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Our small business SEO services are designed to help you become more visible and gain more traction in your industry.

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Why is Small Business SEO Important in 2023?

Replace Paid Ads

Paid ads are usually expensive and there is a tough competition for this. Small business SEO can replace this expensive spending with a consistent stream of web traffic.

Increase New Leads

A proper SEO engagement drives more organic leads to your website. So, if your website has more organic search queries, it will no longer require any paid ads.

Boost Website’s Visibility

It simply increases your brand awareness by boosting your website’s visibility on search engines. Thus, it drives more traffic to your website.

Industries That Have Trusted Us

At Ranking By SEO, we have worked with a wide range of clients across various industries and understand how to get the best results from streamlined campaigns. Here are some of the industries we have worked with:

Our Clients

Features of Our Small Business SEO Company

Our SEO services are comprehensive and flexible, tailored to suit the client’s unique requirements. Here are some features that make us one of the best small business SEO companies in India.

Many inexperienced marketers invest in every popular SEO strategy available instead of researching the right combination of strategies. For example, it makes little sense for a campaign to target generic keywords when long-tail, location-specific phrases are more suitable for small businesses. As experienced SEO experts, we make sure all our strategies are focused on generating ROI.

Backlinks from high-authority websites are a showcase of trust. They indicate that important publications consider your work and content valuable, which sends the right message to Google and your target audience. We use white-hat techniques to get links from trustworthy, high-authority, and high-ranking websites in your industry. Our team focuses on building quality links instead of stuffing your content full of bad ones.

Webmaster Guidelines are a series of instructions that ensure your website doesn’t violate any rules or use bad practices to gain traction on search. We’re a white-hat SEO company and will always use legal techniques. We don’t rush through strategizing or use black-hat tactics to generate quick results. The traffic and leads generated by these tactics are often temporary and of low quality. Our goal is to ensure good long-term results and maintain the client’s reputation online.

Google My Business platform allows business owners to claim their business online and recognize their Google Map pin. The search platform may already have information about your business on the Map. We check the pin location and the related information carefully, correct all errors, and add more details about your business if necessary. Our goal is to ensure all information on the My Business and Maps platforms is accurate.

Citations are another way of becoming more visible on search. If your company name, contact information, and description are listed on all trustworthy local directories, your business will be more visible. Our team conducts thorough research to find trustworthy platforms before adding citations to them. With our help, you can be certain that prospective customers will find you easily.

Reviews and ratings are some of the most important pieces of information available to shoppers. People often read six to twelve reviews on average before buying a product or booking a service. If you want to stand out and attract attention, you need a good collection of reviews or ratings. Even a few negative ratings are better than complete invisibility. Our experts will help you gain positive feedback from satisfied clients.

Key Considerations While Choosing a Small Business SEO

Those who are looking for the best SEO services for small businesses can follow this list of some key considerations before navigating to different companies.


Check reviews and testimonials

Top-rated SEO agencies have plenty of reviews and testimonials on their website that speak about their services. Based on this data, you can shortlist the top small business SEO services.


Read their case studies

Case studies are a better way to analyse how good the SEO company is in delivering its promises. So, take some time to go through the company’s case studies and reveal their strengths and weaknesses.


Check their specialisation

Always look for a small business SEO company that specialises particularly in your industry. They have expertise in delivering SEO solutions that will be effective for your business.


Consider your budget

Depending on your budget, you can easily choose affordable SEO services for small businesses. This budget will also help you determine which company and service plan to go for.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Since our inception in 2008, we have never looked back and have grown as a reputation digital marketing company. We have earned a bunch of awards, reviews and recognition as mentioned on this page.

Our Customers Feedback

Check out the satisfaction and success achieved by our happy clients with our excellent services. We dedicatedly help their business thrive in this digital landscape

As the owner of a small bakery…

As the owner of a small bakery, I want to recommend the small business SEO services I received from Ranking By SEO to all other small business owners like me.

Their services were amazing. I told them that my priority was getting the results quickly. It was so impressive that I saw an increase in customers just within two weeks. I was so amazed. Great and quick service from RBS!


I am the owner of a small grocery…

I am the owner of a small grocery business. I wanted my store to reach more local customers. Ranking By SEO really understood my business needs and tailored their SEO strategy accordingly. I opted for their special small business SEO services, and I am very impressed with them.

They really understood my business needs and customized their SEO strategy accordingly. Since they started working on my SEO, my website’s traffic has skyrocketed. More customers are coming to my store now. Kudos to the RBS team!


Ranking By SEO’s small business SEO…

Ranking By SEO’s small business SEO services truly went above and beyond to help my business succeed online.

Their SEO optimization has helped me reach new customers and expand my business’s reach. Good and quick service!


My hair salon was struggling to get noticed…

My hair salon was struggling to get noticed online when I got small business SEO services from Ranking By SEO. The team stepped in and transformed my website’s visibility.

The results have been incredible! The team was professional, attentive, and always available to address my questions and concerns. I just love RBS!


Why Are We the Best SEO Services for Small Business?

Our success rate with small business SEO services is over 90%. Here are some other reasons why we are the best fit for you.

