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Magneto is an open source, one of the most out of the box e-commerce SEO friendly platforms in the world today.

Magneto is the only platform that allows the businesses to focus less on the SEO and more on the products and the customers. Yet it is advisable that advantage is taken of the SEO friendly features of the software.

It is of no used to have the customizable features if you do not know what to type on them. Thus conducting keyword research in order to understand the target audience is of utmost importance so that the conversion rate is high. For the most targeted Meta keywords search the terms that the user is most likely to type rather than the standard industry verbiage.

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Some of the intrinsic features of this platform are:

  • SEO friendly URLs
  • A dynamic Google Site map
  • Customizable Meta keywords, descriptions, and titles for each category and product
  • And customer segmentation just to name a few.

Magento’s ratings and reviews functionality helps to create a buzz around a company and its products while at the same time cutting the marketing costs. This functionality can also be used to reward a customer if he refers your business to other through social networking or other sites and encourages them to browse your site or purchase a product. An important part of SEO is promotion. The more authoritative you are the more visitors would come to your site. If the marketing and SEO strategies are carried out properly this would mean more conversions and higher profits.

Magneto offers good design and branding functionality too. This means that the site owners can customize the look, feel and functionality of their site to reflect the personality of their brand. There are also various features to increase customer loyalty and brand affinity like the customer reward points, automated e-mail reminders, gift registry, wish lists, virtual or physical gift cards, and the ability to offer store credit. This would ensure the return of the customer to your site.

Magento offers many third party applications and extensions to further customize and enhance an e-commerce store’s functionality and branding. There are many other assets like order processing, order handling and shipment, and database management functionality.

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