If you are looking for the top SEO blogs to enhance your knowledge about SEO in 2018, you are at the right place. We have filtered the best 100 SEO blogs in 2018 from thousands of blogs on the Internet using advanced search metrics and algorithms. These blogs have been ranked based on various parameters such as Alexa ranking, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, search engine rankings, and Linkedin Followers. These top SEO blogs comprise of premium quality content on search engine optimization tips, techniques, strategies, updates, trends, and insights that will help digital marketers keep themselves up-to-date on the latest SEO practice in 2018. A good SEO blog not only covers all-important topics but also states how that information can help you in your SEO campaign. We assure you these top SEO blogs are extremely capable to answer all your SEO related queries.

Here is the list of Top SEO Blogs in 2018:

Hubspot Blog The HubSpot blog provides SEO news, analysis, and how-to internet marketing blogs that help marketers and SEOs stay informed. Founded in 2004, their blogs give the latest news and suggestions on how you can stand out in this competitive market.

Twitter: @hubspot.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 708734 Twitter Followers
  • 664 Alexa Rank
  • 158943 Linkedin Followers
  • 1195677 Facebook likes
Moz Blog Moz is considered to be a home of highly practical SEO tips. Just click on any blog and read that completely, you will feel like you have known something very much valuable for your SEO campaign.

Twitter: @moz.com

Frequency: 4-5 times a week

  • 466K Twitter Followers
  • 920 Alexa Rank
  • 19978 Linkedin Followers
  • 218060 Facebook likes
Semrush.com Blog SEMrush is an American company founded in the year 2008. The SEO blog category of SEMrush features several important topics such as elements of perfect backlink, different ways to optimize landing pages, important factors that can influence your SEO, keyword research tools and many more. It is committed to help business owners to perform best practices of search engine optimization.

Twitter: @semrush.com

Frequency: thrice a week

  • 46.6K Twitter Followers
  • 1037 Alexa Rank
  • 4388 Linkedin Followers
  • 50814 Facebook likes
Seo.com Blog SEO.com is a well-established online marketing firm based in Draper, United States. The company claims to provide best digital marketing solutions such as SEO services, PPC advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. around the globe. The SEO blog of SEO.com provides helpful tips and tricks on social media optimization, digital marketing, online search engine marketing and so on.

Twitter: @seocom.com

Frequency: thrice a week

  • 22.7K Twitter Followers
  • 134532 Alexa Rank
  • 2997 Linkedin Followers
  • 5330 Facebook likes
ahrefs.com Blog Ahrefs is the source of the latest marketing news, information, commentary, advice, opinion, research, and reference, online. Ahrefs’ blogs help you get better at SEO and marketing by providing detailed tutorials, case studies, tips, and opinion pieces from marketing practitioners and industry experts. Weekly blogs are posted by Ahrefs to keep you updated.

Twitter: @ahrefs.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 10.6K Twitter Followers
  • 2232 Alexa Rank
  • 1231 Linkedin Followers
  • 36981 Facebook likes
searchengineland.com Search Engine Land is a noted daily publication that covers almost all vital facets of the search marketing industry. The arena of SEO is very vast and success is dependent upon number of factors. Issues pertaining to Google, search trends for latest year are also discussed on the page. The latest blogs featuring on this page are very informative. Remember, you can avail remarkable advantages from the arena of digital marketing. Such blogs help the readers to have adequate knowledge about the digital world.

Twitter: @sengineland.com

Frequency: Daily

  • 377K Twitter Followers
  • 2776 Alexa Rank
  • 10224 Linkedin Followers
  • 36130 Facebook likes
shoutmeloud.com ShoutMeLoud’s blog is a platform where enthusiastic bloggers share the knowledge of internet world to earn money Practical tips shared by bloggers on the blog bring awareness among the business owners of different verticals regarding how to raise money using the online medium. The online marketing tips provided are best to increase the traffic and brand value. The Blog covers the topic like email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and so on.

Twitter: @shoutmeloud.com

Frequency: Daily

  • 19.2K Twitter Followers
  • 3735 Alexa Rank
  • 10186 Linkedin Followers
  • 56448 Facebook likes
yoast.com Yoast is all about optimizing the website. Yoast takes care of every aspect of the website that will help the business to grow. The blog of Yoast covers all the topics related to website optimization. It covers the topics like SEO, SEO Content, eCommerce, Usability & Conversion Rate Optimization, and website development.

Twitter: @yoast.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 101k Twitter Followers
  • 4616 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 187686 Facebook likes
Woorank.com Blog Woorank is a web-based SEO checker tool that generates instant website reviews to optimize the website. Its blog covers many important topics related to SEO and digital marketing. Readers can get useful insights on Local SEO, SMO, and development that are highly important to generate highly relevant traffic.

Twitter: @woorank.com

Frequency: 4-5 times a week

  • 4618 Twitter Followers
  • 5064 Alexa Rank
  • 1267 Linkedin Followers
  • 4394 Facebook likes
Searchenginejournal.com SEMrush is an American SEO company founded in the year 2008. The SEO blog category of SEMrush features several important topics such as elements of perfect backlink, different ways to optimize landing pages, important factors that can influence your SEO, keyword research tools and many more. It is committed to help business owners to perform best practices of search engine optimization.

Twitter: @sejournal.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 136K Twitter Followers
  • 6775 Alexa Rank
  • 3923 Linkedin Followers
  • 149607 Facebook likes
searchenginewatch.com Search Engine Watch blog is the ultimate destination for readers to get to know all the latest information regarding search engine optimization techniques, strategies, and trends. It features different SEO topics such as guide to Google ranking signals, SEO audit, keywords myth and many more.

Twitter: @sewatch.com

Frequency: Daily

  • 168K Twitter Followers
  • 7087 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 39476 Facebook likes
Neilpatel Blog The process of imbibing knowledge should never cease. Utilize all resources in the best manner. Insightful knowledge is very useful in tracking marketing activities. Identifying your mistakes, establishing special bonds with the customers are some of the miscellaneous aspects not very widely discussed. Discerned businesspersons make use of free and promising marketing tools. They properly channelize social media platforms for the exclusive benefit of the business.

