A Complete Guide to PPC Advertising For HVAC Companies

If you’ve been in the HVAC business for a considerable time, you’ll know how important advertising is for earning more leads and conversions.

Moreover, modern marketing is all about making your presence felt in the digital space- that’s where customers search for any business in the first place! HVAC PPC marketing is the most lucrative advertising method in this regard, as it presents a convenient yet engaging mode of connecting with potential customers.

That’s why we’ve decided to curate this comprehensive guide on what PPC marketing means for the HVAC industry and how to leverage the tool for the best results. Read on to know more!

What Is PPC For HVAC Companies?

What Is PPC For HVAC Companies

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising refers to an inorganic method of boosting site traffic whereby advertisers pay for a specific amount once a viewer clicks on the ad. The payment goes to the advertising platform you’re using such as Google or Bing.

To put forth HVAC PPC ads, businesses place ad bids for relevant keywords in their industry. Consequently, a search engine ranks the ad based on how well it’s optimized, and the relevance of the search term to the ad copy and the landing page.

HVAC PPC ads typically appear on top and at the bottom of a SERP. And most of them come with a little “AD” tag in green, which indicates that their placements are paid.

Speaking of the role of PPC ads in the HVAC industry, they’ve gained much popularity owing to the increasing competition in the field. That’s because conventional advertising methods are pretty costly, while this type allows you to connect with potential customers at a much lower expense.

When it comes to PPC advertising for the HVAC industry, the catch lies in using the right keywords and bidding on them strategically. A greater number of specific keywords will help you get more clicks, thereby reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing For HVAC Companies

Benefits of PPC Marketing For HVAC Companies

Irrespective of whether you offer the best HVAC solutions in your area, you won’t stand to benefit if potential customers can’t discover you online. Capturing the desired level of traffic to grow the business is crucial, so here’s how PPC advertising can benefit your HVAC business:

how PPC advertising can benefit HVAC

Lead Generation

A HVAC PPC marketing campaign helps businesses put forth their names to the audience as soon as the campaign goes live. In contrast to SEO, which generates the desired SERP rankings after a considerable time, PPC ads result in an immediate boost in audience engagement.

This form of advertising also allows you to target users of tablets, desktops, and smartphones, which can prove more effective compared to radio, print, or TV advertising. With a PPC ad put up for your business, you’ll be able to direct potential customers to a contact form, landing page, or testimonials page created for a special promotional drive. To learn more on boosting your HVAC business with improved lead generation strategies, check out our latest blog on the lead generation guide for HVAC businesses.

Increases Brand Awareness

Your SERP rankings might not be directly related to HVAC PPC marketing, but studies have shown that practicing PPC advertising along with organic methods can fetch you higher CTRs and web traffic. The brand can then take up more space in a SERP, making it more probable for customers to click on an organic placement or ad.

Improved Customer Insights

HVAC PPC ads allow businesses to reach a much broader audience, which is why they get a wealth of customer insights over a span of time. You can know how users are responding to an ad and the demographics of its audience. Such data can ultimately provide valuable insights into the target audience and core customers of a business. You can apply these findings to other marketing efforts for the entire business.

Helps Surpass Competitors

The order in which ads are placed is subject to the cost that companies are willing to pay for a listing. So, if a business invests in a truly conversion-worthy PPC ad, that can help them earn a higher rank than its competitors. In the process, HVAC PPC ads also help increase site visibility and improve search engine rankings.

Maximizes ROI and Reduces CPA

When HVAC contractors leverage PPC campaigns, they also get to track the performance of relevant keywords over time and evaluate the effectiveness of the ads. Such regular monitoring leaves more scope to improve ROI in the long term. 

HVAC PPC companies even can even be quite cost-effective as the advertiser is in complete control of the budget. They can reduce or raise the ad spend any time based on the financial needs of the business. You can also consider hiring the best PPC packages agency that provides guaranteed lead generation. By partnering with such an agency, you can benefit from their expertise in pay-per-click advertising and enjoy the assurance of increased leads for your business. Plus, they only pay when a potential customer clicks on an ad and not before that. This means the ad gets a click for the cost incurred, more than what other forms of advertising can offer.

Types of PPC Ads for HVAC Companies

Types of PPC Ads for HVAC Companies

HVAC businesses sell their products on a range of websites and in different ad formats. So, let’s look at the types of HVAC PPC ads that contractors can use to promote their business:

  • Display Ads- Viewed by 90% of internet searchers, these ads come with both images and text. Such high viewership makes this ad format one of the most popular and effective alternatives for the HVAC industry.
  • Search Ads- Most PPC ads come in the form of search ads appearing at the bottom or top of the SERPs. These are purely text ads and are marked with the tag “Ad”.
  • Paid Social Ads- These are paid ads that appear on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Notably, more than two-thirds of the digital spending by businesses is attributed to platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
  • Remarketing Ads- Such ads are created by third-party cookies and are aimed at re-engaging the target audience. If your website fails to convert visitors at once, you can remarket previous ads for a second time.
  • Google Screened Ads- Businesses are required to pass a background check and live up to a few quality standards before these ads are approved.
  • Google Local Service Ads- These appear in a SERP when users search for relevant services or products at a location that’s near your business. Such ads are positioned above Google Ads or organic search results.

