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Almost 93% of web traffic comes from search engines. Thus, SEO becomes vital for your business to appear in front of your target audience, make a positive impact, and deliver value to them. Our SEO services are a comprehensive combination of integrated, suitable methodologies and techniques.

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Top Reasons to Choose an SEO Company from India

Establishing a strong online presence is pivotal to the success of any business in today’s world. That’s why SEO is indispensable to all businesses.

But deciding where to hire an SEO company can initially seem confusing. You’ll come across a plethora of agencies from across the world, all claiming to offer the best quality of service.

If you’re considering India as an option but still aren’t sure, do take a look at the following features that distinguish Indian SEO companies from the rest out there.

1. Quality of Work

A reliable and efficient SEO company from India will have the right talent pool to assist you with measured and truly effective optimization strategies.

With Google introducing newer and more advanced changes in its algorithm, the demand for skilled SEO services has grown at a remarkable pace within India too. This has prompted SEO companies in the country to ramp up their efforts towards providing quality assistance in this regard. They’re continuously inducting experienced and skilled professionals with expertise in different genres of SEO.

Thus, you’ll come across a vast range of SEO services that are equipped with the latest strategies and are well-versed in all technicalities of the field. Another point worth noting here is that an Indian SEO company can provide flexible and scalable services

2.   24/7 Professional Support

The majority of SEO companies in India operate 24/7 to provide their clients with quality SEO services. This is beneficial for businesses based in different time zones- they can consult SEO professionals based on their needs without looking at their watch.

In comparison, an SEO company within your time zone is likely to follow similar timings and hence may not be approachable throughout the day.

3.   Wide Variety of Services

When it comes to streamlining and improving the SEO efforts for any business, there can be multiple areas to work on such as keyword analysis, international and local search optimization, and link building. That’s why the SEO service you hire will need to cover all the major aspects of the SEO operations for any business.

A reputed SEO company in India will provide you with a complete range of services designed to improve your search rankings. It will work with an approach that goes beyond the tenets of online marketing for a business. Such SEO companies believe in establishing a business as a brand rather than just managing its marketing activities.

Here’s a round-up of the services that an SEO company from India can offer an overseas business:

  • Local and Global SEO
  • Link Building
  • Mobile Optimization
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Content and Design Optimization
  • Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

So, to avail an all-around SEO strategy that covers major digital channels and meets site-specific optimization needs, it’s best to opt for an India-based SEO company.

4.   Sound Knowledge of English

It’s no secret that content optimization forms a crucial part of SEO. Your website content should be grammatically correct and should rank high on readability to fetch the desired flow of traffic and conversions. Moreover, all the communications SEO on part of the SEO company should be clear and well-defined to ensure a transparent workflow and to ensure the results match your expectations.

Reliable SEO companies based in India have professionals with a strong command of English. As such, they can deliver quality work throughout and can also communicate effectively with their clients.

5.   Diverse Experience

A diverse SEO experience is always a bonus as it equips an agency to handle the SEO activities of different industries easily and more efficiently.

Reliable Indian SEO agencies are experienced in handling SEO activities across a wide range of industries such as healthcare, education, e-commerce and many others.

A more diverse experience will make the professionals acquainted with the technicalities of handling the SEO issues common with different industries. Thus, roping in an Indian SEO agency would be an advantage for any business looking to achieve exceptional web traffic inflow and improved lead generation.

6.   Strong Work Ethics

Leading SEO companies based in India are known to work dedicatedly to drive traffic and generate leads for their clients. Thus, rest assured that you’ll get timely reports on the SEO performance of your business and insightful answers to any queries regarding your services.

7.   Lower Pricing

Affordability might not be the foremost criterion for choosing an SEO service but saving considerably can prove to be an advantage for your digital marketing budget. There are several SEO agencies in India that offer their services at cheaper rates without compromising on quality or efficiency. Rest assured you’ll get cheaper rates compared to the UK, the US, and Australia.

Why Consider Ranking By SEO India?

We won’t say why we are better than others. But we know who we are, where we stand, and how we have become a successful name in the industry. So, why Ranking By SEO India? See below what makes us stand out as your preferred or the only choice for SEO in India.

How To Measure the ROI Of an SEO Campaign?

