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Creating a real estate website is not enough to generate web leads. Your website should feature on the first page of Google for keywords relevant to your business if you want to get search leads.

But thousands of real estate websites are out there, let alone hundreds of them working in your city. It is never easy to stand out from the crowd and rank on the first page if you don’t leverage the power of real estate SEO.

Yes, you have read it right real estate SEO service can help you get featured on the first page of Google and attract qualified leads.

But, wondering?

What Is Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO is optimizing a real estate website to improve its search visibility. Also, it improves relevant traffic to your website and can help you generate web leads.

Why Do You Need Real Estate SEO Service?

If you are only real estate player in your locality, city, and state, people will do everything to find you online and contact.

But this is not the reality. Every month, there surface new real estate agencies online, making it more competitive to survive in the real estate market.

So the only way to make your presence noticed is to rank on the top of the Google Search. And to make it happen, you will need real estate SEO service.

With the efficient real estate SEO service, you can:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Enhanced conversion rate
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow your sales

Not only can real estate SEO bring relevant traffic to your website but also can help you generate leads as a real estate agent.

SEO for Real Estate Websites (Best Practices)

Is real estate SEO different from traditional SEO?

Real estate SEO is specially designed to improve the ranking of real estate websites. Barring a few SEO techniques, real estate SEO follows the same SEO strategies to improve search visibility.

Here are the best practices for SEO for realtors:

1- Finding the Right Real Estate Keywords

Keywords are guiding posts for real estate SEO. If you want to attract huge traffic to your website in quick time, you must find the right real estate keywords. How can you find popular keywords for your real estate website?

Google Keyword Planner is the most powerful tool to search for the right estate keywords for your business.

When you are finalizing keywords for your real estate website, you should try to include long-tail keywords more. To get the top ranking for long tail keywords is easier than money keywords.

2- Optimizing Title Tags of Your Website

Title tag appears as a clickable headline in the SERPs. They explain what web pages are about. Though direct correlation between title tags and higher ranking is getting weaker day by day, you will still find them going hand in hand.

Therefore, it is important that you should optimize title tags of your real estate website. How can you do that?

Here are some tips:

  • Give a unique title that explains clearly what the page is about
  • Keep the title up to 50-60 characters to avoid it getting truncated
  • Place important real estate keywords at the beginning of your title
  • Try to use brand name in your title
  • Make your title irresistible to your audience

Following these best SEO practices will help you write kickass title tags for your website.

3- Optimizing Meta Description of Your Website

Meta descriptions also appear in SERP. They are placed below title tags.

The meta descriptions of your website offer a brief summary of your web page and tell visitors what they will get if they click on it. An ideal way to write a meta description is that you should offer a clear solution to visitors’ queries.

Should you include a real estate keyword in your meta description?

The answer is yes. However, you should never stuff keywords recklessly in your meta descriptions. This will do more harm than any good to your real estate website.

4- Content Optimization

Needless to say, content is king. But optimized content brings glory. So optimize the content of your real estate website.

How can you optimize the content of your website?

Follow these best practices:

  • Include a real estate keyword in the first 100 words of your content
  • Include headline tags in your content
  • Rope real estate keywords in your heading tags
  • Link your content internally

Also, you should work on increasing the readability of your content. Use not more than 8-10 words is a line and 3-5 lines per paragraph in your real estate content.

5- Image Optimization of Your Real Estate Website

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If your content includes images, it will not only increase visual appeal but also increase engagement on your content.

However, you should not forget to optimize images you use in the content of your real estate website.

And to do so, you need to name your image descriptively, optimize ALT tag, choose image dimension carefully, and reduce the size of your image carefully.

Also, you should choose the right image file type. JPEG images are kind of standard image of the Internet. And you can compress these images considerably.

6- Mobile Optimization

Mobile searches have long surpassed desktop searches. This means more people are using mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) to search online.

If you want to cater to mobile users, you need to optimize your real estate website for mobile devices.

Following are the best mobile SEO practices for your real estate website:

  • Adopt a responsive design
  • Speedup your real estate website
  • Optimize content for mobile devices
  • Avoid using flash videos
  • Adopt accelerated mobile pages

User-experience and mobile SEO go hand in hand. So you should make sure that your offer superior user-experience to mobile users.

And one important aspect of user-experience is to offer large enough touch elements so that users can click them right in one go.

7- Off-page SEO for Real Estate Website

Real estate business also needs off-page activities to improve visibility. Some best off-page activities are:

  • Writing guest posts on leading real estate blogs
  • Get listed on real estate directories
  • Incorporate social media
  • Find opportunities to get interviewed
  • Create epic content

If you are not able to implement off-page activities yourself, you should hire a company that offers real estate SEO service.

8- Local SEO for Real Estate Website

Your real estate agency is not alone in your locality, state, or country. In fact, you have thousands of real estate agencies competing for each other.

To dominate local search, you will have to optimize Google My Business (GMB) listing of your real estate website and do Google Maps Marketing.

Following are some tips to optimize your real estate website for local searches:

  • Optimize the introduction of your GMB listing
  • Create locally focused content
  • Build relevant links and earn local citations
  • Use accurate USPS approved address
  • Write guest posts on real estate websites

SEO for realtors can be huge. So it is better to look for a reliable company offering real estate SEO service to improve the search visibility of your company.

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Real estate SEO is an SEO process to optimize real estate websites for increasing their search engine visibility. Real estate SEO helps real estate business websites reach potential home buyers and sellers, generate lead, and boost sales.

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