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It is a well known fact that businesses rely on the technology to make sure that their daily job functions are performed in the most brilliant of manners. Since businesses cannot set up or maintain networks on their own therefore they rely on the IT service Providers to do the needful. The Ranking By SEO India offers IT services SEO to the IT services companies that want to increase their lead generation by achieving more qualified leads and traffic. In synergy with you we would integrate all your other marketing efforts like the trade show appearances, industry publication advertisements, direct mail campaigns, PPC, and a lot more into your IT services SEO campaign.

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Our Modus Operandi

Before making any inroads into the onpage optimization efforts we would first carry out a research on your current website marketing approach and the success that you have achieved so far. The next step is to do the keyword research that would give us a comprehensive knowledge of the ways in which your audience goes about searching for the services that you offer. Once the appropriate keywords are located we would sit with you and handpick the most relevant keywords and keyword phrases that would guide the visitors to each page of your website. We would then incorporate the keywords into the web content and the Meta tags of each of the web page.

The next phase of the IT services SEO process is the development and the execution of the White Hat link building campaign. It is a well known fact that a fittingly optimized website is really good for the business but the task is incomplete if there are no inbound quality links reaching out to the website. These inbound links would improve the search engine reputation of the website and improve the brand image of the business on the web. Before proceeding with the link building campaign there is a need to do a link audit of your existing links and those of your competitors. This would give us a foresight as to what direction your link building campaign should take. One of the most important components of the link building campaign is the content marketing piece. Without content it is an established fact that there is nothing to optimize. Potential customers do not take a decision in haste; they do the research on the net and then find the ways to reach the right service provider. The content that you write educates the customer about the services that you provide and the kind of provider you are. As part of our full IT services SEO provider we would help you with the development, writing and the promotion of the content marketing material. A monthly review would be done in order to make sure that your campaign is on the right track.

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