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Trusted Online Reputation Management Company

More and more people are now searching online. Be it an individual or an establishment, none can take the risk of having a negative image online especially when 2.53 billion smartphone users are out there. Ranking By SEO has experienced online reputation management experts on board, who have successfully managed the online reputation of many individuals and diverse establishments using our services.

A Wide Spectrum of Online Reputation Management Services

We are a trusted name in the online reputation management domain. Our online reputation management & reputation repair services include, but not limited to:

Corporate Reputation Management

Our corporate reputation management services are designed to help businesses have a clean image online. Not only we remove negative PR from the first page but also help businesses build a positive image further.

Personal Reputation Management

Are you a victim of online false propaganda? Does a negative report appear when somebody searches for you online? Our personal reputation management services will help you have an unblemished image.

Celebrity Reputation Management

Celebrities are often unintentionally getting involved in controversies that adversely affect their brand images. Our celebrity reputation management services help celebrities stay clean online and build a positive image.

Remove Bad Reviews

Bad reviews build a negative perception, which affects the image of an individual or an organization. We can help you get rid of bad reviews from the top pages of Google with our ORM services.

Remove Your Name

Has your name been mentioned on unpleasant online places? Our ‘remove your name’ ORM service will remove those search results from the top search pages and save you from embarrassment.

Push Down Negative Results

Negative search results appearing on the top search engine ranking pages can adversely affect the image of an individual or an establishment. We push down those negative search results to 5th, 6th, 7th, or the next pages where nobody checks.

Remove Complaints

People often make a wrong perception if they find online complaints about you or your establishment. We remove complaints from the top search engine ranking pages with our online reputation management services.

Remove Negative Comments

Be it you or your establishment, negative comments blemish online reputation and make people have a wrong image. Remove negative comments from the top search engine ranking pages with our online reputation management.

Dentist Reputation Management

As a dentist, you should make sure that you have positive reviews and ratings. Any negative online review can send a potential patient away. Build positive online image with our dentist reputation management company.

Lawyer Reputation Management

A law firm should have a positive image to attract more clients. Our lawyer reputation management service not only helps remove negative reviews from top search engine ranking pages but also spreads positive PR.

We are Your Reliable Reputation Management Company

Hire us to control how web searchers perceive you and influence their minds

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Why Choose Us for Online Reputation Repair?

Ranking By SEO is India's leading online reputation management company. We deliver what we promise.

Leading Company

Ranking By SEO is a leading online reputation management company in India. We have been offering online reputation repair and management service for more than 10 years.

Experienced Online Reputation Manager

Our online reputation managers have worked with diverse individual profiles and industries. Rest assured that you will in good hands.

Affordable ORM Packages

Getting a clean online image will not break the bank. Our reputation management services are competitively priced to meet varied needs of our clients.

Why our team of online reputation experts

Fast ORM Results

We know that negative search results often don’t let people have peace. Our online reputation management services deliver fast results so that you can soon have peace of mind.

Continuous Web Monitoring

Our online reputation executives continuously monitor the web for your mention. We will make sure that you will have clean, online image all the time.

Dedicated Reputation Manager

In order to serve you more efficiently, we will assign you a dedicated online reputation manager. You can contact him/her via phone/Skype/chat.


Our online reputation management services are nothing but taking control of what people see about you when they conduct online searches. Let me explain it further: Suppose a disgruntled customer of yours posts a negative review about you, and it comes on the first page. This can adversely affect your brand image. With the help of our online reputation repair, you can have this reviews on 3rd, 4th, or later pages where nobody checks.

Online reputation management service is highly technical. Ranking By SEO employs the best ORM practices to help its clients have a clean online image. For more details about how we do it, request an obligation-free callback.

Ranking By SEO has experienced online reputation management executives who have worked with diverse individuals/companies. Our reputation manager can build an effective online reputation repair plan for you depending on your needs. For more details, you can call us.

We leave no stone unturned to deliver positive results to our clients. And our clients are quite happy with our work. In fact, a big percentage of our new clients are often referred by our existing clients. If we part ways, you will have access to all accounts that we create while offering the service.

Ranking By SEO understands the gravity of the issue pertinent to anyone’s online reputation. We keep all the data related to online reputation management confidential. All our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and we are to sign it with you.

We are living in a time when 81% people do online research before making any purchase. So online reputation plays an important role in influencing their minds. Any negative reviews can break the sales. So you need to have clean, online image that our online reputation repair can ensure.

Frankly speaking, nobody can remove reviews except the one who posted them and the moderators of review websites (in most cases). We will encourage your happy users/clients to write reviews and promote reviews so that negative reviews can go on 5th, 6th, 7th or later pages that people do not see generally.

The time required to build positive reputation entirely depends on the current negative level of web presence. You can see positive results in 2-3 months and substantial results in 6-12 months.

The charges for reputation management services depending on the work needed to repair the online reputation of a person/organization. We will first audit your web presence. Then, we will share the price quote with you. Our online reputation repair packages are competitively priced.

Ranking By SEO is a leading reputation management company. We have been managing the online reputation of our clients for more than 9 years. And we have been featured on industry’s leading websites. We deliver what we promise.

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