Twitter: @neilpatel.com

Frequency: 4-5 times a week

  • 219K Twitter Followers
  • 7689 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 336626 Facebook likes
Seobook Blog Launched in 2003, SEO Book is one of the oldest SEO blogs offering marketing tips, search analysis, online business tips, and general commentary on the evolution of the web from an algorithmic, publishing & business model perspective.

Twitter: @seobook.com

Frequency: thrice a week

  • 218K Twitter Followers
  • 9293 Alexa Rank
  • 75167 Linkedin Followers
  • 17636 Facebook likes
seoprofiler.com SEOprofiler is a well-known cloud based Internet marketing software tool that helps online businesses to get higher rankings on search engines such as Google. Its blog is an innovative resource for search engine optimization, social media, keyword research, mobile ranking, reputation management and many more. Its main agenda is to provide its readers with premium data related to market trends.

Twitter: @seoprofiler.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 1721 Twitter Followers
  • 10176 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 542 Facebook likes
searchmetrics.com Search Metrics is not only a source of competitive insight and market analysis that cannot be copied but also a source of great information on important SEO factors that can give your SEO campaign the desired direction.

Twitter: @searchmetrics.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 6646 Twitter Followers
  • 10464 Alexa Rank
  • 3362 Linkedin Followers
  • 47542 Facebook likes
Backlinko Blog Relevant SEO tips can act as game changer. Any tip that works for a particular business might not work for the other but rules are different in the digital arena. By aligning those relevant SEO tips with your business, you can exploit better opportunities of growth. Take proper suggestions from online marketers to generate drive significant amount of web traffic towards your website. Explore the latest knowledge pertaining with on page optimization and magnetize virtual traffic towards your website.

Twitter: @Backlinko.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 40.4K Twitter Followers
  • 11660 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 9941 Facebook likes
seochat.com In SEO Chat’s articles, authors write about current issues and solutions in the areas of online marketing & SEO and show interesting statistics & trends. Their monthly articles keep you updated with Search Engine News, Google optimization help, Link building help and so on.

Twitter: @devseochat.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 2175 Twitter Followers
  • 12869 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 5202 Facebook likes
Crazyegg Blog Crazy Egg provides the latest news and insights to help digital marketing professionals stay up to date with what is happening in the SEO space. The blogs show you what to do and how to do it. The blogs written by Neil Patel provide comprehensive information that helps you get higher conversions.

Twitter: @CrazyEgg.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 49.7 Twitter Followers
  • 13241 Alexa Rank
  • 1005 Linkedin Followers
  • 9097 Facebook likes
problogger.net ProBlogger is a unique platform that suggests the useful tips to make money online. ProBlogger gives blogging advice, tips, and in-depth tutorials about latest blogging trends. The Search engine optimization category of ProBlogger covers the subjects related to SEO, Local SEO, Penguin penalty, SMO, Content, and so on which can actually drive the traffic to the website.

Twitter: @problogger.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 239K Twitter Followers
  • 19366 Alexa Rank
  • 4225 Linkedin Followers
  • 85006 Facebook likes
Monitorbacklinks Blog This has been recognized as a great source of information for link building enthusiasts as well as professionals since they get quite useful information here that help them in their link building campaign. The blogs give complete information on how to attract customers by using Link Bait, SEO tactics for RankBrain and human behavior signals etc.

Twitter: @monitorbacklink.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 1428 Twitter Followers
  • 23196 Alexa Rank
  • 41 Linkedin Followers
  • 566 Facebook likes
screamingfrog.co.uk Founded in 2010, Screaming Frog is a well-known digital marketing services provider. Its blogs, especially how to blogs can provide you great insight about SEO. They can make you know how you can improve your existing SEO strategy. If you are learning SEO, this blog can be a great learning source for you.

Twitter: @screamingfrog.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 1415 Twitter Followers
  • 18493 Alexa Rank
  • 1078 Linkedin Followers
  • 3237 Facebook likes
Attracta Blog Attracta is the most popular SEO company based in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. It has successfully become the largest SEO company in the world with over 3.6 million websites registered with the company. Here you will find tips on best SEO practices such as steps to on-site SEO, tricks to get more lead etc.

Twitter: @attractainc.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 158 Twitter Followers
  • 20881 Alexa Rank
  • 164 Linkedin Followers
  • 4778 Facebook likes
inbound.org Recognized as a great information resource, being a large community of 170,000+ marketers, Inbound.org provides comprehensive details on topics like how you can build quality links, how you can develop quality content, what you are in missing in your SEO strategy. Therefore, seeing this blog can do a great help in managing your SEO campaign.

Twitter: @inbound.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 9239 Twitter Followers
  • 98102 Alexa Rank
  • 159 Linkedin Followers
  • 4788 Facebook likes
webconfs.com Local search engine optimization, video optimization, YouTube Ranking, link building, content marketing or whatever your area of search is, SEO articles at Webconfs are able to provide you comprehensive information about the topic. You will find blogs about almost every small and major topic related to SEO.

Twitter: @webconfs.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 112 Twitter Followers
  • 22213 Alexa Rank
  • 619 Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
marketingprofs.com MarketingProfs is an online destination for education where individual marketers and marketing teams finally turn to search for resources, modern marketing tools, training materials, strategies, content, and so on. The SEO blog of MarketingProfs mainly covers the topics regarding SEO, Local SEO, website performance, and so on that are useful for online marketing.

Twitter: @marketingprofs.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 363K Twitter Followers
  • 22856 Alexa Rank
  • 10642 Linkedin Followers
  • 122805 Facebook likes
Unamo Blog Search Engine Optimization is the key to drive or magnetize more traffic towards your website. This page has discussed prominent topics such as qualities require within SEO content writer, importance of backlink profile analysis, importance of SEO audit, role of SEO in the growth of any business, altering nature of Search Engine Result Pages. Your SEO strategy should be promising. Your SEO strategy should be a long-term plan and the goal should be to derive relevant traffic for the growth of business.

Twitter: @positionly.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 3476 Twitter Followers
  • 58179 Alexa Rank
  • 168 Linkedin Followers
  • 6282 Facebook likes
Brightedge Blog You never know that even small and minor issues can hamper the growth of your business. Use necessary tools that can enable your business to swiftly identify and resolve issues. Smart web marketing experts make best usage of social media platforms such as YouTube. In last few years’ videos posted on this social network are even serving Google Search Results. Businesspersons should also keep themselves upgraded about global SEO guidelines.

