Electrical Leads: The Essential Guide to Lead Generation for Electrician Businesses

Lead Generation for Electricians

With a staggering 97% of people exploring local services online, every other business you spot around is making efforts to strengthen its digital presence.

That’s why you shouldn’t take lead generation lightly for your electrical business if you aim to surpass competitors in terms of sales. It’s essential to learn some valuable digital marketing tricks to boost your leads substantially. And to that end, we’re here to guide you from scratch, so let’s begin right away!

The Most Effective Tricks to Earn Electrical Leads

Tricks to Earn Electrical Leads

Optimize Your Website

No matter wherever your customers find you, they’re going to visit your website before deciding whether to opt for your services. That’s why it needs to be easy to navigate and visually appealing as well. You’ll also need to make it fully optimized to rank high for any relevant organic Google search.

A responsive web design is another vital aspect of any service website which helps elevate its SERP rankings. A customer searching looking to hire a local company will need a more responsive website as they might be using a mobile device at the moment.

Also, before you add content to your website, ensure the content provides your customers with the following information they mostly seek:

  • The significance and application of your electrical services
  • The location of your store or service area
  • Research the past, present, and future of your current company

Businesses that don’t have a website may not be able to sustain their digital presence for a long time. So, don’t ignore this foremost step to establishing a strong online presence.

Allow Customers to Contact You Easily

Customers should be able to contact you in several ways to clear any queries they might have about your electrical services. This will allow them to use the most convenient method based on their needs. For instance, while some customers would be fine with calling you directly, others might prefer sending an email or a WhatsApp or Facebook message.

Keeping this in mind, you’ll need to make the navigation for your website easy enough for customers to contact you right after they reach the site. It’s best to create a page dedicated to informing customers of your contact details instead of hiding them in the “Our Services” or About Us” page. Also, providing a contact form or linking to your social media accounts can equip customers to get in touch with you directly.

To help customers further, you can also mention your operational hours so that they know when they can contact you. Contact forms can also make it easy to use a tracking system to identify the pages that the electrician leads viewed and where they found your ad. In fact, such systems provide you with a timeline of all your leads’ activities. This will ensure you have enough information when you contact them eventually.

Generate Leads through Social Media

Leveraging social media channels is indispensable to the success of any business nowadays. Such media provides your customers with benefits that you might not get with other marketing platforms. It facilitates efficient customer service, enhances brand awareness, showcases useful information to customers, and projects* the company culture*.

To optimize your social media accounts for better lead generation for electricians, you’ll need to create engaging, shareable content that potential customers can connect to.

Make sure the topics are relatable to them and are in accordance with the latest browsing trends in the electrical industry. Additionally, each social media profile should be optimized to rank on major search engines. Here’s how you should go about optimizing your social media profiles:

  • Use your official logo as the profile picture
  • Employ CTAs throughout the pages
  • Provide up-to-date contact information
  • Utilize proper keyword research before adding content
  • Create your own images and graphics to use with the content

The visual elements of social media posts help you stand out amidst your competitors. Once you share photos of a recent project and put forth positive online reviews, you’ll be able to optimize your social media profiles in the true sense. Leads will then be able to go through your work to verify whether you can provide what they need.

Create a Referral Program

Word-of-mouth and personal recommendations remain one of the most profitable online lead generation sources for an electrical business. Research has shown that people referred by family and friends are four times as likely to purchase a service or product.

That said, to earn assured electrical leads from recommendations and positive reviews, the best way out is to offer a system of referrals. A reward or incentive attached with a referral like a coffee voucher, Amazon gift card, or a minor discount can be useful in this regard. Your satisfied customers can then have another reason to refer you to family or friends.

To create a system for referrals on a website, here’s how you should proceed:

  • Create a landing page that effectively shows the benefits to customers
  • Set up a contact form
  • Tell satisfied clients about the referral program

Apply the form tracking system from CallRail to track any new electrical lead contacting you through the referral page.

Use Local SEO for Electrician

use Local SEO for lead generation for electricians

Searching for new clients for an electrician service amounts to earning leads from a local community. Local listings and Google My Business can be great platforms to begin with, as they can help enhance your visibility to local customers.

Searching on Google would yield three business listings, along with a map of the precise locations for each listing. Thus, to make your business worthy enough of appearing on one of these listings, you’ll need to follow the right local SEO techniques. Following are some key points to focus on to build up a strong presence on Google and other search engines.

The search engine has predicted 350 times more interest for the keywords “local” and “near me” in comparison to figures recorded 10 years ago. Using proven electrician SEO techniques can help improve your overall online presence and make your business more visible to local customers on any search engine.

a) Claim or Set Up Your Google My Business Account

To ensure your business shows up on the Local Pack on Google, you’ll need to create a Google Business Profile (GBP) account. This can get potential customers to spot your company quickly. Following this, you can use an analytics and tracking service to trace any new leads coming from the account.

B) Optimize the Website for Mobile Users

Making your website mobile-friendly will ensure visitors find it easy to use and that the links, buttons, and images work the right way throughout. The importance of mobile optimization grew with the introduction of mobile-first site indexing by Google. Following this, Google decided the page rankings on the basis of how the website worked on a mobile screen rather than a laptop or desktop screen.

c) Create an Account on Yelp

Another popular platform for people preferring local electrical services is Yelp. A revealed that 57% of potential customers contact on a business they are able to locate on yelp. Thus, it’s essential to claim or set up your electrician business account and make sure all your listings are updated.

