What is Negative SEO

The methods which your competitors adopt to decline your website’s search results are known as negative SEO tactics.

Negative SEO Tactics

Be clear in your mind that there is no set list of negative SEO tactics, as under this your competitors identify the weaknesses of your website and target them to devalue your website for the search engines. Nevertheless, here in the article we have tried to cover a few major negative search engine optimization  tactics, which can heavily impact on your online presence.

Tampering with Your Website

Your smart competitors may hack your website to tamper with its content and settings, so that your website can not be user friendly anymore and become worthless for the search engines.

In order to protect your website from the hands of hackers, you need expert IT professionals, who can protect your website from the hands of hackers.

Website Speed

Excessive crawling of a website creates speed related issues in course of browsing the website. So, your competitors may also adopt this technique to make you out of the business race.

To get rid of this problem, you can block malicious crawlers from accessing your website, but when you do this what you need to remember is that you should not block search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo to crawl your website. Gathering information about the IP addresses of different search engines can help you to detect and identify the crawlers.

Fake Negative Reviews

Your frustrated competitors may post fake negative reviews on different business listings, which degrade your website’s worth for Google, so the search engine down your search result ratings.

To overcome this problem, you should use given links “report a problem” to bring the issue in the notice of the search engine.

Paid Links

It has been observed many times business competitors who are frustrated as they are unable to beat you in fair competition, purchase paid links to point your website. This make your website worthless for Google, so the search engine downs its search results ratings.

In order to get rid of this problem, be in contact with Google. Take the matter into the consideration of the search engine, as this will help you in not losing your worth for the search engine.

Stealing Content

Your competitors might play a very dirty game with you which can impact heavily on your online business and that is of content stealing. They can steal your non indexed and non cached content from your website and upload that somewhere else. If the content which they have stolen get indexed and cached first, they contact the search engine that you have stolen their content, so you should remove it. This declines the worth of your website for the search engines, so they chuck out your website far behind in their search results.

In order to stop stealing content from your website, you need expert IT professionals, as they will use codes which will protect your content from being copied.

Backlinks Removal Requests By Competitors to  DMCA

Furthermore, they can send complain to the DMCA that you have used the same links on your content, which they have used in their content, so those links should be removed at once. This also becomes a reason for your harassment.

Expert SEO and IT professionals can help you to overcome this problem. You can take help of software like Open Site Explorer.


Ultimately, it can be said that the best weapon to fail the negative search engine optimization tactics will be to hire an expert IT team and an experienced search engine optimization company. As your IT team will protect your website from hacking and content stealing, while your SEO company will help you to recognize the negative SEO tactics being adopted against that will help you to let the search engines know about them and to save your website from any kind of penalization.

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma Is The Founder & CEO Of Ranking By SEO. He Has Been Working In SEO Industry Since 2005. He Can Be Seen Contributing To SEMrush, Social Media Today, And Entrepreneur Etc...

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  1. after the google penguin update, it is really important to check that no negative seo is done on the website by others. thanks for this important and useful post on negative seo.

  2. it is amazing. a while ago people were struggling with seo to increase their rankings,,,now that google released penguin the folks are using deceiving techniques like this negative seo. google should come up with a better update. it’s not normal what’s happening

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