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One of the key advantages of volusion ecommerce software is that it provides search engine friendly (SEO) merchant solutions. The simple templates available with volusion allow the simple design of a website along with all the functionality that the customers seek and all the back-end SEO structure that the search engine bots seek. Many of the clients work on the volusion software and we have the expertise of making the most of the SEO functions that are built into the volusion platform.

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Some of the features those are available with the volusion seo services are:

  • SEO friendly site structure
  • User friendly shopping cart
  • Credit card processing
  • Professional templates
  • Customer review platforms
  • Database integration that simplifies the uploading of large inventories

Volusion has structured its software in such a way that all the metadata that the search engines seek while learning what your site has to offer.

Selection of the keywords

The most important thing in the SEO of a volusion websit is the selection of the keywords that your target audience would type for searching. The professional keyword selection demands the use of the paid software to augment free keyword tools like the one offered by the Google Ad Words especially if your keyword has a lot of competition. Keyword tools like Spy Fu also keeps a check on the keywords that your competitors use. This might be very useful for the pay per click ads but if you can get the ranking without paying for a single click then there is nothing better than that.

Word Tracker can help you find new horizons by discovering the actual key strings that the people use for the search. This is quite contrary to the Google’s keyword tool that finds the cliché generic category type keyword phrases. Word Tracker can help you stay in tune with the subtle trends in which people use the strings around the keywords that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Volusion’s On Page SEO Services

Once you are armed with the keywords we will help you in placing those keywords in your volusion product pages. This assistance would help you make the most out of the SEO features the volusion has built in to its templates. From assigning SEO friendly URLs to creating canonical links volusion performs a lot of back end work with just a couple of clicks.

Although volusion comes with inbuilt SEO merchant solutions yet you need a skilled hand to make sure that your SEO is done in the best of manners. A content that is over laden with keywords and too much of SEO looks artificial to the human reader and now the Google has begun to eye it with suspicion. Ranking By SEO India can help you with the plan to use the keyword list so that your keywords are included in the metadata for each element on the page.

There are many people that have claimed that Google’s search bot algorithm allows for the high volume low quality link farms to create an SEO blanket that succeeds in dominating the search engine for the competitive keywords.  And the Google has responded in kind. It has added tweaks to their old routines that are designed to find spam and demote it. In fact the search engine has gone a step further. It now punishes the entire domain for the perjury of individual pages. Now when the Google comes across low quality pages, or low quality link connections it would demote the whole site. Taking the help of a professional SEO would only help you in staying on the right side of the Google.


Volusion Content SEO Services

Many E-commerce sites struggle with SEO because of the lack of content. Either the content is too short or is a duplicate one. For instance if everybody is describing the same sofa set in 20word descriptions then even though the content is unique it would appear duplicate to the search engines. Ranking By SEO India would provide the solution in the form of longer content that would not only entice the visitors but also cater to the SEO needs of the site.

It is a known fact that every SEO strategy has at its heart a content plan that searchers seek and would find satisfactory. Towards that end the volusion has a content management system that allows for the publishing of unlimited number of articles and that too at your convenience. You can publish a stream of content that would keep drawing the search bots to crawl your volusion website. Each time they crawl they get a better picture of your site and also would give credit to your site for posting new content.

These tips would bolster your SEO as each page would be a better opportunity for the potential customer to find your site while making a purchase decision. Quite unlike the pay per click or display ads that you might run to drive traffic to your website, you would not have to pay for the future readers or visitors. SEO articles draw readers and prospects long after their publication.

Good SEO means conversions. For e-commerce websites it means sales. Towards this end the Volusion has e-mail lists, and newsletter templates. With a proper e-mail capturing system you can easily make sure that the customer returns to your site again and again. This would improve the lifelong value of every visitor that your SEO lures.

Volusion Off Page Optimization Services

It is not only sufficient that you have good content on your website. What is required is that you should be able to market it properly. Volusion has many offsite capabilities like a social store that you can place with facebook and full integration with the face book and twitter.

For more information on Volusion SEO services, contact us now.


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