Twitter: @brightedge.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 23K Twitter Followers
  • 27853 Alexa Rank
  • 7308 Linkedin Followers
  • 28751 Facebook likes
Lunametrics Blog LunaMetrics blog is considered a one of the best blogs in SEO industry when it comes to quality SEO blogs. Therefore, it has been included in our list. We recommend anyone to visit their blog to get good information about SEO and related things.

Twitter: @lunametrics.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 8898 Twitter Followers
  • 27908 Alexa Rank
  • 977 Linkedin Followers
  • 3309 Facebook likes
hobo-web.co.uk Hobo-Web LTD is a Glasgow- based firm which provides the best SEO audits to the website to know why the website is losing the traffic. Hobo- Web LTD optimizes the website to gain the more traffic from an organic listing of Google. Hobo SEO blog covers the topic related to the internet marketing. The blog describes the SEO topics that help the website to rank higher on the SERP.

Twitter: @hobo_web.com

Frequency: thrice a week

  • 6205 Twitter Followers
  • 29891 Alexa Rank
  • 328 Linkedin Followers
  • 2958 Facebook likes
RankWatch RankWatch offers online marketing software that provide in-depth insights to make informed business decisions. The online marketing software of this company are used by digital marketers in more than 100 countries. The blog of RankWatch is hugely popular for covering SEO topics in a comprehensive manner.

Twitter: @RankWatch

Frequency: Twice a month

  • 3789 Twitter Followers
  • 136,694 Alexa Rank
  • 168 Linkedin Followers
  • 3585 Facebook likes
clickz.com Clickz is a global community of more than 200k digital marketing people. It is the premiere destination for the readers that provide each and every update of digital marketing trends and insights. Business owners can promote their business using Clickz. It provides information related to marketing strategies, social media, email marketing, ROI marketing etc.

Twitter: @clickz.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 57.7k Twitter Followers
  • 32949 Alexa Rank
  • 5360 Linkedin Followers
  • 17334 Facebook likes
Wordtracker Blog Wordtracker generates high-performing keywords for the website that no one is competing on. As a result of this, business will get huge success in its field. Keyword research is the most important aspect for the success of the business online. SEO category of Wordtracker features the latest stories on online marketing, how to’s, and even the common mistakes that businesses should be well-aware of, to stay updated with continuously-changing SEO world.

Twitter: @wordtracker.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 6196 Twitter Followers
  • 33326 Alexa Rank
  • 593 Linkedin Followers
  • 2954 Facebook likes
smartblogger.com Started in 2012 by a blogger Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger has become a popular resource of information regarding SEO, not only for webmasters but also for SEO aspirants. You can read blogs about SEO myths, SEO tips, SEO updates, etc.

Twitter: @smartbloggerhq.com

Frequency: 4-5 times a week

  • 45.7K Twitter Followers
  • 32627 Alexa Rank
  • 5354 Linkedin Followers
  • 23300 Facebook likes
Cognitiveseo Blog Cognitive SEO commenced its journey in 2010 and aims to deliver cost efficient solutions to meet their key requirements. This company appropriately utilizes all available tools and enables the clients to monitor the performance of their website in better manner. The blogs posted on the website should be edifying, role of properly researched content, social media influence, insightful online marketing, volume of content, role of title and keywords in ranking, ways to boost online awareness, ways to influence readers.

Twitter: @cognitiveSEO.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 4190 Twitter Followers
  • 34618 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 12484 Facebook likes
Portent Blog Portent is a Washington based digital marketing company that provides various services such as SEO, SMB, PPC, Analytics etc. The company also provides various digital marketing tools such as Raingage tool, SERP preview tool, click worth calculator and many more. Its SEO blog provides tips and guides all the digital marketing strategies and techniques.

Twitter: @portent.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 4686 Twitter Followers
  • 38506 Alexa Rank
  • 1838 Linkedin Followers
  • 3756 Facebook likes
rankpay.com Rankpay is one of the leading SEO companies based in California, United States. The company strives to provide best SEO, social media and blog management services to its clients. At its blog, the readers will get to know all relevant information related to SEO such as beginners guide to link building and content curation, mobile SEO obstacles etc that will help their business to grow.

Twitter: @rankpay.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 1302 Twitter Followers
  • 140238 Alexa Rank
  • 1829 Linkedin Followers
  • 656 Facebook likes
Dexmedia Blog The growth of business is dependent upon its performance and the manner in which it presents itself before target audience. Dex Media is committed to help its clients in best possible manner. It helps in the growth of businesses by providing them with relevant marketing solutions. Due to growing level of competition it has become extremely necessary to follow the genuine SEO advises. Get better google ranking and register tremendous growth in your business within quick spell.


Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 8440 Twitter Followers
  • 44180 Alexa Rank
  • 13697 Linkedin Followers
  • 11597 Facebook likes
Seopressor Blog Search Engine Optimization enables the website to improve its ranking and visibility. This subsequently assists in the growth of the business. The aspect of ranking is dependent upon various fundamentals and parameters. The length of the content, its effectiveness and relevancy also matters. The content and presentation of website should be such that readers get engaged with the website. Collect all vital information about social marketing trends, it would ultimately sharp your online marketing strategy.

Twitter: @SEOPressor.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 3069 Twitter Followers
  • 43749 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 4402 Facebook likes
toprankblog.com At TopRanK blogs, you can find tips, guides, news, expert interviews and much more. Their blogs help you about subjects like how to attract, engage, and convert more customers by integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing.

Twitter: @toprank.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 33823 Twitter Followers
  • 246152 Alexa Rank
  • 3872 Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
Gotchseo Blog Nathan Gotch is the founder of Gotch SEO, a leading American search engine optimization company founded by globally recognized SEO expert. Its blog provides all the essential and most significant information about SEO. The readers will get to know about different SEO tactics that will help to get better page ranking on search engines.

