How to Find Trending Topics for Your Blog Posts

Are you struggling to find trending topics for your blog posts?

Do you feel that you have written on everything in your niche and there is no topic left to write about?

Well, we all go through the same situation at one time or another.

Even highly productive bloggers find it difficult to search for trending topics sometimes.

Before writing my previous post- 11 Top On-Page SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them, I felt almost the same. But I overcame eventually as I had my go to resources.

Do you want to peep into my secret tools to beat writer’s block?

In today’s post, I am going to share 9 surefire ways that help me hunt trending topics for the next blog posts.

After reading this post, especially the 2nd point, you will know how to find trending topics that readers want to consume blog posts about.

Without further ado, let us dive in:

1: Quora

Quora is my favorite place to refer when I need to find new topics to write blog posts.

Want to know how Quora can help you?

Here is the trick.

For example, you are running a blog on relationships. And you want to find topics to write the next posts.

Let us search for the topic ‘relationship’ on Quora.

Relationships Topic Quora

12.7k questions and 107.1k followers as of now indicate that you will certainly find something here to write for the next post on your blog.

If you explore the questions one-by-one, you will see that many questions have more than 100 answers.

What did you learn from previous relationships Quora



Quora image on relationships

Relationship image quora

A question with more than 100+ answers means the question is popular. More and more people want to answer that question. If you see the answers of any of these above-mentioned questions, you will be surprised to see the engagement.

Let us check the top answer of the last question:

 Quora image for relationships


Quora relationship image

Well, Keith Hays’s answer got 74.5k views and 1,131 Upvotes as of now. These stats clearly prove that people liked Keith’s answer.

My friend, you got the topic for your new blog post. Just write a post about it.

What I like most about Quora is that you can find different perspectives of something. This will help you get the meat for your post.

If you read the top answers in this thread, you will get enough material to write a blog post. And you can easily write a guide on the topic if you read all the answers in this thread.

This way, you can use Quora to find trending topics in your niche.

2: Reditt

Have you ever heard of the phrase – reditt hug of death?

Urban dictionary defines reditt hug of death as,

“A cutesy phrase that vapid Reddit users like to incessantly comment when a website which has been linked on goes down due to the recent influx of heavy traffic.”

My friend, reditt can provide you with tons of ideas to write the next posts.


Hold your horses! I will explain everything.

For example:

Your blog is in the entertainment domain, and you want to search for a new topic to write about.

Now search for ‘entertainment’ on reditt:

reditt image

You can see that entertainment subreditt has 239,414 members as of now.

With such a large number of members, this subreditt will certainly provide you with something entertaining to write about.

Let us click on this subreditt. You will find trending topics.

People showed tremendous interest in Patton Oswalt and Actress Meredith Salenger engagement.

Reditt image

They also helped Gotham’ Star Donal Logue find the missing daughter.

Imge reditt

Doesn’t it give you an idea for the next post if your blog is related to Hollywood news?

To get the most out of reditt, you need to find a subreditt relevant to your niche.

The more relevant subreditt you find, the more it will be good for you.

3: Google Trends

Google trend is also a good way to find trending topics for your blog posts.

Here is how you can use Google trends to find topics for your next blogs posts:

For example, you are running a blog on healthy eating. And you need to find topics to write the next blog posts.

Search for the keyword ‘healthy diet’

Healthy diet Explore Google Trends

You also have options to customize your search. You can get the data based on location, time period, category, and search type.

Google trends not only provides the data of how many people show interest in a specific topic but also offers detailed information on the related topics and related queries.

Here is what you get after you search for ‘healthy diet’


Google trend

In the query section, you can choose topics to write about.

100 score represents the most commonly searched query.

Choose the query with 100 score and write a blog post about it.

4: Facebook

The king of social media, Facebook, has around 1.94 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2017. This simply means what trends on Facebook will be good for your blog.

Here is how Facebook trending topics appear on Facebook when you access Facebook through a PC.

Facebook Trending topics

Though Facebook trending topics are a good way to find ideas for your next post, the platform has a few limitations.

You can only search for trending topics related to politics, science & technology, sports, and entertainment. If your business falls among these categories, Facebook will prove to be a great source to find trending topics for your next posts.

5: Twitter

Like Facebook, Twitter also has a section to offer a view of what is trending on Twitter.

Twitter trending topic

However, trending topics on Twitters are quite different. Unlike Facebook, Twitter trends are based on your location and who you follow.

If you want to use Twitter to find trending topics for your blog posts, you should follow people or brand relevant to your niche. Else, you will not be able to harness the true power of Twitter trends.

Twitter trending topics

The more relevant people or brand you follow, the better it will be.

6: Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool to find trending topics for your next blog posts.

The best thing about it is that you can easily use it.

What you need to do first is to create Google AdWords account.

You can also log in with your existing Gmail account.

Google Adwords

After logging into your Google AdWords account, you need to click on the Tools section and then the keyword planner.

The following window will open on your computer screen.

Keyword research image

For example, you need ideas for your blog that offer tips on healthy living. You just need to search for the keyword ‘healthy living ideas’.

Keyword research

If you want to target a specific audience, you need to use search filters, such as All Locations, English, etc.

When you get the results, just click on Ad groups ideas, the following window will open.

keyword research

Now you can write on Living Tips, Lifestyle Tips, Eating Tips, and more. This way, you can search for any keyword.

The reason why I love Google AdWords Planner most is that it also tells you monthly searches for a particular keyword.

7: Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a great source to beat the mental block.

This is the home page of the Yahoo Answers community.

Yahoo Answers

You can see, on the left side of the page, the category section. Here you can choose your niche.

Finding trending topics on Yahoo Answers is quite easy. You just have to select the category, which you are active in, and pick the question that has lots of answers.

Isn’t it simple?

8: Blog Comments on Popular Blogs

If you hear what people are saying or asking, you will never run out of trending topics for your next blog posts. What you have to do is to be present on the online places where people are expressing themselves. My friend, popular blogs are such places.

This post from copyblogger has 797 shares and 70 comments as of now.

Copyblogger image

Does it tell you something?

Yes, it does. What does it tell you?

It is quite simple – people want to know about how to get more comments.

Sometimes, when you are stuck, visiting the popular blog posts in your niche can provide you with many ideas. You should go through the comments and try to find out if people are asking for any additional information.

If it is so, you have got a topic for your next blog post.

9: Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is a popular tool to find trending topics in your niche. What you need to do is to search with a keyword, and the tool will offer you the most shared content on the web.

For example, you want to find most shared content on ‘healthy living’.

Buzz sumo_How to find trending topics

Buzz Sumo tells you the most shared content for ‘healthy living’ keyword. You can also use filters in your search to refine your search.

Now, you must be thinking that how finding the most shared content can help you find trending topics for your blog posts.

It does actually.

By seeing the most shared content for a particular keyword, you can easily guess what people want to read. Then, you can brainstorm to come up with a few ideas for your next blog posts.


Finding trending topics for blog posts is a difficult task. Almost all bloggers struggle at one time or another to find good topics to write the next posts. If you intelligently use the resources explained in this post, I am sure, you will always have good topics to write about.

What about you?

Do have any secret way to find trending topics for blog posts? Do share it in the comment section. I would love to hear about it.

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