Affordable SEO Services That Ensure Top Positions

Rank on the top in search results when potential customers search for the keywords related to your products or services. Being the best affordable SEO company in India, Ranking By SEO offers a wide range of affordable SEO services to meet the varied requirements of its clients.

Why Investing in an SEO package is must in 2020

Did you know that approx. 93% online experiences start with search engines. And, 75% users never search beyond first page of search engine results. Thus, being on first page of search engines is must, which is only possible by investing in a solid search engine optimization package from a reputed agency that will take your business to new heights.

  • 82%

    of marketers say SEO is highly effective

  • 61%

    of marketers say improving SEO is their top priority

  • 67%

    of all the clicks belong to top 5 organic search results

Choose from a Wide Gamut of Affordable SEO Services

Be it a startup or a big corporation, we offer affordable SEO services for diverse clients. Our main search engine optimization services are:

  • Google SEO services

    We understand how Google works. Our Google SEO services will help you dominate Google search results without violating any Google guideline.

  • Google Maps Marketing

    Ranking By SEO is a trusted name in Google Maps Marketing. We will help you target the local audience and increase the local sales.

  • Google Penalty Recovery

    Has Google penalized your website? Our Google penalty recovery service will help your website rank higher again in Google search results.

  • APP Store Optimization

    Be it Google Play or Apple’s App Store, our App store optimization service can help your app rank on the top in an app store.

  • SEO Consulting

    Ranking by SEO offers International SEO consulting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. We have been in the industry for more than 9 years, and we know what works best.

  • SEO by Industry

    We offer industry-specific organic SEO services. Be it a software industry or pharmaceutical industry, our SEO by industry service will help you get qualified leads on a daily basis.

  • SEO By Technology

    Whether it is Shopify SEO or WordPress SEO, our experts will help your website rank higher on search results. Choose our SEO by technology service and rank on the top.

  • SEO by Location

    Our SEO by location service will optimize your website for a particular location. Improve your local promotion with our SEO by location service.

  • Small Business SEO

    Ranking By SEO is a leader in the small business SEO domain. We will rank your business higher on search results.

  • Local SEO

    Be it Google Maps Marketing or local SEO, we offer result-oriented local search marketing strategies.

  • Guaranteed SEO

    We know what we do. Our guaranteed SEO services are a surefire way to boost traffic to your website.

  • Dedicated SEO Resource

    Our virtual SEO experts are highly skilled in search engine optimization. Hire a dedicated SEO resource to optimize your website.

All of our above-mentioned pocket-friendly SEO packages aren’t purely based on keywords. Instead, they are a blend of good research, SEO best practices, good storytelling, and digital PR.

In other words, our result-oriented SEO pricing packages are designed to boost your overall search performance. Regardless of whether you run a small business or a large organization, our SEO services packages will increase relevant traffic, better sales and qualified leads. We have helped clients target the local audience as well as the global audience without burning a hole in their pocket.

We Can Help You Choose the best SEO package?

It can be daunting to choose a suitable SEO package from a long list of options. After all, what is a great search engine optimization package? The answer depends on your particular requirements and priorities. However, to help you make the right business decision, we have come up with four key features that need to be included in an effective SEO pricing package:

1. Preliminary assessment of your website

This includes a thorough technical review of your website to find its strengths and weaknesses. An audit is crucial for any business because it helps identify which areas need to be optimized on a priority basis. Without the inclusion of this step, your SEO campaigns might go awry and influence your website. As the website is the core of your digital campaigns, it should offer a strong foundation. You need to know which areas of your business website are weak so that your SEO strategies can be designed to fix those areas first.

2. Detailed Keyword Research

You don’t want to be stuck with an agency that provides half-baked deliverables. A professional SEO agency will try and target the best keywords for your product. This is an extensive process that requires in-depth research of user intent and competitor analysis as well. So, before deciding on an SEO package, make sure this feature is well incorporated within that.

3. Quality Content Development

It goes without saying that content marketing is an effective technique should definitely be included in your search engine optimization package. Your optimization efforts are practically useless if you can’t generate and publish good quality content to build links and increase user reach. If you are a subject matter expert and be capable of writing your own content, choose a package with content bookmarking and publishing included in it.

