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The world is changing at a rapid pace. The main entities that are responsible for this change are the technological innovations that come out of the stable of the scientists and the researchers working in different laboratories. In order to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition it is necessary that the technology companies have a strong online presence. Technology SEO Services plays a crucial role in the entire marketing efforts of the technology companies.

Ranking By SEO India offers technology SEO services to the technology companies that are striving to create and improve brand awareness online, improve traffic and conversion rates. Ranking By SEO India would sit with you and devise an SEO strategy that would include all the elements of technology marketing like trade show appearances, lead generation webinars and white papers, print advertising, content marketing, PPC, and in-house e-mail marketing campaigns.

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Our Modus Operandi

In the initial stages we would do the on-page SEO changes to increase online visibility and attract more targeted visitors. We will review the history of your website and all the other technology marketing strategies that you are using in order to promote your website. After conducting an extensive research on the technology keywords that can play an important role in the augmentation of your website we would suggest the keywords and the keyword phrases that would really be the best suited for each of the page of your website. Technology keywords that would generate traffic would definitely be included in the existing content and the visitor focused metatags would be written.

The tech SEO process would include the white hat link building, which helps to increase visitors, improve your technology brand online, and develops search engine trust. We would first do the link building audit of your website and that of your competitors in order to find the linking opportunities for your website. A customized technology link building strategy would be developed. In the technology industry an important link building strategy is the content marketing. The content that is there on your website would be read by the potential prospects that would on the basis of that content see you with trust and confidence.

At Ranking By SEO India we will help you to write content marketing materials that will improve your SEO efforts and your overall brand presence. We would also spend time in researching the web for various directories, article sites, social media networks, blogs, and industry association sites to submit content to. The SEO link building efforts would be monitored on a monthly basis. We would take a look at your visitors and the conversions and optimize the strategy based on the results.


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