People often tend to evaluate search engine optimization merely using backlinks, keyword rankings, or optimized content. But that’s far from how it’s done!

Let’s bust the myth for you- the best way to assess your SEO practices is by the traffic and sales you generate. These are the monetary gains for any level of spending from your end.

Plus, there isn’t any company that can have an unlimited budget irrespective of its size and potential. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of what you’re getting in return for all your spending.

Now, if you’re wondering what this procedure entails, it will do you good to go through our detailed article on SEO ROI and its measurement for any business. So, let’s begin!

ROI for SEO and PPC- How Are They Different?

Marketers have traditionally used Cost Per Click (CPC) values to measure the real worth of organic clicks. That’s because advertisers actively spend the amount on getting such clicks for paid keyword searches.

But organic SEO can fetch you the same number of clicks without any costs. For instance, a website is likely to rank at the top for keywords that can generate over a thousand clicks on a monthly basis and have a high CPC.

In the case of keywords with high CPC, businesses would need to pay thousands of dollars to get an equal number of clicks with a campaign on Google Ads. Thus, ranking organically for the same keyword can fetch you those clicks at considerably lower costs.

That’s why the economic value of organic clicks is of much significance considering the CPC for each keyword a website ranks for.

Coming to the CPC calculated for SEO campaigns, amounts to an average of the bids originating from Google tools. But most advertisers, especially the ones getting the top AdWords positions, often have to pay more. Thus, the majority of brands are underestimating the value of traffic earned through SEO.

The heavy costs associated with creating Google Ads campaigns have made many businesses abandon the idea of allocating an unlimited budget to buy clicks on the platform. So, while CPC might help you prove a lower cost-per-acquisition for SEO, it isn’t an accurate way of measuring the ROI.

SEO campaigns are largely about gaining organic search traffic. So, you’ll need to track the activities of organic visitors to a website to get an accurate measurement of their ROI. Let’s move on to the details of the procedure.

Measuring SEO ROI The Right Way

Step 1: Decide on the Start and End Dates for Calculating Your ROI

First and foremost, keep in mind that an SEO campaign doesn’t have a clear date for the start or end. It can take time to witness substantial results, especially for new websites that require building domain authority.

Thus, you need to break the ROI calculations for your SEO campaigns into longer timespans, that can range from three, six, or 12-month calculations. This will help you achieve reasonable results consistently.

Studies have shown that the ROI calculated for a three-month period would be negligible. But an improvement in the impressions and ranking positions for a page can eventually boost the inflow of organic clicks for any website. In comparison, the performance metrics for six and eight-month periods are likely to reveal major returns for the SEO efforts of any business.

If your SEO is on the right track, the marketing team would probably keep a record of the ROI on a regular basis. But note that generating a calculation for the revenue would require setting a particular time period. All in all, the best practice is to lean toward longer periods to achieve stronger ROI figures.

Step 2: Find Out the Costs of Investing In SEO

Calculating the cost incurred is the next most important step for investing in SEO. This is the price you’ll need to pay for SEO services India. In the case of the in-house digital marketing teams, you’ll have to rely on data provided by members across different departments including web development, content marketing, and others.

The following are the costs generally included in SEO investment:

Cost of Tools

You’ll have to take into account the SEO tools used by your team members- add the monthly cost of using each tool to the calculation. In case other departments also share such tools, you should consider including that cost as well.

Costs of Agencies and Freelancers

Calculating the SEO investment for freelancers and outside agencies is quite simple. Since most contracts with agencies are based on a retainer model, such services come with a definite monthly fee.

Once you get the figures for freelancer charges or the fees for an SEO company in India, you can add them directly to the calculation for investment.

Link Building and Web Development

SEO also involves building quality links and working on website design and development. Make sure to add the cost of all the links you’ve leveraged for SEO and incorporate the web development costs as reported by the concerned team members. keep in mind that such costs might not be constant every month, so you’ll have to account for any changes each time you calculate SEO ROI.

Speaking of the costs involved in different activities, some of them might come with a considerably higher price tag. Changes in web design or development and link building generally cost higher but are likely to have a more significant impact on any business.