4. Consistent Reporting

As a business-owner investing in an SEO package, you want to see just how effective your campaigns are. It is the duty of your hired agency to provide regular reports. These help clients keep track of business growth, campaign performance, and impact on traffic. If you are putting in money, you need clear accounting for every penny you invest. Look for this clarity in your package and check for this clause before you finalize your pick.

To conclude, a good search engine optimization package isn’t easy to choose, hence it is wise to consult with the SEO expert about your needs.

Salient Features of Our Monthly SEO Services Packages

Every package you choose comes up with some great features. Here are some details about them.

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    Smart Keyword Research

    Our SEO experts are adept at conducting smart keyword research to find the ones on which your website can rank quickly. Also, they will find the right money keywords for you.

  • icon

    Power of Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a highly effective tool when it comes to driving relevant traffic to your website. Our SEO pricing plans include content marketing to offer you relevant traffic quickly.

  • icon

    Backlinks Earning

    High-quality backlinks are vital for SEO. Our experienced SEO professionals will not only build backlinks on high-authority websites but also help you earn backlinks from other websites.

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    The Best SEO Practices

    Ranking By SEO has a team of experienced SEO professionals who follow the best SEO practices to deliver quick results. Our SEO executives completely follow Google guidelines and help your website gain traffic consistently.

  • icon

    Short and Long-Term Focus

    Our affordable SEO packages are focused on short-term and long-term goals. We will make a customized SEO pricing plan to meet your present requirements keeping your future goals in the mind.

  • icon

    Timely SEO Report

    Ranking By SEO believes in full transparency. We will send you a weekly/monthly SEO work report, explaining the SEO tasks we complete in that time period.

Have Questions About Our SEO Services?

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any queries you may have. Call us or contact us by filling the form on contact us page.

Our Monthly SEO Pricing

Here are our SEO packages highlights. Please click on see details to see complete packages list.

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Why Choose Our Affordable SEO Packages

We are India’s leading SEO company and believe in offering high-quality, hassle-free services. Our monthly SEO packages will help you dominate your competitors in search results. Additionally, our SEO pricing packages guarantee that under no grounds will your website ever be penalized by Google.

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    Reputed Company

    We are an award winning company and we have been featured on industry’s leading websites.

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    Affordable SEO Packages

    You don’t have to spend a fortune to avail search engine optimization service. Our SEO services packages are competitively priced.

  • icon

    Years of Experience

    We have been up and running since 2008 and thus have more than a decade of experience in the SEO industry. We know what works best for you.

  • icon

    Result-oriented Approach

    We believe in delivering the top results. Our affordable SEO packages are a surefire way to boost ROI.

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    Customized Solutions

    Get what you need. We can customize SEO packages as per your requirements.

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    Prompt Support

    We will assign you a project manager so that you can get a prompt reply to your query.

Our SEO Process

We believe in providing top quality search engine optimization services that are ROI-driven and result-oriented. We strictly keep up with the evolving digital trends in order to stay ahead of our competition. Our SEO process is time-tested, reliable and highly effective for rapid business growth through qualified lead generation. Here’s a breakdown of our process:

  1. 1

    Pre SEO research and analysis

    First and foremost, we run an audit of your website. This helps us understand your current performance in the digital sphere. This step includes - running a check on indexed pages, analyzing your current search engine rankings, backlinks audit, key page identification etc...

  2. 2

    Deep analysis of Keywords

    This is an extremely crucial step towards the execution of your SEO campaigns. First, we make a list of relevant intent-based key phrases through an in-depth analysis of your product and services. Second, we consult with you to select the most important assets and target these for effective optimization – both onsite and offsite.

  3. 3

    Competitor research and benchmarking

    No research is complete without intensive benchmarking. We will run your keywords through powerful tools to extract relevant competitor data. Subsequently, we will leverage this information to design customized, ROI-driven optimization campaigns that can help you reach your targets efficiently.

  4. 4

    On-page optimization

    We implement thorough SEO techniques to modify your existing website. This includes - restructuring HTML codes of your webpages , working on your website’s internal linking structure, mobile and search engine friendliness, trimming and modifying website content for better search engine rankings.

  5. 5

    Link building

    Quality inbound link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies in 2020 and we put our heart and soul into it. We have efficient tools and use proven link building techniques on every campaign to ensure success. You will have full transparency as to the popularity of your links and regular progress reports to document ranking growth through our link building process. You can also view live stats of backlinks procured for your website.