We are one of the best small business SEO companies in India. Our team publishes innovative content on platforms like Social Media Today, SEMrush, and Entrepreneur regularly. We have a proven track record of success in helping our clients rank at the top of the SERPs.

Since years, we have helped our proffered clients in targeting the right audience and generating more leads. This has increased their business sales, leading to an increased trust in us and our small business SEO services.

As we deeply care about our clients, we are always committed to their success and focus on bringing them more revenue. Thus, we never burden them with long-term contracts.

Ranking By SEO understands that small businesses often have limited marketing budgets. But they have to deal with intense levels of competition and face many marketing challenges. This is the reason why our team focuses on giving clients value for money. They make sure that every penny invested goes into successful marketing strategies.

We also make sure our plans are affordable and offer tailored services that can fit almost any budget easily. This is why we keep all our small business SEO package prices pocket-friendly. What sets us apart from our competitors is quality services at a reasonable rate.

So, if you’re looking for the best small business SEO solutions, we’re the right choice.

We have more than a decade of experience in the industry and our experts have been a part of it for even longer. Our team has worked in different niches before and can offer customised SEO services. They work at every SEO stage and campaign to optimise your website strategically and help it rank higher on Google.

Our professionals are experts in using SEO to boost the website’s digital presence. They put in the right SEO strategy, time and effort to help your business gain a competitive edge and outrank them higher than their competitors.

Our skilled team knows how to drive results to your business, therefore, they craft results-driven campaigns. So, when you trust us, we do every possible means to generate a higher ROI.

Reports are a key component in driving a successful SEO strategy. So, we ensure to provide regular reporting to our clients as per their requirements.

Clients can request weekly or monthly reports on their campaigns. We make sure these reports are transparent, informative, and written in plain language. You will get a very clear idea of how your campaigns are performing, your progress and the following steps that we are going to take.

Following the report will also help you in tracking your project’s progress from time to time. This will also let you know whether the goals that you have set for your business are executing within the timeframe or not.

Our team never takes any shortcuts or uses disreputable techniques to generate results. From improving your site’s structure and design to optimising it for local search, we always use ethical practices.

The white hat SEO strategies help in improving your website’s search rankings and conversion rate. Though this SEO takes longer to produce results, you can ensure that your website will never get penalised by search engines. Our experts also keep an eye on the latest trends to ensure our work is always trustworthy.

Using white hat techniques makes our SEO services much more sustainable in the long run as we help our clients in getting organic traffic. Thus, it helps us in building a loyal customer base.

As a well-established small business SEO company in India, we understand how important tailored solutions can be. We know that no two businesses are the same and create a strong campaign that helps companies find success in their niche.

Our team carries out in-depth research into the customer’s industry, niche, target audience, and competitors before developing a plan of approach. Accordingly, they implement a handful of optimisation techniques to help rank your small business on Google’s SERPs.

Our customised SEO services maximise local search to your website, so there are higher chances that people who are searching locally can easily get converted to your potential customers. Based on the industry in which you deal, we help you in finding the right audience.

Why Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

Small businesses need SEO services to generate more leads and get more exposure.

With the business landscape moving incredibly fast, it becomes significant for organisations to remain competitive and adaptable. Digitalization has made decision-making information quite easier and faster, with just a few clicks.

While this digitalization is a cause of concern for many; for small businesses, it actually presents some lucrative opportunities to compete against larger businesses. Using SEO services for small businesses can help them gain more exposure, which is not possible otherwise.

As it is not possible for small businesses to make investments in PPC advertising, they can present their brand in the digital landscape through effective SEO tools and strategies. In this way, small businesses can compete with their larger counterparts.

Unlike large organizations that are spending a heavy budget on paid social media and PPC campaigns, small businesses remain hesitant to spend this much. This is why small business SEO is essential for them.

According to a research, “53% of all web traffic is the result of organic search.” So, by relying on a dedicated small business SEO service provider, you can rest assured that there will be an increase in the organic traffic of your site.

Their effective SEO tactics will help expose your brand to many new audiences organically. This will potentially drive more quality traffic to your site and bring in more prospective clients who were previously unreachable.

According to a research report, around 58.33% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Thus, it has made mobile optimization quite essential in the world of the internet. So, if your website or website’s content is not optimised, it might negatively affect the conversions, traffic, engagement and domain success of your website.

Performing SEO will optimise your website for mobile engagement, thus it also boosts user experience. Opting for a reliable small business SEO company in India will help you in gaining a potential audience for your business. Also, their expertise in SEO efforts will elevate your website’s rankings in search engines.

So with small business SEO services, ensure to provide your audience with a better user experience when they visit your website.

It is an undeniable fact that a consistent and well-planned SEO strategy can help your business or brand in gaining credibility. Even though your website has an online presence but has no visibility in the first few pages of search engines, no one will be able to recognise your brand. This might lead to a major loss in your business.

Thus, it is important to implement some white hat SEO techniques like creating quality content, doing keyword research, etc. so that search engines can recognise your site to be trustworthy. Engaging in consistent SEO services for small business can help your business in gaining more traffic and conversions.

