SEO for Locksmiths: The Ultimate Guide to Get More Customers

SEO for Locksmiths

You might be the best locksmith in your locality and yet see that your competitors are doing better than you in terms of the number of clients as they have a better online presence than you do. You too can reign supreme in local searches by optimizing SEO for locksmiths on your website.

A robust locksmith SEO will give your website the necessary boost in the search engine rankings to attract more qualified leads. However, it is easier said than done. SEO is a time-consuming process, and you need to be patient with it.

You can implement simple SEO techniques for locksmiths on your websites to gain traction on the search engine results, which translates to more traffic on your website.

SEO for Locksmiths: 7 Killer Strategies to Boost Your Business Online Visibility

SEO for Locksmiths Strategies to Boost Your Business Online Visibility

As a locksmith, you are someone who is prompt to action, efficient, and precise. While having a certain skillset is important. But letting people know that you provide great service is stands prime step to attracting more customers. This is exactly where locksmith marketing comes in!

The point is, you have to say OUT LOUD that you do a terrific job at repairing, installing and fixing locks on the internet to attract more customers.

Search engine optimization is a key part of your digital marketing strategy. It is a time-consuming process, but if you can hold patience, SEO can give you a bounty of organic immense traffic. Looking for the best SEO strategies for your website? We are here with 9 of them to help you boost your website’s search engine rankings.

1. Take Out Some Time for Your Website Audit

Take Out Some Time for Your Website Audit

To set things right, you have to know what is not working for your current locksmith SEO plan at this moment. This is why a website audit is necessary. A website audit is a complete analysis of different factors that affect a website’s online visibility.

A comprehensive audit will give you an idea regarding where each of your keywords is ranking, how your website content is doing on the SERPs, the volume of website traffic, and its source. There are several types of website Audits that you can run: Content audit, SEO audit, UX audit, technical audit, and performance audit.

To do website audits, you can use several website audit tools like Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, Google Webmaster Tool, SEO Report Card, DeepCrawl, etc.

Website Audit Checklist

  • Check for your website’s designs and user interface
  • Check the on-page SEO optimizations
  • Check the off-page SEO optimization
  • Check technical SEO optimization
  • Check site responsiveness
  • Check the website’s mobile friendliness
  • Check content quality
  • Check website backlinks
  • Check robots.txt files
  • Check canonicalization

2.  Locksmith SEO Depends on Keyword Research

Locksmith SEO Depends on Keyword Research

The search engine optimization of any locksmith website depends highly on keyword targeting. Keywords are search terms and phrases that people type on search engines to look for services. To find the most relevant keywords, use premium tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Google Keyword Planner.

As a locksmith, your primary target audience should be those residing in your locality. Getting your hands on some location-based keywords is important to formulate a killer SEO strategy. Don’t turn a blind eye to the keywords your online competitors are targeting. Integrating these search terms in your website content holds the strength to drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Research Checklist

  • Find industry-related keywords
  • Target keywords of your competitors
  • Use keyword modifiers
  • Invest in Keyword research tools

3.  On-Page SEO: Revamp Your Locksmith Website

On-Page SEO Revamp Your Locksmith Website

On-page SEO or on-site SEO is the cumulative practice of optimizing all the factors that are within your locksmith’s website for the ease of the readers and search engines. An on-point, on-page SEO can remarkably boost your website on the SERPs.

The premise for on-site SEO for locksmiths consists of creating compelling content, upgrading the user interface and user experience, creating SEO-friendly URLs, improving navigation, adding schema markup, and optimizing website’s title tags etc. We will give you a complete checklist of on-site SEO for locksmiths. Keep reading.

Many people think that the traditional SEO is somewhat dead, but it is not at all so. In fact, Google’s own version of ‘How the Search Engine Works?’ states that on-page SEO is a key component for ranking the search engine results pages.

As a locksmith, if you want to dominate over your competitors with a solid online presence, optimizing your on-site SEO is an absolute must!

