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Ranking By SEO is the leading Facebook marketing agency in India helping businesses boost their online presence. We leverage the power of targeted strategies to boost engagement and drive increased conversions through effective Facebook Marketing solutions. We use a tailored approach that ensures your brand stands out in your target market, maximizing the impact of your social media presence.

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Expert Facebook Marketing Company in India

Data-Driven Solutions

Our data-driven approach ensures precision in audience targeting which enables us to optimize campaigns for maximum impact. By analyzing trends and consumer behavior, we tailor strategies that drive measurable results, making your marketing efforts more effective and strategic.

Custom Ad Campaigns

From captivating visuals to compelling copy, each element of our ad design process is crafted to align with your unique brand identity. Our focus is on creating campaigns that capture the attention of your audience and also foster meaningful connections, ensuring that you stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Maximum ROAS

We help you maximize the potential of your advertising budget with our Facebook Marketing expertise. Our focus on achieving Maximum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goes beyond impressions. We deliver tangible results that improve your brand awareness and provide a measurable impact on your business outcomes.

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What Features Should be Included in Facebook Marketing Services?

Facebook marketing offers you the fastest way to reach your target audience and boost conversions. Let’s take a dive into the essential features that should be a part of Facebook marketing services:

Facebook has over 3.8 billion monthly active users. This gives businesses a huge opportunity to increase their market share. But to do that effectively, you need audience research. Comprehensive audience research in Facebook marketing is important as it allows businesses to tailor their content to specific demographics. This ensures that the messages resonate with the right people. Facebook marketing agencies understand the importance of this approach. They take care of that by utilizing advanced targeting tools on Facebook such as custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

The foundation of successful Facebook marketing lies in a well-structured and optimized page. Facebook marketing agencies should craft an engaging profile with visually appealing graphics, a compelling bio, and accurate contact information. The optimization step extends beyond aesthetics. It is about the strategic placement of key information such as business hours and services on your page. Implementing Facebook’s business tools, like the Shop feature or appointment booking, enhances user experience and encourages interaction. Regularly updating and optimizing the page based on analytics ensures that businesses stay relevant in the industry.

Ad campaigns that target your specific demographic help enhance the impact of Facebook marketing efforts. Facebook marketing services should include features to utilize the platform’s robust ad customization features that allow businesses to create content that resonates with their audience. From dynamic ad formats to personalized ad copy, customization enhances engagement and increases the likelihood of conversion. A/B testing methodologies are also a great way to ensure the ongoing refinement and optimization of the campaign that allows businesses to adapt their strategies based on real-time data.

The visual appeal of Facebook ads is an important factor that helps capture the audience’s attention and drive engagement. Designing visually striking and consistent ad creatives is essential for making a lasting impression. From compelling imagery to concise and impactful messaging, every element should contribute to the overall narrative. Also, around 88% of the total user’s access Facebook on mobile devices. So, Facebook marketing efforts should include a focus on the mobile-first approach to ensure that ad creatives are optimized for the diverse range of mobile devices out there.

Efficient content creation and strategic scheduling are essential for implementing a great Facebook marketing strategy.  It is about creating compelling and relevant content that aligns with the brand’s identity. This approach is essential for fostering audience engagement. Your Facebook marketing efforts should include a content calendar that streamlines the planning process, ensuring a consistent and well-timed presence on the platform. Leveraging Facebook’s scheduling tools allows businesses to maintain a consistent posting frequency and reach their audience when they are most active.

Effective Facebook marketing services involve adept ad management to optimize campaign performance. Facebook marketing services should include regular monitoring of key metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates. This allows you to make data-driven business marketing decisions. Regularly adjusting targeting parameters and budgets ensures that ads are reaching the right audience while maximizing return on investment. Pixel tracking and conversion tracking provide valuable insights into user behavior, facilitating continuous refinement of ad strategies. With meticulous ad management, businesses can adapt to changing trends in a more efficient way.

Why Choose Our Facebook Marketing Services?

Ranking By SEO is the best Facebook marketing company in India offering premium solutions at competitive pricing plans. Following is a list of reasons why you should choose our services:



At Ranking By SEO, our Facebook marketing services are backed by a wealth of industry experience, positioning us as experts in navigating the nuances of diverse markets. With a proven track record of delivering results, our Facebook managers bring a deep understanding of industry trends and consumer behavior to every campaign that we run for our clients.



We offer affordable Facebook marketing services in India that offer the best value for money. With a focus on efficiency and measurable results, we tailor strategies that optimize your ad spend. You can either choose our standard Facebook packages or get in touch with us to get quotes for custom campaigns.



