I believe you have already heard about the word: GUEST BLOGGING. Guest posts can bring you more traffic as well as loyal subscribers. If you’re looking for a quick way to build quality links, and drive free traffic and make more money, give guest blogging a shot! It not only helps you rank high in the search engines, it also builds your credibility as an expert in your niche. In order to build quality links or get highly effective results through guest blogging, you need to work hard on writing your guest posts. You need to learn the art of writing high quality and in-depth guest post that has the potential to go viral. Mediocre posts won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it won’t spark conversations or make people click to read your guest post. Only interesting, and well written guest posts gets the job done. Here’re some few tips to writing a quality guest post :-

Write a Guest Post That’s Already Loved By The Blog Audience

The first step to writing a ”high in demand guest post”, is to write content that’s already popular among the target blog’s visitors. Search the blog for its best performing articles. Search for posts with the high comments and filter out the most important points. Be creative. Think outside the box. Study the type of post that’re being published on the blog and the typical length of each post. For example, you can check if it’s a list or normal post. Or a detailed blog post on a particular topic.

Follow the Guidelines

Before writing or pitching blog owners,  take out time to read and study their guest post guidelines. Following the guidelines is as important as writing the guest post. It’s not a difficult task. Follow the guidelines, so you’ll only write in a tone or way that’s accepted by the readers of the blog.

Write As If You Were Writing To Your Mum

Yes, write in a casual manner. Don’t use big words. We know you graduated from College with a first degree in the English language. But do you best to write in simple English. Don’t use words that requires readers to open a dictionary, again and again.

Use Words And Sentences That’re Easy To Understand

Write like you’re explaining something to a two year old baby. You’re guest posting to impact lives, and solve people’s problems so don’t write like a rocket scientist. Because you’re not.

Write in your own style.

Conclusion Follow the above guidelines to churn out high quality guest posts. Let me know your thoughts and suggestion in the comments section

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma Is The Founder, CEO & Managing Director Of Ranking By SEO. He Has Been Working In SEO Industry Since 2005. He Can Be Seen Contributing To SEMrush, Social Media Today, And Entrepreneur Etc...

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