Twitter: @GotchSEO.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 3074 Twitter Followers
  • 48815 Alexa Rank
  • 30 Linkedin Followers
  • 7302 Facebook likes
Upcity Blog UpCity is the local inbound marketing solution. The local inbound marketing system is a collective marketing effort that helps any business to be searched through social media, search, and local sites. SEO news trends category of Upcity covers the topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, Reputation Management, and Social Media Optimization which give the better searching ability to the website.

Twitter: @upcityinc.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 3705 Twitter Followers
  • 48293 Alexa Rank
  • 473 Linkedin Followers
  • 852 Facebook likes
Bruceclay Blog Bruce Clay Inc. is a noted digital marketing optimization company that endows with SEO services, PPC SEM, web designing, Social Media and conversion rate optimization services. The category is focused upon importance of accelerated mobile pages, prominent SEO benefits from link less mentions. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep a tab on Google Panda, Google Penguin and other algorithms. Information about quality guidelines also plays instrumental role in the growth of business.

Twitter: @BruceClayInc.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 21.7k Twitter Followers
  • 46128 Alexa Rank
  • 2341 Linkedin Followers
  • 8762 Facebook likes
distilled.net Distilled is an online marketing agency that claims to provide best services such as search engine optimization, digital PR, technical consulting and many more. Its blog features useful information related to google updates, penguin strategies, technical audits, keyword analysis etc. The information provided will definitely help digital marketers to grow their business.

Twitter: @distilled.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 36065 Twitter Followers
  • 46092 Alexa Rank
  • 2869 Linkedin Followers
  • 7548 Facebook likes
Bluefountainmedia Blog A New York based digital marketing company, Blue Fountain Media is known for its excellent blog. About its blog, company says, “Our blog provides regular insight into the latest industry trends in web design and digital marketing.” By checking its SEO blogs regularly, you can know about important SEO updates and changes.

Twitter: @BFMweb.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 4534 Twitter Followers
  • 50526 Alexa Rank
  • 16382 Linkedin Followers
  • 6780 Facebook likes
Convince & Convert Convince & Convert was founded by a New York Times best-selling author and global keynote speaker, Jay Baer. This premium company works with the world’s most interesting brands to boost their digital marketing and customer success.

Twitter: @convince

Frequency: Thrice a month

  • 38.4k Twitter Followers
  • 86,433 Alexa Rank
  • 4562 Linkedin Followers
  • 68416 Facebook likes
seo-hacker.com Sean Si is the author and editor-in chief of SEO Hacker, a leading search engine optimization company that claims to provide best and latest information related to search engine optimization industry. It provides its readers the complete knowledge related to various SEO related topics such as benefits of SEO, famous SEO strategies and many more.

Twitter: @seo_hacker.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 25.3k Twitter Followers
  • 53134 Alexa Rank
  • 769 Linkedin Followers
  • 22113 Facebook likes
dailyblogtips.com Daily Blog Tips gives the best support to the business. It means Daily Blog Tips will help you to make the money. The blog covers the topic related to keyword research, link tracking, and link building, SMO, Online marketing strategy, Development, Google Analytics, tips and tactics to improve the ranking of the website on the SERP.

Twitter: @danielscocco.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 19.6k Twitter Followers
  • 2026623 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
webnots.com Based in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India, Webnots is a web services consultancy that had a humble start in 2007. Its SEO blogs provide you valuable information about search engine optimization that can be crucial to give your SEO strategy the right direction. For example, “9 Tried and True Tips to Improve Your SEO Today,” and “Fix Sitemap Issues with Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.”

Twitter: @WebNots.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 208 Twitter Followers
  • 54060 Alexa Rank
  • 1 Linkedin Followers
  • 116 Facebook likes
shivarweb.com ShivarWeb is a great informational source for SEO enthusiasts, freelancers, and do-it-yourself people. You will find blogs on many topics such as keyword research, keyword mapping, content marketing, tools to find content ideas, YouTube for internet marketing and much more.

Twitter: @nshivar.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 737 Twitter Followers
  • 59703 Alexa Rank
  • 9 Linkedin Followers
  • 235 Facebook likes
Searchenginepeople Blog Read Search Engine People’ blog posts and find the latest tips, tricks, and trends about SEO on Search Engine People, a Canada-based SEO, PPC, & inbound marketing company. The blog provides you valuable information on optimization of internal linking with A1 website analyzer, prevention & management of negative online reviews and other strategies for online marketing.

Twitter: @senginepeople.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 8960 Twitter Followers
  • 60104 Alexa Rank
  • 5655 Linkedin Followers
  • 17088 Facebook likes
Ducttapemarketing Blog SEO category of Duct Tape Marketing gives the most practical marketing system. Duct Tape Marketing is the most Simple, effective, and affordable small business marketing firm. The Blog describes the best SEO practices that are needed to give the better online visibility to the website. The blog covers the topics related to SEO, Keyword Research, and PR.

Twitter: @ducttape.com

Frequency: Twice a week

  • 8950 Twitter Followers
  • 63002 Alexa Rank
  • 5602 Linkedin Followers
  • 17089 Facebook likes
Seerinteractive Blog Get insights, updates, & news on Pure SEO from their monthly blogs. Here you will find fresh reviews of SEO news, great resources to learn SEO. Read the tips and tricks to make relevant & shareable content for B2B brands and other SEO guidance.

Twitter: @SeerInteractive.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 115k Twitter Followers
  • 71598 Alexa Rank
  • 3549 Linkedin Followers
  • 30705 Facebook likes
Writtent Blog Want to know about those SEO topics knowledge of which can give a pace to your online marketing campaign? Blogs at Writtent.com can provide you loads of such useful ideas that can help you understand the SEO in the perspective of your requirements and give the right direction to your campaign.

Twitter: @writtentcom.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 14.6k Twitter Followers
  • 78203 Alexa Rank
  • 3527 Linkedin Followers
  • 3480 Facebook likes
Branded3 Blog Branded3 is a well-established digital search agency based in the UK. Its blog serves as a hub for vast information related to search engine optimization, link building, app store listing optimization etc. Readers can also subscribe to get latest news and insights. The information provided will surely help readers to enhance their SEO skills.

