What is a Local SEO Package?

A local SEO package is a combination of different SEO activities that are performed to rank small business websites higher in local search results. Some of the activities are – initial analysis, on-page SEO, business page optimization, content, and off-page SEO. Generally, a local SEO package includes services to target geo-specific and ‘near me’ searches.

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As you can see, we have Basic, Standard, Professional & Enterprise local SEO packages to choose from. All these packages come with elementary strategies for local optimization; however, they are differentiated in some activities and frequency of those. You can check the included details in the packages above and pick as per your preference and budget.

We do realize that different businesses have different priorities and requirements. So, if you cannot find the right selection from the above, we can also provide you with a custom local SEO package.

What Features Do You Get in Our Local SEO Packages In India?

Our quality yet affordable local SEO packages are equipped with specific features to make your brand shine high in local searches in your region and industry. No matter what kind of small business SEO package you pick, you will gain core features implementation that includes:

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Why Should You Invest In Our Local SEO Packages?

Why invest in our local business SEO packages? What sets us apart from others? We have the best packages designed to fit every local small business, regardless of demographic, industry, and background.

Here’s a look at why you should invest in our local SEO pricing packages:

What Should You Get In an Ideal Local SEO Package?

Enter the phrase “local SEO packages” in the search tab and you’ll come across many packages and companies offering such services. So, figuring out the right package for your business can be difficult. Here’s what you should look for in the best Local SEO packages:

1. Research on Local Keywords

One of the primary steps in local SEO is to research the terms people type into a search engine and figure out the most relevant ones to target in the industry. Do note that the research would be around phrases or words that local users might search for. 

Such keyword research can’t be completed in one go owing to the constant changes in search language and the addition of new keywords. That’s where an SEO package can come to your help- it includes a regular keyword research service for the purpose. 

2. Optimization of Google My Business

The My Business profile brought forth by Google is actually a tool to promote the website on Maps and Search. It not only helps businesses interact with clients who add reviews, but also provides the essential sidebar space when potential clients search for local businesses or products from your industry.  

An efficient local SEO package can help create, maintain, and update a Google My Business Account by ensuring all the entered data are consistent throughout. 

3. On-Page SEO

This SEO technique encompasses all the components you can add to a website to optimize it effectively. Here’s the best part about on-page SEO— you have total control over the entire scenario and can provide control since it can be added to your content. Some of the significant on-page SEO factors you can use to help sites rank higher are meta descriptions, image names, external and internal links, and sub-headings, and headings. 

4. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO may impact the local rankings for a search engine. In contrast with on-page SEO, it is based on factors you can’t control, but there are a few you can use to improve the off-page SEO or your site. Such elements include quality backlinks from other websites and the shares your website receives on different social media platforms. 

5. A Dedicated Expert 

A dedicated account manager is just as crucial for local SEO services as for SEO. If so, you can rest assured they’re there to listen in case you have any queries or observe any inconsistency in the service. They’re also able to provide the right solution to such queries as they know the company, how it works, and its goals in the field. 

6. A Strong Track Record 

Besides the components of an SEO package, potential clients also consider the track record of the SEO Company while making a choice. That’s why it’s best to get in touch with at least three previous customers to understand how well the company has catered to their SEO needs. Companies that talk about SEO in an engaging manner can be found in plenty, but talking to customers who’ve availed of their services can take your trustworthiness to a different level. 

How Do We Grow Sales and Leads with Local SEO 

Here’s how we go about managing the local SEO for your business as part of our local SEO packages India to boost web traffic and overall growth. 

Developing a Local Plan and Strategy

After you opt for one of our affordable local SEO packages, we commence our work with a detailed discussion with our team of local SEO specialists on the steps for strengthening local SEO from start to finish. The discussion also covers the goals set by your business and the key aspects of improving the overall online presence of the company website. 

Local Site Optimization 

Next up, we design a website that’s optimized as per the latest SEO trends to increase SERP rankings using proper keywords. Once your site is scanned, our team can determine areas that need improvement with the aim to generate better outcomes. 

Building Local Content and Links

To help your site earn an impressive ranking on Google, our dedicated team of content developers produces top-notch content consistently. They put in immense research and apply their skills to ensure the content captures the attention of your target audience effectively. Furthermore, we create quality links on other reliable and conversion-worthy sites to ensure you’re able to route all visitors to the home page (link building). 

Local SEO Results

Our success rate with Local SEO service is over 90%. Here are some of the recent Local SEO results.

Case Study jasondingcpa.com

Result on - Google.ca
Target Country - Canada

Current Rank
Vancouver Bookkeeping Services
Coquitlam Accountant
Vancouver Bookkeeping
Accountant For Doctors
Tax Accountant In Surrey
4 Before SEO
2433 After SEO
80 Before SEO
100 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Case Study www.professionalheadshotsmelbourne.com.au

Result on - Google.com.au
Target Country - Australia

Current Rank
Headshots Photographer near me
Professional Headshots Melbourne
Corporate Headshots Melbourne
Business Headshots
Corporate Headshots
5 Before SEO
2183 After SEO
20 Before SEO
80 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Local SEO and Not General SEO?

As a local business, your target audience is located in a defined area in your local community. You wouldn’t be serving someone sitting far away in any other state or country. So, why target them? This is why local SEO is the right strategy to build and promote your business where your prospective customers are.

Can You Provide Me A Customized Local SEO Plan?

Yes, we can. We understand that your requirements and service specifics could be different and may not completely match what our packages contain. We will collect information from you regarding what you need. Or we can proceed through preliminary research to curate a plan that best fits your need.

How Should I Decide Among Different Packages?

For this, you should go through the details of each package thoroughly. Create a checklist to see what you think you need or not. If that doesn’t help, you can discuss us, and we will help you out in deciding. Also, local SEO package pricing is a significant factor as well, for which you need to have a clear about your budget.

Is Google Map Listing Important for Local SEO?

Definitely. To appear high in search result ranking for local searches, you should leverage Google My Business which gives your business an appearance on Map results. Also, Google local 3-pack results attract over 90% of clicks for all local search queries, so optimizing for Google Map listing to enhance your chances of organic traffic is critical.

Is Your Content Marketing Directed Towards Local Customers?

Yes, you are serving local customers, so your content should be for them primarily. Our local SEO content marketing plan involves working on blogs, articles, and more that draw people’s attention. We also leverage local directories to publish content there to help gain more recognition and visibility.

Do Your Local SEO Packages Include Other Services?

While a part of the local SEO also focuses on online reputation and social media presence to a limited level, the core aspect of this feature package is local search optimization. If you want local paid support or any other service, you can opt for an add-on service with this package.

In How Much Time Can I See Positive Results?

Like the national or global SEO approach, local SEO takes time to give results. It isn’t that if it is locally directed, then it can provide quick results. The core process of SEO is same, and you should ideally wait for a minimum period of 3-4 months before it starts showing positive results.

Which Type of Local Citations are Built?

We make your online presence on all local directories and platforms where we can list your business. This includes all the business-related information like name, address, contact details, business hours, and services. We add accurate and consistent information on all high-authority directories and websites to enhance local accessibility and visibility for your brand.

How Experienced Are You in Local SEO Service?

We have been in the SEO field for over 14 years and have handled local SEO projects since this domain became a separate field from traditional SEO. Our experience and expertise in local SEO mean that we have served hundreds of businesses across different industries, sizes, and demographics with 95% successful results.

What Kind of Reports Will I Receive and When?

Our reporting process is weekly and monthly so that you can timely track the project’s progress and success. This allows for a meaningful discussion over the next strategic plan. We provide detailed yet easy-to-read reports consisting of performance metrics and updates.