How Do PPC Ads Work For HVAC Companies

How Do PPC Ads Work For HVAC Companies

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for HVAC companies relies on three key factors, viz. relevance, user intent, and business location.

The ads appearing in a SERP are based on specific search terms, and the results are shown from a variety of companies in the field. Thus, the relevance of an ad to a search query plays a vital role in determining its SERP ranking.

Another vital aspect is the proximity of a HVAC PPC company to the searcher’s location, as the search results will consist of ads by businesses that are nearer to them.

Hiring the services of professional PPC Management Company can help maximize your profits in the long term.

But there is much more to planning and executing an effective PPC campaign for a HVAC PPC company. You’ll have to launch, monitor, and optimize paid search ad campaigns, and devote the required time to each phase to ensure the best results.

Now, let’s delve into some more details of the procedure. Do note that the set-up of a full-fledged PPC campaign involves six structured phases, which include:

How PPC Ads Work

PPC Audits for HVAC Contractors

Irrespective of whether the HVAC PPC company takes over the existing campaign or creates a fresh one, experts in the field conduct audits to determine the keywords, landing pages, and channels that are the most profitable for a business.

Starting with a PPC audit provides a clear picture of the state of HVAC PPC marketing for a business in terms of its strong points and weaknesses. Plus, it helps draw a comparison with close competitors in the industry.

Developing a PPC Strategy

Post the audit, a HVAC PPC agency generally builds a customized strategy aligned with the goals of a business. For example, if the business primarily wants to drive traffic to its website that will be its PPC goal.

So, while setting business goals, remember that the search terms you bid for, and the landing pages and ad copies you create must be in line with the position of a customer in the sales funnel. When developing a HVAC Google Ads strategy, it’s important to spend time studying the search and purchase behavior of the target audience and the HVAC terms used in their search.

Designing Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages created for digital marketing purposes are standalone pages used specifically for PPC or marketing ad campaigns. This is where visitors land after clicking on a PPC ad for HVAC systems.

Such a page basically aims to prompt PPC visitors to act using a powerful call to action. It’s important to have an appealing landing page for an ad as that’s the first thing clients see after they click on the ad and thereby create an impression.

The designers and marketers working for an HVAC PPC agency ensure the landing pages put forth strong offers and come with striking designs in line with the best practices in the field.

Design Creatives and Campaigns

The next step will be to create ad groups, campaigns, and single ads on the basis of target keywords discovered during strategy development.

We’ll then write an ad copy and create the format and graphics for the ad. Based on the campaign, an HVAC service provider might need to create multiple assets for PPC marketing. The ideal PPC ad campaign would one that stays consistent both in terms of look and voice across different landing pages.

When the campaign creation is complete, it’s time to determine the crucial ad settings, place the ad bids, and execute different HVAC PPC marketing campaigns as per a timeline set beforehand.

Adjust Bids & Monitor Ad Performance

After an ad creative is ready for launch, it’s essential to A/B test the ads to understand which ones are capable of achieving high conversion rates. Marketers keep track of and adjust keyword bids to ensure a business isn’t overpaying for keywords that aren’t performing as expected. On a side note, PPC campaigns turn out to be cost-effective only if they’re optimized on a regular basis.

The Best PPC Strategies for HVAC Companies

An HVAC PPC ad will yield the expected results only when it’s implemented in line with the latest market trends and interests of the target audience.

HVAC companies will need to juggle multiple campaign optimization activities with perfection to achieve the ad viewership and site traffic they’re targeting. Plus, effective PPC management is possible only when companies can handle the nitty-gritty of each strategy and overcome obstacles to implementing those correctly.

The following are the most effective practices in HVAC PPC management that can help boost ad viewership:

1. Careful PPC Keyword Research for HVAC

Careful PPC Keyword Research for HVAC

It’s no secret that effective keyword research stands on PPC marketing. That’s why you need to be really cautious about the keywords you’re using in your ads. A mistake that many advertisers make is ignoring the search intent of prospective buyers.

With systematic keyword research, you’ll know the terms that your target audience is searching for with the intention to buy the product or service.

It’s also vital to remove negative keywords while shortlisting the relevant keywords for an ad copy. To enhance your keyword strategy and uncover profitable opportunities, it is important to find and target profitable long tail keywords. Long tail keywords play a crucial role in driving targeted traffic and capturing specific search intents.

Negative keywords are often used along with the keywords advertisers choose for a PPC campaign. For instance, an HVAC company in Canada bidding on the keyword “Micro-oven repairing” should avoid using the word “DIY” alongside. That’s because someone searching for “DIY Micro-oven repair at home” wants to know how to repair the appliance without the support of technicians.

