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Ranking By SEO is the best social media marketing company in India offering premium services to help boost your visibility and maximize customer engagement. Our strategic approach leverages the power of tending social media platforms to seamlessly integrate your brand into the digital landscape, creating a compelling online presence.

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Maximize Visibility with Our Premium Social Media Marketing Services

Brand Visibility

Our services are aimed at boosting your brand awareness with premium social media marketing services. Our strategic approach ensures that your brand becomes a prominent and recognizable presence across various digital platforms.

Better ROI

Our data-driven social media marketing efforts allow us to maximize the impact of your marketing budget, ensuring that each campaign generates measurable and positive results. We focus on pre-established KPIs to drive a positive ROI.

Custom Campaigns

We design and execute custom strategies that align with your unique goals and objectives. From content creation to audience targeting, every aspect of our campaigns is tailored to enhance your brand’s visibility in the social media space.

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Features That Should Be Included in Social Media Marketing Services

In crafting an effective digital marketing mix, social media marketing stands as a vital element, ensuring increased visibility for your business in the target market. The essential components that compose an effective social media marketing strategy include:

Effective social media marketing services should include robust strategy development efforts. A well-crafted strategy serves as the foundation for successful campaigns, outlining clear objectives and target audiences. It involves detailed research to identify trends, competitor landscapes, and audience behaviors, ensuring that the approach is informed and adaptive. A comprehensive strategy guides content creation and dictates the optimal timing and frequency of posts. It is this thoughtful planning that allows businesses to navigate the dynamic social media landscape strategically and achieve sustainable growth.

Content creation is the essence of social media marketing, forming a genuine connection with the audience through authentic storytelling aligned with the brand’s voice. It goes beyond promotion, fostering meaningful interaction and community engagement for lasting digital connections. Effective content management goes beyond posting the content. It necessitates maintaining consistency, relevance, and adaptability to current trends. By prioritizing the creation and management of high-quality visuals and compelling copy, businesses can cultivate an active and vibrant online presence, capturing the attention of their audience.

An essential aspect of comprehensive social media marketing services involves leveraging paid social media advertising. This includes developing targeted ad campaigns that reach specific audience segments and maximizing exposure and engagement. The strategic placement of ads on various platforms, along with thoughtful ad content, ensures effective communication of the brand message. Social media advertising is a dynamic tool for increasing brand visibility, driving traffic, and achieving specific marketing objectives in a short amount of time. By using the power of paid promotions, businesses can amplify their online presence and connect with a broader audience.

Facilitating effective community management goes a long way toward developing long-term relationships with potential audiences. This involves actively engaging with the audience, fostering discussions, and promptly responding to inquiries or feedback. A well-managed community contributes to brand loyalty and advocacy, creating a positive online environment. It extends beyond mere moderation. It includes the cultivation of a vibrant, interactive space that aligns with the brand’s values. Through diligent community management, businesses can establish a genuine connection with their audience, building trust and loyalty within the social media landscape.

Comprehensive social media marketing services should feature strategic influencer marketing. This entails partnering with influencers to amplify brand reach and connect with their engaged audiences. By identifying influencers whose values align with the brand, businesses can authentically integrate their products or services into relevant content. Influencer marketing is more than traditional advertising. It is about creating a genuine connection with potential customers through trusted voices. Successful implementation involves careful selection, relationship cultivation, and continuous monitoring to ensure alignment with overarching marketing objectives.

Social listening is a crucial aspect of comprehensive social media marketing services. It is the process of actively monitoring and analyzing online conversations and mentions relevant to the brand, industry, or specific keywords. By leveraging social listening tools, businesses can gain valuable insights into audience sentiments, emerging trends, and competitors’ activities. Social listening serves as a foundation for informed decision-making, allowing businesses to adapt strategies, address concerns, and capitalize on opportunities in real-time. Through strategic social listening, brands can foster a deeper understanding of their audience and marketplace dynamics, enhancing their overall digital strategy.

