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The first place that an individual visits every time he plans a trip outside is the search engines. Search engines are the only havens where a person can hope to find that place that he should be visiting to have fun. Search engines are the only places that the people can rely on in order to find the tourist spot that would give them the maximum enjoyment and would satiate their holidays. It is a well known fact that travel and tourism industry is a very competitive industry and if the search engines are not listing you prominently then there would be a serious question mark on your validity and proficiency. It does not matter whether you are a travel agent, ticketing agent, or a hotel or a resort or work in some other capacity in the tourism industry. Ranking By SEO India would help you by offering travel SEO that would invite visitors to your website and help to improve the conversion rates.

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Our Modus Operandi

Before we do the travel SEO we do a research on your website and the industry to make sure that the right kind of SEO is done. We would do the keyword research to make sure that we have the right set of keywords that have a heavy search volume. Each page should have a unique set of keywords. In the travel SEO it is important to select the keywords appropriately and target the visitor who might be just beginning his search and the visitor who is ready to book. We would incorporate these keywords into each page of your web content and the metatags.

The second part of the travel SEO would inculcate in it an ongoing white that link building strategy that would really help you in getting the best mileage out of the search engines. The first thing that we would do is that we would conduct a link audit to make sure the kind of inbound links your site has and the kind of links your competitors have. This would provide us with a clear indication of what kind of link building strategy we need to adopt for your site to be a success on the search engines as well as for an increased awareness on the web. When it comes to travelling people want to make sure that they do everything that is possible to make their travel a success. The amount of money that they spend is really what matters a lot to the people when they decide to travel. Thus it makes sense that you provide the people with the content that would enlighten them with the right vision regarding the kind of service they would get from you. Ranking By SEO India would help you in developing, writing, and promoting your marketing content. The content would also be published on the best tourism sites and other related directories.

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