The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Lawyers

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Lawyers

“Anything you say can be used against you.” People would say what they would say. Stop being silent and use social media for lawyers to expand your reach to new clients. These platforms can get you new leads, more profit, and a higher name & fame.

35% of lawyers are able to generate leads by using social media. Most lawyers face hurdles while attracting new clients. As an attorney, you can take to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, and the like to attract new clients.

As a competitive member of a law firm, the raging question are; what type of content should you post on social media? How can you get more clients for your law firm? How do you create a winning social media presence? We shall answer all in a while.

But before that, let’s talk about why social media marketing is important for lawyers.

What is Social Media Marketing for Lawyers?

What is Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social media for lawyers denotes a strategic set of approaches that aims to boost the online visibility of law firms. It means paid or free marketing of lawyers or law firms on multiple social channels.

Social media marketing for advocates incorporates maintaining several social handles for professional purposes. There are two main aims of SMM for lawyers.

First, it aims to build a solid online reputation, and second, it aims to get more clients by leveraging that reputation.

A strategic campaign on social media for law firms requires consistent efforts. SEO and PPC are well-trodden paths for lead generation. These platforms offer a fresh channel for clients to reach you for legal advice.

This type of marketing effort for lawyers can help you reach the zenith as a law practitioner. With on-point strategies and SMM tools at your disposal, you can be charting up as the best lawyer in the country pretty soon.

Top 3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Top 3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

While there are tried and tested methods of lead generation for lawyers, like SEO and Paid Ads, why should you resort to social media? After all, social media does not hold the most professional appeal.

If you think the same way, let us turn over the page for you. Here’s how social media can change the game for lawyers at your law firm.

1. Builds Online Presence of Law Firm

According to Data Reportal, 62.4% of the global population uses at least one social media platform. You cannot afford to skip out on marketing your law firm on social media. These days, social media acts as a second search engine.

People like to know a bit about the law firm they are about to visit before shelling out a consultation fee. With a robust presence on social media, you can build online visibility that can put your name on top of the legal industry in the online domain.

2. Helps You Tap into New Client Bases

Social media is an amazing tool at your disposal. It is free, effective, and lets you voice out your thoughts. If we are honest, it is perhaps the closest you would come online to a potential client.

With some regularity and luck, you can become popular. Social marketing lets you transcend geographical barriers and connect to people who are not from your location.

Of course, you need to do a bit of social media SEO to get there. But with the right social media marketing strategies, you can garner a huge clientele within a matter of months.

3. Better Engagement with the Audience

If we are honest here, social media is the closest you can come to a potential client in the domain of online marketing.

If people are reading your social media posts, it can mean either of two things. First, they are interested in legal matters (aspiring attorneys), or they need legal assistance.

In either case, you have more followers and better online visibility. If your post is share-worthy, then it can get you a larger audience reach through more shares.

5 Best Social Media Platforms for lawyers and law Firms

5 Best Social Media Platforms for lawyers and law Firms

Your choice of social media platform should be in sync with your SMM goal. If you are looking to find clients who have marital issues, target Instagram or Twitter because that’s where the youngsters are flocking.

If you want clients who are plagued with ‘old people matters,’ such as property-related issues, transferring properties, and rights of senior citizens, Facebook can be your best bet.

Other than LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, Facebook rules the roost as the most popular platform on the face of the globe. Hence, making Facebook a part of your social media campaign is imperative.

1. Facebook for Lawyers

Should you be using Facebook to market your law firm?

As the world’s most used social media platform, Facebook is quite a versatile platform. It lets you engage in a ton of activities, offers multiple post formats, and has a rather easy to use user interface.

It depends on your target demographic’s preference. According to Data Reportal, 22.6% of people using Facebook are between the ages of 16 and 24. Also, 71% of senior citizens say that they use Facebook at least once a day.

But there is a slight ridge. Facebook is highly saturated. Almost every lawyer in the world has an account on this social media platform. To use Facebook marketing in your favor, you have to stand out using powerful social media strategies.

How Can Lawyers Use Facebook to Reach More Clients?

  • Build brand awareness
  • Create posts on legal matters
  • Engage with new clients in the comment section

2. LinkedIn for Lawyers

In April 2023, LinkedIn published that it has 922.3 million users. It is a huge number, considering that this platform is primarily used for employment/ hiring purposes.

In fact, LinkedIn is THE SOCIAL PLATFORM for professionals or business personnel. While Facebook is a more generalized platform, LinkedIn is very specific.

