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Zen Cart is one of the most powerful shopping cart systems available in the online world for E-commerce. There are many e-commerce solutions that have hit the market and not all of them are created equal. They have complicated set up processes, optimikzation techniques that require an advanced degree to implement and functionalities that does not solve the purpose in its entirety. Thus in order to solve the problem a few programmers and designers got together and created Zen Cart. Zen Cart is an open source shopping cart system and the software includes functional features like easy to follow instructions, customization features and optimization functionality. Zen Cart has solved one of the most long standing problems of product capability.

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Quite unlike the other shopping cart systems Zen Cart offers unlimited categories and products. Even the category depth is unlimited. The categories and the subcategories, and the products listed in the multiple categories and the management of the whole set up has been made easier. Zen Cart works for any size shopping cart. But there is one issue and that is that the server handling capabilities of over 5000 products might not be optimal. It would only require a dedicated server.

Another positive of the Zen Cart shopping system is that the simple admin of the system takes off the stress off majority of the back end management. Some of the positive features are:

  • Shipping control: It has multiple shipping options and interface with third party shippers.
  • Payment control: Real time credit card processing, PayPal acceptance and the other payment options gives customers flexibility and the site owner a better conversion rate.
  • Product control: Operations like management of the large inventories, catalogs, have been made easier. Processes like deletion of products, recategorization, and tracking of current inventories can be done from one single screen.

One of the best things about Zen Cart is that it is easy to install. The other positive aspect is that the webmasters can edit the coding and those who do not have an intricate knowledge of the coding can easily use the intuitive set up instructions to create a custom store based on hundreds of templates and skins. Another feature of Zen Cart is that the customer communication is quite easily managed. A variety of options including content and news letter functions makes the customer communication quite easy.

Being a store owner you must understand that the following steps have to be followed for any successful Zen Cart SEO strategy:

  • Keyword research: The researching of the proper keywords and keyword phrases is a very important aspect in SEO. Without the identification of the proper keywords to target it is impossible to attain profitability in terms of traffic and conversions.
  • On-page optimization: Being able to add custom Meta titles and Meta tags is very important for the proper SEO. Right selection of the URLs need to be done in order to make sure that the proper SEO is done.
  • Off-page optimization: Building a thorough e-commerce website that has all the functionalities and products is just not enough. There is an urgent need to market that site properly across the net. This can be done through proper back links as well as affiliate marketing.
  • Conversion optimization: How profitable are you? Which marketing mediums are generating most amounts of dollars? How your check out process is functioning? The answers to all these questions rely heavily on the data, research, analysis and optimization.

As far as the functionality on both the customer side and the management side is concerned Zen Cart is the best option. Being an open source system it allows for complaints and other grievances and resolution is feasible. But it has to be kept in mind that the more you would play with the codes the more unstable the codes would get. Thus it is advisable that one stays cautious before making permanent changes.

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