Another point worth noting is that a more targeted and precise SEO strategy can make ROI calculations much easier. A strong strategy for keywords with more qualified traffic and better conversion potential is likely to raise the overall ROI.

Step 3: Find Out the Conversion Actions That Have Economic Value

A conversion takes place every time a visitor takes a specific action. In the case of brands that generate sales as soon as their clicks convert, identifying a conversion action becomes quite simple. Brands that have longer sales cycles such as B2C and B2B need to identify the actions that constitute a conversion funnel.

Do note that a website may not be able to process sales. In that case, you’ll need to identify actions that fetch your sales team more qualified leads or take customers further toward making a purchase decision.

First of all, it’s essential to come up with the estimated value of every conversion action your business records. Only then can you identify the ones with true economic value.

In case all online transactions are processed within your website, the value of every conversion will be equivalent to the revenue generated from a sale. Brands generating leads rather than sales generally evaluate conversion actions such as:

  • Demo bookings
  • Submission forms
  • Newsletter signups/ email lists
  • Free trials
  • Meeting appointments

After identifying the actions included in the conversion funnel, you’ll need to assign a proper economic value to each of them. Organic visitors who’ve filled out a submission form will show up as potential customers.

However, if a visitor books a meeting or demo session with the sales team, they’ve probably progressed much further along the sales funnel. That’s why the second action needs to be assigned a greater value.

To record the value of conversions for different types of businesses, you’ll need to follow a different set of procedures:

B2B Conversions

Micro-conversions are a key part of the digital marketing strategy for B2B businesses. Activities such as watching demo videos and clicking on conversion-worthy pages hold significant economic value.

If B2b business owners assign lesser value to such actions, it can help them deduce the impact of organic links on revenue generation. Note that this is also applicable in cases where the final sales are generated much later following the first click.

E-Commerce Conversions

Calculating the value of e-commerce conversions is relatively simpler. In such cases, the value will be the actual revenue earned from sales.

You might also need more information about organic visitors apart from whether they bought your services/products. Here’s what you might require to set up the conversion tracking procedure the proper way:

  • Which services/products did the customer consider?
  • How much did they spend?
  • Did they add any purchase suggestions to the cart?
  • Are they first-time customers? Or, have they made a purchase before?

Such details might not help in calculating your revenue but can be useful for improving your SEO strategies for better overall conversion rates.

Step 4: Prepare A System to Track and Analyze Conversions

Once you’ve identified conversion actions that hold significant economic value, you’ll have to track them using Google Analytics.

This procedure can provide plenty of information on the time spent by users on the site, the pages they’re viewing, and more. However, the best feature of this platform is that you can use it to set particular conversion goals and track the way users complete such goals at the time of their visit.

Get Your Google Analytics Account Linked with Google Search Console

To determine the ROI for your website, you’ll also need to know the conversion actions that came from organic visitors to your site. This will be easy when you link your Google Search Console account to Google Analytics. In such cases, Google analytics will report the goal completions generated from organic traffic. All this information can then be centralized in one place, making it easier to handle all your SEO activities effectively.

Now, let’s look at the methods for tracking and analyzing the conversions for different types of businesses.

E-Commerce Conversion Tracking

You can collect data on E-commerce conversions by incorporating events relating to e-commerce into your website on Google Tag Manager. Those yet to set up the Tag Manager can follow the instructions laid down by Google.

The tracking process, once started, will give rise to an E-commerce report containing detailed information regarding all your transactions. To navigate to the reports on Google Analytics, you’ll need to select Reports -> Monetization -> E-commerce purchases.

Then you’ll have to filter the results to organic traffic- for this purpose, you’ll have to click on “add filter”, select “Source Medium” under the dropdown menu, and choose Google/organic.

Following this, you’ll have to click on “apply” to view the cumulative conversions for the business. The value of a specific conversion can be viewed by selecting the required time frame and clicking on the icon “insights” from the top right-hand corner.

Tracking B2B Conversions

B2B businesses can efficiently manage conversion tracking by creating custom goals on Google Analytics based on their business needs. The “Goals” option is located in a column on the right and allows businesses to add trackable goals throughout. Do note that you should add a specific goal for each conversion action identified in the previous step. Every report will include the economic value of all business conversions.