It is one of the best social media platforms for lawyers, especially for law firms specializing in business law.

Apart from business laws, people also search for legal professionals on this platform for criminal, property, or tax law-related advice/services.

How Can Lawyers Use LinkedIn?

  • To recruit lawyers in the law firm
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Find potential clients
  • Create and share original content for B2B purposes

3. Instagram for Lawyers

Want to promote your law firms through creating video content? Then Instagram is your best bet. It has amazing filters and format options to upload videos and photographs.

Although less professional looking than LinkedIn, the collective user strength of Instagram is a little over 2 billion! Which is over two times of LinkedIn, which is one of the best social media marketing platforms.

As a marketing platform, Instagram is perhaps better for marketing individual law practices rather than a whole legal firm. It is because this platform is known for offering people grounds for individualistic expression.

As a lawyer, you can make tons of clients by speaking about your past cases, making strong statements, offering help to a certain section of society, or getting new laws passed to the knowledge of the general masses.

How Can Lawyers Use Instagram?

  • Create swipeable carousel posts
  • Share educational videos on legal matters
  • Create text-only posts for the readers on Instagram

4. TikTok for Lawyers

TikTok is about showing personality, and hence, it suits small firms or individual attorneys trying to expand their business. This platform is about entertainment.

It is about creating candid content that appeals to the audience. If you are targeting Gen Z as your target client, TikTok is the place to be.

TikTok isn’t the best place for preaching. It is a game you can win with the dint of your sheer personality.

Because of its shadowban and limitations, TikTok isn’t like Facebook, but it certainly has a wide reach, considering it is available in 160 countries.

How can Lawyers Use Instagram?

  • Target Gen Z as their audience
  • Strengthen up social media presence

5. Twitter for lawyers

Twitter is a terrific channel for gaining visibility. It is a social network for celebrities. In fact, going viral with your posts on Twitter is easier than on other platforms.

Keep tweeting your stance on legal matters and important judgments by the court bench to be among the most influential lawyers on Twitter. And frankly, it isn’t that tough if you use relevant legal hashtags for your posts.

How Can Lawyers Use Twitter?

  • Tweet your stance on famous verdicts
  • Gain a follower base by posting original thoughts and content

10 Quick Strategies to Build Your Social Media Presence

10 Quick Strategies to Build Your Social Media Presence

Social media is available for all and everybody. A majority of attorneys have their presence on social media.

If you are to stand out using the same platforms, you have to choose a different road to conduct your social media for lawyers campaign.

We are here with 10 strategies you can implement while promoting yourself on social media. Check them out;

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing who you are targeting is the first step of any social media campaign. It is not limited knowing their age group or ethnicity.

You will take more than that to make a mark on their mind for them to approach you.

Having a deeper understanding of your audience would help you come up with the best social media strategy for law forms.

Having a thorough understanding does not mean that you have to know who their favorite superhero character is, or what they eat on Monday mornings! It means having a better understanding of your target audience habits as clients.

What Information Should You Have for Target Audience

  • knowing their demographic, locality, etc
  • Legal issues they might have
  • Type of posts that appeal to them

2. Be Active on All Social Media Channels

Reserve exclusivity is for your spouse. Having multiple social media accounts is the new trend!

While it is good to have a target demographic in mind while marketing your law firm, casting a wider net can always help you get a higher number of legal leads.

Your first choice can be Facebook, but do not skip other channels. It is important you do your law firm’s marketing on several platforms for online visibility.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Includes:

  • Opening social media accounts for your law firm on several social platforms
  • Optimizing accounts with updated information about your law firm
  • Measuring your legal marketing efforts

3. Keep Experimenting with Posting Ideas

An attorney’s uniform can be black & white, but your social media posts can have some colors in the form of various formats. No one likes to eat the same dish every day! It is the same with these posts.

Putting up brilliant content and then pulling your hands away would get you nowhere in terms of social media marketing for lawyers.

Marketing for law firms on social channels requires consistent efforts and experimentation.

With an array of post formats available, like text-only posts, pictures, short videos, carousels, etc, don’t stick to just one type.

Mixing it up a bit can help you cater to a wider audience.

Social Media Post Ideas for Legal Firms

  • Write informative blog posts on Facebook
  • Leverage the famous carousel post formal on Instagram
  • Be consistent regarding tweeting on Twitter
  • Upload friends and family posts on TikTok
  • Post professional tips and legal advice on LinkedIn

There’s only half the reason to promote yourself if people coming across your social media post cannot track you back to your website. After all, that’s where the full (and official) information about your legal practice is given.