Twitter: @branded_3.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 171 Twitter Followers
  • 81950 Alexa Rank
  • 151 Linkedin Followers
  • 1182 Facebook likes
Techwyse Blog Search Engine Optimization category of Techwyse features all the important facets of SEO. It clears all the doubts of readers related to SEO. The blog covers the major topics related to SEO. SEO specialist from TechWyse and all over the world give an active contribution to the blog by offering how-to’s, SEO strategy advice, infographics, interviews, and insights to assist the professionals to get success in marketing campaigns.

Twitter: @techwyse.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 15.4K Twitter Followers
  • 88767 Alexa Rank
  • 2416 Linkedin Followers
  • 1670 Facebook likes
My Site Auditor
MySiteAuditor Blog My Site Auditor has become a popular SEO blog with its well-informed posts on topics like image optimization, title tag, mobile SEO checklist, local SEO checklist, URL optimization, SEO tools, and so on. Reading this blog can enhance your understanding of search engine optimization and how different elements can affect your website SEO campaign.

Twitter: @mysiteauditor

Frequency: Monthly

  • 8,629 Twitter Followers
  • 91,777 Alexa Rank
  • 18 Linkedin Followers
  • 1,881 Facebook likes
Sistrix Blog SISTRIX Toolbox is an SEO tool that provides details of the most important SEO performance indicators. Its blog is known for its descriptive blogs that cover almost everything about SEO. The blog is useful for the SEO enthusiasts, internet marketers, and SEO beginners, as it describes the ranking technique of Google and the factors affecting so that readers can make use of the best SEO practices to help the business to get higher visibility on the search engine especially on Google.

Twitter: @sistrix.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 31.7K Twitter Followers
  • 93465 Alexa Rank
  • 1642 Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
stonetemple.com Stone Temple’s SEO blogs are a great source of help for SEO enthusiasts and internet marketers. Its blog provide practical information about the topics of SEO. On this blog, you get articles about content marketing services, local SEO services, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, penguin, penguin recovery, and plenty of other subjects.

Twitter: @stc_corp.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 335 Twitter Followers
  • 93465 Alexa Rank
  • 412 Linkedin Followers
  • 6201 Facebook likes
stateofdigital.com The blog of the State of Digital discusses the ways to use screaming frog’s custom feature, the reasons of losing traffic & ways to preventing it, the converging worlds of digital PR and SEO, the issues related to SEO and solutions for them.

Twitter: @stateofdigital.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 18854 Twitter Followers
  • 99461 Alexa Rank
  • 412 Linkedin Followers
  • 6201 Facebook likes
seoblog.com SEO Blog is the place where great articles dedicated to SEO are posted. Here you will find fresh reviews of SEO news, great resources to learn SEO. Weekly articles are posted to keep you updated related to SEO aspects and how you can improve your website’s SEO ranking on Google.

Twitter: @seoblog.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 23916 Twitter Followers
  • 101808 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 2901 Facebook likes
singlegrain.com Single Grain is a prominent name in the world of digital marketing, especially for its content services, as its write-ups are said to have been published on sites like The Huffington Post, Time, and Entrepreneur. Their blogs are a great informational resource for web-masters. You can read blogs regarding backlinks, content marketing, using black-hat techniques in white-hat ways, etc.

Twitter: @singlegrain.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 22899 Twitter Followers
  • 106226 Alexa Rank
  • 476 Linkedin Followers
  • 663 Facebook likes
seobythesea.com Founded by Bill Slawski, SEO by the Sea is a great informational resource for everybody interested in SEO, SEO aficionados and internet marketers. Its bloggers are quite alert about information coming regarding search engines and prepare some highly comprehensive blogs using that information. You can read some quite informative, interesting blogs on the site. For example, “How Google May Classify Sites As Low Quality Sites” and “How Google May Choose Sitelinks In Search Results Based Upon Visual Or Functional Significance.”

Twitter: @seobythesea.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 1245 Twitter Followers
  • 106664 Alexa Rank
  • 147 Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
Techmagnate Blog Techmagnate’s SEO blog has earned good name in the market since this provides worthwhile information about facets that can influence an SEO campaign and decide its direction. You can read blogs on subjects like content marketing, algorithm updates, and SEO tricks.

Twitter: @tech_magnate.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 1229 Twitter Followers
  • 118305 Alexa Rank
  • 5025 Linkedin Followers
  • 5686 Facebook likes
Buffer Buffer not only offers an awesome social media marketing tool but also publishes long step-by-step articles on various topics related to content marketing and social media. The best thing about Buffer Blog is you will get everything in a blog post, which you need to know about that particular topic.

Twitter: @buffer

Frequency: Weekly

  • 960K Twitter Followers
  • 5,879 Alexa Rank
  • 17,591 Linkedin Followers
  • 112,271 Facebook likes
Sorav Jain’s Blog Sorav Jain’s blog offers proven tips on social media and digital marketing. He did masters in international marketing management from Leeds University Business School. In addition to publishing informative posts on social media and digital marketing, he also runs social media marketing bootcamps.

Twitter: @SoravJain

Frequency: Weekly

  • 16.4k Twitter Followers
  • 153,343 Alexa Rank
  • 11,358 Linkedin Followers
  • 63,777 Facebook likes
Komarkeitng Blog Komarkeitng has been recognized as a reliable source of information in the context of B2B online marketing. You get here blogs on various elements of search engine optimization and how you can power up your campaign with these elements. For example- keywords generation, content marketing like guest blogging, link building, SEO tools, on-site content development, algorithm updates, and much more. Reading this blog can help SEO enthusiasts to have better understanding of SEO techniques that can allow them to emerge as a smart SEO engineer.

Twitter: @komarketing

Frequency: Weekly

  • 4,543 Twitter Followers
  • 129,114 Alexa Rank
  • 6,421 Linkedin Followers
  • 1,454 Facebook likes
iacquire Blog Content can be said as soul or the king in the arena of digital marketing. The power of words actually blesses any brand with its true identity. Content should be easily understandable; only then the consumer would show his/her interest in it. Iacquire also makes use of marketing research and glamorizes the brand with relevant content. Appealing brands usually become talk of the town. Hence, it is necessary to align proper resources and use appropriate language to depict any product or service.

