Good tools make it easy to finish tasks quickly and efficiently. On-page SEO tools are no different. With the top on-page SEO tools at your disposal, you can complete the on-page optimization tasks quickly without making on-page SEO mistakes.

But the question is,

Do you know the top on-page tools that most smart digital marketers use?

In today’s post, I am going to share with you the top 52 on-page SEO tools. These tools will not only save you tons of time but also help you follow on-page SEO best practices.

Without further ado, let us explore on-page SEO tools list. 

As this is a long post, I have divided it into different sections and added links. 

Table of Contents

1- On-page SEO Tools for Keywords
2- On-page SEO Tools for Content
3- On-page SEO Tools for Broken Links
4- On-page SEO Tools for Technical Tasks
5- On-page SEO Tools for Site Speed
6- On-page SEO Tools to do Website Audit

On-page SEO Tools for Keywords

Keywords play a significant role in on-page SEO. SEO experts spend a great deal of time on keyword research. Keyword research will help you get a better understanding of how high the demand is for a particular keyword and then you make further strategies. Here is the list of top on-page SEO tools that you can use for keyword research.

Here is the list of top on-page SEO tools that you can use for keyword research.

1- Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

This free Google SEO tool is an excellent way to reach the right customers with the right keywords. Google Keyword Planner is an easy-to-use tool. Brain Dean has written a comprehensive guide on How to Get the Most Out of the Google Keyword Planner. You can check this guide to learn how to use this free on-page SEO tool for keyword research.

2- WordStream


WordStream offers a free keyword research tool that is easy-to-use. Whether you are searching keywords for organic search or paid search, WordStream free keyword research tool is quite useful.

3- Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

Are you looking for an alternative for Google Keyword planner? If yes, then Keyword Tool is the right option. The free version of Keyword Tool can generate up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term. Brain Dean has said following words in the praise of Keyword Tool,

“ is an awesome tool that is PERFECT for generating long tail keyword idea.”

4- Keyword Eye

Keyword eye

Keyword Eye is a popular keyword research tool that is used by over 50,000 people. And the count is growing day by day. You can use Keyword Eye for keyword research, competitor research, YouTube, Amazon, and Google Auto suggestions. You can opt for monthly or yearly plan for this popular on-page SEO tool.

5- SECockpit


SECockpit is a super fast keyword research tool. It can provide you with most valuable keywords in just a few seconds. This powerful on-page SEO tool offers data for all countries and languages. Brain Dean has appreciated SECockpit for its advanced features,

“SECockpit is probably the most advanced keyword research tool on the market.”

6- Moz Keyword Planner

Moz Keyword Eplorer

Moz Pro Keyword explorer is a paid tool for keyword research. The best thing about this powerful, on-page SEO tool is that you will get data for keyword difficulty, opportunity, priority, SERP analysis, mentions, etc.

7- SEMrush

SEMrush keyword tool

SEMrush, widely popular among SEO experts, offers two tools for keyword research. One is Keyword overview, and other is Keyword Magic Tool. Both the tools are very efficient in doing keyword research. eBay, Amazon, HP, Disney, and much more reputed brands trust SEMrush.

8- Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher

This powerful on-page SEO tool for keyword research comes with a unique feature that also generates local keywords for almost every country. Keyword Snatcher can extracts keywords from YouTube as well.

9- Ahrefs

ahrefs keyword explorer

Loaded with tons of useful features, Ahrefs keywords explorer is a powerful tool to conduct keyword research. With the help of this keyword research tool, you can discover thousands of great keywords to rank for and analyze their ranking difficulty. Also, you can measure the traffic potential of keywords with Ahrefs keywords explorers.

10- KWFinder


KWFinder is a great tool to search long tail keywords with low difficulty. The best thing about KWFinder is that it generates keywords with exact search volumes. Even if the keywords are close variants of each other, you will get reliable data. Airbnb, Skyscanner, Adidas, and much more reputed companies are using KWFinder as their #1 keyword research tool.

On-page SEO Tools for Content

Content plays an important role in on-page SEO. Various tools can help you analyze the content on your website for quality. Here is a brief list:

11- Hemingway Editor

Hemingway App


This on-page SEO tool helps you write bold and clear. Hemingway Editor tells you readability, word count, adverbs, passive sentences, etc. It’s more like a style checker.

12- Copyscape


Google hates plagiarism. You need to ensure that the content on your website is unique. Copyscape is the best tool to detect plagiarism. This paid on-page SEO tool is a must for all digital marketers.

13- Grammarly


Whether it is title descriptions or web pages of your website, you should write them in perfect grammar. Typos and grammatical errors leave a bad impression on readers. Grammarly is a good tool to write clear, effective, and mistake-free.

14- Ginger


Ginger is another tool to check grammatical errors in your web pages or title descriptions. Ginger is an advanced grammar tool that comes with multiple features, such as Sentence Rephraser, Translation, Dictionary, Text Reader, and Personal Trainer.

15- Convert Word document to Clean HTML

convert word documents to clean HTML

This on-page SEO tool to convert word documents to clean HTML is very much useful for SEO experts. This tool comes with many useful features, such as Remove empty paragraph, convert <b> to <strong>, <i> to <m>, replace small quotes with ascii , and more.

