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Joomla is one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) in the market today. It is a well known fact that the CMS used in a website are very much important to SEO. You have to know how SEO friendly it is and easily it enables you to include SEO content to your web pages. While some of the content management systems are designed while keeping in mind the SEO portion, the other CMSs do nothing about it. Thus one needs to be very careful while selecting the CMS for the websites.

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SEO content in Joomla

In most versions of Joomla including the latest one of 1.6 the CMS is not set by default to produce search engine friendly URLs but it can be changed to do so. There are two methods for producing SEO friendly URLs in Joomla. One is with Apache mod_rewrite and one is without it. Apache is web server software that serves more than 60% of all websites. The other web server software is Oracle iPlanet (formerly Netscape).

You can also set your Joomla CMs default to produce unique Meta data and keywords in order to create SEO friendly content and Meta data.

SEO Joomla Plug-ins

One of the most important things about Joomla is that it has many additional Joomla plug-ins and extensions that allow the easy and the convenient addition of the SEO content to Joomla. Below mentioned are some of the most popular or the best Joomla plug-ins:

  • Joom SEO: This is one of the most basic of SEO Plug-ins and is extremely useful for the beginners. This highly customizable Plug in auto generates correct placement of keywords for a clean perfect SEO. It also has a “bad keyword” mini database that can be used to specify keywords to be excluded from the content.
  • SEO Simple: This basic plug in allows for the certain metadata to be automated by taking the first chunk of text within the piece of content. This is then used as a value to generate Meta description, which saves time writing them in manually. The extension is listed on most “Top SEO plug- in lists “for Joomla despite of its basic functions.
  • RS SEO: This extension is very helpful in improving the SEO. This plug-in crawls and indexes all of the Meta descriptions, keywords, and page titles. The RS SEO grades each page for SEO effectiveness and thus is a great asset in helping you take better SEO decisions. This plug-in does this by creating site maps and monitoring important keywords thereby assisting you with most favorable keyword placement. It also monitors the competition and sets redirects for old links.
  • iJoomla SEO: This plug-in does a lot more than some other extensions. It allows for the addition of the h1 H2 H3 tags instead of content headings which are important for SEO and web crawlers. It also positions keywords in Google and enables Meta data control for each page. The best feature of iJoomla SEO is its ability to link automatically based on keywords. It also provides the option for “no follow” or “do follow” links which gives the user control over other outside links to prevent being linked to low quality sites.
  • SEO canonicalization: This plug in corrects searches that do not use the preferred domain to search. Joomla redirects the user to the appropriate host name. In the absence of this plug in the user would have to manually do the redirection that he might not know how to do.
  • SEF service map 2 (with ping back system): This extension creates an XML site map of a website and reports all the major content additions to Google, BING, Yahoo, and other major search engines. This reflects that the search engines would crawl your website more frequently and your site would be found easily.
  • Sh104SEF: This is also a plug in for SEF URLs, but with added advantages and functions. It allows for the creation of unlimited short URLs for any page and removes duplicate URLs. It helps in staying on the positive side of Google.
  • Joomla 1.5 SEO Patch: The patch in this plug in refers to the control that it gives to the user to resolve issues relating to the http page headings. The control is given over the Meta and title settings in http headers of Joomla generated pages.
  • Missing Meta Data Module: The installation of this plug in shows on the administrator area a panel which displays a menu of all the pages that are missing the Meta data. This is required in maximizing the SEO content especially if the content has already been updated in the Joomla before the SEO was begun. It eradicates the need to manually locate the pages with missing Meta data especially if the website has a lot of content.
  • Joomap: This extension is simple and useful for the experts as well as the beginners. It allows the user to easily create a site map and then submit it to all the major search engines. It displays the components of the site map like the menu structure, content categories, sections etc. in accordance with the Google’s site maps list. Just like every CMS has pros and cons attached along with it the same goes for Joomla. Different users have different requirements and thus they must make the choice of Joomla only when they think that it would cater to their exact requirements.

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