On-Page SEO Checklist

  • Target relevant keywords
  • Create compelling content
  • Use H tags
  • user Keywords in the recommended volume
  • Create SEO-friendly URL
  • write catchy meta-descriptions
  • Infuse visual content
  • Add schema markup

4.  Off-Page SEO: Not Everything is Written on the Face!

Off-Page SEO Not Everything is Written on the Face

Off-page SEO for search engines includes all activities that are conducted outside of your website. It basically encompasses activities that you do to boost the organic ranking of your website without directly including your website.

The aim of off-page SEO is to pose your website as one that is trustworthy to both search engines and people alike. These SEO efforts generate referral traffic and boost domain authority.

As a part of off page SEO optimization, you can also enlist your business in the locksmith directories to get phone calls from paying customers who are in need of your services.

Checklist for Locksmith Off-Page SEO

  • Optimize social media profile for locksmith business
  • Secure high-quality backlinks
  • Post on locksmith forums
  • Enroll your contact number in locksmith directories

5.  Add a Touch of Technical SEO to your Locksmith Website

Add a Touch of Technical SEO to your Locksmith Website

In United States over 63% of mobile users access the web via their smartphones according to the data collected in 2017. If we take the figure out every single day in the US, chances are 99% of them will reach out to the very first contact number of locksmith they find on the internet.

The first thing to do in this aspect is to check and optimize the mobile responsiveness of your website, as mobile-friendly sites attract more traffic. If your locksmith site takes more than 3 seconds to load, it will face a high abandonment rate! Hence, improving site speed is of paramount importance.

There are a number of elements that come under technical optimization. Read on to learn more about the technical SEO tips that you can implement on your website.

Technical SEO Checklist

  • Make mobile friendly websites
  • Minimize page loading time
  • Reduce the number of redirects
  • Fix broken links
  • Create necessary robots.txt files

6.  Dominate the Local Search Results for Locksmith Businesses

Dominate the Local Search Results for Locksmith Businesses

About 16000 people lock themselves out of their homes or cars daily in the United States! As a locksmith, your business page should target the local customers around you. The service of a locksmith somewhat falls under the ’emergency category.’ For instance, a person locked out of their car or house is very likely to enter search queries like ‘best locksmiths near me’ or ‘ best locksmith contact number.’

To gain an edge in the local SEO game, always optimize your Google Business Profile, which was previously Google My Business. It is basically a free-of-charge tool that allows you to take charge of your local business and boost online visibility in local searches.

These people are searching for contacts that can reach their location at the earliest. To leverage such opportunities, optimize the local SEO of your own website so that your contact shows up on top of the local search results.

Local SEO for Locksmiths Checklist

  • Local keyword research & targeting
  • geo-targeting
  • local content creation
  • Set up a Google Business Profile
  • NAP SEO optimization
  • Leverage social media

7.  Engaging Website Content is What Catch the Eye!

Engaging Website Content is What Catch the Eye

Although on-site SEO encompasses content creation, we wanted to share our thoughts & ideas on the specifics of locksmith business content in particular.

As a local business that wants to seem trustworthy, both to the clients and the search engines, you have to cater value to the readers. Researching relevant keywords for locksmiths isn’t enough if you don’t integrate them into the content.

Make sure to write separate service pages for different services. For example, someone enters a search query for ‘ fix electronic security system now’ and ends up on your landing page with the heading ‘ fixing window locks.’ would they continue to browse?


They will go back to the search engine and look for a locksmith who offers them a solution upfront with a targeted landing page. This is why it is imperative to have distinct service pages for the different types of security and services you offer.

Some of the perquisites of a good locksmith website are a stunning Home page, separate landing pages, an About Us page, and a Contact Us page.

Google tends to trust websites that have a good on-page time of visitors and a lesser bounce rate. Ensure to create different landing pages for the individual services you provide.

