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Shopping Cart SEO Services

A shopping cart in the online world is software that allows the visitor to the net to make the purchase of items that he likes. The advent of shopping cart has eased the pain of the consumer. Now he does not have to run from one place to another in order to make sure that he gets the items that he wants. The one thing that needs to be said about the shopping carts is that it has really heralded a revolution of sorts in the world of marketing and purchasing.

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A shopping cart has two Components which are:

  • The store front: This is the area where the visitor can find the various products and items that he wishes to purchase.
  • The administration: This is the area that the store owner accesses in order to manage the online shop.

For a store owner it is really important that proper shopping cart SEO is done so that his shopping cart features high on the search engines result pages. This would mean more traffic to the website and better chances of having that traffic getting converted into the customers. The crux of the matter is that the shopping cart SEO needs to be done in the smartest of manners. Some of the procedures that we at Ranking By SEO India follow are:

  • We keep things as simple as possible for a search engine to understand especially in the URL.
  • We keep as much irrelevant information out of the URL, writing the extra bits into a cookie if you absolutely need them and performing a 301 redirect.
  • We try to keep the URL’s as short as possible by including only the keywords that are completely necessary.
  • We give the clues they are looking for about what information to attribute to the products through internal anchor text and links.
  • We keep product titles and descriptions as unique as they can be kept.
  • We rewrite or add content if there is a need to make it unique.
  • Only include department category pages if there is some editorial value.
  • We use an HTML and XML sitemap to increase crawlability.

The most important of steps that needs to be followed in shopping cart SEO are followed by us. If you are really interested in getting the shopping cart SEO done in the most fascinating of manners then immediately get in touch with us.


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