Alternatively, you can obtain more accurate calculations for the ROI by completely linking their CRM and Google Analytics accounts. Once you’ve known which organic leads went on to become customers, you can get a more exact calculation.

Given below is an explanation of how you can create comprehensive close-loop analytics reports:

  • Begin by adding scripts to the website to extract the Client ID of a user after they submit a form targeting lead capture.
  • Use a customized form to send the particular Client ID to the CRM.
  • Following this, you can use CRM plugins or integration to export custom events back to Google Analytics when leads convert into customers.

Data on Google Analytics is basically funneled into the CRM to ensure your marketing and sales team can identify the leads arising from organic search. Your leads might’ve logged into your website several months before signing a contract, but you can still understand the amount of revenue generated eventually from that lead.

Tracking Conversion Values for Lead Generation

In case you don’t earn sales on your site, tracking conversions can be more of a challenge. Conversion for lead-based businesses is different from an E-commerce transaction in that it doesn’t have an associated value unless you’ve assigned one to it.

Leads can be assigned values on Google Analytics using a simple procedure. You’ll have to move to the “Admin” menu and then select “events”-> “create event” to create an event for each conversion. The conversion actions can include free-trial signups, specific page visits, and signups for free trials.

To register a particular conversion in the system, you’ll have to choose a parameter or the action a lead is performing, an operator, and enter a value of the conversion. Once you’re done, you can view all conversions under the “Existing Events” section.

The moment a conversion is complete, remember to toggle the switch “Mark as Conversion”. Thereafter, you can assign the conversion a monetary value- for this, head over to the section on “Parameter configuration” and click “Add modification”. The next step will be to enter the currency type applicable to the transaction, add the value, and click on “Save”.

This value will help you measure SEO ROI- each time a conversion is triggered, you’ll need to assign a monetary value to the service.

Next, you’ll need to calculate the total amount customers are likely to spend with the business during their purchase journey. An easy way to calculate this value is to multiply the Customer Lifetime Value by the rate of lead conversion.

The former metric tells you the total amount you can expect customers to spend with the business. On the other hand, the lead conversion rate equals the percentage of leads that are converted into sales.

While you need to make assumptions in this technique, it’s a convenient alternative for businesses that derive conversions from leads.

Step 5: Perform the ROI Calculations

Your revenue values and total conversions for a specific period can be used to form a more accurate picture of the ROI of your SEO efforts. Here’s the basic SEO ROI formula to keep in mind for the calculation:

Basic ROI= (Investment Gains-Investment Costs)/Investment Costs

For instance, if an SEO campaign generates $300,000 while the investment costs are 50,000, using the figures in the above formula will fetch you the results:

($300,000-$50,000)/$ 50,000 = 5 (ROI)

A business with an ROI of 5 would earn a return of $5 for every $1 it spends on SEO. This formula can be used to calculate the ROI for any period so long as you’re aware of the costs and reruns.

So, once you delve deeper and analyze granular SEO data on the above-discussed metrics, managing your SEO would no longer be mind-boggling.

You’ll be able to implement the right strategies for the targeted ROI for the best results. So, start tracking your ROI of SEO along with associated metrics, and you’ll soon witness better returns than ever before.

If you’re still unsure about where to start, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Signing off with best wishes!

SEO Results

Our company has claimed a success rate of over 90% for the SEO services we have provided. Below are some of the recent results for the keywords where we applied our SEO strategies.

Case Study www.k12print.com

Result on - Google.com
Target Country - USA

Current Rank
Plastic ID Badges
Plastic Badges
Fundraising Card Printing
Plastic Gift Cards
Plastic Door Hangers
Direct Mail plastic cards
2 Before SEO
4783 After SEO
23 Before SEO
77 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Case Study www.yourglovesource.com

Result on - Google.com
Target Country - United States

Current Rank
Safety Gloves For Construction
Insulated Deerskin Gloves
Construction Work Gloves
Ultra Thin Work Gloves
Black Latex Exam Gloves
Cheap Nitrile Exam Gloves
61 Before SEO
163 After SEO
87 Before SEO
92 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Case Study pizarea.com

Result on - Google.com.gh
Target Country - Ghana

Current Rank
Order Pizza Online
Barcelos Accra Mall
Palace Chinese Restaurant
Palace Chinese Restaurant East Legon
Pizza Inn Ghana
26 Before SEO
388 After SEO
60 Before SEO
63 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Our Customers' Verdict

Ranking By SEO India is proud to deliver exceptional services and humbled by its clients’ kind words. Here are some of our clients’ testimonials.