Platform-specific expertise can make or break the success of your social media marketing efforts. It is about using in-depth knowledge and proficiency in navigating the unique features, algorithms, and user behaviors of each social media platform. From content optimization to audience targeting, understanding the intricacies of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others is essential for crafting tailored strategies. Platform-specific expertise ensures that campaigns are optimized for the specifics of each platform. By leveraging this specialized knowledge, businesses can effectively tailor their presence across trending platforms, creating a cohesive and impactful online brand presence.

Mobile optimization in social media marketing is about crafting content and campaigns that are seamlessly accessible and engaging on various mobile devices. Given the prevalence of mobile usage, optimizing visuals, layouts, and user experiences for smaller screens is essential for capturing and retaining audience attention. Mobile optimization incorporates strategic considerations such as ad loading times, intuitive navigation, and mobile-friendly ad formats. By prioritizing mobile optimization, businesses can meet their audience where they are, providing a user-friendly experience that enhances engagement and contributes to the overall success of social media marketing efforts.

Analytics and reporting are important for judging the success of the social media marketing campaign. The systematic collection and analysis of data help derive actionable insights into campaign performance. By leveraging analytics tools, businesses can measure key metrics, track audience engagement, and assess the impact of various campaigns. Reporting for social media marketing entails providing meaningful interpretations and recommendations based on the analytics, enabling informed decision-making. Through comprehensive analytics and reporting, businesses gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their social media marketing efforts.

Why Choose Our Social Media Marketing Services?

Ranking By SEO offers affordable social media marketing services that maximize your brand exposure on social media platforms. Here is a list of reasons why you should choose our services:



With over a decade of industry experience, our social media marketing campaigns are grounded in a profound understanding of current trends and audience behaviors. This knowledge enables us to craft effective strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs, staying ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.



We have a team of experts who come up with tailored strategies for unparalleled results. We specialize in platform-specific approaches, optimizing your social media campaigns for each unique audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the latest trend, our experts navigate the digital landscape to maximize your brand’s impact.



At Ranking By SEO, we help boost your ROI without breaking the bank. Our social media marketing practices are designed to deliver exceptional value without compromising quality. With our services, you can experience cost-effective solutions that align with your budget, ensuring every penny spent contributes to the success of your digital marketing endeavors.



Our commitment goes beyond business hours. With 24/7 support, we’re always here to address your concerns, answer queries, and adapt to the ever-evolving social media landscape. Your success is our priority, and our round-the-clock support reflects that dedication.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Being the leading digital and social media marketing agency in India since 2008, we have received many awards and accolades owing to our incredible quality of services. We have built strong relationships in the business community which has allowed us to garner a trusted reputation in the market.


Our Customers Feedback

We believe in the importance of customer feedback as it helps guide us in our journey to deliver a greater quality of services. Check out the latest reviews from our satisfied clients:

The Ranking By SEO team did such a wonderful…

The Ranking By SEO team did such a wonderful job of managing my brand’s social media accounts. They published engaging posts and designed eye-catching graphics that attracted many new followers.

Now I have many more follows, likes, and comments. This saved me so much time and effort, as I no longer have to worry about managing my social media myself.


Creating different posts for Facebook..

Creating different posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has been a hassle for me. I can’t thank Ranking By SEO enough for their exceptional social media marketing services at such affordable prices!


I was struggling to grow my social media …

I was struggling to grow my social media presence and reach my target audience effectively. But then the RBS team created engaging and trendy content for my brand, which made my page go viral!

I’ve seen a remarkable increase in engagement and brand awareness after getting RBS’s special media marketing services. I feel more connected with my customers now, all thanks to RBS.


The social media marketing services provided…

The social media marketing services provided by Ranking By SEO have been a blessing for my bakery business! I was unsure how to use social media to grow my brand, but their team took care of everything.

They developed a customized social media strategy specifically for my business. I’ve had an increase in website traffic and sales almost immediately. I couldn’t be happier with the results from the RBS team.


