; we ensure every click has the potential to convert, delivering tangible results for your business.

Our SEO strategies are crafted to position your Shopify store above competitors in search rankings. Through continuous optimization and adaptation to industry trends, we ensure your business stands out, securing a lasting competitive edge online. We go beyond the ordinary by tailoring strategies to your niche, guaranteeing relevance and visibility. 

Our Shopify SEO services offer affordability without compromising quality. We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring that you receive maximum value for your investment in improving your online visibility.

We understand the dynamic nature of business, which is why our Shopify SEO services come with flexible monthly contracts. You can adapt and scale your SEO strategy as needed, allowing for agility in responding to changing market conditions and business requirements.

At Ranking By SEO, we understand that a prominent presence in search results builds trust and credibility. Our Shopify SEO services work to establish your brand as a reliable and authoritative source in your industry, developing trust among your target audience.

Our Shopify SEO services seamlessly blend optimization with a user-friendly focus. We prioritize creating a positive and engaging experience in your store, optimizing for easy navigation and satisfaction. By intertwining SEO with user experience, we not only enhance discoverability but also boost conversion rates.

Our Shopify SEO services provide measurable results. Through detailed analytics and regular reporting, you can track the performance of your store, understand the impact of our efforts, and make informed decisions for ongoing improvement.

By attracting the right audience and optimizing the user journey, our services are geared towards increasing conversions on your Shopify store. With our services, you can get to enjoy a higher conversion rate as a result of our targeted and data-driven optimization strategies.

With our services, you receive regular weekly or monthly reports to stay informed about your Shopify store’s performance. These detailed insights into key metrics, such as website traffic, conversion rates, and keyword rankings, empower you to assess the impact of our SEO efforts and make informed decisions for ongoing success.

Case Studies

Take a look at the following case studies to see the success we have generated for our clients:

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Our experienced and knowledgeable digital agency team works dedicatedly to give your business a distinct edge over your competitors.

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Frequently asked questions

Have any doubts about our services? Check out the following most frequently asked questions that our clients often ask about our Shopify SEO services.

>Ranking By SEO is the leading Shopify SEO agency in India. Our team uses personalized touch to our services, with a focus on understanding your business goals. Our data-driven approach ensures precision, adapting strategies in real time for optimal performance. Committed to continuous optimization, we guarantee measurable and sustained success in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Yes, having a Shopify SEO company is beneficial for maximizing the visibility and success of your online store. Professional SEO services bring expertise in optimizing search engines, implementing strategies to attract relevant traffic, and staying updated on industry trends. 

Yes, we bring extensive expertise to Shopify website optimization, demonstrated through successful collaborations across diverse industries. Our strategies consistently yield improved search rankings, increased organic traffic, and higher conversion rates. With a focus on tailoring approaches to each business’s unique characteristics, our proven track record reflects our commitment to delivering measurable results.

Our services are backed by a proven track record, transparent processes, and a client-centric approach. We prioritize understanding your business, maintain clear communication, and deliver measurable results. Our commitment to excellence in Shopify SEO has earned the trust of our clients. Choose us for a partnership built on reliability, transparency, and results-driven strategies.

If you decide to end our services, rest assured that you retain exclusive access to all your campaign data, including resources, reports, assets, and sensitive account information. While we’d be sad to part ways, we believe in giving you the freedom to decide the future of your campaign. Your data ownership and control are our priorities, ensuring a seamless transition.

Yes, we offer custom SEO packages crafted to suit your shopify business’s unique needs and goals. While we have standard packages available, our flexibility allows you to connect with us for personalized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. This ensures that our SEO efforts are precisely aligned with the dynamics of your business, contributing directly to the success of your online store.

“Our pricing for Shopify SEO services is determined by factors like the scope of work, store complexity, and your business goals. While fixed packages are available, we offer personalized quotes after an initial assessment to align pricing with your specific needs and budget. This ensures transparent and fair pricing tailored to your unique requirements.

While our primary focus is on Shopify SEO, we can integrate social media promotion strategies as part of a comprehensive digital marketing approach, in case you decide to opt for it. This may include promoting optimized content and engaging with your audience on relevant social platforms to enhance overall online visibility.

Yes, we understand the importance of confidentiality. We are open to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that your business information and any proprietary details shared during our collaboration remain secure and confidential.

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