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Pay Per Click advertising is an effective way to become visible on search engines and affiliated platforms. Unlike SEO, PPC ads deliver results quickly and are visible at the top of a search engine results page. Our PPC management service will help you reach the right audience and draw new customers. Our campaigns will generate converting leads and boost your sales significantly. We are an expert small business PPC company in India. With us, you get:

  • Optimized landing pages that impress visitors at first glance
  • Refined ad copies that stand out and catch the attention
  • Low CPC (Cost Per Conversion) and high ROI
  • Good quality leads that improve the overall conversion rate
  • White label PPC management (if you are a reseller)
  • Efficient management of all ad campaigns

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Most Reliable Pay Per Click Management Company in India

If you want to reach people who are ready to buy your products or services, pay per click management services only converts those sales-ready leads fast but also does branding for your business. Ranking By SEO is a reputed PPC management company, offering a diverse range of PPC management services in India.

Wide Spectrum of our Pay Per Click Management Services in India

We provide diverse PPC management services in India. Following are our main PPC services:

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is the most popular Pay Per Click marketing platform. It allows you to post ads at the top of the search engine results pages when users target relevant keywords. It also posts ads on Google affiliate websites and platforms like YouTube. We understand this ad platform very well and know how to use it to its full potential.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is a service that provides PPC advertising on the Microsoft Search Network. This advertising platform has approx. 37% U.S. desktop search share. Our PPC management experts will help you optimize your ad campaigns perfectly.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users and almost everyone with access to a computer or smartphone uses Facebook. If you want to reach a large audience, advertising on such a platform can help. Facebook has a great ad platform that allows people to target audiences on age, location, gender, likes, interests, etc. We take full advantage of this during ad campaigns.

Twitter Ads

Twitter may not be as popular as Facebook, but it is still a formidable platform. It has a big influence on current trends, events, and industry preferences, which is why businesses can’t afford to ignore this platform. Twitter’s Ad services require a little bit of planning because the platform isn’t as intuitive as Facebook. We can create effective ads on this platform and ensure they reach the right audience.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a great platform, especially for B2B businesses. It also has excellent advertising set up that helps people target industry influencers directly. We can help you reach prospective buyers through nuanced LinkedIn ads. Our team knows how to use their advertising platform to our full advantage and will make sure your ads are shown to the right people.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is often ignored in favor of the more popular social media platforms, but it is very influential. You can benefit from advertising on it if you’re targeting young women or are in industries like fashion design, interior design, home décor, furniture, DIY, and food. You’ll see a remarkable boost in sales through Pinterest ads.

Trusted Pay Per Click Management Company India

Highly Targeted PPC Ads To Improve Sales & Leads Instantly

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Why Hire Our Pay Per Click Management Services?

We’re the leading PPC services in India and have worked with thousands of clients over the years. Our experts understand how to create nuanced and effective campaigns. We always deliver on our promise of high ROI and conversion rates.

Keyword Research

We’re the leading PPC services in India and have worked with thousands of clients over the years. Our experts understand how to create nuanced and effective campaigns. We always deliver on our promise of high ROI and conversion rates.

Optimized Ad Copy

Ad copy is the storefront of your PPC campaign. It must attract attention and compel people to click, which requires careful thought. There’s very little space available so we make sure your target audience gets all the information they need. We also test each copy multiple times to ensure it gets a good response from your audience.

Tracking and Analysis

PPC campaign isn’t a set-and-forget strategy. Ads that work well today might not deliver good results a month down the line, which is why you need to keep an eye on them. We track the results and conversions from every ad campaign carefully. If campaigns under-perform, we either optimize them or remove them to save money.

Why Us for Paid Search Management
Transparency and Communication

We always keep our clients informed about their active PPC search management campaigns. Our team provides detailed reports every month so you can keep an eye on how your money is spent. Underperformance and poor results are rare but if they happen, we will inform you promptly and provide effective solutions to address them.

Customized Solutions

We provide customized solutions for all kinds of businesses and professionals. We know different clients have different priorities and tailor the ad campaigns accordingly. Customized solutions deliver better ROI and manage your resources effectively. Our resellers get the best possible price for our white lable PPC services.

Dedicated PPC Manager

A dedicated account manager will communicate with you directly and keep you informed about your active campaigns. Whether you are a direct client or a white label PPC reseller, you can contact this manager directly for advice, reports, and clarifications. They are a single point of contact, so you can get clear answers without having to speak with multiple marketers.


The best thing about pay per click management services is that you can boost your sales quickly. PPC marketing is measurable and trackable. As you decide the budget, you are in the complete control of marketing. Also, PPC marketing offers you incredible targeting options. Request a callback to know how PPC can grow your business.

Be it Facebook advertising or Google Adwords campaigns, pay per click management is designed to offer quick results. So you will see results right after starting your PPC campaigns. A campaign report will explain to you everything related to leads, conversion, CTR and more. Request a callback for lowest CPC based Adwords Management Services.

Ranking By SEO believes in full transparency. We will share with you campaign reports on the agreed time. And we are always ready to answer your queries. Your dedicated PPC experts is just a click/call away. Request a callback for more details.

Ranking By SEO believes in quick, seamless communication. We will assign you dedicated PPC experts from us. who will be connected with you via phone/Skype/chat. Your queries will be answered promptly. For more details, you can request a callback.

We are a leading pay-per-click management agency in India. Our dedicated PPC experts will not only manage your accounts, but also suggest you best marketing strategies to boost ROI. We have helped a significant number of clients grow their businesses with our pay-per-click marketing strategies. You also can hire dedicated PPC experts from us.

The money you should spend on PPC depends on your business objective. It is advisable that you should diversify your pay-per-click budget. Instead of spending entire PPC budget on one platform, you should distribute your PPC budget to multiple channels. Request a callback to hire the best company of PPC Services India.

It depends. If your audience is highly active on Facebook, running Facebook ads can provide you with handsome results. However, most people google about things that matter to them. So Google AdWords will also bring good results. A smart decision would be to diversify your PPC budget and run campaigns on multiple channels. Call now for Google Adwords Management Services.

The relevance of your ad to the keyword and landing has a direct impact on Google Quality Score. Also, the click-through rate of your ad and the historic performance of your account impacts Google Quality Score. We, at Ranking By SEO, have run PPC campaigns for diverse clients. We know how to increase Google Quality Score.

Ranking By SEO has a team of experienced pay-per-click marketing experts who have worked with diverse clients, including IT, fashion, E-commerce, and more. Rest assured. We will craft aggressive pay-per-click marketing strategies based on the needs of your business and industry to grow your business.

Ranking By SEO is a reputed company. We never share your data with the third party unless you tell us to do so. All our employees are abided by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and we are always ready to sign an NDA with our clients. Call to hire best PPC services India provider now.

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