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Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows for the creation of online stores. Shopify is one of the best solutions for SEO as it allows for the handling of every aspect of onsite optimization. Right from the most simple content and Meta data creation to the more complex site map generation. The platform handles most of the essential functions that are needed to start ranking like:

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How SEO Services Can Help Your Business:

  • Title Tags: Shopify makes it easy to insert title tags for each and every page of your website. The title tag is usually the first thing that the people see when they look for your site on the web. For instance if you sell used tractors then the title tag might read something like” Buy used tractors “or “used tractors for sale”.
  • Meta Descriptions: The Meta description appears directly beneath the title tag of your web page. It describes your website in greater detail. Just like the platform allows you to quickly enter title tags for each page similarly it allows you to quickly enter the Meta descriptions without any prior technical knowledge.
  • Meta Keywords: Although Meta keywords do not hold as much importance now as they used to do earlier but the fact is that some search engines like the Bing and yahoo do give importance to them. You can easily enter the Meta keywords into your shopify pages as simply as you can enter your Meta descriptions and Meta titles.
  • Headings: The SEO value of the target keywords can be increased by including the keywords in the headings. Although majority of the people want the keywords to appear on the h1 headings but the fact is that advantage can be derived from the incorporation of the target keywords into the H2 headings. Shopify integrates the appropriate headings into the site map that is created. This way you can be sure that the search engines find whatever they are looking for.
  • Site Content: The content of the site is very important for the proper optimization of the site. The search engines assess each word on the page in order to determine how to properly index the pages. If the content is not strong enough then the expectation of a good ranking on the search engines is very poor. The shopify makes it extremely simple for the insertion of the copy of the webpage complete with the custom formatting, images, links and other attributes.
  • Sitemaps: Sitemaps help the search engines crawl each page of the site properly. This is essential for SEO and shopify automatically generates a file called sitemap.xml file to make sure that the search engines can do the search properly.

Apart from these functions the shopify can also perform the other functions like the 301 redirects, 404 optimization and much more. By optimizing every facet of your shopify site you can enjoy a healthy edge in the competition for the search engine rankings.

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