What Is An SEO Package?

In an SEO package, you get a range of digital tools needed to improve the organic search rankings of a website. This, in turn, helps drive more traffic, ultimately providing you with more leads and conversions.

The SEO process can include a range of activities based on the needs of different businesses. For instance, our basic packages offer elementary SEO activities that are essential for locally-operating small businesses. But with higher packages like the standard or professional ones, you’d get a greater variety of services such as social media management and content development.

Business owners can subscribe to these packages every month, though they are, at times, available as one-time or fixed SEO plans.

Our Monthly SEO Packages in India

Our range of SEO packages includes basic, professional, standard, and enterprise plans. Check below for the details of any package:

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Before you choose an SEO plan that fits your needs, do consider your budget and long-term business growth objectives. All our SEO packages are designed to fetch you the right value for money.

Our team includes expert professionals with years of experience behind them and ample knowledge of the emerging tools and technologies in the field. Thus, our executives bring the desired skill and methodologies to the table to provide prominent results in improving SERP rankings, brand visibility, and conversion rates. And in case you need additional features or activities within the package, we can easily custom-tailor one such package for you.

Why Should You Invest In An SEO Package for Brand Marketing?

Search for anything, whether a service, product, or information, now starts online. If you are not getting any visibility, ranking, and traffic online, you lag behind your competitors. For your digital presence to make an impact, SEO is an essential factor. Investing in an SEO package provides you with proper optimization and campaign support to achieve first-page rankings.

Today, our search for any service, information, or product inevitably begins online. This means if a business isn’t getting the desired visibility, online traffic, or ranking, it lags behind others in the industry. Well-thought-out SEO strategies are the key to making a strong impact on your digital presence. Also, do note that these should be able to optimize your website and support campaigns on every media channel to boost your rankings.

  • SEO is Key – The online search potential of any business can work wonders in driving revenue and overall growth. And SEO is the most critical aspect to handle in this journey of leveraging organic search rankings for business growth.
  • It is Cost-Effective – If you think utilizing SEO can be costly in the long term, it’s time you shed that idea completely. While SEO practices take time to show the desired results. They fetch you the maximum ROI if done the right way. As regards your choice of services, it isn’t essential to choose one of the packages offered. You can get a custom SEO package designed by us that would suit your particular needs perfectly.
  • You Need to Thrive Against Competitors – To stand out from your competitors, focus on utilizing your SEO package to the fullest. Remember that your competitors are just as eager to move up the SERPs for desired keywords and attract targeted leads. So, be sure to handle your SEO tactfully or you can risk falling behind other similar businesses.
  • Organic Traffic is the Most Critical Source for Businesses – Organic traffic comprises users with a specific search intent who log into a website by looking for key terms on search engines. So, once you focus on getting organic traffic, you’ll find it a lot easier to target potential customers. To that end, SEO is essential to make your website rank higher in the organic results on SERPs. PPC ads are the only other way you can make your site appear higher up on a SERP.

What Should the Best SEO Package Include?

  • Website Health Check – With any quality SEO package, you should initially get an all-round checkup of the website that points out its weaknesses, features, and overall SEO health. This will help define an ideal SEO strategy for the particular business.
  • Competitor Analysis – Throughout your digital marketing journey, it’s essential to be aware of the SEO strategies and activities and your competitors are undertaking. You can then incorporate the essential takeaways from their approach to delivering a better SEO performance.
  • Technical Assessment of The Website – The website is at the heart of the SEO strategy. A detailed technical analysis of the site helps to identify factors that need changes or additions to improve the overall site performance. Your website is at the heart of your digital presence. As such, periodic technical analysis of the site is essential to identify the areas where it can be improved. Do note that such an analysis will tell you the additions or changes needed to help the site perform better on the internet.
  • Keyword Research – No SEO strategy can work without a proper and in-depth analysis of what keywords to choose. Understanding consumer behavior analysis and user intent and using the best keyword research tools are important to craft a list of the right keywords, including short, and long-term phrases, and queries. SEO strategies are incomplete without proper keyword analyses. You’ll need an in-depth understanding of the keywords to choose and how consumers use a set of keywords to search the web. Thus, a proper idea about user intent and effective utilization of keyword research tools is essential to crafting the list of the right keywords. This list will contain both long and short-tail phrases and a range of search queries associated with the topic.
  • Content Marketing – Both on-page and off-page optimization need a thought-process-based content marketing plan to boost the site’s authority. Regular content updates, use of rich keywords, creation of informative content, publishing a variety of content verticals, and providing value to the users, all must be at the core of your SEO package’s content plan. SEO optimization, be it on-page or off-page, requires a sound content marketing plan based on a solid thought process to boost website authority. As part of the content plan of your SEO strategy, you’ll need to update the site content regularly, create informative content, use strong keywords, provide use value, and publish a range of content verticals regularly.
  • Monitoring and Reporting – An SEO strategy needs modifications, changes, and upgrades mainly depending on how the functioning of a search engine evolves. Other important factors in this regard are the change in consumer behavior and the evolution of the market as a whole. This is why a regular monitoring and reporting system for such trends is a must inclusion for any quality SEO plan

What Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Monthly SEO Package in India?

