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Ranking By SEO is a trusted name for paid search marketing services in India. We have successfully managed hundreds of PPC campaigns for clients from world over. Our PPC management experts are certified professionals who have years of experience of working with the clients from different industries and regions.

Our Affordable Pay Per Click Management Services

Paid marketing isn’t just limited to Google. You can reach unique audiences through several different platforms. For example, people that use Bing regularly are rarely present on Google, which means you can run campaigns on both platforms and still get fresh leads. We know how to create nuanced and effective paid marketing campaigns on all popular platforms. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

Laying The Foundation For Successful PPC Campaigns

We always aim for success and make it a reality by laying a strong foundation for a PPC campaign. There are three things we focus on during the planning and pre-campaign process and they are:

  1. Audience Profile

Our PPC expert will collect information from small and big data sources to come up with a detailed target audience profile for your ad campaign. Once the profile is ready, we can create PPC campaigns specifically tailored to them.

  1. Competitor Research

Understanding competitors is essential if you want to run a successful marketing campaign. We conduct in-depth research and scope out your competitors to understand how they function. We learn from their mistakes and analyze their success to create a better campaign for you.

  1. Website Optimization

PPC ads direct people to your website. If your website isn’t optimized or well-designed, you will alienate prospective customers. Our team will comb through your site, identify pages that need improvement, and keep track of bounce rates to ensure all landing pages perform well.

These are just some of the many ways in which we create effective PPC campaigns and generate more leads. Our experienced experts take time to understand you, your audience, and your industry before creating plans, which is why we’re one of the leading pay per click management agencies in India.

Affordable Paid Search Marketing Company in India

Many people believe that PPC is expensive and it is difficult to control the cost of this campaign. An inexperienced marketer may not be able to utilize the full potential of this platform and spend more money on it than needed, but we are different. As a customer-oriented PPC marketing company in India, we respect your money and do our best to keep things affordable.

1. Detailed Estimates

Our team sits down with clients for a consultation to understand the full scope of the project. They ask questions, get first-hand information, and come up with a tentative plan on how to approach paid advertising for your business. Once we have a fair idea, we provide a detailed estimate with no hidden costs so you can plan the budget accordingly.

2. Payment Options

Clients can choose direct up-front payment or a monthly retainer payment plan based on their specific requirements. If you’re uncertain about the options, discuss them with our expert. They will be happy to help you pick the right option.

3. Low-Risk Contracts

We don’t believe in forcing clients to stay with us. There are no locked contracts and penalties. Clients sign low-risk contracts and stay with us because they are satisfied with our paid marketing services.

4. Retainer Services

We offer long-term retainer services and can manage your PPC campaign for years to come. Our retainer plans are affordable and provide consistent value.

Our team is always focused on delivering good results to our clients, which is why we’re considered as the best PPC marketing company in India.

Trusted Pay Per Click Management Company in India

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Why Hire Our Pay Per Click Management Services in India

Ranking By SEO India has worked in this industry for over a decade. We have trained PPC experts and experienced marketers on our team, ready to take your campaign to the next level. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should hire us:

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have worked with thousands of customers worldwide and many of the happiest customers have shared their feedback for our services. Some of them you can see below

Sam Mehdi
Sam Mehdi
Cos Freight

Having worked with a number of other SEO companies in the past, we are pleased that this relationship seems to be the one that is working best for us so far, with actual feedback, updates and tangible results being seen.

Hanan Nagi
Hanan Nagi

It is our pleasure to recommend services of Ethane Web Technologies. They have done a fantastic job of optimizing our site.

Mark Agar
Mark Agar
Fix Bad Debt

Over the past five years I have tried several SEO companies and none delivered what they promised. I extended my search to source a reliable SEO company and after much research and many enquiries I decided on trying Ranking by SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits will I get from Pay Per Click management?

PPC offers a wide range of benefits. It is a quick marketing strategy that can get you immediate visibility. It also generates a lot of valuable data so you can understand how people interact with your ads and what compels them to click or convert.

How much money should I spend on PPC?

This entirely depends on your campaign goals and targets. Some keywords are more expensive than others and require a larger budget. Our expert will provide a detailed estimate so you can plan accordingly and set a budget for your campaign. We recommend investing in different platforms to get the best results.

How much time will you take to show results?

Paid ads start showing traffic from the moment they are live, which is why many business owners love this strategy. However, you can still expect the campaign to take a few weeks to deliver any substantial results.

Should I run Google Ads or Facebook ads?

Why not do both? Unless your target audience is particularly inactive on Facebook, you will only benefit from that platform. It is best to advertise where your audience is and it is unwise to skip Google because it has over 92% of the market share when it comes to paid search advertising.

Will you share the campaign report?

Most definitely. You will receive monthly or weekly reports from your account manager. These reports will contain detailed information on your active campaigns and marketing investment.

How will you manage to Google Quality Score?

We will optimize your keywords, landing pages, and website quality to improve overall CTR-rates. We will also focus on reducing bounce rates, which is also an important parameter to consider. All of these tweaks will help us manage your Google Quality Score.

What is the communication process like?

Clients can communicate with us through Skype, email, or phone at any time. Our customer care team is ready to attend 24/7.

Have you run PPC campaigns for clients in my industry?

As a well-established PPC company in India, we have ample experience. Our experts have worked with fashion design houses, IT companies, service industry professionals, restaurants, and more. If we haven’t worked in your niche, we can certainly do our research to understand it before crafting PPC campaigns.

Will you just manage my accounts or will you suggest strategies as well?

Our PPC management service includes both management and optimization. We run frequent analysis of active campaigns and recommend ways to optimize them. Our goal is to always maintain a clean, streamlined campaign that delivers good ROI.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement on our client’s request. We value your privacy and will go the extra mile to protect it.