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Google Panda Penalty Recovery Services

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Google hates spamming and introduces new algorithm & algorithm updates, from time to time, to uproot this completely. Google Panda is a serious algorithm in this series. Google introduced this algorithm on the 24th of February 2011, aiming at cleaning up the web from content spammers by stopping sites with low quality content obtain high ranking in its search results and pushing down their rankings heavily or throwing them completely out of Google search results.

Google was forced by spammers to introduce this algorithm by spammers, as the spammers were doing excessively content spamming to bring their sites in top search results. Some would create web pages on every possible term to trick to Google to promote their sites in Google search results. Creating web pages on different terms was not a problem – the problem was that they did not focus on the content quality. They would write pages not for their visitors but for search engines, which would down the image of Google search results in the eyes of its users.

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Before Panda, a big number of site with low quality were appearing in top rankings. The Panda was a big blow for all such sites, as Panda was introduced, they all disappeared.

In most of the cases, web masters are responsible for Google penalty to their sites, as they copied content from different sources and put the same on their websites with small changes which irritated Google. But, it would be wrong to say that all webmasters whose sites are victims of Panda are solely responsible for the penalty – some webmasters made mistakes in hiring firms to write web pages for their websites and the firms provided low quality or thin content for their websites.

Unfortunately, if your website has lost its visibility in Google search results since Panda algorithm any of its new versions was introduced, it means your website has also been a victim of Google Panda. How can your site expunge from this penalty and regain its lost visibility in Google search results? Don’t feel disappointed at all about this. Instead, just approach us.

With our Panda penalty recovery service, we will help your website regain what you have lost (your website visibility and business opportunities) due to this Google penalty.

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If your site has got a hit from google panda update, call us. We would whole heartedly assist you to help your website regain its visibility, web-traffic, and business.