16- Remove’em, anchor text over optimization tool


Believe it or not, bad links are a reality. Too many bad links on your website put it at risk. With the help of Remove’em, you can discover bad links and remove them. Do not wait for Google’s penalty. Take a proactive approach.

Broken links present severe problems, including annoying visitors, hurting the validity of your content, affecting SEO, reducing conversions, and more. So, you should fix immediately fix broken links on your website.

Here is a list of some on-page SEO tools to check broken links:

17- Broken Link Check

Broken Link Check has named Broken Link Check one of the best web tools. This on-page SEO tool to check broken links has many reputed clients, such as Citi Bank, Microsoft, Garmin, and more. Broken Link Check not only tells you the dead hyperlinks but also tell you their exact location in your HTML code.

18- W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker is a popular on-page SEO tool to check broken links. It can check issues in links, anchors, and referred objects in web pages, CSS style sheet, or on a whole website.

19- Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker

This popular dead link checker crawls through your website and identifies broken links to correct. Dead Link checker allows you to check multiple websites in one go, and its auto check feature keeps checking your website for broken links on a regular interval.

20- LinkTiger

Link Tiger

LinkTiger is a powerful tool to check broken links. This powerful tool comes with 15 Days trial. The best thing about LinkTiger is that it offers a comprehensive report on broken links.

21- Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check is simple, easy-to-use on-page SEO tool to check broken link on your website. You just need to enter your website and click on start button to find broken links on your website.

22- Check My Links

Check My Links

Check My Links is a popular extension developed primarily for content editors and web designers. This popular extension is easy to use and quickly find all broken links on web pages.

On-page SEO Tools for Technical Tasks

Everyone says on-page SEO is a bit tricky. However, if you use advanced on-page SEO tools, the task will become a lot easier. Here are a few on-page SEO tools for technical tasks:

23- Robots.txt Generator

robot.txt generator

If you want to create Robot.txt for your website, Robot.txt generator from SEO Book is a good tool. This popular on-page SEO tool from SEO Book is easy-to-use.

24- Robots.txt Checker

robot.txt analyzing tool

If you want to test your robot.txt, this tool is handy. With the help of this on-page SEO tool, you can quickly check whether a URL is blocked, which statement is blocking, and for which user agent. What’s more, you can also check whether the resources for the page (JavaScript and CSS) are disallowed or not.

25- URI Valet – Check Server Headers

URI Valet


To check server headers, URI Valet is a great tool. This powerful tool performs multiple functions, such as internal link verification, external link verification, time to download and more.

26- Schema Creator

Schema Creator

Search engines quickly sense the content of your HTML if the data is structured. Schema Creator tool enables you to create and manage your structured data at one place that is optimally recognized by the search engines. You can create new structured data pages by following the page and feature guidelines.

27- Google Snippet Preview

Google Snippet Preview

You want more clicks from your search results. You will have to optimize the way your site shows the search results on SERPs and Google Snippet Preview. As the name suggests, this on-page SEO tool gives you the simulation of how your post will look like in results. You can change the title, add keywords, meta description, and date.

28- Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Google Structured Data Testing Tool develops, tests and modifies your structured markup by fetching an existing URL or direct input. The tool validates microformats, and other structured data formats for a better on- page visibility. This on-page SEO tool verifies entity types, such as corporate contacts, logos, Knowledge Graph events, social profile links, reviews, actions, site link search boxes, and breadcrumbs.

29- BuzzStream Meta Tag Extractor

BuzzStream Meta Tag Extractor

You can easily extract and modify (real time) Meta tags (title, keywords, and description) from any website with the help of BuzzStream Meta Tag Extractor. Websites use Meta tags for indexing and ranking in SERPs, enabling the website to get cataloged so that users can find you even if they are searching for anything related.



Make your website worthy of high rank on search results through XML Sitemaps. Your web page is better crawled and indexed, making it a high-quality search landing page with additional information, if you create an XML Sitemap.

You can communicate search engines about any changes made to your web pages through sitemaps.

31- XML Sitemap Inspector

XML Sitemap Inspector

Get your XML sitemap free from errors and communicate with all major search engines using XML Sitemap Inspector.

On-page SEO Tools for Site Speed

Page speed is “page load time.” A faster page ranks high and converts better. Search engines like Google indicate that site speed is one of the indicators used by Google’s algorithms to rank a page. Crawlers crawl more pages with the allocated crawl budget, positively affecting a page’s indexation.

Here are some of the on-page SEO tools for site speed you must know:

32- KeyCDN Website Speed Test

KeyCDN Website Speed Test

You can check your website’s loading or performance issues using KeyCDN Website Speed Test. The tool provides a cascading breakdown of assets loaded by a web page or a website.

33- Google Page Speed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

This on-page SEO tool for site speed measures web page performance across desktop and mobile devices. Google PageSpeed Insights checks the speed rules and gives a score ranging from 0 to 100. A page can be poor, needs work or good based on performance and user experience.