Mark Agar
Mark Agar
Fix Bad Debt

Over the past five years I have tried several SEO companies and none delivered what they promised. I extended my search to source a reliable SEO company and after much research and many enquiries I decided on trying Ranking by SEO.

Sam Mehdi
Sam Mehdi
Cos Freight

Having worked with a number of other SEO companies in the past, we are pleased that this relationship seems to be the one that is working best for us so far, with actual feedback, updates and tangible results being seen.


I've been working with Lalit for several years now and he does a great job. His prices are reasonable and his SEO is effective. I would recommend him to anyone.

Other Services We Offer

While SEO is our core, we aren’t limited to that only. We are all digital – that means we can help you throughout your digital journey, from web presence creation to optimization, marketing, advertising, reputation management, and much more.

Our SEO Process

Every strategy implementation can only yield positive results when there is a planning and process behind that. This is the basics of how we move forward with SEO for each project.

  1. 1

    Initial Discussion

    We sit down for a detailed discussion on who you are, what your product is, what you want from us, and what timeline you expect to see the result.

  2. 2

    Website Audit

    Once we have finalized the agreement, we process through a detailed site audit to effectively capture the site’s health, current position, service, product, and industry, and what it lacks, which will help to create the roadmap further.

  3. 3

    Keyword Research

    Depending on your target audience, we discover and compile a list of keywords (short-tail & long-tail) along with generic phrases that match your user intent. We evaluate what keywords are popular, what is their search volume, and what potential all those keywords carry for your business growth.

  4. 4

    Competitor Analysis

    What keywords are your competitors ranking for? Who are their preferred customers? What strategies are helping them? What gap is there you can make use of? All this helps in creating strategies that drive effective results.

  5. 5

    Strategy Planning

    This is done for both short-term and long-term time frames. We plan for link building, outreach campaigns, content marketing, and social media promotion to outline a custom SEO process with set objectives and goals.

  6. 6

    Resource Implementation

    Now the time comes when a team of professionals (having expertise in different activities), with a dedicated SEO manager, is assigned to the task. They create a campaign design with a timeline of activities.

  7. 7

    SEO Implementation

    Now, as the strategy is all designed and on paper. It is time for action. Content gap audit, backlink analysis, technical SEO fixes, on-page SEO implementation, off-page campaigning, social media outreach, and more such events are lined up and undertaken to keep all aspects in place.

  8. 8

    Team-Client Alignment

    Alignment with the team is an aspect for every client, wherein the dedicated SEO manager is tasked with keeping them in the loop for all the happenings, including changes, plan updates, strategies applications, approval process, and anything else related to the project workflow.

  9. 9


    We understand that you should be in the know-how of what is happening, what progress is made, and what more needs to be done. A detailed analytics report with performance graph and metrics measurement is provided to the clients weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. All this helps to see the bottom line and define strategies for the next cycle.

  10. 10

    Outcome Analysis & Follow-Up

    The organic SEO process takes time. But once the results start appearing with changes in ranking, traffic, leads, conversions, and revenue, we track every aspect. It helps to push our long-term strategies to give you robust and long-lasting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are queries related to Ranking By SEO India and its services that might come to your mind. As stringent professionals, we are always happy to answer your questions and help clear your doubts in person. Some of the most common queries include:

Is Ranking By SEO a top SEO company in India?

Yes, we are one of the leading SEO companies in India. You can go through our awards page to see the listings mentioning the best SEO agencies of India. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we’ve earned many awards and have been talked about in top-notch media publications.

How much do SEO services cost in India?

Generally, SEO services in India cost somewhere between INR 15,000 (USD 200) to INR 3,00,000 (USD 4000). That said, there isn’t any fixed cost for an SEO campaign- it would largely depend on the requirements. We’d suggest checking the different SEO packages on offer at Ranking By SEO to understand the SEO pricing in India.

How can it be beneficial to outsource SEO to India?