Our Process After You Choose Our Social Media Marketing Services

At Ranking By SEO, we follow a strategic approach to develop and execute an effective social media marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. Follow is a brief overview of our process:

The project discussion and understanding phase involves comprehensive dialogue with the client where we try to understand the nuances of your brand. We do that by exploring your objectives and unique market positioning. Open communication is our priority, ensuring that every insight you share contributes to the tailored strategy we craft for your brand.
Through in-depth understanding, we gain a profound understanding of your identity, target audience, and industry landscape, laying the foundation for a strategic alignment. The dialogue is a collaborative effort where we set high expectations, establish clear goals, and map out a precise plan to guide our social media marketing journey.

At Ranking By SEO, we pay special attention to Audience & Competition Research. This step of our process is about conducting a comprehensive analysis to unravel the ins and outs of your target audience and competitive landscape. Through data-driven insights and market intelligence, we uncover valuable information that positively guides the customization of your social media strategy.
Our services ensure that your preferences and goals positively shape our research approach. By understanding the minute details of your audience and staying ahead of the competition, we strategically position your brand for success. This research is a dynamic process where we continuously adapt our strategies based on evolving trends and emerging market opportunities.

Once the research is done, we start exploring the diverse social media landscape to identify the ideal platforms for your social media success. This phase involves a strategic analysis of various platforms, considering their strengths and alignment with your brand’s goals. Our positive commitment to customization ensures that the chosen platforms resonate seamlessly with your target audience.
By leveraging the unique features of each platform, we create an engaging online presence for your business. We use a proactive approach towards maximizing your brand’s visibility and connecting with your audience in the most positive and impactful way possible.

We create and fine-tune your social media profiles for maximum impact. This process involves a detailed approach to showcase your brand’s uniqueness and strengths on the social media profile. Through creative optimization, we ensure that your profiles not only capture attention but also positively resonate with your target audience.
From compelling visuals to engaging content, we use every profile optimization strategy that is best suited for your business. The profile creation and optimization process is about ensuring that your online presence radiates positivity and effectively communicates your brand’s story.

The content creation phase of our social media marketing services is about the imaginative crafting of content that informs your audience and keeps them engaged. We embrace creativity to deliver content that positively resonates with your brand’s identity and values.
Our compelling content creation process ensures that your brand story captivates and connects meaningfully with your audience across social media channels. By understanding your brand values, we tailor content for consistency, authenticity, and trust. Going beyond the conventional, we infuse elements that evoke emotions and prompt engagement, aiming to leave a positive and lasting impression.

In the paid advertisement step, we thoughtfully craft and implement campaigns that attract attention and positively impact your target audience. We leverage the power of paid platforms to amplify your brand’s message, ensuring it resonates with the right audience at the right time.
At Ranking By SEO, our focus is on maximizing the value of every investment, ensuring your paid advertisements not only generate visibility but also foster positive engagement. We execute a proactive strategy to elevate your brand’s presence and create meaningful connections in the digital landscape.

Ranking By SEO pays special attention to continuous and proactive tracking of the campaign to identify opportunities for positive growth. We deploy cutting-edge analytics to ensure that your social media strategies not only meet but exceed performance expectations.
With the insights gathered from monitoring, we make real-time adjustments to the campaign. This ensures that your brand’s online presence consistently performs at its best. This isn’t just about monitoring; it’s an ongoing commitment to optimizing strategies, cultivating positive results, and propelling your brand toward sustained success in the digital landscape.

Reporting is a key component of our social media marketing services process. This transparent and detailed process helps us in presenting insights and achievements that go beyond mere statistics. These reports offer a comprehensive view of your social media performance.
We focus on the positive outcomes, providing valuable insights that empower strategic decisions and highlight the growth achieved. This step is about showcasing the positive journey your brand is on and the milestones achieved through our collaborative social media marketing efforts.

