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Our osCommerce SEO Services Procedure

To begin with let us first understand the real meaning of osCommerce. osCommerce is an open source e-commerce and online store management software program that can be used on any of the platforms that has PHP and MY SQL installed on it.

Search Engine Optimization for osCommerce websites is not a difficult task if the right tools are available with you and you have the sufficient knowledge about the optimization of the osCommerce websites.

At Ranking By SEO India we take care of the following steps that are must for any osCommerce optimization. These steps are:

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  • Installation of the osCommerce SEO modules: The very first thing that you should be doing is to install the popular osCommerce SEO modules. If not all the modules atleast the Meta tags modules like the Header tags SEO and the search engine friendly URLs modules like the SEO G URLs or Ultimate SEO URLs should be installed.
  • Keywords Research: The right selection of the keywords for the optimization of the osCommerce website is very essential. Some of the things that need to be kept in mind while doing the keyword research are as follows:

    a) The keywords researched should be the ones that your target audience would select while they are searching for the products and services that you select. If you would select t the right keywords then you would get the traffic that is easy to convert. If you would select inappropriate keywords then you would end up with lots of traffic that does little more than put a strain on your servers.

    b) The tools such as word tracker should be used in order to make sure that only those keywords are selected that have a high volume. Given the two keywords the one that has a great traffic should be the one to be selected. Selection of the keywords that have low search volume would be a waste of time, money and energy.

    c) When selecting the keywords care should be taken that only that keyword is selected which has a low competition. If a keyword has a high competition then the variation of that keyword should be selected. A keyword with high competition would not bear the desired results.

  • Meta Tags Optimization: Use one of the available metatags modules to optimize the Meta title, Meta description, and Meta keywords tags. While optimizing the meta tags the keyword chosen for each page should be seen atleast once in each of those tags and should be placed as close to the front as possible. The title tag should be around 60 characters and the title description should be around 160 characters. Care should be taken that neither the Meta title nor the Meta description should have the stop words like a, the, on, of etc.
  • Content Optimization: The selected keyword or keyword phrases should feature throughout the visible page content. The chosen keywords should be placed near the top and near the bottom of the page and be on bold text atleast once on the page.
  • Link Building or Page Popularity: Link building plays a very crucial role in the search engine optimization and can not only increase a page’s popularity but also bring targeted traffic to your website. When submitting links to other directories and other websites care should be taken that the websites and categories are related to the product that you are selling.
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