Outsourcing SEO services to India can prove to be efficient and cost-effective as you can save at least 70% of the existing investment. Moreover, it can reduce the burden of hiring, training and managing resources, without requiring the installation of any infrastructure at your end. But it’s crucial to ensure that you hire the right SEO agency in India. Read through our simplified guide for outsourcing SEO to improve the hiring process.

Why Is Ranking By SEO the top choice for SEO services?

We’ve been in the business since as early as 2008 and have worked with over 5000 clients across the world with a success rate of over 90%. Our clients include small to large enterprises and we take pride in the fact that those businesses have emerged as very successful entities in their domain using our assistance. Moreover, at this time, we not only earned a number of awards but also received many referrals from several satisfied clients. You won’t believe that a minimum of 40% of the leads we get actually originate from referrals. We didn’t earn all of this overnight but through immense hard work and skills. To learn more about our work to date, log in to our “About Us” page.

Is it possible to implement SEO by yourself?

You can always consider fulfilling all SEO requirements for the site by yourself. While you may be successful to some extent, it’s essential to be sure about the results you’re seeking. But keep in mind that you aren’t an SEO expert and improper strategy-making might result in a waste of your time and energy. Do note that SEO is a continuous, broad, and ever-evolving process that needs more effort, especially in the age of cut-throat competition. That’s why the best way out is to focus on the core business and hire a professional SEO company in India like us that can bring along inbound traffic and high visibility to the website.

Why is SEO essential for my business?

No matter how efficiently your business might be performing, you’ll have competitors that are striving to surpass you at every stage. Without implementing proper SEO practices, you wouldn’t be able to achieve SERP rankings. The majority of traffic to the website is organic, so you’ll need SEO to make your business more likely to surpass competitors in terms of SERP results. Thus, online businesses can’t do without a sound SEO strategy. While it takes time and skill (this is where Ranking By SEO can help), an effective SEO process delivers long-term gains. Know more about a dedicated blog post that explains the importance of SEO in detail.

How does Ranking By SEO communicate and send work reports?

With effective communication, the SEO process can be made easy and seamless for both parties. We use several communication channels and are ready to reach out to you through your preferred method. These include phone calls, email, chat, Slack, Skype, and other modes of communication. For reporting the work done, we follow a practice of sharing them on a weekly basis through email and/or Basecamp, so clients are regularly updated on the progress.

What does your SEO strategy include?

In SEO, there can be no universal strategy. We start every project from scratch by conducting pre-audits to calculate the right SEO strategy for your industry. We include audit, keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, content marketing, technical SEO, local SEO and more in our SEO strategies. Each strategy precisely suits your business marketing and objectives to drive actionable processes and deliver results.

How long does it take for a website to rank on Google?

Do note that the time required will depend on several factors. After you redesign or launch a website, you’ll need to perform more steps to optimize it and to achieve the desired results in terms of leads and traffic. And that can’t happen in just a day or two- an organic SEO process takes time to develop authority. Organic rankings are something you’ll have to earn. Proving your mettle to Google means putting in regular efforts toward achieving your SEO objectives. All in all, you can expect good search engine rankings within 3 to 6 months with our SEO efforts.

Has Ranking By SEO worked for my industry before?

Ranking By SEO India has served clients from a range of industries across the world for more than a decade. We have closely seen, followed, and learned from industry trends and developments, which has shaped us to become better and better with time. So, it’s most likely that we have worked for clients in your industry. In the event that we haven’t worked in your industry before, our team of adaptive individuals is ready to research the nitty-gritty of the field and take on new challenges.

Does your team sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Ranking By SEO India values its clients’ business secrets and knows the importance of data confidentiality. We have a strict process in place to protect their rights and information. All our team members need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that your data remains secure throughout the SEO process. We never disclose confidential information to any third party and are ready to sign an NDA whenever necessary as per the project agreement.

How have you been rewarded for your SEO services?

Ranking By SEO India has won numerous awards to date and has been recognized by popular media houses worldwide. Some of the popular names that talk about us are SiliconIndia, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Dainik Jagran, Business Standard, The Print, The Week, Yourstory, Social Media Today, Simplilearn and many more. Our awards page has got most of these details for you.

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