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Ranking By SEO is one of the foremost SEO companies in India. We have been a part of this industry for more than 14 years and have served over 5,000 clients. Most of our clients enjoy top search engine rankings for their target keywords and get good leads and sales consistently. If you want a reliable SEO partner for your website, we’re the right choice.

Why Investing in our Guaranteed SEO is must in 2023

Did you know that around 53.3% of all website visits come from organic search? Over 92% of global traffic comes from Google properties like Web Search, Image Search, and Google Maps. Around 68% of all online sessions start with a search engine. All of these statistics show just how important SEO is for any business.

What Makes Our Guaranteed SEO Services Special?

As an experienced digital marketing company in India, we understand the importance of a strong SEO campaign. We use proven techniques and the latest data to get guaranteed SEO results for our clients. Here’s a look at some reasons why our clients recommend Ranking By SEO to their associates:


We ensure you rank on the top, increase traffic to your website, and grow sales.

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Our Guaranteed SEO Services 

Get Top-Notch Quality with Our SEO Assistance

Our team at Ranking By SEO has the expertise and confidence needed to rank websites on the most popular search engines. Ranging from quality link-building to detailed keyword analysis, our SEO packages offer everything you need to fetch more traffic and earn more leads for your business. So, after you’re on board, rest assured to get the best-quality SEO services from start to finish. 

We also believe in updating our clients on the ranking procedure throughout so that you can provide us with your feedback to make any changes as per the need. Moreover, our services are backed by all-around support and assistance whenever our clients need it. 

It’s also worth noting that our solutions are proven to be consistent and custom-made as per our clients’ requirements. You can go through our detailed testimonials to form a better idea in this regard. 

How Do We Assist Our Clients after On-Boarding 

We understand that building good rapport and understanding with our clients is key to providing high-quality services and earning their satisfaction in return. As such, we ensure the onboarding is smooth and yields a trustworthy and healthy business relationship. 

After the onboarding is complete, we provide our clients with all the evidence and reassurance that they need regarding their ROI. We dive deep into a client’s expectations and develop a clear understanding of their business strategy on the whole. 

Here are the next few stages involved in our interaction with a client after they’ve been on boarded:

1.We build the workflow and learn about your company

After we take a client on board, we first try to know the business landscape and overall strategy that the client adopts. The process involves reviewing the inputs to date and asking further questions as per the need. We also seek documents on buyer personas, market data, and other significant campaign data. 

Side by side, we ensure the client clearly understands our reporting procedure and the KPIs we take into account for the same.

2.We Share the Progress and Identify Your Expertise

We think it’s crucial to show the client our progress at every phase of the collaboration. This helps them understand the market better, highlight the opportunities to their team members, and reveal other valuable insights. Also, this helps our clients revisit the findings of their first few audits and the technical issues therein. We even ensure clients can provide their feedback and optimize the project, their relationship with other businesses, and the audit process. 

3.We Execute the First Deliverable and Receive Your Feedback 

Delivering a technical audit of your digital presence and putting forth the proposed strategy is a crucial part of the process. We depute our specialized executives to explain all the findings of the audit and explain all the steps involved. Plus, the tasks are clarified for all our team members so that they can guide you effectively at each step of the SEO process. 

4.We Optimize and Present the First SEO Report

Since we maintain clarity in the reporting process, onboarding becomes a smooth and easy process. We deliver the report on time on the basis of the inferences drawn after consultations with the client. This way, we maintain credibility and let our clients review the report prior to discussing it with the rest of the company. 

Our discussion during the first reporting session involves a detailed analysis of every point apart from additional status updates or insights. You get to know what all we did till then, our goals for the following months, and the opportunities for growth and improvement. 

How Can We Improve Your Existing SEO Plan 

Now, we’ll provide you with a roundup of how our team helps improve an existing SEO strategy to achieve the desired traffic and leads. The principles we adopt to that end are as follows:

1.High-Quality Site Optimization

Our professionalism ensures every element of your website is optimized effectively, and we also get it done cost-effectively. 

The site elements include webmasters, URL mapping, alt tags, sitemaps and many others. Apart from this, we provide the ideal solution for canonical issues, page speed issues, and other similar problems affecting your website from time to time. 

We blend the power of some latest SEO tools with relevant and profound content to make a website most relevant to the needs of the target audience. So, rest assured frequent surfers will soon be converted to loyal customers. 