Yelp also ranks highly on SERPs, which is why it’s another efficient channel to help a business show up in a local search.

Leverage PPC Ads for Electricians

Leverage PPC Ads for Electricians

Pay-per-click advertising is a highly popular practice among electrical service providers nowadays and is run through bids to place the paid ads in the search engine results.

The bidding is on the basis of phrases and keywords that are most searched for and is likely to generate high-quality leads for electrical services. Finally, the businesses that place the highest bids get to display their ads above organic results.

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of this advertising format is that it fetches instantaneous results. Unlike SEO which takes at least a few months to produce results, a PPC campaign can begin generating traffic for a website right from when they’re clicked.

Utilizing social media for running PPC ads is an effective approach as it can enhance audience engagement and encourage prospective customers to make a purchase.

Moreover, social media PPC ads are effective for businesses of every size. The following are the methods by which paid advertising campaigns can boost business growth:

  • Practicing advertising to particular demographics
  • Targetting both new and returning customers
  • Real-time tracking of your ad campaigns
  • Reaching qualified prospects and boosting social media presence
  • Boosting electrical website traffic and conversion rates

PPC is a proven tool to expand your customer base since it’s focused on just the customer searches that suit your services. This way, you can reach the targetted audience group and start generating many more electrical leads than earlier.

Local services ads coupled with free content on social media can fetch more customers for any electrical service. And rest assured that’s going to work faster than most other forms of online advertising you’ve used previously.

Create High-Performing Email Campaigns

Create High-Performing Email Campaigns

You’re sure to gather several email addresses in the course of customer interactions on different digital channels. Make sure to utilize these addresses as that can help attract qualified electrical leads in the long term.

By employing email marketing, the right way, you can connect with a prospect directly through their inboxes. Start with a welcome email the moment they download any content from your site or online listings.

Later on, you may follow up with content that’s tailored further based on the content they downloaded previously. You can also communicate promotional offers to drive people to take action. For instance, providing a free gift or consultation service or providing referral bonuses are effective methods to attract potential customers.

However, to meet your goals with email lead generation for electricians, you’ll need to understand the role played by this strategy in the marketing procedure. There is a range of email marketing methods to utilize, including targeted emails and monthly newsletters for particular lists of customers. But you’ll have to identify the method that’s perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

For instance, an electrical contractor focussing on lead generation, in particular, can create targeted emails, while monthly newsletters are a good choice for building brand awareness.

This is why it’s important to carefully develop your purpose for email marketing before you start implementing the strategy. Moving on, here are some tips to help you get through email lead generation for electricians:

a) Adjust Email Settings to Improve Open Rates

Increasing the email open rate is the first step towards popularizing your email campaigns. To that end, you can opt for several methods including optimizing the emails for mobile, testing different dates for delivery, setting particular send times, and applying fast-loading images. The increasing use of smartphones for reading emails has made mobile optimization a primary criterion for email layouts. Likewise, using medium-resolution images is the norm nowadays as high or low-resolution ones are leading to longer loading times. Another significant factor is the right timing, as sending the mail too early or too late may result in the mail getting missed altogether.

b) Clean your Email List for A Better Delivery Rate

When an email list is considered clean, it means the list contains only the active email subscribers who are willing to hear from you. Such a refined list of prospect emails is essential to boost delivery rates and generate more conversions in the long term.

Do note that you can clean electrician email lists by conducting re-engagement campaigns, dividing them into smaller groups based on demographics, or using third-party cleaning tools.

c) Change Subject Lines

The open rate of marketing emails is crucial for increasing leads generated and email click-through. So, you’ll need to do everything possible to maintain a high value for the same. The subject line plays a pivotal role in this regard, as it’s the first thing your target audience will spot about the email. Here are some tips to use for improving the subject lines of a promotional email:

  • Make it catchy and interesting so that patients become interested in looking at the content of the mail.
  • You can consider personalizing the subject line to appeal to a recipient immediately. Including their name is an effective way to attract their attention so that they find the email to be relevant.
  • Avoid using too many emoji’s or punctuations as that can increase the difficulty of reading.
  • Don’t make the subject line too long as it’s likely to be truncated in a recipient’s inbox.

d) Create the Perfect Copy to Enhance Click-Through Rates

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is to craft an email copy that’s impactful enough to appeal to most of your recipients. To enhance click-through rates on an electrician email, keep your copy concise and clear while maintaining proper formatting throughout.

Once a recipient opens the email, the copy should be able to hold their attention till it ends. That’s why it needs to be short and needs to highlight the most significant information about the service/product/ offer you’re talking about.

Final Words

When people find it easy to locate you and know about your work, expanding an electrician business will no longer be a far-fetched dream. So, it’s time for you to stop buying leads from third parties and combine one or more of the lead generation strategies we’ve discussed.

In case you need help from a digital marketing company right from the decision-making phase, do get in touch with us. We’ll guide you on the best combination of lead generation services for your business based on existing performance and other associated metrics.

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