34- Pingdom


Pingdom, a website performance monitoring tool, analyzes load speed of a website and identifies the issues hindering the site’s performance. This easy-to-use tool gives great tips on how you can make your website fast by eliminating performance bottlenecks.

Big names like Apple, Pinterest, HP, Amazon, Dell and Google trust Pingdom.

35- GTmetrix


GTMetrix provides you all the information about the load speed (time, size and request numbers) of your website. You can also find actionable recommendations on optimizing your web page or website. You can set monitoring alerts too.

36- WebPageTest


WebPageTest is a free online website speed test tool where you can perform simple to advanced speed tests. You can get resource loading waterfall chart in excel and optimization checks for page speed. All you need is a real time connection speed.

37- Varvy Pagespeed Optimization

Varvy Pagespeed Optimization

You get to know about your website’s speed and performance related issues from Varvy Pagespeed Optimization, along with some amazing tips on web performance by the famous blogger, Patrick Sexton.

38- Page Scoring

Page Scoring

Use Page Scoring, an amazing on-page SEO tool for site speed, to know about all the relevant information about loading speed of your web page or website.

39- Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools will analyze your web page and detects its front-code quality issues or performance based on page weight, bad JavaScript, requests, bad CSS, DOM and server config.

40- Pagelocity


Pagelocity is another page speed testing on-page SEO tool that checks the load speed, minimal bandwidth load and content status on the web page. It provides valuable insights to you to improve your website’s overall user experience.

On-page SEO Tools to Check Responsiveness

Did you know Google has a mobile (device) algorithm that helps in ranking websites in mobile search results?

This is a critical section. Being responsive (responding to the device the user uses) is an important Google ranking factor.

Here are some of the best on-page SEO tools that check website’s responsiveness:

41- Respondr


You will not find such a simple, easy to use, light weight and useful responsive website design testing on-page SEO tool. Respondr checks the responsiveness element of your website. All it needs is your URL. Just sit back and analyze the results.

42- Screenfly


Screenfly is an easy-to-use on-page SEO tool that tests your website’s responsiveness on any screen size that includes tablets, desktops, mobile phones, and televisions. All you need to do is provide a URL.

43- Responsinator


Responsinator asks for a URL, and once you feed it, the on-page SEO tool gives you an idea of how the page is going to look to the users on various platforms and devices. It outputs a sequence of device (mobile, tablet or desktop) mock-ups with the web page (that you are interested in) rendered in them.

44- Froont


This browser-based visual editing interface creates responsive designs in no time and in the easiest manner. Froont greatly helps in prototyping.

On-page SEO Tools to do Website Audit

In this section, I’m going to share on-page SEO tools to conduct a complete website audit.

45- SE Ranking Website Audit

SE Ranking Website Audit

This on-page SEO tool provides you with the complete analysis of website errors. SE Ranking Website Audit’s analyzed parameters are domain overview, website health check, page analysis, Meta-analysis, content analysis, image analysis, optimization, usability &technologies.

46- Seoptimer


Seoptimer is a handy tool for webmasters and SEO specialists. This free on-page SEO tool analyzes over 20 most important SEO factors on any website. Seoptimer makes it easy to audit and optimize a website. It offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.

47- MySiteAuditor


MySiteAuditor is a powerful, on-page SEO tool that you can easily embed on your agency’s website to generate leads and sales. MySiteAuditor is an easy-to-use tool to boost SEO sales.

48- SiteAnalyzer

Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer goes by a deep on-page SEO analysis, based on more than 60 criteria. This on-page SEO tool helps you improve your SEO that leads to sales boost. It does everything that helps your website attract traffic, engage, and retain users.

49- SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup

It definitely sounds like a full-fledged SEO clinic to check SEO health on websites. SEO SiteCheckup looks for the elements like loading time and page structure, keyword density, Meta tags and broken links. You also learn to improve your website’s positioning and usability with this on-page SEO tool.

50- WooRank


WooRank works as a freemium on-page SEO tool that offers an instant website review in the form of a report. You can enjoy a 7-day unlimited trial where you can get countless reviews. To continue enjoying WooRank’s services, you will have to buy their SEO audit plans.

51- Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool by Google, which helps you monitor spam issues, malware, and any possible disruption and maintains the website’s present in Google SERPs. It is a unique on-page SEO tool serving business owners, site administrator, SEO specialist, and marketer, web developer, and app developer.

52- Alexa Site Audit

On-page SEO tools

If you require a highly personalized analysis with issue-specific recommendations to improve SEO, security, back links, analytics tag coverage, and usability, then Alexa Site Audit makes a highly efficient, on-page SEO tool for you. It comes with different premium plans.


On-page SEO is tricky. But if you use these onpage SEO tools, you won’t face any difficulty. I’m certain these tools will make on-page SEO tasks easier.

Do you want to add any on-page SEO tool to this list? Do share it in the comment section. I’d love to hear about it.

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma Is The Founder & CEO Of Ranking By SEO. He Has Been Working In SEO Industry Since 2005. He Can Be Seen Contributing To SEMrush, Social Media Today, And Entrepreneur Etc...

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    Structured Data Testing Chrome Extension – faster testing without leaving your tab:
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