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Bigcommerce has been over the gaining in popularity past few years. Being a hosted shopping cart solution it can be easily installed and implemented. It also has easy optimization features that make it good for the businesses that want to be visible. It is customizable and offers several different design modes. It also offers easy social media integration and complete optimization services. At Ranking By SEO India we are well familiar with the ways in which this shopping cart system works and the modes in which it can be optimized.

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Businesses that are looking forward to a flexible control over their store fronts would do better by considering Bigcommerce. Along with the many features that it offers the one that is the most attractive is its SEO functionalities. Bigcommerce gives the store owners the ability to create the storefronts of their dreams due to the ease of design that includes hundreds of options and templates as well as the ability to directly edit the code. The genesis of Bigcommerce lies in the design options as well as the elements for the search engine optimization. Since the design elements rely on tags therefore an SEO expert can review Meta and image data to make sure that the storefront would contribute to the SEO efforts. The user using the Bigcommerce can rest assured that he would not have to follow the step by step guidelines for design or edit the code via CSS or HTML. The system would augment the SEO efforts on its own.

One of the main concerns with the hosted solutions is the backend management. Bigcommerce offers variety of tools like video catalogs, ability to easily offer coupons, discounts or other money saving tools that makes the backend management easy and tractable.

In the world of e-commerce the one thing that not everybody realizes is that the tools you use to manage your business have to be optimized. Management of the sheer number of links and URLs created by the large format catalog can have an enormous impact on the overall rankings on the Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Bigcommerce SEO makes this process much more intuitive and effective. Their SEO functionalities make the e-commerce solution the most impressive in the market.

  • Keyword research: Keywords research is the back bone of SEO. Without having the correct keywords it is impossible to get the right profitability from the rankings and the conversions. The step is so essential that it has to be completed by a professional SEO company.
  • On-page Optimization: Although majority of the shopping cart give you the ability to add Meta titles and Meta tags the ability to do that is a different story altogether. Do this correctly and select the right format for your URLs for the most effective results.
  • Off-page optimization: There is no shopping cart system that provides this feature automatically.  Having a shopping cart up and running is not enough. You need to market it properly. The one way to do that is through the effective back links, and other marketing methods like affiliate marketing and shopping comparison.
  • Conversion optimization: The questions like how profitable are you? What marketing methods are working the best for you? Is it possible to do better? The answers to these questions rely upon data, research, analysis, and optimization.

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