The simple act of copy-pasting your website link on all social pages can augment the inflow of referral traffic.

As your legal website definitely contains more information about your practice than an Instagram carousel, it is worth it to promote your website on social channels.

However, there’s no point in resorting to this strategy if the website does not contain enough information about your law firm or your specialization.

  • Ensure that your website contains all vital information
  • Make sure to copy+paste your website link in the

A mere template isn’t enough to get you the professional look & feel that you aspire to. Investing in branding your law practice is a good idea because what looks good sells better.

You need to create a solid image for people to see your service as premium. Once this strategy works, you can use it as a two-edged sword.

You can start charging premium prices for consultation, case hearings, and legal drafting. Or you can market yourself as a premium lawyer who offers brilliant services at affordable prices.

Social media is about setting up a landscape that people would like to explore. Hence, having a full-blown profile with an official logo and template is important.

Developing strategic posts for target audiences is another great way to showcase your skills and expertise in the legal field.

Investing in a PR team for your legal practice is a good way to go. In case your law firm does not have a PR team, fret not. There are many like you who do not, yet they are some of the best lawyers in the country. Having a full-time marketing team can be a tad expensive.

A cost-effective way of doing social media marketing for lawyers is by hiring a social media marketing agency. These companies do what is necessary to keep things under budget.

  • Hire an in-house marketing team/ professional social media marketing agency
  • Create a brand logo
  • Craft professional posts for prospective clients
  • Create post templates, headers, and icons using professional tools

6. Be Engaging/Entertaining

Social media is about glam and glitz. If you want to thrive in this domain by getting more leads from social sites, you have to add a little bling to your serious black & white lawyer profile!

”Boring the audience is a true sin,” and you are guilty of it if you keep your content to barely informative. You see, a strong social presence in the virtual field never solely relies on effectiveness.

Hence, apart from demonstrating your prowess in the court with your superb portfolio of all the cases you have won, you have to be a bit engaging.

How to engage an audience on social media?

  • Craft engaging content
  • Use a content calendar for post scheduling
  • Add sparkle to your social posts
  • Ensure that the entertaining posts contain enough information about your legal practice

7. Interact with Your Audience

We should have stated this point earlier in this strategies segment. But as there are so many things we need to talk about first, we are stating it here.

The whole reason behind social marketing for lawyers is to come in contact with potential clients.

There is no reason for you to think that you cannot use it to remarket yourself to a previous client who might need help in legal matters.

Interact with the people who are reacting/sharing your posts. This will pose you as someone who is open to discussing their legal troubles.

What can you do to interact with your audience?

  • keep checking your social media handles for comments
  • Reply to comments promptly
  • Be a conversation Kickstarter
  • Always be polite while dealing with negative comments

8. Testimonial Showcasing is A Good Idea

72% of consumers say that positive testimonials affect their decisions while making choices. It promotes trust. Publishing testimonials of your clients can be a good social media management strategy to promote your law firm.

Social media for lawyers can be a big pool where they can swim or drown. It all depends on the choices you make for your marketing efforts. When we say publish client testimonials, we don’t mean to bring on a deluge.

As an advocate, you have to know the whens, hows, and whats of the industry for effective promotion. Sort out the available testimonials and publish only a few. A lot of client testimonials might shed a braggy light on you.

The correct way of showcasing client testimonials:

  • Choose the right social media platform for uploading client testimonials
  • Do NOT upload all testimonials
  • Select the testimonials that showcase your expertise best

Using social media for lawyers can become super effective once you know the ropes of doing it. One of the most common yet super impactful ways of social campaigning is by using hashtags.

Hashtags or # are tags that you can apply on the header section of any post on social media.

For instance, recently, the House of Representatives passed a bill to avoid government shutdowns. Being a lawyer, you can certainly create a post on this topic.

To make your social post trending, you can use hashtags like #avoidGovtShutdowns. Search for the top legal hashtags to keep your posts trending.

  • use hashtags on the header of your social media posts
  • Use the sign # and follow it with the text you want to write
  • Make sure that there is no space between words in the whole hashtag

10. Measure Out Your Efforts

Setting up a social media campaign for lawyers is easy. The hard part is to maintain it. There are so many social channels involved that after a certain time, you might feel overwhelmed, especially if you are doing it on your own.

