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The healthcare industry is extremely competitive in nature. It is immaterial whether you are a healthcare industry business looking forward to meet new patients or fundraising opportunities, it’s very much important to have a robust search engine presence.

Before he receives any kind of medical attention the patient would look for information online in order to find the right health care services provider that meets their needs and demands. As far as the health care industry is concerned it is important to generate quality leads overtime. Ranking By SEO India offers healthcare SEO services that will augment website traffic and conversions. For an improved SEO we would integrate your healthcare SEO campaign with the rest of your marketing methods.

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Our Modus Operandi

Before commencing upon the SEO campaign we would look into the health care industry and the competition that is there. In addition to that we would also review the history of your website and the ways it has been marketed in the past. Once we have this back ground information we would commence the keyword research.

For your website to be found by the potential patients, donors, and other prospects in the search engines it is very much necessary to include the keywords and the keyword phrases in each of the webpage. We would do the necessary research and then discuss the results with you.

In synergy we would handpick the most impressive keywords from the findings and then use these keywords on each of the web page. Then we would incorporate these keywords into the content and meta tags of each page in order to get qualified traffic and improve the conversion rates.

Once the onpage optimization has been completed the rest would depend upon the white hat link building techniques. While it is important to have a well optimized site the inbound links give a website additional SEO power. In addition to that the links give the website a well rounded brand reputation across the web. The first step would be to study your current inbound links and the inbound links of your competitors.

This would give us an idea as to which is the direction that your link building campaign should take. A healthcare link building strategy should be diverse. The content marketing plays an important role in the entire health care SEO link building campaign.

The Ranking By SEO India would help you in developing and promoting your content that would augment your position as a thought leader in the health care industry. While at the same time we would also research healthcare industry directories, association sites, and the blogs to submit to.

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