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Businesses that are looking for software solutions look up to the search engines. So if you are selling a tangible product or offer a software as a service and if your website does not features on the search engines then you are going to lose out on various business opportunities. If you want to increase the website traffic and improve conversion rate then Ranking By SEO India is the company that you should be looking forward to. We offer software SEO services to companies that sell tangible products or offer software as a service. We and you will work in tandem to integrate all other elements of your marketing including trade show appearances, content distribution, PPC, and email marketing into your SEO program.

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Our Modus Operandi

Our first step would be to review your website history and the current marketing strategies that you have adopted. The main agenda is to improve the number of qualified leads to your website. The first and the foremost activity that needs to be done in the on page optimization process is to do the keyword research. The SEO tools are used in order to find out the relevant keywords and keyword phrases that are used in the software industry that you specialize in. Once these keywords are known they would be used in the existing content of your website. Further custom metatags are created for each page.

The next step is that of using the white hat link building techniques to create an impressive presence of your website on the search engines. Our Software SEO services process would include the devising of a link building strategy. Although it is important to have a well optimized software industry website yet it is lot more important to have relevant back links pointing back to your site for an effective performance on the search engines. In addition to SEO benefits and gaining search engine trusts the link building helps in better brand exposure and reach. The foremost stride in the SEO link building process is to conduct a link audit. Once we analyze your current back links and those of your software industry competitors, we would devise the link building strategy that would suit your tenor.

An important link building component is content marketing. Your potential customers would only like to know how helpful is your software product and to what extent it is different from the product of our competitors. We would go that extra mile to help you develop, market, and promote content marketing materials like blog posts, white papers, guides, articles, and e-books as part of an integrated software SEO services approach.


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