The Best Google Penalty Removal Services in India

Google, the search engine giant, likes to serve the best search results to its users. To keep up with the same, it has laid down certain guidelines. If your SERPs rank has dropped, you might be in violation of these guidelines. Worry not; we have the best Google penalty removal services for you.

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How to Know If Your Site is Hit with Penalty?

Drop in rankings

Google does not always send notifications regarding penalty strikes. If you observe a drop in rankings overnight, chances are good that your website has a penalty strike by Google.

Decreased Traffic

If the Google search console is suddenly showing a decrease in organic web traffic, even if you see your SERP ranking to be the same, you should have your website audited for a penalty check. If the answer is in the affirmative, we can employ our Google penalty recovery process to help you get back the traffic volume.


In the case of severe penalty strikes, your website might be deindexed by Google altogether. It makes locating the page very tough in the search results. If you are in this type of trouble, let’s join hands!

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Custom Services We Provided as a Google Penalty Removal Services Company

If you know exactly what type of penalty has stricken your website, our custom google penalty removal service is the right match.

Google took the Panda update in 2011. It is a penalty-based update that penalizes websites for lacking in ‘’quality score’’. If you have a panda strike, then you might be lacking the quality score. It can happen owing to a number of reasons. The top contributors to panda strikes are thin content, plagiarized content, and keyword stuffing. Our team works on your website for the strike removal by following SEO best practices. It translates to removing similar content from the site, increasing dwell time with internal linking, fixing grammar & syntax issues, using LSI, and diversifying traffic sources. If your website has a Panda penalty, you can trust us to help your website gain its former glory. We can help you with Panda penalty removal. For this, our team runs checks for thin, plagiarized, or spammy content. On finding the source of the penalty, we fix it.

We are a team of experienced professionals specializing in Google Penguin penalty recovery services. Google took the Penguin update in 2012 to diminish the webspam. This type of penalty occurs when a website has spammy or irrelevant links, over-optimized anchor texts, and an overall poor backlink profile. We analyze your website’s backlink profile to identify any toxic or spammy links that could have triggered the penalty. We then proceed to conduct a thorough link cleanup, disavowing harmful links and reaching out to webmasters for link removal when necessary. Our meticulous approach ensures that we address all aspects of the penalty. We get into the minutest details of all the links on your portfolio. We analyze the value of each link and disavow the ones that are causing the issue by talking to the webmasters.

Most Google penalty removal services agencies would flinch when they hear about Medic algorithm strike recovery. But we step in to help you regain website traffic again with our expert penalty removal solutions. This is a specific strike that targets the YMYL websites. Google took this update in 2018 to emphasize E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, and trust) signals of websites that can potentially affect a person’s happiness and well-being. If your website is of the YMYL type and you see a drop in rankings and impressions, then the underlying reason could be weak E-E-A-T signals. Our team works intensively to improve the E-E-A-T signals. We thoroughly analyze your website to identify any issues that may have triggered the Google Medic Penalty. Our team works diligently to fix on-page and off-page and technical factors to facilitate the penalty recovery process. Our team communicates openly with our clients, providing regular updates and progress reports.

At our site-wide penalty recovery services, we specialize in helping websites recover from various search engine penalties. We understand the challenges and frustrations that come with being penalized, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. A site-wide penalty is a serious type of strike that occurs when a Google manual reviewer determines that a particular website lacks value. It can happen because of spun content, doorway content, low-quality guest posts, and other non-compliance with Google guidelines. The result can be a serious fall in rankings on the search result pages and even deindexing. Our team of experts utilizes a comprehensive approach to analyze your website, identify the root causes of the penalty, and develop a customized recovery strategy. We work tirelessly to rectify any issues, whether they are related to algorithmic or manual penalties. By partnering with us, you gain access to a dedicated team that is committed to your success. We take pride in delivering exceptional results and restoring your website’s online presence.

Our Google penalty recovery services specialize in providing partial manual penalty removal. With our expertise, we have helped numerous websites regain their lost rankings and organic traffic. This type of strike occurs when any website has a few undesirable links or the content quality of some of the pages aren’t up to the mark. Our team of professionals works tirelessly to analyze your website’s backlink profile, identify problematic links & content, and create a comprehensive recovery plan. We take a collaborative approach, involving our clients every step of the way. Together, we review and disavow harmful links after thorough analyzing by reaching out to the webmasters. Our team of writers creates valuable and SEO-friendly content to boost the ranking of your website.

This is yet another type of manual penalty that mainly focuses on the content. Google maintains its good book by penalizing websites which are deemed untrustworthy to it. If you have a google news & Discover penalty, we can help you fix it. As this type of penalty mainly focuses on the content on your website, we take a very close look at each of the landing pages and blogs. Our Google penalty removal services experts use extensive tools and manual reading to detect the causing factor of this penalty type. If you get stuck with this type of Google strike, then the underlying cause can be any one or more of your pages featuring dangerous content, hateful content, manipulated media, gore content, vulgar language, or explicit articles. No matter what the cause is, you can rely on our thorough penalty recovery process to help you get back on track.