Ranking By SEO offers Facebook marketing services with transparent reporting that keeps you informed and in control. We provide clear, detailed analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your campaigns and understand the real-time impact on your business objectives.



With our Facebook marketing services, you can benefit from the round-the-clock support that we offer. Our dedicated team is readily available to address your queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide timely assistance, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted campaign management for your business.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Since our inception in 2008, we have never looked back and have grown as a reputation digital marketing company. We have earned a bunch of awards, reviews and recognition as mentioned on this page.


Our Customers Feedback

The quality of our services is reflected in the reviews and feedback that our clients leave for our exceptional services. Check out the reviews below to see what our customers are saying about Ranking By SEO:

The social media marketing services provided…

The social media marketing services provided by Ranking By SEO have been a blessing for my bakery business! I was unsure how to use social media to grow my brand, but their team took care of everything.

They developed a customized social media strategy specifically for my business. I’ve had an increase in website traffic and sales almost immediately. I couldn’t be happier with the results from the RBS team.



Creating different posts for Facebook..

Creating different posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has been a hassle for me. I can’t thank Ranking By SEO enough for their exceptional social media marketing services at such affordable prices!


The Ranking By SEO team did such a wonderful…

The Ranking By SEO team did such a wonderful job of managing my brand’s social media accounts. They published engaging posts and designed eye-catching graphics that attracted many new followers.

Now I have many more follows, likes, and comments. This saved me so much time and effort, as I no longer have to worry about managing my social media myself.


I was struggling to grow my social media …

I was struggling to grow my social media presence and reach my target audience effectively. But then the RBS team created engaging and trendy content for my brand, which made my page go viral!

I’ve seen a remarkable increase in engagement and brand awareness after getting RBS’s special media marketing services. I feel more connected with my customers now, all thanks to RBS.



Smart Features of Our Facebook Marketing Services

At Ranking By SEO, we understand the impact of Facebook marketing and the value of utilizing innovative tools and technologies to drive better results. Here is a look at the cutting-edge features that you get with our services:

Our Facebook marketing services feature advanced Facebook Pixel optimization which helps improve the effectiveness of the ads campaign. With precision tracking and insightful analytics, the Facebook Pixel captures user behavior, allowing us to refine strategies for better-targeted campaigns. This intelligent tool measures conversions on your website and also enables dynamic retargeting, ensuring your ads reach users who have shown genuine interest.

The result? You get enhanced ROI and a streamlined user experience, as we leverage the power of Facebook Pixel to tailor content and drive meaningful interactions. Our services help turns user data into a strategic advantage for your business in the competitive Facebook advertising market.

Ranking By SEO’s Facebook marketing services feature cutting-edge cross-device tracking. This approach is designed to ensure a seamless user journey. With this technology, we ensure your audience’s interactions are seamlessly monitored across various devices. This detailed view enables us to create cohesive and personalized ad experiences by adapting content to each user’s preferred platform.

The strategic advantage of cross-device tracking lies in understanding the multi-device behavior of your audience. This allows us to optimize ad delivery and timing for maximum impact. Our process ensures that your campaigns maintain consistency and relevance across the entire user journey. Our services offer you intelligent and interconnected advertising that meets your audience wherever they are in their buying journey.

With our services, you get to experience the intelligence of Facebook attribution modeling through our specialized marketing services. Our approach goes beyond simple conversion tracking as it offers a nuanced understanding of the customer journey. By assigning value to each touchpoint in the conversion process, we optimize campaigns based on real data insights. This process ensures that the resources are allocated where they matter most.

The idea behind our services is to identify the most effective channels for your business and refine the strategies accordingly. Our commitment to Facebook attribution modeling means your advertising efforts are always strategically guided, resulting in a more efficient and impactful utilization of your marketing budget.

Our Facebook marketing services leverage state-of-the-art Neural Network Ad optimization which ensures that your campaigns are finely tuned for optimal performance. We use advanced algorithms to analyze vast datasets, learning from user interactions and refining targeting strategies in real time. We aim to identify and target the right demographics and understand user behavior on a deeper level. This allows for highly personalized and impactful ad delivery.

The result of our efforts is a dynamic and adaptive advertising approach that responds to shifts in consumer trends, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our cutting-edge neural network-driven optimization transforms data into actionable insights that deliver unparalleled precision and effectiveness in your Facebook marketing campaign.

At Ranking By SEO, we use Multivariate Testing (MVT) which is a sophisticated tool that complements the traditional A/B testing for ads. MVT allows us to simultaneously test multiple variables within your ads, providing detailed insights into what truly resonates with your audience. Through systematic experimentation with various ad elements, from visuals to copy, we optimize for maximum results.