If you plan to opt for a cost-effective SEO package in India, we’d advise you not to believe everything you hear or that’s placed before you. Remember that a single instance of mishandling your SEO activities can adversely affect the whole campaign, not to mention the time loss and investment.

  • Instant Results Promise – Keep in mind that SEO doesn’t fetch your immediate results. It’s rather a long-term procedure providing long-lasting results. Also, make sure to pick an ethical service over a black hat one, as the latter might eventually require you to pay a penalty.
  • Inexperienced SEO Company – It’s always better to go for an agency that’s able to demonstrate a proven record of fulfilling its clientele’s SEO goals and is aware of your target audience.
  • Falling for Cheapest Package – Don’t choose an SEO package by merely looking at its costs— a genuine effort to improve the SEO performance of a business will require time and resources. A cheaply priced package might not always guarantee that. So, we’d urge you to keep quality over and above saving money when it comes to SEO.
  • Outdated SEO Package – A package offering activities and services that have long become obsolete could lead the SEO performance to deteriorate.
  • Package Without Reporting – If you don’t get regular reports on how well the SEO plan is working, you won’t be able to take appropriate action when the need arises. That’s why you’ll need to ensure the SEO company you’re opting for doesn’t keep you in the dark about the work it has undertaken.
  • Lack of Research – In case the agency makes no mention of aspects like research, competitor analysis, and in-depth study of the business, it’s best not to go for any of its SEO plans. These play a key role when it comes to making an online business successful.

Important Features of Our Monthly SEO Packages

Our skillfully designed, advanced SEO packages are characterized by up-to-date, comprehensive elements that can fetch you true value for your money. Here are the key features to expect from any of our packages in India:

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Why Our SEO Packages are The Best Bet for You?

Why are we better placed to meet your requirements? What USP do our packages bring to the table? Read on to know more:

Our SEO Process After You Sign Up for Our SEO Service Package

After you decide on the best SEO package or custom-tailored plan as per your needs, here’s how we go about the process:

  1. 1

    Website Analysis and Audit

    Optimizing a website effectively will only be possible after we have first-hand data on all the site elements and the current performance. Our site analysis and audit phase encompasses every element including the content, indexed pages, keywords, rankings, backlinks check, and others. Do note that each of these elements plays a key role in site optimization, rank improvement, marketing campaign, and promotion.

  2. 2

    Competitor Analysis

    Assessing your competitors’ activities is important. After all, it will help you understand what’s accelerating their SEO performance, what positives you can learn from, and your opportunities for growth in those aspects. Do note that competitor research can help uncover such opportunities to adopt to outrank them. Competitor data provides important insights into what an ideal SEO journey for the business will look like.

  3. 3

    Keyword Research

    Not only do you need to find the keywords your competitors are using, but also understand their intent. As such, we look into the related information that your target audience is searching for. The keyword list we put together for you is the result of extensive analysis and the use of the latest online keyword research tools. This comprehensive list consists of both short and long-tail keywords and phrases.

  4. 4

    Technical SEO

    A strong site structure is a key to implementing a viable SEO strategy and achieving the desired overall site performance. Our team will look through all associated technical aspects of your site, assess them effectively, and fix them wherever necessary. This way, search engines can index site information easily and users have a pleasant experience on the site.

  5. 5

    On-Page Optimization

    This term, in effect, refers to the optimization activities performed on a website itself. It involves a range of site elements including the sitemap, page structure, page titles, descriptions, meta tags, and more.

  6. 6

    Off-Page Optimization

    You can carry out off-page activities outside the website. These include publishing guest posts and other types of content for different channels and generating high-quality links from authority sources. Off-page optimization is primarily aimed at reaching more target users to increase brand awareness and popularity.

  7. 7

    Monitoring and Reporting

    Once you’re marketing campaigns are optimized, it’s time to track their performance and assess the results they are delivering. We make use of the best analytical methods and tools for the purpose, which helps us identify what’s working, what isn’t, and the steps that need to be changed. Plus, our weekly reporting system ensures all our clients are kept in the loop about the progress to date.

  8. 8

    Post-Project Maintenance

    Remember that SEO won’t work with just a one-time push. You need to put in continuous efforts to ensure the results keep coming. After one of your projects turns out successful, we introduce new methods and plan on maintaining the current rankings and pace of lead generation. Also, rest assured that our regular maintenance activities and consistent support won’t let your SEO efforts lose traction.