Creating blog posts is a powerful way to boost your online presence and popularity among netizens. Write on solutions for problems that people might have with their lock or security system in your blogs to pull organic traffic to your business website.

Locksmith Content Creation Checklist

  • Upload unique content
  • Separate landing pages for different services
  • Include FAQs, About Us, and Contact Us pages
  • Google recommended keyword volume
  • Content should be simple and easy to understand
  • Adhere to ethical writing practices

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing SEO for Locksmith Business

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing SEO for Locksmith Business

You might know most things about creating a strong online presence and have already mastered the art of capturing the attention of potential customers through gripping website designs. However, even the most dexterous SEO maestros are prone to making some common SEO mistakes while optimizing the websites of locksmith businesses.

We are listing them down in brief so that you don’t end up making the same with your local business!

1.  Not Putting Contact Information on the Website

You may reign the local search results and yet not generate many leads!

Ask ‘how?’

This can happen if your website does not have any contact information on it. People who are locked in or locked out would dial the first number they get their hands on! Hence, updating your recent contact number is very important.

2.  Not Doing Image Optimization

94% of people find websites with images more interesting. The image quotient does not end here. Not Optimizing your Google Business Profile can be one of the grave mistakes you want to avoid. Even when webmasters upload images, they often don’t optimize them with image tags.

Optimizing image tags helps your SEO tremendously as your website image opens up on the Google image, which reconnects directly to your locksmith’s website.

3.  Not Asking for Online Reviews

Locksmith business owners most often don’t ask for customer reviews. A study says that 95% of customers read reviews before making decisions! Levering this number can considerably fatten your bankroll.

Ask for online reviews from your customers. It is not a tough job. All you have to do is ask them. In fact, there is a 70% chance that your customers will leave you a positive review if you approach them. If possible, enroll on review sites and give your clients the link to review your service on third-party online platforms.

4.  Ignoring Mobile Optimization

In today’s technical frenzy, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. Keeping the above statistics in mind, take some time for mobile optimization of your website.

The task of mobile optimization can be a bit hefty; in this case, you can always seek the help of an SEO company. In fact, the best locksmith websites that want to boost their business online resort to hiring SEO companies to optimize their sites for first page ranking.

5.  Not Monitoring the Locksmith SEO Campaign

Locksmith SEO takes time! It is not a one-time effort. Hence, spending some time and then forgetting about the whole matter of search engine optimization won’t help. Integrate Google Search Console to your website. It is a free service by Google that will help you track, monitor, tweak, and gain insights into your current SEO campaign.

FAQs on Locksmith SEO

Q 1: Can I perform SEO for my locksmith website on my own, or should I hire a professional?

Yes, you can optimize your own locksmith services website if you have knowledge of the SEO basics. Otherwise, it is better to hire a professional locksmith SEO company to boost online visibility.

Q 2: Is it necessary to update my website’s content regularly for SEO for Locksmith?

Google, along with other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, give priority to fresh content and websites that get updated on a frequent basis, which makes it necessary to update your locksmith website frequently. Search engines understand which sites are catering value to their readers and rank these sites higher than others.

Q 3: How long does it take to see results from SEO for locksmiths?

Typically, locksmith SEO efforts take anywhere between 1 month to 6 months to show considerable traction on the Google search results. Factors like domain authority, backlink portfolio, technical factors, and quality of website content determine the time your website will need to scale up on the SERPs.

Q 4: How To Deal With Suspended Locksmith Google My Business Pages?

To get your Google GBP up and working, you will have to submit a reinstatement request by filling out a reinstatement after resolving the underlying issue.

Q 4: Can social media presence impact my locksmith website’s SEO?

Your locksmith’s social media profile and SEO are connected. The more people view you on social media, the better referral traffic and gain the trust of the search engines. It boosts your rankings on online searches.

Q 6: What Positive Review Can Do for Locksmith Websites?

Maximum people check the online reviews before contacting a business. Positive online reviews can generate better leads as customers tend to trust your services more than those of your competitors.

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