This approach enables us to refine campaigns based on real-time data, ensuring continual improvement and adaptability. With MVT, we aim to develop a holistic optimization approach that transforms your Facebook ads into high-performing and finely-tuned assets for your business.

Our Facebook marketing services pay huge attention to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) optimization. This is a strategic approach that extends beyond immediate conversions. By understanding the long-term value each customer brings to your business, we tailor campaigns to maximize sustained customer relationships. It is about doing a comprehensive analysis of customer behavior, allowing for targeted and personalized interactions.

We leverage CLV data to optimize ad spend, focusing resources where they generate the most value over time. With our CLV optimization strategies, your Facebook marketing becomes an investment in building long-term customer loyalty, ensuring sustained business growth and a lasting impact in your industry.

Our Process After You Choose Our Facebook Marketing Services

Ranking By SEO takes pride in being the most trusted choice for Facebook marketing services in India and offers expert solutions that drive engagement and conversions. Here is how we go about implementing our process:

At Ranking By SEO, we engage in a collaborative dialogue with our clients to understand their business goals, target audience, and unique selling propositions. This initial phase allows us to align our Facebook management and marketing strategies with their vision. This process ensures a customized approach tailored to your specific business needs.

In this step, our focus is on extracting key insights that inform the subsequent stages of our campaign. This helps build the foundation for a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration. Through effective communication, we establish a roadmap that guides our actions and facilitates a seamless integration of our expertise with your business objectives.

We take a deep dive into your audience to understand their interests. This part of the process is about conducting a detailed analysis of your target demographic. We consider factors such as age, interests, and online behavior to define the plan of action. Our data-driven approach goes beyond surface-level insights, allowing us to identify niche audiences and tailor our strategies accordingly.

By understanding the intricacies of your audience, we ensure that our marketing efforts resonate with the right people, maximizing engagement and conversion potential. This audience-centric approach forms the backbone of our strategies, laying the groundwork for impactful and targeted Facebook marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results.

During the strategy development phase, we use the insights gained in the research phase to craft a customized Facebook marketing plan that aligns with your business objectives. We select the most effective ad formats, refine our targeting parameters, and establish a content calendar in this phase.

Our data-driven approach ensures that every aspect of the strategy contributes to your long-term goals, from increasing brand awareness to driving conversions. With a focus on precision and relevance, our strategies provide you with a practical roadmap designed to yield measurable results for your business.

We create and optimize your Facebook profile to make the theme and the information align with your business details. Our experts craft a visually compelling and informative profile that represents your brand identity. From eye-catching graphics to a concise yet impactful bio, every element of the profile is designed to make a positive first impression.

Our optimization services are about the strategic placement of essential information such as business hours, contact details, and services. By ensuring that your profile is visually appealing and well-optimized, we set the stage for a strong and credible Facebook presence for your business.

At Ranking By SEO, we have a dedicated team of copywriters and design specialists who craft engaging content that reflects your brand voice and resonates with your target audience. This includes a mix of compelling visuals and impactful copy that aligns with the overall marketing strategy.

Our systematic content calendar ensures a consistent and timely presence of your business on Facebook that enhances your brand’s visibility. By strategically scheduling posts based on audience behavior, we maximize reach and engagement. This approach maintains a dynamic online presence and contributes to building a loyal and responsive community around your brand.

Once content is in place, we move on to the implementation of targeted ad campaigns. We use the insights gathered during audience research to optimize ads for the best results. Our strategy involves precise audience targeting, utilizing tools such as custom audiences and lookalike audiences. By tailoring content to specific demographics, we ensure that your ads reach the potential customers at the right time.

We focus on strategic budget allocation and continuous monitoring of key metrics to drive our campaign refinement efforts. Our Facebook marketing services help you reach your target audience and engage them in a meaningful way.

To maximize the impact of Facebook marketing efforts, we continuously analyze campaign performance and user behavior to refine strategies to drive even better results. Our experts use tools like Facebook Pixel to gain valuable insights into user interactions. This allows us to make data-driven adjustments to the campaign.

With a relentless commitment to optimizing the conversion funnel, our Facebook marketing services ensure that your campaigns deliver tangible and sustainable results. Our conversing optimization services help turn user engagement into valuable business assets.

Ranking By SEO uses advanced analytics tools to monitor key metrics and provide real-time insights into the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts. From click-through rates to conversion metrics, our tracking systems enable us to measure success and identify areas for improvement.

This data-driven approach allows for agile decision-making, ensuring that your campaigns are always optimized for peak performance. Our commitment to performance tracking helps translate data into strategies that drive continuous improvement and tangible business results.