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Check out the satisfaction and success achieved by our happy clients with our excellent services. We dedicatedly help their business thrive in this digital landscape

Thanks to Ranking By SEO’s Google…

Thanks to Ranking By SEO’s Google penalty recovery services, our website is finally back on track! They identified that our website did not have enough original content, and it was being fined because of that.

RBS rectified all the issues that caused the penalty, and now our search rankings are steadily improving. They were also very cooperative with all our questions. Great and satisfactory service by RBS.


I can’t thank Ranking By SEO …

Ranking By SEO’s Google penalty recovery team saved our online business. Their experts worked tirelessly to resolve the penalties imposed on our business’s website due to keyword overstuffing.

After RBS removed the penalties, we witnessed a remarkable rebound in organic traffic. RBS’s Google penalty recovery services are recommended for every business like mine.

Robert Bloecker


Ranking By SEO’s Google penalty …

Ranking By SEO’s Google penalty recovery team was so cooperative with my team. We were distressed as we got fined. The RBS team displayed exceptional knowledge and expertise.

They promptly addressed the penalty issues and recovered our lost rankings. Our brand regained its online visibility in search results within a few weeks.



Ranking By SEO gave us a ver..

Ranking By SEO gave us a very dedicated and reliable service. We opted for their Google Penalty Recovery services, and it was worth it. They recovered all our penalties.

But what I liked most was that the RBS team communicated transparently throughout the process and delivered on their promises within a very short time. Thanks to RBS!

Odesa Diones


Our Process of Providing Google Penalty Removal Services

Google penalty removal is a critical process. There is no scope for error. We follow a thorough process and take all measures to restore your Google search results rank. We are laying down all the steps of our Google penalty removal services for you. Take a look:

Our Google penalty removal company identifies the type of penalty your website has received. We check whether a manual penalty is issued by a Google reviewer or if there is an algorithmic penalty that updates like Panda or Penguin can trigger.

We also conduct a comprehensive audit of your website. Our team identifies the specific factors causing the penalty. This involves analyzing backlink profiles, content quality, on-page optimization, and technical issues. Look for unnatural or spammy backlinks, keyword stuffing, thin or duplicate content, and any technical errors.

We use Google penalty checker and also view if any notification is received from Google Search Console.

This step is vital because here, we see the extent of the drop in ranking or reduction in impressions. This step gives us a clear insight into how much work we need to put in and an estimated timeframe that we will need to boost your rankings once again. 

nce we get a thorough analysis of the type and the severity of the Google penalty that your website has received, we create a detailed recovery strategy.

We will update you regarding the analysis and the recovery plan. We seek your approval prior to taking any steps. After we have your permission, we prioritize tasks based on the impact and urgency. For instance, our team will disavow Google links that are affecting your website. Then we proceed to work on the content and other optimizations.

Toxic backlinks are a leading cause of Google Penguin penalties and manual penalties. Often when Google finds low-quality backlinks or over-optimization issues on a website, it penalizes it.

The Google penalty removal services we offer consider backlink audit to be a core part of the process. We identify toxic or low-quality links that may have triggered the penalty. Our Google strike removal experts use tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, or Moz to analyze your backlink profile.

We take necessary actions to remove or disavow harmful links. Reaching out to webmasters to request removal or using the disavow tool for links that can’t be removed are the next steps that we follow.

If your website has a Google Panda penalty, you most likely went wrong in the content domain. Worry not; we are there to assist you. With our team of 100+ expert content creators, we are a leading force in the arena of Google penalty removal services.

We put all your website content under the microscope. Use advanced tools like Semrush, Moz, and Grammarly to check the keyword density, grammar sanity, and overall quality of the content on your website.

Our team keeps the quality content intact on your website. We optimize the content that requires edits and remove the articles that are the cause of the penalty.

We take our commitment seriously. Our team not only checks the content quality but gives heed to the whole picture. Hence, in the process, we optimize the on-page SEO to give you a speedy Google penalty service recovery.

In this step, we optimize factors like title tags, headers (H1, H2, H3, etc.), meta tags, title tags, internal linking, and URL structures. We ensure that each page is fully optimized so that the penalty recovery takes less time.

We offer a dedicated manager to this task with a full team who are entirely focused on your project. We offer the best Google penalty removal services in India. If you are in need of penalty recovery, contact us to know more

Technical SEO can be a cause that is slacking your website’s performance. We, as a Google penalty removal company, pay attention to the overall optimization of your website.

Whether the penalty is caused by a lack of technical SEO or not, we ensure that your page is up to date regarding all aspects. While fixing the technical SEO part, we optimize your website speed and mobile responsiveness as a part of our Google penalty removal services. Our google strike recovery experts also enhance XML sitemaps and fix crawlability & indexability issues.

Our team implements structured data markup for better search engine understanding. This step is very helpful in a full recovery of your search engine rank. It helps in boosting organic traffic and impressions.

