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Drupal is the most SEO friendly, open source CMS currently available. Just by having a Drupal site does not make sure that the search engines would have an easier time finding you. The content management system Drupal is SEO friendly in the sense that it allows for a high level of control and customization. Since Drupal comes equipped with the SEO friendly modules therefore it is easy to implement good SEO practices on your website. Search Engine optimization is not a hassle with Drupal. In fact it is an integrated part of your web design process.

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One of the main concerns with the hosted solutions is the backend management. Drupal offers variety of tools like video catalogs, ability to easily offer coupons, discounts or other money saving tools that makes the backend management easy and tractable.

Some features of Drupal SEO

  • Clean URLs: It is easy for the people as well as the search engines to read the clean URls. Instead of your URLs reading something like “mywebsite.com/node/752” it would be much better if your URL reads something like “mywebsite.com/shop/footwear.” Drupal comes equipped with these URL aliases that from an SEO point of view are very advantageous.
  • Global Redirect: Drupal’s global redirect system allows you to set up permanent redirects to our clean URL aliases so that in the eyes of the search engines the two URLs are seen as one and the same. If the two URLs are not globally redirected then it can pose a few problems. The first major problem is that the Google and the other major search engines would view the content as duplicate and would penalize your site for that. This could lead to a lowering of the ranking of your website. The other drawback is that while some sites would be linking to one URL the others would be linking to the other URL. This would split up the link authority between two duplicate pages. However with the global redirect feature the Drupal solves the issue by directing the entire non-search engine friendly URLs to the search engine friendly ones.
  • Page title module: This module in Drupal allows you to have a greater control over the page title tags. Speaking in Drupal SEO friendly parlance the title tags play an important role in determining the ranking on the key search engines.
  • Meta Tags: Although the importance of Meta tags in improving the rankings of the website on the search engines has been reduced due to the growing prominence of the social media marketing and the ever evolving search engine algorithms yet their importance cannot be denied. Drupal’s Meta tag module provides you with input ready fields so that you can generate the Meta data quickly and hassle free every time you upload new content to the website. In synergy with the page title this module makes for the good Drupal SEO services practice.
  • Site Map: A Site map is one of the most important ingredients of the web site in terms of SEO. It does not matter whether the website is big or small the site map plays a very crucial role in the SEO of that website. A good site map allows the search engine spiders to crawl through the various segments of the website easily. The site map module in Drupal allows for the creation of a dynamic sitemap that has all the links and pathways for the search engine spiders to follow. This implies that you would spend less time waiting for your content to show up on the major search engines.
  • Analytics: The analytic module allows you to install Google analytics on your site. The only thing that is needed is to plug in your unique tracking code into the module. While the implementation of the web analytics software does not impact the SEO results however it allows you to see which search engine marketing strategy is working for you and which is not. It can help you in formulating your SEO and SEM tactics.

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