We value transparency and it is reflected in our comprehensive reporting services. We provide weekly and monthly reports offering a clear view of the performance of your Facebook marketing campaigns. These reports go beyond mere numbers, providing actionable insights and strategic recommendations.

The goal of our reporting services is to empower you with the information needed to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategies. Through intuitive visualizations and straightforward analysis, our reports offer a holistic view of your campaign’s impact, ensuring you stay informed and confident in the trajectory of your Facebook marketing investment.

Choose Our Facebook Marketing Services to Drive Engagement and Conversions

Facebook has the potential to skyrocket your growth on this trending social media channel. Following is a list of the benefits that you get with our premium Facebook marketing services:

Our services boost your online presence with tailored Facebook marketing solutions. We implement strategies that transcend mere visibility, ensuring your brand stands out in your target market.

Our Facebook marketing services use data-driven strategies to maximize your ROI. We optimize every campaign element from audience targeting to ad customization to drive tangible and measurable business results.

Ranking By SEO’s strategic approach ensures that potential customers who have shown interest in your products or services are consistently engaged through ad retargeting. By implementing these strategies, we increase the likelihood of repeat conversions for your business.

Our Facebook marketing effort complements your business website SEO. The increased visibility and engagement on the platform contribute to a holistic online presence, positively impacting your search engine rankings.

Our monthly contracts allow you to adapt your Facebook marketing strategy based on evolving business needs. These flexible contracts make sure that you have the freedom to refine your approach as required.

At Ranking By SEO, our approach goes beyond improving your reach on Facebook. We focus on improving customer engagement as it is the key to making more sales. Through captivating content and strategic campaigns, we develop meaningful interactions that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand’s online engagement.

With our services, you can reach the right audience at the right time. Our hyper-targeted ad campaigns leverage advanced tools to ensure precision targeting, maximizing the impact of your messaging and driving meaningful interactions.

Whether you’re a B2B enterprise or a B2C brand, our versatile Facebook marketing services are tailored to suit the unique needs of your business. We create custom Facebook marketing strategies that drive results based on your specific business objectives.

With Ranking By SEO, you marketing solutions without breaking the bank. Our services are designed to be affordable, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage the benefits of strategic online marketing.

We provide transparent reporting that provides insights into campaign performance. Our detailed reporting services also serve as a valuable tool for refining strategies and achieving long-term success.

Case Studies

Take a look at the following case studies to see the success we have generated for our clients:

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Our experienced and knowledgeable digital agency team works dedicatedly to give your business a distinct edge over your competitors.

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Sourabh Sharma

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions left, here is the section where you will get all answers regarding our Facebook marketing services. Scroll down to know more: 

A Facebook marketing company specializes in conducting organic and paid marketing on Facebook platforms to promote businesses and enhance their online presence. This includes crafting and implementing targeted advertising campaigns, audience research, content creation, and performance tracking to achieve specific marketing objectives.

Yes, Facebook can significantly contribute to building a positive brand reputation. Through strategic content, engagement with the audience, and effective advertising, businesses can shape a favorable image for their brand. It can also help in building trust and creating meaningful connections with their target audience on the platform.

The timeline for results in Facebook marketing can vary based on factors like campaign objectives and the competition in the industry. Generally, businesses may start seeing initial results, such as increased engagement, within a few weeks. However, more substantial results, such as improved conversions, may take a few months of consistent and well-optimized efforts.

Tracking the progress of your Facebook marketing campaign involves utilizing tools like Facebook Insights and ad analytics. At Ranking By SEO, we track and report key metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversion rates to give you comprehensive insights into the performance of your campaign.

The cost of hiring a Facebook marketing service agency varies based on factors like the scope of services, campaign complexity, and business goals. A detailed discussion with the agency can provide a customized quote based on your specific needs.

Yes, we provide custom Facebook marketing packages tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client. Our social media packages are designed to offer flexibility and scalability, ensuring that businesses receive services aligned with their goals and budget.

Transparency is one of our core values at Ranking By SEO. We do not charge any hidden costs. We aim to establish trust through openness and ensure clients have a clear understanding of the investment required for the campaign.

Our services stand out due to our industry experience, commitment to transparency, and comprehensive approach to Facebook marketing. We offer tailored strategies with advanced features like audience research and a focus on results. With a track record of delivering measurable results, we provide a unique value proposition in the competitive landscape of Facebook marketing.

Our commitment to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of our clients is paramount. In pursuit of this, we establish Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with our clients. These legal agreements serve as a formal commitment to uphold the utmost confidentiality, ensuring that their private information remains secure and protected.

Yes, our payment process is secure. We use encrypted channels to protect your information and ensure a safe experience through a trusted payment gateway.

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