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Our Pay-Per-Click packages are designed to maximize the return on your online advertising investment. We have four different PPC pricing packages for you: Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Choose the one that best fits your need and budget:

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What is a PPC Package?

A PPC package is a bundled service that provides sponsored advertising campaigns over different networks, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Instagram ads, and more. A PPC management package includes activities that are carried out with respect to the particular chosen ad networks for paid online advertising.

Whether you want Google Ads packages or want to cover other ad networks, too, we have the best PPC packages to generate instantaneous traffic to your site. While some plans and activities may differ across packages, these all contain the core functionalities to serve the PPC requirement effectively. If you are looking for something other than the packages listed above, we can provide you with a custom PPC package.

ROI-Based PPC Services Packages to Drive Maximum Traffic Instantly

Our affordable PPC packages suit all-budget clients. Starting at $200, our PPC prices will surely meet your requirements for generating instant business and high brand visibility without breaking the bank. Keyword research, including negative keywords, competitor analysis, and market analysis, along with compelling ad copywriting, bid revisions and placement, ad split testing & more, our ads management process is tailored to leverage the maximum potential and grow maximum sales. We charge 12% of the total Ads budget or the minimum monthly maintenance cost, whichever is higher.

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Why Choose Our PPC Pricing Packages?

Being a Google Ads Certified Partner, we work diligently with Google for Ads management packages to enhance your campaigns and gain the best outcomes at the lowest possible investment. We bring forth over a decade of experience and proven results in PPC ads management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate a PPC package price?

The calculation depends on a wide range of factors, including what ad networks you want to target, how many ads you want to run, how many keywords you want to target, and more. We conduct comprehensive ad networks research and market and competitor analysis to determine the activities and related package pricing.

Can I request a custom PPC package?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for something different from the mentioned packages, we can craft a custom-tailored one for you.

Do you charge for PPC campaign setup also?

No, there is no charge for setting up any of our PPC campaigns.

Can I go for only the Google PPC package?

Yes, Google Ads is the most popular in terms of sponsored ads. And if you want only Google PPC package and not any other ad network advertising, we can very well provide you with that.

Do I need a PPC package if I have already opted for SEO services?

Well, this is your decision. However, if the budget permits you, then running PPC campaigns alongside SEO can help boost your traffic immensely. Combining PPC with SEO is something that many small and large businesses use to generate higher traffic and revenue.

Can I change my package later on?

Yes, you can do that. But for this, you should inform us at least a month in advance as there would already be ads running for your campaign.

What is the package payment schedule?

Here, we follow a monthly payment schedule for PPC campaigns.

Who handles the PPC campaign?

We have an in-house PPC expert team consisting of a campaign manager, marketing professionals, and copywriters who all are experienced specialists in their related segments.