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Till some years ago, employing talented SEO professionals was something that small businesses could only dream about because of their incapacity to meet their high salary demand and provide them the level of working environment they expected from their employers. But, now the time has changed completely, and a small business can easily hire their services. Stunned to listen to this? Anyone would be, as competition in business world has increased several times and making a single dollar from business has not been as easier as it was a few years ago. Then, how the time has changed in favor of businesses? So, if business has become so much difficult, then how paying capacity of small businesses has increased to a level that they can afford services of talented SEO professionals. See, a small business cannot lure talented professionals to sit in the office and work for it, but it can hire their services. Is it not funny? Nothing is funny in this, as you can hire their services from their offices. They would be sitting at their work place but working for you. This would have created a question in your mind that if you cannot hire talented professionals for your company, then how you can hire the company that has hired them. Your question has a point. But, we are not asking you to hire a well-established company of your nation, we are asking you to hire an India based SEO company that has a team of talented professionals and that provides SEO virtual assistant service at pocket friendly cost.

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Ranking By SEO India is a convergence point of intelligence and imagination. As the Sun dawn upon billion masses, our young energetic talents take flight towards the highly focused goals of fulfilling global clients' requirements. Be it SEO, PPC or any other web services, within a short time, we have successfully created a milestone and a safe cage in the minds of our international clients. With massive pool of talent and skill, Ranking By SEO India channelises these energies towards every sphere of web service.

Ranking By SEO India believes in the inherent and stimulus power of ideas. Strategically based in Noida (Delhi/NCR) India, we encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of India and conceptualize the path-breaking innovations. With its out-of-the-box strategies, vivid knowledge and extensive expertise, Ranking By SEO India serves its global clients in the most vibrant manner. With its extreme hard work and profound determination, Ranking By SEO India, best SEO company India, has been tagged as '24x7 E-Factory', where anytime, any client will be resolved from any type of web baffle.

What Professional Qualities Your SEO Virtual Assistant Must Possess:

  • Your SEO virtual assistant must be aware of the guidelines of all leading search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.
  • Your SEO virtual assistant must be up-to-date with the algorithms released by all major search engines, especially of Google.
  • Your SEO virtual assistant must have all advanced resources to work for your project.
  • Your SEO virtual assistant must be able to analyze competition in your business niche and take steps to help you obtain huge number of serious visitors to your website.

Why Hire Our SEO Virtual Assistant:

We posses all attributes that an ideal SEO virtual assistant must possess.

  • We have a pool of talented SEO strategists and executioners.
  • We have all advanced resources related to internet marketing.
  • We are always up-to-date.
  • We provide SEO virtual assistant service at a fraction of cost.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Served more than 500 businesses since it's inception
  • Clients love our SEO services - please check the testimonials
  • We have proved ourselves as the top SEO company in India - See client results


We will not only get you to the top positions in all leading search engines but also keep you there for always. So, with our SEO virtual assistant service, enjoy maximum visibility and high search engine rankings not for a short duration but for always.

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