2. Create Click-Worthy Ads

Create Click-Worthy Ads

For HVAC company owners, it’s important to maintain a balance between engaging and informative content to ensure the audience feels interested in their ads. We’ve curated some simple tips to help such advertisers create the perfect HVAC ad copy that appeals to potential buyers:

  • Use symbols and numbers – Incorporating an engaging symbol or figure can catch the attention of your target audience. It not only enhances visual interest but quantifies the value you’re offering, which makes the ads more persuasive.
  • Showcase a unique selling point- Figure out what differentiates your business from competitors and make that your focal point. Highlighting USPs such as innovative technology, exceptional service, or strong warranties can encourage potential buyers to click on the ad.
  • Promote special offers and discounts- Put forth enticing deals like seasonal promotional drives, limited-time offers, or product bundles to create urgency and urge potential customers to act. You should emphasize the savings people will get to enjoy by hiring your HVAC services.
  • Address the pain points directly- Craft an ad copy that uses clear language to relate to the concerns and struggles of your target audience. Express empathy for the challenges facing your customers and project your business as the best heating and cooling solution for their needs.
  • Stress the benefits delivered- Instead of focussing entirely on the features, highlight benefits customers would experience. Notably, the positive impacts of installing HVAC systems include increased energy, improved air quality indoors, and reduced monthly expenditure.

3. Test Ad Variations

Test Ad Variations

When using PPC, it’s best to run trials of different ad variations to figure out the one that’s generating the most conversions and clicks. You can then find the best-performing ad quite easily and continue running the campaign optimally. For instance, an HVAC PPC agency may test different ads using:

a) Different headlines

b) Target audiences

c) Product or service descriptions

This will help you determine the ad variation that can generate maximum leads.

Alongside, you’ll need to improve how you’re targeting the ads after they reach the right people. Remember that targeting is a key factor when it comes to running a successful PPC ad, as it ensures the ad reaches the right audience. That’s why it’s essential to keep the following variants in mind while refining the targeting process:

a) Interests

b) Location

c) Demographics

This can help expand your reach to people who’re genuinely interested in your service or product, thereby resulting in a higher ROI.

4. Optimize Ads for Mobile

Optimize Ads for Mobile

Most people choose to browse the internet on mobile devices nowadays, which is why it’s essential to optimize ads for mobile to make them appear concise and crystal-clear. In the case of PPC for HVAC companies, you’ll need to focus a part of the ad spend calculation on devices that fetch maximum conversions and target your budget toward such metrics. It’s also worth noting that local searches are mostly carried by mobile users, with 60% of them contacting businesses directly through search results on mobile.

When your target audience is viewing ads on mobile, they’re least likely to scan them in detail. The following tips will help you optimize mobile ads for HVAC effectively:

  • Write catchy headlines
  • Include a call to action
  • Mention the main features
  • Add call extensions for easier outreach
  • Include links to the website

5. Use Ad extensions

Use Ad extensions

Using Google Ads extensions can improve the relevance of an ad to the target audience. With the right extensions in your ads, you can create an informative and engaging experience for a potential customer.

Such features let you showcase your unique value to the audience and drive a greater number of clicks and conversions in the process. Here are some of the most popular Google Ads extensions which can elevate a PPC ad campaign for HVAC companies:

  • Location extensions- Adding a location extension can help a business get discovered by users near its location.
  • Sitelink extensions- Sitelink extensions direct people to particular pages of a website apart from the main page linked to the ad. Thus, these extensions help potential customer’s access additional information that they might find interesting.
  • Structured snippets- These extensions help add value to HVAC PPC ads by highlighting a unique aspect of your business. This might relate to any service, product, or number of locations the business serves.
  • Callout extensions- Callouts are a great way to include special attributes of a business to distinguish it from competitors. Such a value proposition is generally displayed as a brief line of text.

Tracking and Reporting PPC Campaigns

Tracking and Reporting PPC Campaigns

The performance of a PPC campaign is subject to a number of metrics including device targeting, location targeting, and keyword performance. As such, you need to keep track of all your campaigns from different angles if you wish to improve their performance.

PPC signal is a reliable marketing tool in this regard, as it consistently provides updated information on PPC campaign performance. The application has several filters as shown below- from the dashboard, it’s evident that PPC Signal provides the information as signals.


Given the increasing competition among HVAC companies to fetch more traffic and leads, it’s essential for businesses to earn a position in the SERP results. Pay-per-click ads are one of the best digital marketing tools to leverage since you won’t have to wait as long as SEO for the results to reflect on a SERP.

Here’s one last tip before we call it a day- make sure to use not one but multiple campaigns with different locations and keywords. Once you devote enough time to optimize and fix the campaigns, it won’t be long before your ads show up among the top ads on a SERP.

That said, if you feel your HVAC PPC campaigns lack that spark, you can consider outsourcing your HVAC PPC marketing activities to a reliable digital marketing company. To know more, contact with the digital marketing experts at Ranking By SEO.

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