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Being a hardware provider it is important to have a steady number of qualified leads coming in. Consumers weigh their options before making any of the hardware purchases. Majority of the research is done online. Thus it is important for the hardware companies to have an effective online presence. It is immaterial whether you sell through resellers, distributors or direct, the Ranking By SEO India would help to increase qualified visitors and would also improve conversion rates. Since hardware SEO is only one part of your marketing mix will we work with you to integrate all the other marketing initiatives into your SEO campaign for maximum exposure.

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Our Modus Operandi

Before starting the onpage optimization of your website it is important that we understand the history of your website and also the manner in which you have marketed your business. After a thorough competitive and market analysis we would begin the keyword research. In order to achieve better results on the search engines it is important to include the keywords and the keyword phrases in the web content as these keywords are the ones that your visitors would be using on the search engines to locate you. Once the appropriate keywords have been selected we would incorporate these keywords into the existing website content. By naturally including these keywords and keywords phrases into the web content and metatags on each page you would be able to generate more visitors and leads from the search engines.

Once the onpage optimization is complete the next step is to make sure that your inbound links are healthy and strong. The only thing that can make that happen is the use of the white hat link building techniques.  It is important to have a well optimized website, but much more important than that is to have inbounded links that would not only help you in having a good search engine rapport but also in improving your brand’s exposure online. Before building any links it is very important to get a link audit of your website and the sites of your primary hardware SEO competitors. Such an audit would allow us to develop a strategic link building campaign. It is a certain fact that the most important aspect of the hardware SEO link building campaign is the content marketing, the main aim of which is to educate the potential customers. Businesses across the globe want to make sure that they are making the right hardware purchases. The online content material like the articles, blog sites, the white papers, guides and e-books should be distributed to build links and establish trust amongst the target audience members. We at Ranking By SEO India would help you in developing, writing, and promoting these content marketing materials. With the help of the analytics tool we would review the success of the hardware SEO link building efforts on a monthly basis.


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