In case your website has received a manual penalty, we prepare a well-crafted reconsideration request to Google. In the reconsideration request, we clearly explain the actions we have taken to rectify the penalty issues.

As a part of Google penalty removal services company, we also conduct a thorough study of your website to understand and demonstrate your commitment to adhering to Google’s guidelines. We take extensive steps to correct the issues that caused the penalty.

We fix the content and other on-page factors first. Then we double-check the quality of all the elements on your website. Our final action in this step for Google penalty removal services is to provide detailed documentation of the changes made and outline steps taken to prevent future violations. Thus requesting Google to reconsider the penalty.

If you received a Google penguin penalty, it could have been because of low-quality links, purchased links, etc. We steer you clear of all these allegations. With us, you can stay put that all the links that we log in your portfolio are valuable.

We focus on acquiring natural, high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites. Our team specializes in developing a link-building strategy that involves content marketing, outreach, guest blogging, and building relationships with industry influencers and webmasters.
Our focus while link building is quality over quantity. We go steadily about building your portfolio. Our affordable link building services shield you from future penalties.

Monitoring your website’s performance, rankings, and organic traffic after implementing the recovery plan is a part of our Google penalty removal services. We use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or third-party SEO software to track progress.

Our team monitors any remaining issues and makes adjustments as necessary to ensure sustained improvement.

We also maintain good SEO practices to prevent future penalties. Regularly monitor your website’s health, perform periodic audits, and follow industry best practices. We help you to continuously adapt to changes in Google’s algorithms.

With us, your website will stay optimized in terms of SEO strategies and be in compliance with search engine guidelines.

Why Choose Our Google Penalty Recovery Services?

Google penalty is a critical issue that requires immediate attention. If you have a google strike on your website, it is imperative that you contact the best google penalty removal services. Let us tell you why we think that we fit the bill.

We have a team of experts that are adept at removing Google penalties. No matter what type of penalty your website is stricken with, we get to the core of the matter to find out the root cause of the penalty. Based on our findings, we take the necessary action to help you gain your traffic and ranking back.

Ranking by SEO is thoroughly transparent regarding its dealings. Once we have performed the audit, we will let you know regarding the cost for our Google penalty removal services, the tentative time required, and our process of Google strike recovery. Once we have cleared the basics with you, we go ahead with the Google penalty recovery process.

We offer the best Google penalty removal services in the market at a very affordable price. However, our quality exceeds the cost by a huge margin. The penalty recovery services you will get from our end will be top-notch. You can bank on us to revive your website and restore it to its former glory.

Google’s penalty recovery process requires us to take a set of meticulous actions. In this process, there is no scope for going wrong anywhere. Hence, we have curated a team of professionals who are experts at working in this field. Call us now to talk to our Google strike removal experts.

”Client first” is the core motto of our Google penalty removal company. We make it our priority to inform you before every step we take and update you regarding the progress afterward. Our expertise and client-friendly approach have garnered us the title of best Google penalty removal services in India from various sources.

After you assign us the task of relieving your website from the penalty pit of Google, we ensure that your queries and concerns are met at all points. For this purpose, we assign you a project manager who looks over the process and progress of the google penalty recovery. For any concerns at any time, you can reach out to your project manager at any time.

Case Studies

Take a look at the following case studies to see the success we have generated for our clients:

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Frequently Asked Questions on
Google Penalty Recovery Services

Have any queries in your mind? Clear them before partnering with us! Dive into this section to resolve all your queries with us.

If your website has a manual penalty from Google, you will get a notification via the search console. For algorithmic penalties, you have to figure it out on your own. If you observe any of the under three points, you are hit with a Google penalty. 

  • Decrease in traffic
  • Decrease in ranking on the search result page
  • deindexation

The time for penalty resolution varies from case to case. In the case of minor manual penalties, the time taken is relatively lower. Google algorithmic removal services take longer. However, it also depends on the severity and complexity of the issue. For minor issues, you can see the results in a matter of days. Severe penalty recovery can take weeks or even months. At rankingbySEO, we try our best to resolve Google penalties as quickly as possible.

We constantly update ourselves on the various updates that Google takes from time to time. Therefore, we are well aware of various types of Google penalties and offer smart recovery solutions. RankingbySEO offers the best Google penalty recovery services in India. We have the track record, the expertise, and the client portfolio that vouches for our services.

All communications with us are perfectly confidential. However, if our clients insist on signing an NDA, we are okay with it.

We will update you via email on all the communication. All the communication that is done from our end stays with us. We value the privacy of our clients and do not disclose any information to others at any point in time.

We have been in existence since 2008. With over 14 years of experience in the field, and excel at Google penalty removal services. We have done excellent Google penalty removal work for several giants hailing from various industries.

We are a trusted company in the industry. We have a clientele list of 5000+ with a success rate of 90%. We keep all the information about our clients confidential and conduct ethical practices while providing Google penalty recovery services.

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