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People believe in what they see, so an online complaint can create a negative image of yours in your searchers’ minds. Ranking By SEO has been removing online complaints of our clients for more than 9 years. We really know how to remove complaints from complaints board and other complaint websites. Let’s us improve your online image.

How We Remove Online Complaints From Top Results

We push the top online complaints to 5th, 6th, or the next pages where only your arch enemy will search. Here is how we offer complain removal service.

Detailed Audit

First, we conduct a thorough audit of your web presence to find out online complaints. Then, we make a plan to push those negative complaints to beyond 5th page.

Social Profiles Promotion

Social profiles rank well – on the first page in most cases. We will create your profiles on different social channels and promote them aggressively to replace online complaints.

Guest Posting

Writing guest posts on authority websites is a good way to rank on the top pages of Google. We help you post your content on leading websites.

Aggressive Blog Promotion

You blog is an effective tool to dominate Google first page. Write engaging posts and promote them aggressively. Your blog post can help you keep the first page covered.

Burying Complaints

We will extensively study online negative complaints about you and make a strategy to replace those complaints with positive results about you and your business to burry complaints deep.

Highlighting Positive News

We, at Ranking By SEO, will aggressively promote positive news about you populate the web with positive information about you and your business to fight complaints.

Remove Online Complaints Fast

Build a strong positive image and earn trust of people that matter

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Why Hire Us to Remove Complaints Online?

We deliver what we promise.

Fast Results

We can understand the restlessness one feels after finding online complaints. We, at Ranking By SEO, offer fast results to our clients.

Low Cost Packages

Managing online reputation should not exhaust your marketing budget. Our reputation management packages are competitively priced. Request a callback for a customized package.

Experienced Team

We have worked with diverse clients from different industries, including fashion, IT, eCommerce, etc. We will certainly remove your complaints from SERPs.

Why our team of Google SEO Experts

Guaranteed Results

There is no point in spending money without having positive results. Ranking By SEO offers guaranteed results. Request a callback to know more.

Timely Reporting

We believe in full transparency in our reputation management work. You will get a weekly work report mentioning what we have done during that duration.

Dedicated Reputation Manager

Your dedicated online reputation manager will be connected with you via phone and Skype to resolve your queries related to online complaints.


Frankly speaking, it is not possible to remove online complaints (leaving a few cases). What we will do is to push online complaints from the first page of Google to 3rd, 4th, or later pages where nobody checks results.

We will push complaints from the first pages of search engines to 3rd, 4th, 5th, or later pages where nobody checks results. This way, we will remove complaints from search engines.

Our pricing packages depend entirely on the work we will have to do to replace online complaints about your business. So first we will audit your online presence thoroughly, then we will suggest you the best plan. Rest assured our online reputation packages are highly competitive.

The answer is yes. Ranking By SEO has been removing complaints online for more than 7 years. We know what it requires to ensure neat and clean online image of our clients, which has enabled us to offer guaranteed results.

Ranking By SEO is a trusted online reputation management company. We have successfully removed online negative reviews of more than 150 clients. Our CEO contributes to leading publications in the industry, such as Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, etc. We deliver what we promise.

First, we will audit your online presence thoroughly. And then, we will make an educated guess about the time to remove complaints from google search results. With our long experience in working as a complaint removal company, we are able to offer positive results faster.

Our experts, at Ranking By SEO, remove complaints from complaint boards/websites. We have long experience in online reputation management and offer complaints removal service faster.

Let me be frank with you. No one can remove complaints from complaint boards and other websites. What online reputation management companies do is to push complaints to the 3rd, 4th, 5th or later pages where none checks search results. Coming to your question, yes, we can push complaints from all the sites on the Internet to 3rd, 4th, or 5th pages.

Yes, Ranking By SEO will monitor your web presence proactively. We will report complaints to you the moment we find them and start working to remove them from the top search engine pages. Rest assured, we will keep tabs on your web presence.

The answer is yes. The complaint removal service falls under the umbrella of online reputation management service. All our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement with us, and we are always ready to sign an NDA with our clients. Rest assured that no will ever know how those negative reviews have disappeared from search results.

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