How To Write A Great Guest Post Pitch In 4 Unique Ways…

I’ve had some truly successful guest posts—and I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to some highly successful blogs like: SEMrush and SocialMediaToday.

I believe guest blogging shouldn’t be self promoted.

It shouldn’t sound like a pitch—it should be meant to educate the reader. That’s why you find that in most cases, guest posts that sound like self promotion don’t get likes and tweets.

If you want to land guest posts on top blogs like: SEMrush, Sitepronews, Buzzstream, and Kissmetrics, you must learn to write from your heart—to the reader.

I love writing and receiving guest blogs. In fact, my arms are open to skilled guest bloggers.

If you don’t know how to write a guest post pitch, here’s a short guideline to write one in the shortest time possible and begin to submit your guest contents.

How To Craft A Perfect Guest Post Pitch In 5 ‘’Funny’’ Ways

Be Polite:

How would you feel if you were rudely commanded by a teenager? Mad, right?

It’s the same way when writing guest post. Don’t just say ‘’ Hey, Hi, et al’’.

Don’t sound too casual. Write like you’re talking to a prospective client.

Include words like: please, thanks, best regards, kind regards’’.

Pro tip: cultivate a good attitude

Include the Bloggers Name from the Onset

If you’re pitching to a big blog like Copyblogger, don’t address their Editor with words like: Hey, Hi, Dude, Brother’’. Address by name.

For example, if you’re pitching to Problogger, address like this: ‘’ Hi Georgina Laidlaw’’

Pro tip: Use your initiative.

Keep It Short… BROTHER

Haha! Here’s what the Director of marketing at Kissmetrics said about long guest post pitches:

“What should potential guest posters do differently? What separates good guest post pitches from bad ones?”

I hate to read long emails, Because I get so many emails every day. I just want guest posters to get straight to the point. Something as simple as: “I was interested in guest posting.”

Finally, my other tip of advice is: Don’t come in thinking you’ll be able to backlink several times to your own site.

You really shouldn’t be doing any self-promotion in a guest post because you are there to teach the readers something valuable. The minute you start self-promoting, you begin to eat away the trust you have with the reader. You’ll notice that posts that have too much self-promotion tend to get less tweets and likes’’.

Pro tip: blog owners don’t want long paragraphs. Make your email message as short and concise as possible.

Pitch It Clearly…SISTER!

If you’ve already done the write up, it’s not enough to say, ‘’ I’ve written this and that guest post, and I’ve attached it to this email’’.

 Be clear. Include a couple bullet points outlining your facts.

Proofread your Email Dont be Blind ( Did I just say that?)

You want to create a good impression, and grammatical mistakes need to be taken out.

If  you know that you’re not very good at proof-reading, then install Google Chrome. It comes with an in-built Proof-reader.


Follow these simple tips and you’re GOOD TO GO.

Let me know if you’ve any queries or suggestions in the comments section.

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