SEO Results

We feel humbled to have achieved a success rate of more than 90% for all our SEO packages. Check out the recent SEO results for some of our clients:

Case Study noisewebdesign.com

Result on - Google.ie
Target Country - Ireland

Current Rank
Web Design Ireland
Web Designing Ireland
Web Designers Ireland
Web Design Cork Ireland
Website Design Ireland
0 Before SEO
59600 After SEO
0 Before SEO
73 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Case Study www.portraitsrus.com.au

Result on - Google.com.au
Target Country - Australia

Current Rank
Family Photography Near Me
Family Photo Session Near Me
Photo Studio Near Me
Glamour Photography Melbourne
Photographers Near Me
24 Before SEO
420 After SEO
40 Before SEO
72 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

What Our Customers Are Saying

Please see some of our clients testimonials below:

Mark Agar
Mark Agar
Fix Bad Debt

Over the past five years I have tried several SEO companies and none delivered what they promised. I extended my search to source a reliable SEO company and after much research and many enquiries I decided on trying Ranking by SEO.

Kyle Nelson
Kyle Nelson
Results Imagery

Guarav, I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing work you and your team did on ranking my website. My website is in a highly competitive market and I was very impressed that you were able to get it ranked in such a little amount of time.

Odesa Diones
Odesa Diones

After working with you for months, I saw big difference in the outcome of my business comparing to other SEO companies who promised several things but delivered no results. I planned to go ahead with you and feel that Ranking By SEO has proved to be the best SEO company for my business and you, Gaurav Shandil, is one of the best project manager I have worked with in this industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Choose the Best SEO Package?

Your choice will depend on the type of site elements you’re focussing on, your needs, and the objectives you’ve set. Another essential factor is, of course, your budget. Figure out how much can spend on SEO to pick a cost-effective option that fits your needs. In case you have any other queries in this regard, feel free to consult our representatives.

Can I Avail a Custom SEO Package?

Yes, of course. We understand that you could have precise requirements for your SEO campaign. For this, you can simply get in touch with us, tell us your requirements, and we will create a customized SEO plan for you.

Which Package Will Provide Me Fast Results?

While all the SEO packages are created to meet different client, business, and result requirements, the turnaround time is not something that differentiates these. SEO takes time. And, with any SEO package you pick, you can start seeing results after 3-4 months. Substantial results take about 6 months to a year to show.

Why should I pick your SEO package over others?

Expect quality work and not just the fulfillment of duties when we take up the SEO for your website. We use the latest and most advanced techniques as part of our SEO packages to ensure you get the best possible SEO performance. Also, they are created based on Google guidelines, and we keep on updating the elements from time to time as per the latest Google trends and updates. And our proven track record speaks for itself— rest assured that we can take your business forward in the digital arena.

Can I Change My SEO Plan Mid-Way? What If I Want to Stop the Project?

Yes, you are free to upgrade or downgrade your SEO plan whenever you want, and the associated service features and activities will change accordingly. However, we usually don’t advise this as this can negatively affect your campaign’s health. If for any reason, you decide to stop the project mid-way, you have the right to do so. While it hurts to see our clients leave in such a way, we try our best to retain and do whatever we can in our capacity; you can easily walk off retaining all the project materials and accounts access, and data that we would have created by that time.

When Will I Get Updates on the SEO Progress?

For the project to become successful, it is important that both parties are on the same page. We provide detailed yet easy-to-read reporting every Friday consisting of information like the current status of SEO, keywords rank, activities undertaken, next week’s plan, and much more.

Is Your SEO Pricing Competitive?

Our SEO pricing are not cheap and not too expensive as well. With the quality of effort and resource, research, and process we dedicate, it comes at a worthy price. We don’t show promise only, but let our work speak, thus, we provide full value-for-money for your investment. However, we understand that you could have budget constraints, and therefore try to limit our pricing as low as it allows us to do so.

How can you protect my privacy?

Our team members are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement for any project they take up. Protecting our client’s data and privacy is one of our foremost priorities, so rest assured we won’t share it with a third party without explicit permission from your end.

Do Your SEO Packages Include Other Add-Ons Like Social Media?

Our monthly SEO packages are dedicated plans that are crafted to give you detailed SEO service support. For other services in full, we have specific packages designed. However, we do provide add-on social media support but in a limited scope.

What is the Minimum Contract Period for Your SEO Package?

These are designed on a monthly basis, as this is the most beneficial way to go. You can go for a monthly SEO package or can opt for a quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly SEO plan as well. You are not bound by any lock-in period whatsoever.