This will also raise the SERP rankings of your website and increase impressions. This altogether will make your brand a more authoritative one.

The best small business SEO companies in India can help your small business in gaining long-term success by making it a global competitor. However, if you don’t want to compete globally, they can even provide you with incredible local SEO strategies. This will help your business in gaining more traffic and stand out from its competitors.

They always use comprehensive SEO practices and sound strategies to grow your local business in the digital arena. Moreover, they always use ethical practices while performing SEO for search engines. This also ensures that your business gets more engagement and exposure in the long run.

So, small business SEO services play a vital role in bringing long-term success to your business.

Some Small Business SEO Tips We Follow

Here are some crucial SEO tips that Ranking By SEO follows for improving your small business’ online presence and growing organic traffic to your site.

In web content, long tail keywords are considered to be less competitive and more specific. Targeting these keywords has a greater chance that your page will rank higher on Google. Therefore, we consider targeting long-tail keywords for small business SEO.

While curating meta titles, meta descriptions and alt texts, we keep SEO in our mind. Thus, we ensure to include relevant metadata in your content that contains primary keywords. Also, we create it in a way that finds a resemblance with Google or other search engines.

The page loading speed is an important consideration when deciding the ranking factor in search engines. So, we ensure that your website’s page takes minimum time to load. Otherwise, the users might get frustrated which can lead to less organic traffic and lower rankings.

With the help of structured data markup, search engine crawlers get a better understanding of the web page contents. This increases the visibility of the content in Google’s SERPs, as it is more likely to appear when a user searches using voice commands. Therefore, we utilise these structured data markups for increasing the click-through rates on your website.

One of the most viral strategies that we use for small business SEO is finding out the target keywords related to your business and creating high-quality, value-packed content on the basis of that. These SEO-driven contents are shared with your potential visitors.

We create content based on what the audience is looking for. Catering to the audience’s needs is a priority in SEO. So, creating content that the audience finds relevant is not only useful for them but also helps in optimising your brand’s authority and awareness.

There might be a number of technical SEO errors in your website like broken links, duplicate content, etc. The presence of these errors might negatively affect your website’s rankings on search engines. So, we make sure to address these technical issues on your website and fix it as soon as possible.

Internal linking plays a viable role in passing the link juices from one page of your site to another one. So, we make sure that each post on your website is linked back to some other relevant page of your website. This will keep navigating the visitors to the different pages of the website and keep them engaged.

Case Study

Go through this section to know how we have implemented effective SEO strategies for our client’s success.

Meet Our Team

SEO is the most cost-effective and powerful way to reach your potential clients. Millions of people are using the internet as their primary resource.

Lalit Sharma

CEO & Managing Director

Sourabh Sharma

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common queries that our clients have in their mind and want to ask us. We have already answered some for you!

It is quite difficult to commit something without knowing where your site stands particularly at this moment. However, it also varies depending on the keywords that you are targeting and the industry in which you work. Moreover, with consistent SEO efforts, generally, a duration of 6 months is required to see visible results.

Of course, we will help your business with local SEO. We specialise in providing local SEO services and thus have helped multiple small businesses to acquire top positions on local search engines. In case you want to discuss anything in detail about your local SEO needs, we will be happy to help.

No, we don’t believe in bounding our clients with long-term contracts. This is why all our SEO packages and plans are available either monthly, yearly, quarterly or half-yearly. So, you can consider availing our small business SEO services as long as you want, without any strict restrictions.

Usually, we recommend reviewing our client’s project after six months as SEO is an ongoing and time-consuming process. So, after that, we can change the strategies if needed for better reach.

If you’re a small business, you definitely need small business SEO. Our assistance will ensure you are visible on search engines and have a strong online reputation. You’ll be able to build a good customer base and earn steady revenue.

Yes, we build all citations manually. Our experts will look for trustworthy directories in your targeted area and add citations to them. We will make sure you don’t need to worry about poor citations or directory reputation. We will post in local and industry-specific networks.

Yes, we will claim your business on Google Maps on your behalf and make sure all of the information provided is accurate. Our team will also optimise the Google Maps listing to ensure it is complete and can help more customers reach you. Our small business SEO service includes basic Google Maps set up but you should consider booking our full Google Maps Marketing service for more thorough optimization.

We will use proven techniques like Google Maps optimization, keyword research, content, link building, citation building, and more to improve your local ranking.

Our small business SEO package prices are affordable. We offer several options so you can easily find a plan that fits your budget. We also provide tailored solutions and customised packages based on the client’s requirements.

We will provide detailed monthly or weekly reports to you via email. You can get in touch with your dedicated project manager through Skype, email, chat, or phone as well.

We’d like to maintain a relationship with you for as long as possible but we understand if circumstances change. Our team does their best to deliver high-quality services at all times and is willing to work hard to earn customer satisfaction. If you do want to part ways, you will retain ownership of all your business information, data, and property.

Ranking By SEO values a client’s confidentiality above everything else. We will keep all of your data secure and won’t share any information with third parties without your explicit permission. Our team will also sign NDAs at the request of the client.

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