7 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing for Real Estate: Get New Clients

7 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Being on social media platforms is a ubiquitous trend in today’s time. This makes it a favorable opportunity for realtors to expand their business by promoting their services on these channels. So, by using tactics tailored for social media marketing for real estate, you can unlock a great way to reach out to your target audience, kickstart a conversation with potential clients, and build professional relationships in the industry.

Home buyers these days do not go the long way of gathering numbers of realtors and contacting them one by one. They use the major search engines and also navigate social media platforms while searching for real estate agents. Now, if you are on these platforms, you will easily be discoverable to them.

Therefore, social media marketing is extremely crucial for realtors who aim to establish a strong name in the industry, get more clients and

What is Social Media Marketing for Real Estate?

Social Media Marketing for real estate is the process of leveraging social media platforms to promote listings, increase brand name, and garner potential clients and sales. It entails leveraging Facebook, Instagram, and other predominately popular social media channels. This helps realtors connect, interact, and gain customer behavioral data for framing better marketing strategies

Additionally, the purpose-built data analytic approach of social media marketing for real estate enables them to keep a record of their marketing campaigns. 

6 Benefits of Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Reports say that the USA houses 239 million active social media users, which equals 70.1% of the total population. When Americans are proactive on their social media channels, it becomes imperative for you, as a realtor, to invest in a solid social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing for real estate cultivates great results that cater to business growth. When you leverage existing social media platforms, you will experience several perks that come along with this. Listed below are the benefits that social media marketing offers.

  1. Personal Brand Awareness

Social media is the key to attracting more attention to your real estate listings and potential clients to your open house. With the correct usage of each social media platform, you can convert views to sales.

Regular posts on your social handles will let the world know about your high-end services and the perks of choosing you as a real estate agent. More people will come to learn about you and about your dealings.

  1. Generate Leads

Publicizing your services on social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to attract potential clients. The more relevant hashtags you use, the greater your chance of generating leads.

Word-of-mouth referrals do have an effect. But, in this digital realm, what matters the most is digital evidence. When people go through your Facebook, YouTube, and other social handles, it automatically builds trust, and they get intrigued to contact you.

  1. Establish Connections and Network

The world is dominated by networks and connections. Social media is the best platform that helps agents establish relationships with people in the same niche.

Real estate agents do play solo, but they must have a robust network among people in this industry professionals. Social media makes it easy to connect, interact, and even collaborate with other real estate professionals.

  1. Specified Targeting

If you want to target an audience from a specific demographic, social media sites are the best choice. You can easily target homebuyers and other prospective clients by posting specific social media posts with valuable content.

  1. Impacts Sales

If you can successfully market your real estate service on social media, it will positively impact your sales. With an increased conversion rate of potential buyers, you will get better profit out of your investment.

Leveraging those 147 minutes that an average person spends on social media, you can attract more viewers by employing the industry-best strategies for social media marketing for real estate. This increases your sales as well as ROI.

  1. Instant Customer Engagement

In case you are looking for ways that will allow you to engage with your viewers faster, you better switch to social media pages. You can go live on Facebook and Instagram and respond to direct messages from curious homebuyers. It is one of the best mediums to improve your customer relationship management.

5 Social Media Platforms Realtors Should Leverage

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), social media is one of the essential marketing tools. If you strategically use them to promote your brand and your listings, they can generate new clients and help you with the growth of your business.

Let us see how some of the predominant social media platforms help real estate agents with their business.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most impactful social media tools for marketing real estate. It is an effective way to engage with potential homebuyers on a global basis.

The user base of Facebook is humungous. With 3 billion monthly people active on it, increasing your presence here proves profitable for business growth. It can be a revenue generator if used strategically.

All you need to do is create an account and set up a page with a professional visual. You can keep updating the cover photo as soon as a new property listing or one opens for sale.

Facebook’s built-in business tools can help realtors promote their listings, post updates, and even book appointments directly. You can join the various groups dedicated to the real estate business and connect with other licensed real estate agents.

By joining the specific local community groups, you can answer queries, and share your real estate advice and tips as per your experience. This helps you build trust and dominance in the market.

To maintain a solid reputation, you need to be mindful of how you handle comments. Your responses, whether positive or negative, will speak about your professionalism.

With the introduction of Facebook Marketplace, brokers can get access to a consolidated location for listing property. You can even link your account to your official website.

Overall, an increased presence on Facebook can generate leads and build relationships with future clients more smoothly and quickly.

Realtors Facebook Checklist

  • Avoid using your personal account as your business profile.
  • Adding a tab to the page focuses on your new listings.
  • Create content with detailed pictures and videos to attract your audience.
  • Aids to keep up with the real estate industry trends, new sources, and potential buyers.
  1. Instagram

Is anyone not on Instagram these days? The answer is an emphatic No. With such an enormous user base, the US has the second-largest Instagram audience.

With its user-friendly algorithm, interesting features, and regular updates, Instagram is one of the most used social media channels in the world. It enables you to share images and videos of high quality with ease.