  6. 6

    Search Engine and Quality Submissions

    Our search engine optimization packages include submitting your website link and business profile on multiple trusted directories online. We also submit your website to search engines for faster indexing, sometimes manually. Our experts will provide you with a full report of our submissions and track any leads generated by this process.

  7. 7

    Consistent Reporting and Maintenance

    Search engine algorithms keep changing and we diligently keep up with the newest updates. Our team understands that SEO is a continuous process and needs to be tweaked according to current trends. We provide you with regular reports that include tabular as well as graphical representation of your growth in periodic ranking for search engines.

  8. 8

    Post SEO Maintenance

    The process of implementing SEO techniques does not stop at any point. Even after optimization is complete, there are a number of aspects that need to be maintained on a regular basis. Our SEO services include a good amount of post-SEO work to maintain your ranking positions. These include - regular submission to quality directories and search engines, continuous link building, monitoring your rankings, tweaking SEO plans, reviewing optimization performance etc...

SEO Results

Our success rate with SEO service is over 90%. Here are some of the recent SEO results.

Case Study

Result on -
Target Country - United Kingdom

Current Rank
Roofing Bristol
flat roofing Bristol
flat roofs Bristol
flat roofing Bristol
11 Before SEO
89 After SEO
39 Before SEO
90 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Case Study

Result on -
Target Country - United States

Current Rank
green underwater led lights
fishing green light
green fishing light
underwater green led fishing lights
underwater green light for fishing
underwater green lights
12 Before SEO
66 After SEO
33 Before SEO
78 After SEO
Organic Traffic
Keyword Ranking

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Packages

We have answered 10 frequently asked questions about SEO packages. Here they are:

What is the turnaround time to see results?

The turnaround time depends on your website’s current level of optimization. We will conduct a thorough SEO audit of your website and then we will make an educated guess about SEO results. All of our SEO packages are hand-picked that will help in achieving improved results within 3 months.

Why Should I believe in you?

Ranking By SEO is India’s leading SEO company. We have offered SEO services for more than 10 years and served 5000+ clients. Many of our new clients are referred by our existing clients and we have been featured on industry’s leading platforms like SEJ, Social Media Today, Business2Community, etc. You can trust us. We use the same white-hat SEO techniques for all our clients that we apply to our own websites. Your website only sees positive results without worrying for any Google penalties whatsoever.

What are your SEO pricing packages?

Ranking By SEO offers a wide range of affordable search engine optimization packages. Our SEO pricing packages are clearly mentioned above. If you have any special requests, we can audit your website and offer a custom quote based on the size and the complexity of your project. To know more, request an obligation-free callback.

What if we part ways?

Ranking By SEO leaves no stone unturned to deliver the top results to satisfy its clients. In case you decided to part ways, you will have access to all accounts that we create during the project.

How will I measure progress?

In the beginning of the project, we will finalize the keywords and tell you an expected time to get results. We will send you weekly/monthly work report that you can check to assess the progress. We can also offer more frequent reporting if you ask.

How would you work on my project?

Ranking By SEO is a leading SEO company in India. We have experienced SEO team on board. We have an experienced SEO team on board and follow the best search engine optimization practices to improve the first page ranking of your website. Our experts always follow Google Webmaster guidelines. After you sign up for an SEO package, your project will be assigned to an SEO manager who will get in touch with you to discuss your expectations and provide a plan of action accordingly.

Will SEO boost my business?

The answer is Yes. We will find popular keywords (related to your business), and we will optimize your website accordingly. Once your website starts to rank for those keywords, you will get a constant flow of prospects. That can increase your sales and improve your reputation. Contact us now to discuss for a custom SEO package for your online business.

Have you done SEO in my industry?

Ranking By SEO has experienced SEO professionals who have worked with clients from different industries like retail, fashion, IT, and more. We can create a customized SEO package based on the requirements of your industry.

Will you do social media too?

A typical search engine optimization package comes with the limited activities of social media promotion. However, if you need an aggressive social media marketing, you can either sign up for our social media marketing packages or contact us to design your SEO plan to fit your needs.

Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Ranking By SEO is a reputed search engine optimization company. We understand that your competitors are keeping tabs on you. We maintain utmost confidentiality in our work. Any confidential data we gather during the process of search engine optimization is safe within us. If required, we’re ready to sign an NDA.

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