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Our Doctor SEO Services Procedure

In case you are a doctor or a physician who is looking forward to have a long list of patients then it is must that that you should have a strong search engine presence. The potential patients would only want to know the reputation of the doctor that they would put their faith in. In case they are not able to find any information about the doctor on the search engines they would not be able to feel comfortable with you. Whether you are a local doctor that owns a small practice or a medical practitioner who wants to augment his business the need to have a strong search engine presence is a must. Ranking By SEO India would help you in improving your search engine presence and web visibility.

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Our Modus Operandi

Before we commence the on-page optimization of your site we would do a background check of your website and your current marketing strategy. The first and the foremost thing that needs to be done in the onsite optimization is the keyword research for the website. The keywords would really let us know the way the national audience searches for the physicians on the web. In case you are into local practice then we would localize the keywords according to the city, state, city and state and the neighborhood. In case you are into big time practice then we would leave the keywords as they are. With your approval we would publish the keywords on the web pages of your site and the metatags.

Relevant and strong inbound links help the website in gaining a strong search engine presence and web visibility. While writing the second chapter of your website promotion we would create a strong white hat link building strategy that would improve your brand image on the net. Before devising the strategy we would do the link audit. We would do a survey of your present inbound links and the links of your competitors to know the direction that your link building campaign should be taking. For a local doctor we would submit the links to the local directories. In case you are a big practioner then we would submit the links to the appropriate directories and also give you tips that would improve your image on the search engines. For doctor SEO it is important that you have a strong content marketing strategy. We would publish your articles, blogs, press releases, whitepapers etc on the various related sites. We would research the various medical and the other related websites to make sure that your content marketing is done on these sites as well. A periodic review would be done of the work that has been done on the link building campaign.

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