A real estate account on Instagram will help you promote listings globally and in specific locations. You can post and add Instagram stories with visually engaging content. Additionally, you can connect with your past clients and other real estate professionals by following them.

If you use more of the trending hashtags and update about your real estate openings, you will be able to attract more audience to your account.

Start by making yourself discoverable. Your real estate business account must have the essential details in its “bio” section. Attaching the official link of your website will accelerate the impact by being a verdict of your authenticity.

Posts on “homes on sale,” “advice or tips for real estate marketing,” “Why should you choose us?” and your success stories make your account feed interesting and engaging. To get more views, shares, and comments, you can use hashtags like “#HomeForSale, #Realestateagent.

Moreover, you can even collaborate with real estate influencers and market leaders to promote listings and advertise your real estate profession.

You can easily grasp the workings of the Instagram algorithm with a little bit of observation and research. After this, you can smoothly generate leads, convert viewers to buyers, and earn profit from it.

Brokers Instagram Checklist

  • Create a professional real estate account that is different from the usual personal accounts.
  • You can even log in to “Threads” for discussion and conversations.
  • Use highlights in your feed with attractive taglines or captions.
  • Regularly post reels and images with proper hashtags.
  1. LinkedIn

It is not only a platform for job hunting; real estate agents/companies can also use LinkedIn to promote their businesses and listings. Its strong network game allows you to connect with the world’s licensed and professional real estate agents.

LinkedIn enables you to connect with your potential clients. Not only homebuyers but you can also build your dream team by recruiting talented people in this field.

If you have an account on LinkedIn, it can potentially enhance your search engine rankings as well. Additionally, with the help of LinkedIn ads, you can generate even more leads in your domain.

You can update your experience and field of expertise on your profile to make yourself different from your competition. Post about your success stories, your thoughts on being a real estate agent, and homes that are up for sale.

Make your profile compelling by adding an attractive headline that speaks about your success in this industry. Something like, “Award-winning Real estate agent- Specialised in Land Investment and Sales in Southern Las Vegas”.

LinkedIn connections are a steady channel of the network. You can even get access to connections of your connections. It is one of the best ways to extend a network across a wide spectrum of audiences.

The most invaluable thing that LinkedIn offers to real estate agents is its feature to ask for referrals and recommendations. You can request your past clients and fellow colleagues, or other known brokers to write testimonials for you.

Realtors LinkedIn Checklist

  • Create a real estate business page
  • Join LinkedIn groups of your niche
  • Optimize your profile with popular and relevant keywords
  • Mention work history and specializations in the bio part. Keep it updated.
  1. Youtube

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. This implies that businesses have a high chance of reaching their audience. You can connect with billions of audiences just by optimizing videos and their title tags.

Maximum people love to watch videos over written content. Videos appeal better to the audiovisual senses and hence make for engaging content. Among them many of home buyers use this social media platform to look for real estate properties.

So, if you can leverage this video consumption pattern of viewers, it is a guarantee that your message will be rendered in the memory of your audience.

Your videos will reach the target market if you invest your time in creating engaging real estate content.

Create a YouTube channel and regularly upload videos that give a virtual tour of your properties and neighborhood. This is the best way to make the viewers trust your business.

Additionally, you can also post videos that discuss why home buyers should invest in your real estate business. As a real estate agent, you can even share your own thoughts and experiences in this industry.

When viewers come across such genuine and real video content, it will definitely increase your likes and shares. With increased views, YouTube positions your content to be a better spot.

Besides views, the more comments you get on your videos, the higher you rank on the search engine Google pages. When your video starts ranking on the first page, you automatically generate leads. This is a potential factor in the growth of your real estate business.

Real estate agents Youtube Checklist

  • Create short, crisp videos on your real estate properties.
  • Make sure to make sure around a single popular keyword.
  • Thumbnails have to be extremely interesting.
  • Optimize tags, descriptions, and headlines
  1. X ( formerly known as Twitter)
X ( formerly known as Twitter)

X is one of the predominantly used social media platforms globally. It has a user base of 396 million actively using it and an average user spends around 143 minutes daily on X. So, don’t you think increasing your social media presence on this platform will bring you better results?

If you aim to target a worldwide audience, X is a very impactful marketing tool. With the potential to create buzz around its tweets, you can easily promote listings in text, images, and video format. Realtors can leverage the power of hashtags and retweets to bolster their content reach and customer engagement. 

The fast-paced characteristic of this platform helps real estate agents share real-time updates on their housing listings and other information essential for their target audience. They can post video tours of their property listings and answer viewers’ inquiries through tweets. Brokers can also use the hashtags trending in the real estate industry on their content and tweet them. 

Real Estate Agent X Checklist

  • Do not use more than 280 characters in your tweet. 
  • Use popular hashtags in your tweets.
  • Look for relevant tweets and retweet those. 

7 Steps to Get Started on Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Social Media doubles as an avenue for free marketing that allows agents to supplement exposure for listings within their own personal network and beyond.