Choose Our Social Media Marketing Services to Boost Engagement & Growth


Ranking By SEO is the leading social media marketing services provider in India with a wide array of activities that boost your social media presence and engagement. Here is a list of the benefits that you get by choosing our services:

At Ranking By SEO, our services help you emerge as a frontrunner in your industry with our Social Media Marketing efforts. We craft strategies that help you get ahead of the competition while positioning your brand for continuous success.

You can boost your brand’s visibility and resonance across social platforms with our services. We focus on creating a positive and lasting impression of your business, ensuring improved brand recognition that stands out in the digital landscape.

With our services, you can navigate the vast social media landscape with precision. Our targeted approach ensures that your brand’s message reaches and resonates with your ideal audience, maximizing the impact of your campaigns.

We will help direct the flow of interested users to your website through our social media marketing strategy. Our strategies are designed to drive quality visitors, increasing the likelihood of conversions and engagement.

We offer flexible monthly social media marketing contracts that you can choose from. Our monthly contracts offer you the flexibility to sign up for short-term contracts and upgrade them as per your business requirements.

Our services drive tangible results for your business. We implement strategies that are geared towards increasing sales and optimizing conversions, turning social media engagement into measurable business success.

Ranking By SEO helps you forge lasting connections with your audience. Our services go beyond transactions, we focus on fostering brand loyalty through engaging content, meaningful interactions, and a positive online presence.

With our services, you get to experience the power of data-backed success. We provide measurable results, offering insights that go beyond vanity metrics, enabling you to track the real impact of your social media marketing efforts.

Ranking By SEO’s social media marketing services reconnect your business with potential customers who have shown interest. Our services include strategic retargeting efforts, ensuring your brand stays on the radar of those who have engaged with your content.

Our social media marketing reports keep you informed and empowered. With regular reporting, we provide transparent insights into the performance of your social media campaigns, allowing you to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Case Studies

Take a look at the following case studies to see the success we have generated for our clients:

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Frequently asked questions

Below are the most common questions that our clients often ask regarding our Social Media Marketing services. Got any more questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

According to reports, over 4.9 billion people across the world are using social media in 2023. Social media platforms offer you the opportunity to find your ideal clients and sell your products and services to them. This is where social media marketing comes in. This marketing approach allows you to boost your brand image, leads, and conversions.

Yes, Ranking By SEO will manage your Facebook page. We will optimize your Facebook profile so that you may get more followers. Our experts will publish quality content on your profile to drive engagement from your target audience.

With social media marketing, it can take up to 3-4 months to see positive results. The timeline may vary based on the competition in your industry and your social media marketing budget.

Yes, our social media marketing services are aimed at helping businesses get more leads and conversions. We help our clients grow their audience which ultimately results in more leads.

Ranking By SEO delivers an exceptional quality of services to ensure that our clients have a great experience working with us. Still, if you decide to terminate the contract, you will get exclusive access to all the accounts that we have created and managed for you.

We have a robust social media marketing approach that covers everything from audience research to platform selection and execution. We follow the best social media marketing practices to ensure that you get the best results in record time.

Our social media marketing campaigns have a limited scope. If you want influencer marketing services, you can discuss it with us and we’ll let you know the costs associated with it, as per your business needs.

Ranking By SEO has a number of social media marketing packages that you can choose from, based on your marketing requirements and budget. If you are having a hard time choosing a package, you can get in touch with us for assistance in choosing the ideal pricing plan.

Our social media marketing packages cover everything from profile creation to management, optimization, as well as running social media ads.

Ranking By SEO never shares your personal information with anyone. Our employees have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the privacy of your data. We are also open to signing an NDA with our clients to further protect their interests

Ranking By SEO believes in honesty and transparency. We never share any piece of your confidential information with a third party, without your consent. Our employees sign an NDA to protect the privacy of company data as well as that of our client projects. We can also sign an exclusive NDA with our clients too. Request an obligation-free callback for more details.

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