Twitter: @iacquire.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 1300 Twitter Followers
  • 129539 Alexa Rank
  • 105 Linkedin Followers
  • 647 Facebook likes
reliablesoft.net Get the latest blog updates from experienced digital marketing professionals at Reliable Soft, Europe based digital marketing agency that provides best marketing solutions such as search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media marketing etc. Its blog features all the necessary SEO information covering SEO – tips, techniques, services, audit etc.

Twitter: @reliablesoftnet.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 3482 Twitter Followers
  • 139586 Alexa Rank
  • 938 Linkedin Followers
  • 4941 Facebook likes
Wpromote Blog The SEO Blogs from Wpromote provide information on innovative digital marketing research, news, insights suggestions, and facts of digital marketing and SEO. Get notified on the latest digital marketing strategy insights to stand out in the crowd.

Twitter: @wpromote.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 102 Twitter Followers
  • 153884 Alexa Rank
  • 9 Linkedin Followers
  • 3168 Facebook likes
Seoclarity Blog With seoClarity’s blogs, you will boost your current SEO strategy into one that is ever-evolving and robust, helping you make smarter decisions and attain reckonable results. Their blogs focus on improving the CTR, the issues related to Google keyword planner, tips for writing category page content and so on.

Twitter: @seoClarity.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 5747 Twitter Followers
  • 154072 Alexa Rank
  • 3775 Linkedin Followers
  • 5685 Facebook likes
Jeff Bulla’s Blog Featured as a top 20 influencer of chief marketing officers on Forbes, Jeff Bulla is a leading authority on content marketing, social media, SEO, and many other aspects of digital marketing. This blog is a must follow all people who want to make their career in digital marketing.

Twitter: @jeffbullas

Frequency: Twice or Thrice a Week

  • 565k Twitter Followers
  • 49,914 Alexa Rank
  • 29,186 Linkedin Followers
  • 99,065 Facebook likes
stewartmedia.biz Blog Stewart Media is one of the Australia’s well-known digital marketing companies that provide best digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, content optimization, pay per click etc. Its blog provides all the relevant information related to SEO that will help several businesses websites to get better visibility on search engines.

Twitter: @stewartmedia.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 22559 Twitter Followers
  • 158888 Alexa Rank
  • 2929 Linkedin Followers
  • 5263 Facebook likes
Rankingbyseo Blog Started with a vision to add new dimensions to the digital marketing industry, almost 8 years ago, RankingBySEO has bagged various prestigious industry awards along with ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company has its virtual presence in more than 25 nations globally. Its blog has played a major role in its increasing popularity, as this equally helps to SEO aficionados and online marketers. You can read about Google updates, industry news, SEO myths, and SEO ideas. Regular reading to the blog can help you understand the SEO well and give the right direct to your SEO campaign.

Twitter: @rankingbyseo.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 984 Twitter Followers
  • 161826 Alexa Rank
  • 130 Linkedin Followers
  • 1168 Facebook likes
dejanseo.com.au Blog DEJAN is a well-established Australian search marketing company. The company specializes in providing best technical and strategic SEO solutions. Its blog features all the important information related to search engine optimization such as deciding authenticity of content, advance keyword research, linking content to websites, google updates and many more.

Twitter: @dejanseo.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 3512 Twitter Followers
  • 183575 Alexa Rank
  • 368 Linkedin Followers
  • 1477 Facebook likes
Verticle Measures
Verticle Measures Blog Vertical Measures provides useful information about various aspects of search engine optimization. For example, canonical tag, redirects, URL canonicalization, content writing, link building, and so on. Reading this blog regularly will keep you updated about the latest Google updates and trends in SEO world, and how they can be used to make a search engine optimization campaign more efficient.

Twitter: @verticalmeasure

Frequency: Monthly

  • 6,203 Twitter Followers
  • 194,118 Alexa Rank
  • 1,803 Linkedin Followers
  • 3790 Facebook likes
Volume Nine Blog You can read highly informative blogs on Volume Nine. The SEO blogs provide you comprehensive knowledge about various aspects of SEO. The blogs let you know about the SEO techniques, Google algorithms, and important SEO tools. For example, Penguin 4.0, Google Analytics, and blogging.

Twitter: @volumenine.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 10.4k Twitter Followers
  • 206611 Alexa Rank
  • 2036 Linkedin Followers
  • 1928 Facebook likes
goinflow.com Denever based company, Inflow is an award winning internet marketing agency. You can obtain the latest news and advice from Inflow to get the leading seat in this highly competitive digital world. Practical lessons and profound analysis can help in the growth of the business. Proceed with every step only after reconsidering the actual requirement of your business. Redirecting a page, adding or deleting any content should be done only after much consideration.

Twitter: @goinflow.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 27.9k Twitter Followers
  • 212424 Alexa Rank
  • 583 Linkedin Followers
  • 1306 Facebook likes
SEO Free Tips
SEO Free Tips Blog As its name suggests, the blog provides free SEO tips that can help SEO aficionados to increase their understanding and knowledge of SEO and help website owners doing SEO for their websites themselves to make their SEO campaign more result-oriented. This blog apprises you on SEO elements as keyword research, indexing of backlinks on Google, ways to boost your website traffic and search results rankings. Best blogging tips, and so on.

Twitter: @seofreetips

Frequency: Weekly

  • 14,500 Twitter Followers
  • 214,678 Alexa Rank
  • 0 Linkedin Followers
  • 134,674 Facebook likes
Digital Vidya Digital Vidya is India’s leading digital marketing training institute. It has been training people for more than 8 years. Digital Vidya offers digital marketing and data analytics case studies, Whytos, and howtos.

Twitter: @MyDigitalVidya

Frequency: Weekly

  • 6,288 Twitter Followers
  • 37,093 Alexa Rank
  • 5.457 Linkedin Followers
  • 66835 Facebook likes
Ignite Visibility
Ignite Visibility Blog Ignite Visibility is the idea of John Lincoln who has written for many well-known web publications as Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Search Engine Land, and Inc. He has been recognized amongst the top influencers of digital marketing industry. His blog covers almost all important topics related to search engine optimization. You can read about backlinks, AMPs, sitemaps, Google crawling, mobile search and so on. In addition to blogs, you can get the latest SEO news stories on this blog as well.

