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Internet is a vast world. In fact it is a Universe of its own. The only thing that can help the people and the businesses surf this vast universe are the search engines that list the various websites on their pages according to the merits of the websites. If we draw an analogy of the internet with an unfathomable ocean then the search engines are the rafts that help the people reach their destinations if various websites. Whether we compare the internet with the ocean or with the universe the only thing that can be of great help I traversing this vast and unfathomable entity is the search engine. As stated earlier the search engines list the various websites according to the merits of the websites. If the design the content and the other portions of the websites are good enough then the website would get top Google ranking. Google is the biggest search engine that the businesses as well as the people adore to visit and use.

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The process of listing and optimizing the website on the Google is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The people who do the SEO are known as the Search Engine optimization professionals. These are the people who are behind the success and failure of a website on the search engines like Google. These are the people that are responsible for a website attaining top Google rankings. An SEO professional would know the ways in which search engines like Google operates. He is well aware of the means that the businesses should adopt in order to make sure that they are within the top Google rankings.

In order to promote the websites on the search engines the Search Engine Optimization professionals use various techniques that fall under three categories. These three categories are:

  • The white hat techniques
  • The black hat techniques
  • The grey hat techniques

The white hat techniques are the techniques that are genuine and are liked and endorsed by the search engines. These are the techniques that are considered legal by the search engines. The best way to be number 1 on Google is by using the white hat techniques. These are the techniques if used correctly and stupendously by the SEO professionals that can bear great results. The only thing is that the SEO Company that has been deployed by the businesses should be well aware of the ways in which these techniques can be and should be used.

The black hat techniques are the techniques that the search engines simply do not like. These are the techniques that can produce instant results but at the same time they are really dangerous to meddle with. If the search engine like Google finds out that the business is using these techniques to promote itself on the search engines then there is strict possibility that search engine like Google would penalize these websites that could even lead to the banning of the website from the search engines.

The grey hat techniques are the techniques that are endorsed by the search genies to some extent.

At Ranking By SEO India we simply believe that in order to achieve Google top 10 ranking we should only use the White Hat Techniques and that too very Judiciously. This is the only way in which the businesses can dream to become no. 1 on Google.

Well…so far we talked about service and types of techniques used in SEO but we believe that you might have some questions you need answer for and these random questions may be:

  • How to become number 1 on Google
  • I want to get top Google ranking, can anyone help?
  • How to get a top ranking in Google
  • How to get ranked for multiple keywords
  • I want to rank in top 10 in Google search engine rankings, how to?

Well…if you have similar questions in mind, then to know the answers better you talk to our SEO expert who will be the right people to answer all such questions. Call us now at +91-995-353-2683.

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