You can take the help of social media tools to track your efforts. Several tools, like Sprout Social, HubSpot, tailWind, etc, can do the job of tracking.

Getting professional help from social media marketing companies can get a bit easier. These agencies take a one-time annual fee and give you a bang for your buck.

How to track social media marketing campaigns?

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Social Media Marketing Company

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Social Media Marketing Company

Your social media marketing efforts can take a dip if you do not know the ropes. Standing out as a professional advocate can be as easy as it can get with a little bit of help from a professional.

You might want to shell out bucks when you can do it with a little bit of time in hand.

Well, professionals in social media marketing bring so much more to the table than just profile optimization. Scroll down to know in brief why hiring professionals to do SMM for your legal practice can be a terrific idea.

1. Access to the Best Tools

When a professional social media marketing agency has your back, you can rest assured that your social media profiles will be upgraded using the best possible tools.

As an individual, you might shy away from taking a subscription to premium-grade SMM tools, but these agencies have them at their disposal.

An agency has all the necessary social media tools to help single out your legal firm. They use tools not just for content scheduling but also for monitoring your social marketing metrics and picking up on the behavior patterns of the visitors.

As an individual lawyer, you may have to subscribe to several tools, which costs a lot of money. When you let a professional do it, you get all these and more in a package.

Best part?

You don’t even have to worry about using these tools and updating your accounts. Everything will be done for you.

2. Gain valuable Data

Every marketing campaign relies on data. When you partner with an expert social media management company, you can rely on the data they offer for your social media for lawyers campaign.

Social media marketing agencies are much more than hubs that offer Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, and LinkedIn marketing for law firms!

You can reach your target audience in a better manner using these data. These agencies offer you insights into the current social media trends, market popularity of other law firms, client preferences and choices, etc.

Social media statistics are critical to the success of your campaign. The more insights you have of the potential clients, the easier it gets to convert them into hot leads.

3. Get Third Party Perspective

When you do social media marketing all by yourself, you kind of lock yourself in a cocoon. What we mean is your own perspective is all you are getting. It is like shooting darts in the dark!

With an expert by your side, you get a perspective on where your ideas need improvements.

You also get solid data on how your competitors are doing. With the available insights and expert opinions, you can age the game in no time.

4. Rub Elbows with Industry Leaders

SMM experts are well-versed in marketing brands on social platforms. They work on it every single day. These professionals know what works and which social media marketing efforts will yield the best results.

As a legal professional, opting for a sure-shot way to establish your strong presence in the industry is perhaps a better option than playing a guessing game.

5. Save Time & Money

Over 67.1% of the total global population is on social media. There are about 20 million lawyers in the world, almost all of them having a social media presence. If you do a simple math, you would know that social media platforms aren’t the emptiest spaces for you to ace.

You would have to invest a lot of time to create a solid social presence. Also, investing a bit on meta ads or other types of paid ads is somewhat necessary. When you rely solely on your own wings, you will need much more effort.

You can cut to the chase by partnering with a social media company. Experts of social meia marketing know proven strategies that can actually help your law firms get better recognition and more leads.


1. Which social media platforms are most effective for lawyers?

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professional networking. Other platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer broader reach.
Instagram can be effective for visually appealing legal content. As an attorney, you should focus on choosing platforms that align with your target audience.

2. How can social media help lawyers build a strong online presence?

Social media channels offer a virtual space for advocates to regularly share informative legal content, engage in discussions, and showcase expertise.
Utilize keywords relevant to your legal niche to improve searchability and position yourself as an authoritative figure in the legal community.

3. Are there ethical considerations for lawyers on social media?

Absolutely. Respect client confidentiality, adhere to professional conduct rules, and avoid giving legal advice in public forums. Be cautious with endorsements and testimonials to comply with ethical guidelines.

4. What types of content work best for lawyers on social media?

Mix informative articles, case studies, legal tips, and updates about your practice work best on social channels. Visual content like infographics or short videos can capture attention.
You can share success stories or client testimonials as well to build trust.

5. How can social media marketing help lawyers generate leads?

Use targeted meta ads to reach potential clients on social media. Enforce a lead magnet. You can share downloadable resources in exchange for contact information. This encourages followers to reach out for consultations.

6. Should lawyers handle social media marketing themselves or hire professionals?

It depends on resources and expertise. If you can manage your social media handles by devoting enough time to them, you are good on your own.
You can save some time by hiring professionals. It ensures a strategic approach, consistent quality content, and effective use of advertising.

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