Twitter: @ignitev

Frequency: Monthly

  • 10,600 Twitter Followers
  • 220,132 Alexa Rank
  • 657 Linkedin Followers
  • 3,250 Facebook likes
zazzlemedia Blog The brainchild of a software engineer and blogger, Asad Niazi, Bloggerstown has become a great source of information for internet marketers. This blog will provide you loads of important information pertinent to SEO that will help you write a successful business story on the web. For example, influences of Google+ on your website’s ranking, impact of social media on raking, SEO myths, and why content marketing fails, and SEO forums to learn SEO.

Twitter: @zazzlemedia.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 2483 Twitter Followers
  • 247513 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
seosandwitch.com SEO Sandwitch’s blog is an informational resource for digital marketing, SEO, social media and more. Its goal is to provide its readers with vital data to gather a deep understanding of competition and market trends, determine a long-term content strategy for organic and paid research, and conduct an overall website analysis.

Twitter: @seosandwitch.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 1079 Twitter Followers
  • 263329 Alexa Rank
  • 1684 Linkedin Followers
  • 1121 Facebook likes
Snapagency.com Blog Founded in 2010 as an SEO agency, Snap Agency is known for its excellent blogs that provide quite helpful information to SEO aficionados and online marketers. On its blog, you can read posts on subjects like blog commenting, Google trends, search traffic, etc.

Twitter: @snapsocial.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 45 Twitter Followers
  • 266974 Alexa Rank
  • 402 Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
Morevisibility Blog Morevisibility is a reputed leader of the digital world. It has employed talented and deft professionals; they enable the clients to reap maximum benefit from the digital arena. If you are really serious to ensure success for your business, then embrace and switch to innovative ideas. Reputed web designers make use of best technology and practices. This helps the business in the long run. It is also important to note that client centric organizations liaise with clients to deliver great results.

Twitter: @morevisibility.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 19.9k Twitter Followers
  • 267641 Alexa Rank
  • 1006 Linkedin Followers
  • 925 Facebook likes
QuickSprout In addition to offering practical advice on online marketing through Quicksprout university, it publishes useful blog posts that are very much helpful for budding and experienced digital marketers. QuickSprout’s motto is to help people make better content.

Twitter: @e2msolutions.com

Frequency: Twice or thrice a week

  • N/A Twitter Followers
  • 31,617 Alexa Rank
  • 327 Linkedin Followers
  • 1356 Facebook likes
wsol Blog Whether you are looking for information regarding video content optimization, the latest updates by Google, dominance of local searches, impacts of pop ads on sites, or any other thing that is crucial to your online business, do check this blog once. You will find quite useful information that will allow you bring necessary changes in your SEO strategies to keep this up-to-date and result centric.

Twitter: @wsolhq.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 2177 Twitter Followers
  • 295111 Alexa Rank
  • 492 Linkedin Followers
  • N/A Facebook likes
seomechanic.com Blog Owned by Charlie Rose, SEO Mechanic has been in the market for more than 15 years. Its blog has been quite appreciated by the online marketers and SEO enthusiasts. You can find blog on multiple topics like Meta descriptions, URLs, SEO tips for beginners and local SEO ranking factors.

Twitter: @seo_mechanic.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 1606 Twitter Followers
  • 330593 Alexa Rank
  • 15 Linkedin Followers
  • 63 Facebook likes
greenlaneseo Blog Founded in 2005 and known as the oldest SEO firms in Philadelphia, Greenlane SEO has become a prominent name in SEO market. Its blog is also quite popular. You can read blogs on various topics as link building tactics, HTTP headers, SEO questions and answers for beginners, and SEO & content strategies.

Twitter: @greenlaneseo.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 410 Twitter Followers
  • 336225 Alexa Rank
  • 113 Linkedin Followers
  • 444 Facebook likes
evolvingseo Blog The world of internet is very engaging but you should make use of relevant tools and the content should be very engaging. The viewer does not prefer to waste their valuable time on websites with poor graphics, obsolete content. Opt for best SEO services and make use of best SEO tips especially if you are new to the industry. Turn your SEO partnership into a meaningful business. Learn how to employ and channelize available resources.

Twitter: @dan_shure.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 1606 Twitter Followers
  • 346170 Alexa Rank
  • 9 Linkedin Followers
  • 63 Facebook likes
receptional.com Change is a part of nature and should be heartily welcomed for the betterment of the business. Switch to regular upgrades for better performance of your website. Do not blindly believe the myths of SEO industry. Analyze the factors that can adversely affect the functioning and ranking of your website. Imbibe and apply SEO techniques that are shared by reliable platforms. For the betterment of business and to attract attention of potential customers discerned businesspersons involve essential optimization techniques.

Twitter: @receptional.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 410 Twitter Followers
  • 394488 Alexa Rank
  • 421 Linkedin Followers
  • 444 Facebook likes
soloseo.com The real results are visible when the website is in a superior position to market itself. The key that brings success for website is ranking. Superior ranking means flow of more online visitors towards the website. The role of keyword, proper optimization of content, link building cannot be denied. Such factors contribute in the growth of business. The page has also discussed about pricing plans and several steps that are involved in the approach.

Twitter: @soloseo.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 12.2k Twitter Followers
  • 401421 Alexa Rank
  • 9 Linkedin Followers
  • 6 Facebook likes
Search Engine Guide
SearchEngineGuide Blog Search Engine Guide can be termed as a great information source for local businesses since this provides them useful SEO tips using that they can manage their SEO campaigns. The blog is equally important for SEO enthusiasts and people who have recently joined SEO as their career. You can read blogs on topics like optimization of business listings, blogging, Google penalty’s effect on your website and so on.

Twitter: @seguide

Frequency: Monthly

  • 3,219 Twitter Followers
  • 407,586 Alexa Rank
  • 161 Linkedin Followers
  • 629 Facebook likes
Stepforth Blog Since their inception in 1997, StepForth has provided professional, ethical web marketing and management services. Their blog provides useful information on a variety of topics like local SEO updates, keyword planning, Algorithm updates, and ranking factors.