2. Execution Based On Your Marketing Purpose

At Ranking By SEO, we are dedicated to providing the desired quality of all-around SEO services throughout a client’s journey.  We examine previous SEO data for our clients and combine it with recent internet trends to frame effective SEO strategies. 

Another point we take into account is the marketing objective of your business. Moreover, you get consistent guidance on your marketing strategy from our experienced SEO executives and can plan all promotional activities accordingly.  

3. Strategies Targeted Towards Ranking on Page 1

We ensure consistent high visibility across significant search engines for all our clients, especially Google. After all, visibility is key to your success as an online business in any niche. 

Almost 60% of online surfers refer to just the 1st and 2nd pages of the search results. So, appearing in the top 10 or 20 search results and standing out in the crowd with your website content is important to garner more traffic. 

Why Do Small & Mid-Sized Businesses Need Guaranteed SEO

Most owners of small to mid-sized businesses consider SEO to be unnecessary, as it’s gradually losing importance in today’s world. In fact, recent data reveals that only 36% of today’s small businesses use SEO services actively.

But SEO can indeed be worthwhile to build the trust of your target audience, improve ROI, and generate more leads. The following are the key reasons why small to mid-size businesses need guaranteed SEO services for better reach and improved performance.

To Connect With Your Audience Early On In the Buyer’s Journey

When consumers face a problem, they start looking for a solution on Bing, Google, and other popular search engines. They might not be ready to make a purchase then and there but would want to know the options available.

Strategic SEO can be used for your website to provide answers to specific people among your target audience and showcase the service or product as the solution.

1.To Boost Website Traffic

SEO mostly involves enhancing page rankings for target keywords. The higher your ranking, the more web traffic you’re likely to receive. After all, organic share of traffic increases to 53%. Another fact worth noting is that 28.5% of the clicks on every SERP are earned for the first organic search result.

2.To Promote Their Business For Free

SEO not only boosts your business through effective digital marketing but is also technically free as you don’t need to pay separately for SERP placement. Google ranks your pages mainly based on three factors, viz. expertise, authority, and Consumer trust.

Moreover, publishing quality content for your customers can help you rank higher without any additional costs. This fetches you more leads while ensuring your budget isn’t dented.

3.To Build Industry Authority

Modern algorithms of search engines can effectively rank the most relevant pages for users on the basis of search terms entered. A website with a high ranking projects credibility and trustworthiness, even though shoppers might not have heard of the brand before.

By leveraging SEO, you can achieve a higher rank on relevant SERPs so that you emerge as an authority in the field. Being an industry leader would mean you can easily bring your visitors to convert into customers.

How to Achieve High ROI for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses?

That was all about the role of SEO in enhancing SERP visibility and improving rankings. It’s now time to learn how small to mid-sized businesses can achieve higher ROI.

Have the Right Mindset

Here’s how you should approach the creation of an effective SEO strategy:

1.Think Long-Term

With search engines like Google, change is the only constant. They function based on rapidly changing user preferences and website designs. And each time they change the rules for ranking websites algorithmically, the definition of efficient SEO is altered.

2.Have your goals in mind

Once you have framed clear KPIs and goals, you’ll be able to design proper SEO strategies with instances from your competitors. Knowing the end goals and working toward them can indeed save money, stress, and time.

3.Consider the budget allocation

Think SEO investment as a manager of your funds that includes budget allocation. For instance, you can decide whether link building should comprise 60% or 20% of your overall investment. With a proper allocation of SEO investment, you can ensure the right amount of resources is focussed in the right areas.

4.Generate a Good Lead

Returning and loyal customers are, without any doubt, extremely important for any small to midsize business. The cost involved in acquiring a lead is pretty high, and a one-time buyer can barely cover the expenditure. Generating a good lead with guaranteed SEO requires a comprehensive approach. In contrast, you can generate a good ROI from a repeat customer, where the subsequent transactions provide a sound profit. It can also make your loyal customers advocate your business, recommending the business to their acquaintances. Thus, a single lead will, in turn, generate many more leads.

5.Identify Seasonal Trends for Keywords (search engine journal)

Considering that search engines are subjected to frequent updates, it would be wise to adopt SEO tactics that promote predictability. A useful SEO technique in this regard is to make plans for seasonal search trends.