Ryan Tombul, a Nashville Realtor

As mentioned, social media platforms are highly effective in marketing your services on a broader spectrum. However, simply employing the tactics won’t prove beneficial unless it is used strategically and in the correct way.

We have listed some of the major steps that every real estate agent needs to follow to experience the most out of the social media marketing strategies.

Step 1: Identify your Target Audience

Identify your Target Audience

It is obvious that before you start planning your social media marketing for real estate, you first need to know your target audience. Unless and until you have a clear picture of whom to target, you won’t be able to reach out to potential buyers.

Chalk out a plan that highlights the category of your target audience. Whether you want to target first-time home buyers in a specific location, or do you want to deal with luxury estate properties. You can either choose to focus on one at a time or handle both simultaneously. It depends on your expertise, teamwork, and commitment to the work.

You can conduct comprehensive research on which social media channels people use more for finding or selling their houses. Following this, you can devise a strategy to promote yourself to them effectively.

You need only survey your target audience’s location, interests, and behavioral options. Then, you can use carousel ads to promote multiple listings.

Step 2: Create Compelling Content

Create Compelling Content

Essentially, every realtor would want to make their brand stand out in the market. To do so, make efforts to craft interesting and out-of-the-box content that will persuade them to check out your profile.

Whether it’s a picture or video, the content must be instantly appealing. No user spends more than a few seconds on a single post if it is not captivating enough.

You can add realtor quotes that are both hilarious and informative. This way you can communicate with your target audience and engage in further conversation. Moreover, you can also add detailed videos to your content to make it more exciting and engaging.

Add high-quality photos of your listings and house properties that are up for sale. Share your brand’s stories and your experiences in this industry. You can even create an F.A.Q page and update it with your expert answers.

Step 3: Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Well, social media marketing is definitely one of the best strategies for promoting your business. However, you should know that not all social media platforms are effective in promoting every category of your real estate property.

Let’s start with residential properties. If you have one in your listing, you can promote its sale openings on Facebook, Instagram, and X. These are the best platforms to target residential home buyers.

When it comes to commercial and industrial real estate properties, you can always use LinkedIn and Youtube for that. These two platforms have a professional touch to them, especially LinkedIn, where you can easily promote office buildings and factories that are up for sale for commercial use.

Step 4: Connect with Your Audience

Connect with Your Audience

Social Media is a platform that allows you to connect easily with your audience. The better you can connect with your audience, the more effective your marketing strategies will be.

Gone are the days when home buyers used to call realtors to help them look for homes. It is the time when they use the recommendation features of Facebook and post about their needs on those pages. It is upon the brokers how they use that opportunity and connect with them. Once you answer their queries immediately, you can turn them into potential clients.

Additionally, answering the comments the audience leaves on you is also a good way to kickstart a conversation with them. You can respond to them politely and professionally. While handling negative comments, never lose your cool, as they are detrimental to your professional outlook.

Step 5: Collaborate with Local businesses and Experts

Collaborate with Local businesses and Experts

While it is commendable to play solo and serve in the industry, sometimes collaborating with leading personalities and local businesses, such as professional photographers and mortgage brokers, can be highly beneficial. Collaborating with them will give you a boost in your social media accounts.

Step 6: PR

Public Relation

If you want to fortify your brand image and safeguard it as well, a PR agency is there to help you out. It allows you to establish yourself in the front-end of your real estate industry and other industries related to it as a credible realtor firm or broker.

Being a broker is not only about selling properties to home buyers. It involves solid communication with other businesses like legal firms, pipeline management businesses, electrical departments, and every other business that is associated with real estate properties. An effective PR agency will help you maintain smooth and transparent communication with these businesses.

Besides managing communication, it also helps to mitigate involves related to negative comments that might start surfacing on the internet. They reach out and initiate negotiation with the commenter. If it is not successful, they take matters in hand and do the needful in order to restore teh reputation of your brand.

If you have an in-house PR team, well and good. But if you do not have one, you can hire an expert PR agency offering effective services.

Step 7: Track Your Results

Track Your Results

After employing strategies on social media marketing for real estates, leaving it just like that is not a good move. After creating accounts on social media platforms, promoting our listings on them, and connecting with your target audience, it is time to evaluate the performance of those tactics.

All your efforts will go in vain if you do not update your posts. For instance, you might have uploaded a post on a property that is up for sale. In the meantime, it was sold but the post still talks about its availability. This can be misleading and hamper your marketing efforts.

You can use KPIs to measure the performance of your social media marketing strategies. Other social analytics tools, like Google Analytics and Hubspot, can also provide proper insights into the performance of each strategy.

Wrapping Up

Social media marketing for real estate is highly beneficial for those who want to increase their business growth and enhance brand awareness. It helps you reach out to your audience in a better way and establish a good camaraderie with them.

All you need to do is take your time creating an account and devising a solid social media marketing plan, either by yourself or with the help of an expert social media marketing agency.

Once you have optimized your social media accounts, you will experience a boost in your visibility, traffic, and customer engagement. A data-driven social media marketing effort will help you maximize your profits by ensuring better results.