Twitter: @stepforth.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 3860 Twitter Followers
  • 416749 Alexa Rank
  • 414 Linkedin Followers
  • 363 Facebook likes
top SEO blogs
OpenVine Blog Open Vine provides useful SEO ideas for small business owners, using which they can power up their SEO strategy, improve their website’s rankings, and drive more web traffic. This blog talks about important SEO elements that can decide the direction of your DIY SEO campaign. On this blog, you can read about SEO topics like Google PageRank, content optimization, online SEO tools, search engine optimization tricks for rankings in local search results and so on.

Twitter: @openvineweb

Frequency: Monthly

  • 780 Twitter Followers
  • 459,756 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 92 Facebook likes
Bill Hartzer
Digital Deepak Digital Deepak was featured on Search Engine Journal as one of the top digital marketing blogs in India. It was founded by Deepak Kanakaraju. He writes on the latest trends in digital marketing, content marketing, and social media.

Twitter: @digitaldpak

Frequency: twice or thrice per week

  • 10.1K Twitter Followers
  • 69,897 Alexa Rank
  • 7,767 Linkedin Followers
  • 248,280 Facebook likes
vizioninteractive Blog Founded in 2005 by Mark Jackson, Vizion Interactive understands how you currently generate revenue, and how you can do better. Their blogs keep on updating the latest news relating to digital marketing, SEO and Google and how you can do the betterment of your website.

Twitter: @vizionweb.com

Frequency: Monthly

  • 56 Twitter Followers
  • 612381 Alexa Rank
  • 382 Linkedin Followers
  • 68 Facebook likes
dailyseoblog.com SEO experts have profound knowledge about their arena. They can easily distinguish between the factors that can uplift or suppress the ranking of the website. Even popups and other unwelcomed stuff can diminish your chance to enjoy prominent ranking. You can find relevant tips on this page regarding ways to enhance the organic traffic on your website. There are several factors that play instrumental role in SEO ranking. If you are planning to proceed further in this arena and appearing for interviews, then get acquainted with relevant information.

Twitter: @manikarthik.com

Frequency: Twice a Month

  • 1314 Twitter Followers
  • 619513 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 249 Facebook likes
thesearchagency.com The Search Agency is an over-a-decade old name in the industry. Its blog has earned a good name in the market being a source of reliable and viable facts about SEO. You can read blogs on Penguin 4.0, content optimization, video optimization, etc.

Twitter: @thesearchagency.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 20.6k Twitter Followers
  • 698594 Alexa Rank
  • 3551 Linkedin Followers
  • 2053 Facebook likes
setalks.com Though this is not a very old name to SEO world, this has become quite known in the market. Setalks was founded in 2012 by Moosa Hemani. You can read blogs on topics like real time penguin penalty, how to manage SEO projects efficiently, and how to generate leads through content marketing.

Twitter: @SE_Talks.com

Frequency: 4-5 times a week

  • 1626 Twitter Followers
  • 701972 Alexa Rank
  • N/A Linkedin Followers
  • 814 Facebook likes
seoinc.com The SEO blogs of SEO Inc. are developed in overly interesting manner, so readers get a chance to read useful information that can enable them to empower their SEO strategies in very engaging manner. The blog covers almost all major and minor SEO topics. For example, Google Penguin, Panda, Google Possum, search analytics impressions, link building, and content marketing.

Twitter: @seoinc.com

Frequency: Weekly

  • 1852 Twitter Followers
  • 742505 Alexa Rank
  • 5760 Linkedin Followers
  • 5160 Facebook likes
Final Words: If you think, we have missed any useful blog that we should have included in our list of the top SEO blogs in 2018, please submit the same with your comments. And if we find that particular blog really promising, we will include it in the next update of this blog when we will find any existing blog replaceable. You can help others who are looking for the top SEO blogs online by sharing our blog on social networks.

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma Is The Founder, CEO & Managing Director Of Ranking By SEO. He Has Been Working In SEO Industry Since 2005. He Can Be Seen Contributing To SEMrush, Social Media Today, And Entrepreneur Etc...

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  29. Though Nichehacks.com is related to Affiliate, I found much valuable information related to SEO for affiliate sites. This could be also part of your list.

    1. Kaushik, thanks for the recommendation. We wish we could have considered that blog, however it seem that SEO category in that blog is not frequently updated and it is one of our factors when we consider adding any blog to our list.

  30. A lot of these Seo Blogs I have never even heard of. SEMRUSH I have read every new post and its great.
    Thanks, alot Lalit for the great post I look forward to reading some of the rest.

  31. Most of these websites are my daily devotional arena. I can’t do without them especially Backlinko, Shoutmeloud and Neilpatel.

    You just included all the necessary websites one can’t do without. I love this article. It exposed me to many I didn’t know about such as SEO and so on.

    Thanks alot sir.

  32. Wow! such a great list, I was familiar with some of these, especially Smashing Magazine, but I got lots of new blogs for SEO here. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    1. Yes Nekraj, your blog really deserves to be in the list as it is a valuable resource. Even, I wish to be listed on your blog if you allow :). And, thanks for the tweet. May I know the tweet URL please?

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    Best regards,

  35. While all these blogs are great sources for information, especially Backlinko, I believe that courses are a must have if you’re wanting to stay on the cutting edge of things. Source University is a great course for beginners and intermediate SEO’s alike.

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    The list is huge & very useful post for every Digital Marketer who want to learn about Digital Marketing. I’m really thankful that you posted an article about this.

  37. My top three has to be MOZ, Semrush and search engine land has some great insights on the upcoming SEO changes.

  38. Well been working with ranking by seo for almost a year now and I have not had an issue with them since I started work with them, I must say I’m really glad to work with you guys thanks. And this blog post really proves their ability of being an authentic SEO company. Good post…keep up the good work.

    1. Glad to hear from you Dan. We will try our best to have you in our happy clients list for years to come. We will keep posting good stuff as much as we can and hope all our readers will find the same good.

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    1. Thanks Andrew. Yes Matthew’s blog seems good one, however we didn’t include it because it isn’t accessible most of times. Whenever you try to open it, you usually see it is not working. Apart from this, other reasons for not including this into our list may be like we didn’t find it on Google or on other authority sites while building the list of ours.

    1. That’s for sure a good blog. Unfotunately, it couldn’t be included in our list of top 100 SEO blogs because of many different parameters. Keep up the good work who knows we include your blog in updated version. 🙂

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