Note that the demand trends for most products go through seasonal troughs and peaks. This makes it essential to time the content appropriately based on such patterns to maximize sales and traffic.

The following steps are key to adopting seasonal search data into a content strategy:

  • Plan- Apply historical search data to plan a content strategy.
  • Influence- Adopt tactics to influence customers in a less competitive market or when they’re in the research phase.
  • Peak- Keep track of your peak and during this time, make sure to inhabit as much space in the SERPs as possible.
  • Repeat- Apply data on trends to determine if this trend will be repeated next year or whether you’ll need to focus on other categories.

Why Choose Our Guaranteed SEO Service?

There are hundreds of SEO companies in India, so what makes Ranking By SEO so special? We’re a customer-oriented company dedicated to results-based marketing. Here’s a look at some reasons why we are a good choice:

Guaranteed SEO Results

Our success rate with Guaranteed SEO service is over 90%. Here are some of the recent SEO results.

Case Study

Result on -
Target Country - India

Current Rank
eu business school germany
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12 Before SEO
89 After SEO
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99 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Case Study

Result on -
Target Country - USA

Current Rank
Bow Wow Thrift Trash Outs
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50 Before SEO
200 After SEO
33 Before SEO
33 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have worked with thousands of customers worldwide and many of the happiest customers have shared their feedback for our services. Some of them you can see below

Hanan Nagi
Hanan Nagi

It is our pleasure to recommend services of Ethane Web Technologies. They have done a fantastic job of optimizing our site.


I've been working with Lalit for several years now and he does a great job. His prices are reasonable and his SEO is effective. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jaskaran Sidhu

Ranking By SEO has so far proved to be the good SEO company within this industry. Hope our professional relation stays the same in future too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing SEO?

We have been delivering excellent SEO services in India since 2008. Some team members have been a part of this industry for a long time and understand how search works. We have served over 5,000 clients and helped many companies reach the top with a customized marketing campaign.

How much time do you need to get my business on the top?

Getting your business to the top of the SERP depends on several factors. The timeline is different for different businesses, but most clients see some changes in their rankings in around 3-6 months and substantial changes in around 6-12 months. Our expert will provide a more detailed timeline during a consultation.

Will you do all - on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and technical SEO?

Our guaranteed SEO service includes all essential SEO strategies. Even the most basic plan is comprehensive and will help you establish a strong foundation in your industry. The service will include on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. It will also include essential techniques like link building, keyword research, content, and more.

How much do you charge for guaranteed SEO services?

We offer a range of SEO packages in India that include all essential techniques to establish a strong foundation. These packages are affordable and don’t have any hidden costs so you can find something that fits your budget easily. Ranking By SEO also provides tailored, customized services. You can discuss the size and scope of the project with our experts and get tailored advice.

Will you run paid ads on Google?

Our guaranteed SEO service includes organic search engine optimization services. Paid ads aren’t a part of SEO but we can include them in your campaign. Your dedicated project manager will provide a custom quote that includes all of your required digital marketing techniques. Just speak with our customer care executives to know more.

Have you worked with someone in my industry?

As an SEO company that has been around since 2008, we have worked with thousands of clients from different industries. Whether you are a doctor, plumber, fashion designer, freelancer, photographer, or artist, we can help. We can offer tailored and customized services even if we haven’t worked in your industry. Our team is innovative and tech-savvy so they know how to dig up information from different sources to create a nuanced marketing campaign.

Will you tell me everything that you will do to optimize my website?

Absolutely. We believe in complete transparency with our clients and like to keep them informed about all active campaigns. Your dedicated project manager will discuss everything regarding the campaign during the initial consultations, helping you understand where your website is at currently. We will then provide detailed weekly or monthly reports so you can keep track of the progress.

Will you blend content marketing into SEO?

Yes, content marketing is an important aspect of SEO. Even the most basic package includes a few content pieces that will help draw traffic and make you more visible on search engines. We formulate the content carefully, making sure it is well-written, relevant, and informative. Our team will also ensure the content has the right keywords.

How will I know your SEO strategies are successful?

Our experts will conduct a comprehensive audit of your website and establish a few clear KPIs during the first consultation. These KPIs help establish a baseline metric so you can compare the numbers with all future metrics. Your dedicated project manager will send regular performance reports every week or month so you know how your campaign is going.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement on the client’s request.